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Interesting cover

Posted: June 28, 2017 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby, Magazines

This looks like a good read. UK publication Scale Aircraft Modelling (July 2017). I can´t actually identify the aircraft on this cover, which is rare. Not your prettiest looking bird is it? I might buy this magazine if I spot it.

The GG (Guy Gene) approves.

The Wild West

Posted: June 28, 2017 in General, Magazines

Spanish publication Muy Historia (July 2017). The headline actually reads “The Wild West”. Yes, the unconstitutional progressive (how about Communist?) left – fully backed by Globalists, bankers and the ill informed – has all but destroyed America. Trump is a reaction to this and the entire establishment hates his guts. The Globalists, who are in full retreat now, hates him as well. The leftist media (owned by Globalists) has been after him since day one. No president in the history of the United States has ever been treated worse. Based on what? Lies. And nobody gives him any credit at all for getting millions of jobs back. Well, not quite. The majority of the people like him. The deplorables. The forgotten working class. Soon to be joined by the middle class when the robots take away even more jobs. And possibly, your savings when the banks have no options left (the swamp has signed on to this, the media just decided to ignore it). Time to wake up folks.

Everything may still go belly up, but Trump is the best thing to have happened to the West in decades.

Well this is nice. The Japanese site Babymetal Database features my posts on all things Babymetal, so things like this can happen. I kind of like this, feels good to see a bit of the past in there, a bit of the 1970s. Makes me wonder if there is a tune that Babymetal could cover in one way or another?

How about “Bloodsucker” from “In Rock” (1970)? Listen to it here.

Good day today as this magazine popped up (Japanese fashion publication Nylon, May 2016). Five pages of Babymetal, plus the cover. Photography credited to Takashi Kamei, styling to Megumi Date and hair & makeup to Saori Hida. Others were involved too, it takes a lot to shoot something like this. It goes without saying that Babymetal is getting noticed by the fashion industry, and for good reason.

Babymetal & Nylon Japan did hype this, you can watch it on YouTube here.

I feel a tad nostalgic today. My God rock music was great in the 1970s (see 1975 Deep Purple spread from Japanese publication here – say no more!). Looking back now I feel so lucky to have lived it. Of course the staying power has been enormous, everything since then can pretty much be traced in one way or another to one or two bands from that era. Things have evolved but I would say that Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are collectively like a big majestic tree in the forest, everything else are branches on that tree. You ask Metallica, Mötley Crue and everybody else and they damn well know it. And yes, the 1980s was good too. The 1990s? Well, there was a few bands that shined. The last couple of decades? Well, there are thousands of bands out there and many are quite good (Nightwish comes to mind). But it all has a certain boredom connected to it now. Too much repetition, too few exciting acts coming up. Hell, Babymetal is doing well partly because the scene needs them badly. They have what it takes to put some excitement and flare back into all this. Some fucking attitude. We should all be on our knees thanking them and I am not kidding.

Yes, times have changed. I am OK with that. Just let the old beast live. Let there be life. Bring in the next generation of listeners. Umm, I guess I got slightly sidetracked here, but I was going to end this with a plea to David Coverdale to get that Purple Tour DVD out. Daylight is wasted here and that was another good thing about the 1970s. Things fucking happened! I love you Dave but this waiting is killing me!

I want my fix of nostalgia and the latest Deep Purple album is out of the way now, we all have it. Now let´s celebrate 1973-1976!

Babymetal had one of three covers for the Japanese publication Bounce (issue) 356 back in the day and it looks really good. Not sure when this was published but judging by the session used it should have been around the time of the “Megitsune” single back in 2013.

This one is likely to be quite rare now.

The surveillance car is here

Posted: June 28, 2017 in General

There is big money to be had in surveillance in the future and the police in Dubai will be the first to implement the unmanned O-R3 car (see details here) from Otsaw Robotics in order to patrol areas. Knowing our politicians, this is the sort of thing they are likely to go for. I can see how a car like this can startle a thief or two when they are up to no good, but I wonder how it would fare with a gang wearing black hoods that wants it gone from the streets they have claimed as their own? If you send these cars out everybody will have to be aware that actual cops can be on the scene within a minute or two. In my country, that may work in the major cities (key word here is “may”) but nowhere else. In the end this sort of thing can be good to keep an eye on property (industrial sites and so on) but fighting crime? We need Judge Dredd for that (he said, jokingly…).

Why will this be a hit among politicians? Because this sort of thing makes it look like they are doing something when they are really not. I fully expect this to be implemented in the EU soon.

(Original news source – Drudge Report)