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The first 17 acts that are to perform at Sweden Rock Festival 2019 has been announced, and the headliners will be Kiss, Rainbow and Def Leppard. Ex-Rainbow singer Joe Lynn Turner will be there as well, which (in a perfect world) could open up certain possibilities. Of course, we live in an imperfect world. But one can hope. Some good acts, HammerFall, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth. Another 65 acts are still to be announced. Tickets go on sale on November 1.


Swedish publication Rock´n´Roll (issue) 8 2018 – three images of Ian Gillan on the cover, massive interview inside. This is probably the best issue that I have ever seen of this magazine, and that says just about all.

Good job chaps.

A glimpse of the past – DEEP PURPLE FOREVER (issues) 20 and 21, published in August and October 1998 by yours truly. My friend Staffan Eriksson had done the drawing of Deep Purple as they celebrated three decades and I liked it a lot. First ever cover that was not printed in full colour, but only because it was not a photograph, and the purple print looks great. Issue 21 sported cover shots by Benny Holmström and Michael Johansson. This was an odd one, I had been sent a school work on the history of Deep Purple by a student (Henrik Engvall) and I decided to print it as it was as a full magazine, only adding the cover and some classic ads from the past. Åke Pettersson over at EMI loved it and bought 50 copies that EMI used to promote the compilation album “30: Very Best of Deep Purple” in Sweden with.

Happy days.

50 years ago

Posted: October 26, 2018 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General

Deep Purple´s second album “The Book of Taliesyn” was released 50 years ago this month. Stateside at least (UK release was June 1969). At the time they had a huge hit in America and Canada with “Hush” and they embarked on a massive three month tour over there as this album saw release. In the end, this album did not produce a major hit but it stands as an interesting postcard of the day. One has to remember that The Beatles was still a major force and Purple did indeed cover “We Can Work It Out” on this LP. The Neil Diamond song “Kentucky Woman” was in fact a minor hit, enough for the label to support the group for a third album. It all happened very quickly in those days and you have to be in a certain mood to pick the early stuff out for a listen these days. If 1968 is what you want, this will do nicely.

Purple were not the leaders of the pack, that would come later.

Another goodie

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This three LP, two CD set was released three weeks ago, sort of under the radar as far as I am concerned. If you collect Deep Purple, the Vinyl gap from the dark years is slowly being corrected. This 1999 release, “In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Paul Mann”, is good to see (what they did there was quite amazing). But that is not all. The “Total Abandon – Australia ´99” set is out as well, that sneaked out in July apparently (where the hell was I?).

It is getting to be rather expensive to collect the Purple Family (not the first time that happens though is it?).

40 years ago

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40 years ago this month, Whitesnake released the first official full fledged album, “Trouble”. It was the first release to feature Jon Lord (counting the early singles), who came in late in the recording process and added his bit on top of what was basically a finished product. It sported two covers, the white one was seen in most markets and the “desert” cover came out in the US. They still had to figure out a good logo for the band to sell t-shirts etc but they had that in place by the time of the second album. “Trouble” has a heavy touch to it that they soon lost in the studio, but all the classic hallmarks of early Whitesnake (including some pretty daring lyrics) were in place. Not a bad return to the scene, but they had to work hard for some time for the band to really succeed. In America, it would take longer than anywhere else.

Seen here is a publicity shot of David Coverdale that United Artists sent out in the US.

Just a quick reminder that the Whitesnake “Unzipped” releases is coming up (October 19). Here is the 21 track Double Vinyl.