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A glimpse of the past – DEEP PURPLE FOREVER (issues) 20 and 21, published in August and October 1998 by yours truly. My friend Staffan Eriksson had done the drawing of Deep Purple as they celebrated three decades and I liked it a lot. First ever cover that was not printed in full colour, but only because it was not a photograph, and the purple print looks great. Issue 21 sported cover shots by Benny Holmström and Michael Johansson. This was an odd one, I had been sent a school work on the history of Deep Purple by a student (Henrik Engvall) and I decided to print it as it was as a full magazine, only adding the cover and some classic ads from the past. Åke Pettersson over at EMI loved it and bought 50 copies that EMI used to promote the compilation album “30: Very Best of Deep Purple” in Sweden with.

Happy days.


Deep Purple will touch down in Sweden again and that is going to be a good experience for a lot of people. I have never really been in touch with the Fan Club in Finland but when I heard that they will be here now I offered to send a bunch of old stuff from my archives for them as my sister and her husband will be going. Always good fun to reach out to the Purple People every now and then. We are all part of a wonderful family.

As for me, I hope to get the keys to my new place that day.

SLICE GLOBAL EDITION was published 10 years ago this month. It was the only magazine that I ever published in English. The contents reflects this blog well and I had a lot of fun creating it. To get a copy from me free of charge, go to “Contact” and send me your address (I will not keep it after having sent you the magazine). My outbox does not work so I can not reply, so do not expect me to. To make sure that you are not a Globalist bot (snicker, snicker), I want you to answer one of these three questions in the mail to qualify.

A. What happened at the Deep Purple show in Birmingham 1993?

B. What year did Commando publish its first issue?

C. Who starred as Xena Warrior Princess in the classic television show?

These questions relates directly to contents in this magazine. Last day of giveaway: May 31 2018.

Good luck!


(Ritchie Blackmore cover shot by Michael Johansson)

Here is a nod to the past. I published DEEP PURPLE FOREVER (issue) 19 20 years ago (in March 1998). Early Rainbow history covered in some detail in this one.

Good times.

It was five years ago now that I published the 28 page Tornado Blaze novel magazine. The novel itself went out in two parts and ended in RETROFUTURE 6 roughly six months later. The model is the very wonderful Ellinor Nordbakk, she was later interviewed about this adventure for the final issue of RETROFUTURE, and you can read that here.

Good days.

I find stuff from my past in books and online all the time, which can be fun at times. Today I was watching some Rainbow related videos and a clip from an interview in which Ritchie Blackmore explains his 1993 departure from Deep Purple has a very familiar look to it. In fact, they took part of the cover of DEEP PURPLE FOREVER (issue) 8 to go with this quote. Wonderful image by photographer Michael Johansson.

Watch the clip here.

Published LE (short for Lektyrentusiasten) 10 years ago this month. 24 page promotional edition about my fanzine publications. Michael Johansson managed to corner Tarja Turunen for a snapshot where she is holding one of my earlier magazines, SLICE 2006 (also a MJ cover). I recall we had plans to ask her to hold this one for a further (third!) cover shot, which would have been great fun, but that never happened. This issue featured Deep Purple, Audrey Hepburn, Tarja etc. Copies was handed out for free at her concert in Stockholm a few months later.

Good memories!