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It was 50 years ago now (July 17 according to Wikipedia) that Deep Purple released their first album “Shades Of Deep Purple” in the US. It would take a couple of months for a UK release to appear and by then the band was already a massive hit overseas. The album would eventually climb to an impressive #24 position on Billboard, helped by the single “Hush” that peaked at #4. Hugh Hefner invited Deep Purple to his television show Playboy After Dark which was the beginning of an enduring love affair between Purple and America. It should be noted that the first lineup was very much a product of its time and although you have flashes of brilliance on this album, it would ultimately be the second lineup that would really conquer the world. But in America in particular, “Hush” (which was a Joe South cover) remains a mainstay to this day.

It is worthy of note that Purple was first out of the gate of the Big Three – the other two being Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.


The Tommy Bolin Estate is auctioning off personal belongings of the late Tommy Bolin through the Gotta Have Rock´n´Roll auction site. Of particular interest for fans of Deep Purple is the classic The Ultimate t-shirt that he wore on gigs in the US (Tampa for one) and the UK in february/March 1976, as well as other interesting items.

Check it out here.

I have to say that I really enjoy the new Lee Aaron album “Diamond Baby Blues”. Great AOR with some blues vibes is not a bad thing, and her cover of the Deep Purple classic “Mistreated” is way better than expected. That is a hard song to take on, but it works.

Well done.

Japanese publication Burrn! (June 2018). David Coverdale on the cover. The Deep Purple Family are still doing good business over there.

This looks like a good read. German publication Eclipsed (issue) 202. Features Part 4 in the ongoing Deep Purple series, celebrating their 50th anniversary.

They went for this cover art for the German edition of Classic Rock (July/August 2018) as well, but it is a good one and Deep Purple has always been big in Germany.


Spending a lot of time on reshaping the blog at the moment, deleting posts. I have done something like four years (2012 into 2016) at the moment, and on a good note it is making this blog a bit sharper. More focused. Some things will have to go, like the Pulp cover of the week thing. Good fun but it needs to go. I hope to be done within a few days, I do have other things on my mind now as you may know (see last post). July is likely to be a bit slow here but at least I am still up for keeping the legacy alive. Looking back, there is a lot of good stuff on this blog and it would have been a shame to let it all go.

Thank you for still caring (the stats are still very good!).

(Top image, Over The Rainbow live shot by me, DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #1 cover by Michael Johansson)