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Whitesnake´s “The Purple Tour” arrived here yesterday in two formats. Watched the DVD first and it was a goodie (did miss “You Keep On Moving” on it though). Well edited and strong material performed by good players. “The Gypsy” and “Mistreated” are two Purple songs that work very well here. Of course you get the Whitesnake classics too, the mix is very good.

Love the gatefold sleeve of the LP version.


Great Facebook traffic right now from Deep Purple MK4 & Tommy Bolin related pages. Shared link to this blog post about 16 hours ago. I basically share the posts that went up two years ago dealing with the last US Tour of the 1970s on the appropriate dates and January 14 1976 saw the kickoff of that trek. When I originally wrote that I was not active on Facebook.

Glad to see positive response.

Knights Call

Posted: January 11, 2018 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General

German guitarist Axel Rudi Pell will release his 18th solo album “Knights Call” in March. A former member of Steeler, he launched his own career in 1989 and has been pretty busy ever since. It is no secret that Axel is a major fan of Ritchie Blackmore and ex-Rainbow drummer Bobby Rondinelli has been a part of his band since 2013. Looking at the album covers, they do have a certain style that I like and Axel is very consistent in what he is doing. I think the time has come for fans of the Purple Family to step up the support.

Polish publication Gitarzysta (issue) 138. Steve Morse of Deep Purple on yet another cover.


This blog had 1,650 posts in 2017. 134 in December. 282 posts on Babymetal, 175 on the Deep Purple Family. I quite enjoy the mix and the Stats have been pretty solid for some time now. As you know we have loads of exciting stuff coming up (not least in music) so I predict many happy moments in the months to come. You know the mix, you can easily see what I enjoy and I guess you all like bits of it. Here is to 2018 – may it be a wonderful year!

And on a final positive note, here is the last Babymetal tribute video of 2017. Pretty much sums it all up.

Whitesnake has uploaded a brand new video for the Deep Purple classic “Burn” on YouTube, picked from the upcoming “The Purple Tour” live album. It is not just another live video, but a proper one.

Watch it here.

A new two day festival called Rock City Stockholm will go down on April 27-28. The focus will be on Classic Rock/Melodic Rock and Joe Lynn Turner has been confirmed. Tickets are out now.

Visit their site here.