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Well it has been an interesting year for me (crazy busy, but interesting) and it feels a bit weird that 2019 is just a few hours away as I write this. Hard to believe that 2020 is coming up before you know it, a brand new decade. As you know (if you follow this blog) I bought a house on the countryside and this has taken up most of my time, and a lot of my resources. I see all these fantastic Vinyls flooding the market that I really want, but I am only buying a select few as it stands. Hopefully I will be able to catch up as things settle down. On a good note, I do have all the space that I could ever have hoped for and so the collections are finally dealt with and put up on display (one by one, I still have a couple of rooms to fix). With me on this journey I have had some really good friends whom have stepped up and helped me out (especially my old pal Kalle, a beautiful soul). I hope I will see things settle down in 2019.

I have enjoyed my usual slabs of culture and I have to say that Babymetal (no surprise there, eh?) has added a lot of happiness into my life. 2018 was a hard year for them but they are still growing, adding new fans every day (you can see it on YouTube). I think they will whack us over our collective heads with something brilliant in 2019. At the same time, I see a lot of the bands that I have had in my life since I was a kid bid their farewells right now. Time is running out, that is just the way that it is for the older bands. But good music is still out there and it will never really go away. Just look at the hype over Queen because of the Freddie Mercury movie, a signal to Hollywood that there is a lot of potential in tapping into the rich history of Classic Rock. It is not hard to imagine way more of this coming, just look at the success of all the official biographies (there is your source for inspiration right there). And then you have the generation that has grown up with this stuff being in charge now. I expect my kind of stuff to be out there as long as I live.

On the political side I prefer to watch and not comment these days. I do think that Western Civilization is on the brink and that the globalist agenda has finally run out of steam. I see them do crazy things now that will infuriate people. I do not see politics as a left/right kind of thing, but rather as a top/down thing, and we need a system that cares about us and our culture, not about the select few that thinks that they can gain even more if borders are erased. I am tired of it all, but I follow it with interest.

Fuck it all, just give me another great Babymetal album!

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Happy to report that it looks like the man cave within the man cave (my new hobby room that is) will be ready inside a week. We shall see. Here is a view looking in, I think that old Deep Purple MK4 poster from German publication POP looks rather swell on that door. If you close that door, you get a clue to what is inside by that cutout of an old H.M.S Victory box from Airfix on the left side, I kind of like that little detail. Hey, it is a man cave after all!

Happy birthday Su-metal

Posted: December 20, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

Today we celebrate Suzuka Nakamoto, Su-metal on her 21st birthday. She was only 12 when Babymetal started as a school project back in 2010.

I think we have good things coming in 2019 from Babymetal.

True Grit

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Watched the Norwegian WWII movie “Den 12:e mannen” (“The 12th Man”) on DVD the other day. Based on a true story, it tells the tale about the sole survivor of a Norwegian Commando team on his efforts to reach the Swedish border (and safety). This took months and the Germans tried hard to get him. I recall seeing a documentary about this many years ago. Amazing story, great film. In a sane world, this film would be rewarded with an Oscar or two.

Watch trailer on YouTube.

Got up early this morning to get some stuff done around the house. Took this snapshot at about nine o´clock through a window. I have to say that this view is something else, I consider myself lucky to have it. Crazy busy with work and I have to say that I look forward to January.

Spent this weekened trying to get the hobby room in the man cave (my new place that is) in order and it is starting to look pretty nice. The sign you see here was purchased a few days ago and it has found its place in this room now. I am a sucker for stuff like this. I just want a space that is cosy for some of my hobbies and although I would say that most of my house looks like a man cave, it is on steroids in this room.

Here is a few details. Note the gigantic Coca Cola can, which is actually a small refrigerator so I can have easy access to some beverage. The ship by the window stands on a CD rack, I use every inch of space that I can and this is pretty cool in my book. Not quite done yet though.

I am starting to feel rather comfortable in this house.

(Thank you Kalle for the trip this weekend, and the earlier ones too!)

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Managed to secure a copy of the ultra rare Babymetal (Fan Club/The One) six Blu-ray box “The Fox Festivals In Japan 2017” on eBay. Six shows in all. I had a lot to do this weekend so I have only seen the first concert as yet, but man was it great! Spectacular show. Five to go.

I guess Christmas came early this year.

(Top image by me – thank you Kalle for your help securing this treasure)

Sorted out the CD collection in my new man cave this weekend and found this CD, signed by Glenn Hughes back in the day. I figured I would show it on the blog since I mentioned this very album yesterday here (and that it has just seen re-issue on Vinyl).

Great album. Great memories.

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Took this snapshot yesterday on my way to my new place in Stugun (Jämtland). There is something special about this season, even though it is sometimes cold and daylight will last only a few hours for sure. Some people like the sunny places in other countries – I would never swop what we have here in million years though. It may be a bit on the rough side, but it is beautiful.

(Thank you Kalle for helping me out yesterday)


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If you enjoy the music of Glenn Hughes it seems that most of his back catalogue now exists on Vinyl. His 1994 effort “Burning Japan Live” was released a few weeks ago as a Double Vinyl in a Gatefold Sleeve. This was when he worked with musicians from Sweden, including some guys from Europe. I used to meet him quite regularly back then, and some of these chats are on this blog. I guess I could add some more of the classic stuff in due time.