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The Art of Ian Kennedy

Posted: March 19, 2019 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff, General

Due out in April from Heritage Comics in the UK, we have a book celebrating legendary artist Ian Kennedy. Titled “The Art of Ian Kennedy”, we will get 160 pages of his work in this Volume.



Sad to hear that ex-Gillan guitarist Bernie Tormé has passed away. He died of pneumonia this weekend, sources say. Bernie was a huge part of the success that the band Gillan carved out for themselves (everywhere except for the States) in the early 1980s and he stayed active until quite recently. I have a real soft spot for Gillan and I guess I will revisit the old collection now like many others. Seen here is a German 1981 article from Bravo magazine (not sure about the exact issue but I still have it).

His spirit will never die.

Aero Modeller 982

Posted: March 18, 2019 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby, Magazines

UK publication Aero Modeller (issue) 982. I love this cover. An enthusiast named Chris Brainwood has built the craft that you see here (inspired by a classic cartoon) and you get to know how he did it in this issue. This model should be on sale from a major company if you ask me.

Just got back from the city after a couple of days of work (slept on a mattress on the bedroom floor in the old place). Everything is white as the snow falls rather violently right now. Visibility low. I guess I will have my work cut out for me tomorrow. Still, I will enjoy a day off and then it is three days in the city again.

Peppermint Fury

Posted: March 15, 2019 in Cool stuff, General, TV & Movies

Bought “Peppermint” on DVD and watched it today. This just might be the best revenge movie ever made. Jennifer Garner is excellent in this film and I hope they make a follow-up sooner rather that later. Enough said.

More Tex Willer

Posted: March 12, 2019 in Comics, General

Got to love Norway. They have just issued another Tex Willer comic book series called Tex Willer Fredlös (Outlaw) over there.

I hope we get this on import over here.

Well this is interesting. A young American band that consists of three brothers and two sisters are bringing Classic Rock back into the mainstream as we speak. They released their first six track EP (or mini album, same as Greta Van Fleet did not long ago) Stateside in January and right now they are making waves on the new hit show The World´s Best. The performance there recently with a cover of Dio´s “Rainbow In The Dark” earned them praise and it has to be said that there is a lot of potential in this group, a general vibe and appeal that could well give them a place in the next phase in the history of Classic Rock. Maybe this is an early sign – along with Greta Van Fleet – that things are brewing again and that a new generation is coming up. I think we all know that Classic Rock and Metal will never go away. Never in a million years. Oh, and one more thing. Ronnie James Dio would have loved to have seen this. I wish Liliac all the best – may they live and prosper.

Watch them perform “Rainbow In The Dark” here.