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I find stuff from my past in books and online all the time, which can be fun at times. Today I was watching some Rainbow related videos and a clip from an interview in which Ritchie Blackmore explains his 1993 departure from Deep Purple has a very familiar look to it. In fact, they took part of the cover of DEEP PURPLE FOREVER (issue) 8 to go with this quote. Wonderful image by photographer Michael Johansson.

Watch the clip here.


Published LE (short for Lektyrentusiasten) 10 years ago this month. 24 page promotional edition about my fanzine publications. Michael Johansson managed to corner Tarja Turunen for a snapshot where she is holding one of my earlier magazines, SLICE 2006 (also a MJ cover). I recall we had plans to ask her to hold this one for a further (third!) cover shot, which would have been great fun, but that never happened. This issue featured Deep Purple, Audrey Hepburn, Tarja etc. Copies was handed out for free at her concert in Stockholm a few months later.

Good memories!

Every now and then I need a good little project to sink my teeth into and after decades of publishing magazines (over 100 all in all) and with a background as a freelance journalist that goes way back to the early 1980s I have decided to publish a book. It will be a pilot project of sorts and I will publish this myself. The subject matter will be Babymetal. With little or no real press coverage at all in Sweden for Babymetal so far, I feel that I can help out in a small way to give this excellent Japanese phenomenon some attention in these parts. I have a working title, it will be in Swedish and I will send out copies to many newspapers and news outlets when the project is completed. With any luck (fingers crossed), there will be a new album coming up in 2018, if that happens nobody on earth would be happier than me. Only the Fox God knows.

I took the decision to do this about five weeks ago. I will have 10 weeks off from my regular work starting next week and the Babymetal project will commence then in ernest. This is a heads-up that this is going to happen but it is too early to give out details about a publishing date. At this point, I will concentrate on the actual writing. Later on I will hunt down whatever I need for the book as far as photographs and Babymetal fan art goes (I really would like to showcase some of that). Anybody that wants to get in touch can do this now though, I don´t mind. But a general call to arms will go out through this blog sometime after the Su-metal birthday gigs in Hiroshima.

Really looking forward to this.


Mike Eriksson


(Top image shows myself and a few magazines etc – the images of me, Tarja Turunen, Jon Lord & David Coverdale was taken by Michael Johansson back when we roamed the earth)

25 years ago now, I published DEEP PURPLE FOREVER (issue) 6. Nice cover shot by Ola Bergman (Valle Hovin, Norway). Loads of interviews, it was a turbulent period. Some Black Sabbath from the Dio-reunion sneaked in as well.

Good times.


This is so nice. One of my favourite News feeds, the Babymetal Database, has added Trinkelbonker (or more specifically, the Trinkelbonker Babymetal Category) to their incoming feeds, meaning whenever I post something on Babymetal it will appear on their Database. This has to be one of the nicest things that anybody has ever done for this blog and I appreciate this so much. I knew that fans of Babymetal would eventually find out about Trinkelbonker and this is the moment right here right now. I am so happy to be part of the Babymetal Database Community.

And to the fans of Babymetal, welcome to Trinkelbonker. This blog is made in Sweden and Babymetal has been part of it since March 9 2017 when I discovered this wonderful project. I have added over 100 posts on Babymetal since then, covering history etc. Basically, I have been catching up. I am a former freelance journalist (METAL in the States, METAL HAMMER in Europe etc) and I also used to publish magazines in Sweden (DEEP PURPLE FOREVER, LUCY IN THE SKY, SLICE, RETROFUTURE) and quite honestly, maybe Babymetal will inspire me to publish another issue of RETROFUTURE some day?

Babymetal is the best thing that have happened in Metal since Nightwish came along. Long may Babymetal reign.


It is time to check out the old fanzine archives again. DEEP PURPLE FOREVER issues 4 & 5 were published in April 1992. Issue 4 were printed in December 1991, but saw release alongside issue 5. Looking at the contents of these now, I have to say that I am proud of all the work that went into it all. Interviews with Jon Lord (1981) and Ritchie Blackmore (1991), huge look at the history of Whitesnake and detailed profile on new Purple boy Joe Lynn Turner etc. It will take the reader hours to get through it all. All of issue 4 were dedicated to the early Whitesnake years, the story continued in issue 5. For fans of all things Purple in this country, this must have been appreciated when it popped up.

Good days.


I can see that one of my old publications, Deep Purple Magazine (issue) 27 (published in 1982) was sold on ebay for 55 bucks a while back. I see that sort of thing every now and then, which is pretty cool.

And, sometimes, a little sad…