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This is so nice. One of my favourite News feeds, the Babymetal Database, has added Trinkelbonker (or more specifically, the Trinkelbonker Babymetal Category) to their incoming feeds, meaning whenever I post something on Babymetal it will appear on their Database. This has to be one of the nicest things that anybody has ever done for this blog and I appreciate this so much. I knew that fans of Babymetal would eventually find out about Trinkelbonker and this is the moment right here right now. I am so happy to be part of the Babymetal Database Community.

And to the fans of Babymetal, welcome to Trinkelbonker. This blog is made in Sweden and Babymetal has been part of it since March 9 2017 when I discovered this wonderful project. I have added over 100 posts on Babymetal since then, covering history etc. Basically, I have been catching up. I am a former freelance journalist (METAL in the States, METAL HAMMER in Europe etc) and I also used to publish magazines in Sweden (DEEP PURPLE FOREVER, LUCY IN THE SKY, SLICE, RETROFUTURE) and quite honestly, maybe Babymetal will inspire me to publish another issue of RETROFUTURE some day?

Babymetal is the best thing that have happened in Metal since Nightwish came along. Long may Babymetal reign.



It is time to check out the old fanzine archives again. DEEP PURPLE FOREVER issues 4 & 5 were published in April 1992. Issue 4 were printed in December 1991, but saw release alongside issue 5. Looking at the contents of these now, I have to say that I am proud of all the work that went into it all. Interviews with Jon Lord (1981) and Ritchie Blackmore (1991), huge look at the history of Whitesnake and detailed profile on new Purple boy Joe Lynn Turner etc. It will take the reader hours to get through it all. All of issue 4 were dedicated to the early Whitesnake years, the story continued in issue 5. For fans of all things Purple in this country, this must have been appreciated when it popped up.

Good days.


I can see that one of my old publications, Deep Purple Magazine (issue) 27 (published in 1982) was sold on ebay for 55 bucks a while back. I see that sort of thing every now and then, which is pretty cool.

And, sometimes, a little sad…


DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE (issue) 24 was published 35 years ago, back in December 1981. MK4 cover with a nice shot by Simon Robinson taken in Liverpool 1976 (last gig in the 1970s). This was a good period in my life, I had established loads of contacts and I was writing for a growing number of publications. I was only 20 but I was meeting rock stars all the time and it was fast becoming a lifestyle.

Nice to have all these memories.


I published issue 3 of DEEP PURPLE FOREVER back in September 1991, so it has been 25 years now. Fantastic cover shot of Ian Gillan by photographer Michael Johansson. Part of me miss those days, we didn´t even know how lucky we were did we?

Now we know.


One of my old publications. This is issue 3 of LUCY IN THE SKY (published in March 2002) and it sports a rather nice Patricia Parker cover. She made three covers for this magazine. I published five. I have mentioned this before but I am rather excited about the Xena reboot that is coming up. Lucy Lawless will not be there I guess but it is still interesting.

Good memories.


I love newsstands. We call them kiosks here in Sweden. As a publisher of over 100 magazines you may guess that this whole thing about magazines is a passion. I guess this blog says it all. When I took a few snapshots of a classic newsstand at the Jamtli museum grounds yesterday – see the Sweden rocks (2) post – a nice little idea popped up in my head. Why not build one of these things and put it out in the yard, just for the hell of it? Yeah, why the hell not?


I will buy my own property some day, so I will have the space to do it. These things are pretty small so it wouldn´t be all that expensive to build one, so I think it may be a fun thing to do. I could certainly model it on a classic newsstand, like the one you see here. There used to be thousands of them, now you hardly ever see them.

I would have an absolute ball with a project like this. And I would fill it up with my own publications and try to get stuff that makes it look authentic. Like old signs etc.

Yep, I will add this to the runestone project. Got to have some fun you know.