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Here is a bit of history for you. Babymetal performed at the Leeds Festival in the UK on August 30 2015 and they did get to see headliners Metallica perform on that night. In fact, you can spot them in this video.

Babymetal and Metallica go way back.



This book has been in the making for nearly a decade, but it is going to be a good one. Simon Robinson & Stephen Clare´s take on Deep Purple´s “Machine Head” and “Smoke On The Water”. Titled “A Fire In The Sky” it is set to be published in early 2018.


The Purple Tour

Posted: October 20, 2017 in Classic Rock, General, Deep Purple Family

Well here it comes, the long awaited Whitesnake live tribute to Deep Purple, “The Purple Tour”. It is released in several formats on November 24 (including DVD and Vinyl). The wait is over.

Joey Tempest

Posted: October 18, 2017 in Classic Rock, General, Magazines

Bought this yesterday. Sweden Rock Magazine (issue) 10 2017. Joey Tempest on the cover. I think Europe has settled in nicely in their second phase and friends of Classic Rock should support them.

This is a report on how Swedish media has failed to catch on to the phenomena that is Babymetal. As you may know, I was slow in discovering Babymetal myself, coming into the picture as late as in March of this year. I did go through many magazines at that time and short of a few small reviews I could not find anything at all on Babymetal in our Swedish rock publications. I have asked around and so far nobody has been able to prove that there has been anything like a major article, or an interview or anything like that in our media. Short of a five minute segment on a morning show that was aired on Swedish television in which a well known guy (and I respect him a lot for this) from a major newspaper told a sceptical host how brilliant Babymetal is, I really think we are talking about a media blackout in this country.

If I am proven wrong, I would be glad to find out more. Tried Facebook as well, and there are plenty of journalists and musicians that could have told me that they have indeed written something at some point, or at least seen somebody else having a go at it. Nobody did when I asked. Now I know that Babymetal fans in Sweden are reading my blog so if you have more information on this subject please let me know.

I will tell you now that I did ask a major Metal magazine in Sweden a few weeks ago if they would be interested in a Babymetal feature of some sort. I really have retired from this, but I felt that somebody should do something about this silence. I have given them stuff before, which includes a cover story with an interview with David Coverdale. Long time ago, but we have some history. Offered to do it for next to nothing (small ad about this blog). Still, and this may be painful for you to read, they did not even bother to reply. Perhaps that is a reflection on how they see me these days (who knows?), but I think it may be a reflection of a deep lack of respect for Babymetal.

Here is the thing. No matter what, I like a good project and Babymetal deserves to get some attention in this country. Or more attention if they ever had any. I can tell you now that I will get busy on a project in mid-November. I will let you know more then.

Looking forward to it, I can tell you that much.


Posted: October 15, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

It was announced a few hours ago at the second Babymetal show at the Osaka-Jo Hall that celebrations will be held for Su-metal in her hometown of Hiroshima at the 4,750 capacity Hiroshima Green Arena on December 2 and 3. Her 20th birthday is at December 20. This is very nice, what a lovely present for Su to be able to perform two nights at the biggest indoor arena in her neck of the woods. For Babymetal fans, this is very exciting. The first night will be for members of The One fan club only, the second will be open for everybody. I take it for granted that they will come up with something spectacular, perhaps a new song from the next album will be premiered or something like that? It is highly likely that whatever is coming up in 2018 will be revealed at the December 3 show. This has DVD release written all over it.

Watch a clip of the official announcement on YouTube here.

Added a bit of Babymetal history to the old collection this week, a Sakura Gakuin CD/DVD titled “My Generation” that was released in Japan on March 13 2013. The CD features 12 tracks from Sakura Gakuin projects like Babymetal (Heavy Music Club), Minipati (Cooking Club), Sleepiece (Go Home Club), Pastel Wing (Tennis Club) etc. Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) sings a solo song and all in all it is very nice J-Pop, except for the “Headbanger!!” track from Babymetal. Little did they know then that this particular project would take off to the stars but they were already doing concerts and they were soon to be signed for bigger things to come. The DVD is what you really want here though, since it sports some really nice stuff. Especially a surprise party that the gals did for Suzuka since she was soon to graduate. This is very touching and it reveals how much love and respect that everybody felt towards her (she had been a Students Council with quite a lot of responsibility for the group for some time when this went down). You get to see a lot on these Sakura Gakuin releases, especially the DVDs. No other successful act has the early history captured as good as Babymetal on these early releases. You have to get this stuff on import from Japan but it is totally worth the effort if Babymetal is your thing.

Watch the surprise party for Suzuka (with english subtitles) here.

(Thank you Kalle for your support)