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German publication Eclipsed (April 2017). Third Deep Purple magazine cover for “inFinite” in Europe. And this is only the beginning.

Love the expedition idea.


And here it is, the Agent Smart moment. If you know your television history you know that the Agent Smart character often said “Missed it by that much”, meaning he was soooo close to solving the case, but somebody else probably beat him to it (like his beautiful assistant, Agent 99). Found this half page ad in Sweden Rock Magazine (issue) 12 2016 from Playground/earMusic, pushing product with Jon Lord (“Gemini Suite” CD), Deep Purple “California Jam 1974” DVD) and Babymetal (“Live At Wembley” CD). There is no way on earth that I could have missed this ad, but apparently, I missed Babymetal by that much…

Well I am on the case now…


Good day today. My e-mail server decided to work again after a three day rest (nothing I could do, it was a national problem) and I could take care of business again. Then Classic Rock (issue) 234 arrived in the mail and I spent an hour reading this. Deep Purple cover story, with all current members interviewed. A 43 minute eight track CD with Purple stuff (studio and live) is a really nice bonus, in my youth that would have been a complete albums worth of music. Also good stuff with Black Sabbath, Glenn Hughes, Jimi Hendrix etc. I have had a rare nine day holiday that is coming to an end soon but it has been a very nice rest with plenty of good things happening.

Very nice.


More information on the reissue of Jon Lord´s “Windows” in late April. earMusic/Edel has gone for a new cover. It is similar but still different. I don´t know how I feel about changing covers? It looks fine, but what if changing classic covers became the norm? I don´t think I would want that. Still, this 1974 performance includes David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes and there is a brief passage that rocks with them on this album so that is a good thing. I always felt that “Windows” were inferior to “Concerto” though, like maybe there wasn´t enough time to prepare it all or something? It would have been nice if they could have added a DVD of the TV broadcast in this package but that is for another day I guess.

Nice piece of history though.


It all goes back to the originators of Metal in one way or another. Case in point, Ritchie Blackmore´s opening riff on the 1976 Rainbow “Rising” (album) on the song “Tarot Woman” did influence Thrash Metal (Metallica etc) and so when you hear it again and again you know where it comes from. Babymetal open their shows with a powerful riff based on this idea called “Babymetal Death” and although “Tarot Woman” is slightly faster, slow down Blackmore´s riff and you can insert it in this song no problem. This is not criticism from me, far from it. As an oldtimer it is simply fascinating to follow the ongoing evolution of Metal. Babymetal has created a very powerful song here and of course they have a full on crucifiction in the show (or used to have, see liveclip) when they perform it. This song opens the new “Live At Wembley” album as well.

Listen to “Tarot Woman” here (riff comes in after the intro). View “Babymetal Death” performed live in 2013 here.


40 years ago today, Deep Purple´s “Last Concert In Japan” was issued over there. Recorded in December 1975 on the final world tour of the band in the 1970s, it was dedicated to the memory of Tommy Bolin, who had passed away in December 1976. Produced by Martin Birch, the album was released in a few more markets in 1978, including Sweden and France. However, it was never seen as official product in any real sense from the ex-members of the band. They all knew that the gig had not been very good compared to other shows. Still fans enjoyed the album to a certain extent (I know I did), although the reputation of Tommy Bolin probably did suffer a bit of a blow. Seen here is a Japanese press cutting with Tommy Bolin and the cover of the album.

If I had to pick a track, it would be “Wild Dogs” (Tommy sings on it). Listen to it here. And if you want to read more about the Japanese tour, you will find it here.


The Deep Purple “inFinite” limited edition box (the big one) is selling out fast, some retailers have delisted it already. This means that you have to act now if you want it. I saw it disappear from one source and hopefully managed to secure my copy from another. We shall see.

I love these big boxes.