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Well this is nice. The Japanese site Babymetal Database features my posts on all things Babymetal, so things like this can happen. I kind of like this, feels good to see a bit of the past in there, a bit of the 1970s. Makes me wonder if there is a tune that Babymetal could cover in one way or another?

How about “Bloodsucker” from “In Rock” (1970)? Listen to it here.

I feel a tad nostalgic today. My God rock music was great in the 1970s (see 1975 Deep Purple spread from Japanese publication here – say no more!). Looking back now I feel so lucky to have lived it. Of course the staying power has been enormous, everything since then can pretty much be traced in one way or another to one or two bands from that era. Things have evolved but I would say that Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath are collectively like a big majestic tree in the forest, everything else are branches on that tree. You ask Metallica, Mötley Crue and everybody else and they damn well know it. And yes, the 1980s was good too. The 1990s? Well, there was a few bands that shined. The last couple of decades? Well, there are thousands of bands out there and many are quite good (Nightwish comes to mind). But it all has a certain boredom connected to it now. Too much repetition, too few exciting acts coming up. Hell, Babymetal is doing well partly because the scene needs them badly. They have what it takes to put some excitement and flare back into all this. Some fucking attitude. We should all be on our knees thanking them and I am not kidding.

Yes, times have changed. I am OK with that. Just let the old beast live. Let there be life. Bring in the next generation of listeners. Umm, I guess I got slightly sidetracked here, but I was going to end this with a plea to David Coverdale to get that Purple Tour DVD out. Daylight is wasted here and that was another good thing about the 1970s. Things fucking happened! I love you Dave but this waiting is killing me!

I want my fix of nostalgia and the latest Deep Purple album is out of the way now, we all have it. Now let´s celebrate 1973-1976!

I spotted this Deep Purple “Rises Over Japan” t-shirt over at CDON. I will buy anything that is related to this version of Purple so this one goes straight into the old collection. There is a story about this image that is kind of interesting. Back in 1985, when Deep Purple had reunited and were riding high, a five track video (from Japan 1975) with this design was due to be released in Europe (it had been out in Japan, with a different cover, for ages). We even saw a full page ad. However, the management of the current band stopped it and so it never saw the light of day. So this t-shirt is kind of a weird one since it is based on an ad for a product that was never released. Also, the live shot is from the UK tour in March 1976 and that was just sad in my humble opinion. I hate it when people do not respect history. Still, if they want to sell this now, fair enough.

It is kind of cool.

I like the EMP Shop, they have a lot of cool stuff. Here is a couple of items that you might enjoy, a Deep Purple “Highway Star” t-shirt (I have ordered this one) and a Rainbow wristband (cool to see).


Fans of Glenn Hughes will know that “Feel” (1995) and “Addiction” (1996) will both be reissued with bonus CDs (basically live stuff) on June 30. These will in turn be followed by “The Way It Is” (1999) and “Return Of The Crystal Karma” (2000) on September 18.


Another heads up and this looks like a goodie. UK publication Classic Rock goes for an all out issue about the year 1987 in issue 238. Should be out next week over here, may be out in the UK as we speak.

1987 was a very good year.

Well this is kind of nice. Swedish publication MM presents an interview with Ronnie James Dio in the current issue (361), originally published in a magazine called Showtime back in 1984.

The legend lives on.