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Got some goodies in the mail today from Japan. Hedoban 2015 Special Edition (4), Music Life (Vol. 2, December 1975) and the 2013 Sakura Gakuin Suzuka Nakamoto Graduation book. Again, Deep Purple and Babymetal stuff, and all of it classic (and then some).

The Hedoban Special turned out to be awesome. Most of it is Babymetal, with photographic contents from Europe, Mexico and Japan (well over 100 images no less). Hedoban has supported Babymetal from the very early days, because back then nobody else did. I have written about this before in some detail on this blog. As for the Music Life magazine, it was pretty nice to be able to add this to the old collection after all these years. Very nice Deep Purple MK4 cover. This magazine was on release when Purple played there back in the day.

The Suzuka Nakamoto book celebrated the first few years of Sakura Gakuin and Su in particular (as she graduated at this time). Eight pages is devoted to Babymetal (as they were in the early days) and there is also a nice section with pictures taken in Hiroshima at different locations (fans are now seeking these places out, a lot of that went on when Babymetal played Hiroshima in December 2017). Not sure if I have a real autograph or not in this book, it looks real to me but could be in print. Does anybody out there know if this edition was signed by Su?

All in all, as a collector I could not have had a better day.

(My images – thank you Kalle San for your help)


Well these two wonderful Japanese publications popped up in the mail today. Viva Rock (nice Ritchie Blackmore cover) from 1980 and a UK Festival Special from Hedoban from 2014 (loads and loads of Babymetal in this one). Viva Rock is a Deep Purple Family Special of some 140 pages and Hedoban is 96 pages (roughly a third devoted to Babymetal in Europe 2014), so what we have here is a meeting of generations that both makes me very happy. I mean I have been a fan of the Purple Family since 1971 and Babymetal entered my life in March last year. Good music and superior talent will always prevail.

(Thank you Kalle San for your help).

Words of wisdom

Posted: February 4, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

I have always enjoyed reading the comments for the Babymetal videos out there and so I thought it could be good fun to pick 50 that kind of represent the general vibe that is going on out there, and tonight I did just that. Enjoy!

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Babymetal is a bridge. One that spans across different genres, languages and cultures to connect people together in the vast ocean of music. (Marvin Ng)

The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. Neil Armstrong on the Moon. Babymetal at Sonisphere… (drbryant23)

I was around when the Beatles and Stones were new, and everything that followed … and I LOVE Babymetal! (Seth Tyrssen)

Re: “fans” (which, incidentally, comes from “fanatic”): As a 71-year old from the Deep South of the US, I can remember Elvis when he was just a local boy (a “homeboy”), and it was like a punch in the gut, and I became a fan (even to this day, especially his Sun recordings). Along the way I became a fan of Buddy Holly & Link Wray, then (of course) The Beatles, Stones, Doors, and too many others to list. When I first heard Metallica, BOOM! Punch in the gut. So yeah, it’s a totally emotional reaction (as it should be). I have a son (who is 40) who won’t even discuss Babymetal (he’s a Death Metal guy), and we have a truce, never to discuss Babymetal (he thinks they’re “overproduced” … KISS, Alice Cooper, anyone? … that they’re “manufactured” … Monkees, anyone? a totally manufactured group). Babymetal from the first hit me in the proverbial gut. A spectacle? Absolutely! Their stage shows are intended to be spectacular, unabashedly so. I’ve reached a point where I simply don’t care how and why. If something sounds good, I like it, if not, I don’t. Makes life simple. (Richard Thomas)

Only in Japan can you find something this strange and surprisingly entertaining. (Dolly Dearest)

This is one of those bizarre combinations that sounds like a bad idea (combining J-Pop and Metal), but is pretty awesome when it’s executed. Their high energy vocals really added something good to that driving Metal hook. I might be a Babymetal fan! (Chris Blackford)

