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Posted: January 3, 2017 in About this blog, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General


A reader asked me about Stats and I guess I could mention some. 246 people subscribe at the moment, meaning they get a mail every time a post is added to this blog (must drive some of these good people nuts). Regular daily Stats range from 100 to 400, much depending on how busy I am adding stuff. Weekends are higher. I guess I have a certain audience that pops in when they have a bit of time off. Every now and then somebody links to something on the blog and then the Stats skyrocket for a week or so, this often happens with the Classic Rock Interviews. Highest number of visitors ever (so far) was noted on March 21 2016, with 1,902 visits. For a long time, there was two different systems checking out the Stats, I used to have one that showed hourly stats and that number used to be way higher. I have no idea why. The blog had up to 500 hits an hour on that system. Seems to be gone now. So there you go.

(Picture shows Deep Purple in 1975, from German magazine POP).


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