I think some “Metal purists” are missing the very idea of Babymetal. At first Hard Rock and Heavy Metal form a very large part of rock music that includes bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses, and many others. I guess some people want to limit the idea of Metal music only for bands like Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer, the so-called Big Four of Thrash Metal. Besides all the Metal bands don’t have to use death growl vocals for their street credibility. There are also some Metal bands with a female lead singer, but Babymetal is more than that. It is a new genre, Kawaii metal, not Glam Metal, or just another Metal band. Babymetal is not trying to imitate, but to create something new. I think those Japanese female voices suit very well together with Heavy Metal instrumentation, and those screams and dance moves make their live shows very entertaining. Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal do far more than stand on the stage and wait for the audience to react. The Kami Band can also show their skills in many songs like “Catch Me If You Can” that starts with instrumental solos. Put Your Kitsune Up and Join the Kawaii Metal Revolution! (Luc One)

There are two types of people. People who like Babymetal. And people who are wrong. (Sistubuz)

One of my biggest regrets in life is not getting into Babymetal sooner. (Joachim Dadet)

The inner Slipknot/Metallica fan in me is telling me I should hate it… but I like it so much. (Nicholas Alvarez)

I didn’t think it possible but they made Metal adorable. (Markus 1069)

Then, Babymetal was born… And all the elitist Metalheads collectively lost their shit. And it was hilarious. (GirtheAlienGoldfish)

I’m 58, have seen pretty much every rock band out there since 1973 (saw Zepplin twice), came across this video two days ago and I’m addicted, have looked up everything about them there is… and I’m not even a Metalhead, more into Hard Rock, but the combo of Metal and J-Pop… pure genius… and this song along with “Awadama Fever” ROCK!!!, hope they got a lot more coming… (Indyjohn59)

This is simultaneously one of the most adorable things I’ve seen (excluding cats) on YouTube, along with being one of the most badass. Rock on Babymetal, you got a fan in me. (Ricky Chaney)

You know, I chuckled a bit at first thinking this was going to be something ridiculous. But, I have to say, after listening to a few of their songs, they are quite good. Sometimes it’s refreshing to be so very wrong. (Undefined user)

Why is this so addicting??!! Can’t stop listening and feel like I am in my own anime!!! (Jeremy Richardson)

As a long time Metalhead I must say I totally approve. This shit rocks!!!!! (Lloyd Nieto)

I’ve been a huge Metalhead all my life and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m totally into Babymetal, it’s kinda weird but amazing at the same time. (The1Jaguar)

People have accused me of being a dirty old man for liking this but it has nothing to do with that. Truth is it is just too cute and too badass all at once to pass up. (Peter Vories)

Su is undoubtedly the Queen of Metal. (D Villa)

Seriously what the f*ck is wrong with Babymetal? I think they are amazing. I am a Metalhead, was in a Death Metal band that played in the UK. Although I love the friends I made and Metal culture as a whole it can also be the most elitist. No matter who you spoke to it was the same story, “you’re not a true Metalhead because you don’t know this band or you dont dress this way”. The same thing is happening to Babymetal that happened when Arch Enemy started, when Within Temptation started, when Nightwish freaking started.  As a culture we need to grow up and accept different concepts of the genre, the music is awesome and cant be denied. If we don’t accept new paths then Metal will fade into obscurity and bands wont be able to support themselves (which is hard enough as it is). If Babymetal bring exposure and acceptance to Metal then so be it, a tiny bit of mainstream will help the genre and bands who are struggling at the moment. Ps: booked my tickets to see them on their UK tour and it will be awesome! (Sharp Rain Music)

My musical tastes are basically all Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from the 70s and 80s. I can’t think of a new band within the last 20 years that I like, until now. This is very addicting. (Matt Morgan)

Babymetal are amazing, exceptional and talented. I saw them live and I’ve never been at such a great show. A show that no other artist could replicate. The mosh pits and walls of deaths were huge on the floor, people were doing all the actions to the songs, along with the girls on stage, in the balconies. Everybody was screaming, singing, stomping and pumping their Kitsune hands in the air! Long live Babymetal, long live the Fox God and long live the Metal Resistance! (CaptainOldyOda)

I love their energy and passion. I also like how their music is a unique take on Metal and I’ve been listening to Metal going on 40 years. Plus, if you’ve ever seen these girls interviewed, they are such humble, sweet angelic human beings. How can you not love em? Their live shows are a lot of fun I bet. (Pattaya Dreams)

I hate Metal, but Babymetal does things a little differently than traditional Metal. It made me kind of like Metal. (Samuel Limon)

People who were looking for the next phenomenon in music… we may be witnessing it in Babymetal. (RazzorBlade)

Without any doubt three of the most talented teenagers ever to hit the music scene! Anyone who has enjoyed listening to bands like the Cocteau Twins, or Dead Can Dance need never worry about whether you understand the lyrics or not, if it sounds amazing and makes you feel something transcendent then that is enough reason to love it! Babymetal are one of those bands who will inspire generations of musicians! (I LIKE MUSIC)

I can only imagine the hours these little girls and the whole team work to have such amazing performances. (C L)

One day people will look back and see the Legend. (Roderick Antony)

There are no words to describe how talented, pretty and hardworking these girls are. I mean, the dancing and the singing is just incredible. (Tamsin Cornish)

I think the two dancing girls can run a Marathon backwards on One leg. (Björn Rudbeck)

Very impressive. After about 30 seconds of jumping around like that, I would have to be admitted to the hospital. If these girls aren’t millionaires, someone should take their manager, their publicist, and their record company execs out into public and beat them until they give these girls all the money their music makes. They deserve it. Lots of talent. (Judge Roy Bean)

I demand a tour of Babymetal and Slipknot so I can spend the night fighting my way through everyone. (Caesar Seriona)

They are like the japanese equivalent of Rammstein. (Jo Nathan)

This is the cutest, most brutal thing I’ve ever seen. (Sera Hong)

This group is a breath of fresh air to me… New and clean! (Helldorado72)

When Queen Su tells you to make a big circle, you damn well better make a big circle. (ionmyke)

Rooftop of Wembley Stadium spotted last night by renowned astronomer. (Chris Martino)

I was at the Wembley gig and it was simply brilliant. The whole spectacle was certainly on a par with the likes of Iron Maiden, Rammstein, and Kiss. (Lee Farrow)

Despite everything, there are still good things in the world. (JP de la Torre)

Su obivously enjoyed the show with Rob and seriously, who wouldn’t? Judas Priest is a legend, a role model for every young aspiring Metal bands. But is it my imagination, or I did I not really see the newfound joy on Rob’s face as well? These kids gave him back something from the time, when it was just about pure energy, when the most important was to have fun on the stage. Babymetal has this flame and I think Rob felt it too. (AlfonzNobody)

We are witnessing something completely brand new and it’s fantastic. (Eric Birkeland)

Here’s the plan: We find their next performance, sneak out of our houses, go there, watch the concert, come back, and act like nothing happened. (A delicious taco)

I have seen a glimpse of the future and it is… Kawaii!?! (DJ Beo)

There is so much to love about this affair between the US and Japan. To think, there are people alive who can remember a time when they were at war. It gives us hope as a species. My music professor in college once told our class that he believed that much of the world’s major conflicts could be resolved by the sharing of music. I lot of people thought it was naive, and maybe to some extent it is, but there is certainly some truth to what the sharing of cultures can do to bring people together and understand a little bit about each other. Props to Babymetal on their success, and to Halford for teaming up for the performance (and for being Rob Halford). (Sho Kosugi)

All I’m gonna say is this… If they’ve got Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeath, Judas Priest, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Korn, Rob Zombie, Guns & Roses and the list goes on approval then they’ve got mine!!! Lets not forget they’ve opened for most of those bands. Like them or not well that is your choice but when the Metal Gods love them that tells me… I should listen. (Shannon Hunter)

Anyone else get the whole old generation passing the torch on to the next generation vibe? I honestly got the feeling of a father with his daughters, passing on the Metal Torch, or a grandfather doing it. And they were all having fun with it, and Rob was showing that he’s still got it. (jgkitarel)

Wow that was epic!! Both were killing it!! Su-metal looked possessed. What a stroke of genius here. What a great performance and both were in top form. Saw Babymetal in LA and the show was chaotic. Seriously never seen a Metal concert with so much insanity. These ladies know how to work an audience. Babymetal always giving 120% and it freaking shows. Most fun I’ve had at a Metal concert in years. The haters really need to cram it at this point. Judas Priest + Babymetal is life itself. (BlazinNSoul)

Babymetal sure is breaking the law. The law that limits the amount of awesomeness. (Deki17)

Oh, my God… (Paris Barbara)

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