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Out in the UK now, the 50th Anniversary Special on Deep Purple from the publishers of Uncut. Nice to see that the Purps are finally getting one of these. Now let us make it sell like crazy, just so that they will know…


Busy days. Having some fun organizing the old (and new) collection in my new place. On the left: Deep Purple family stuff (Tour Programmes, rare magazines etc). On the right: Reserved for Babymetal only.

The Vinyls are finally handled correctly, easy access being all important (see earlier post). Seen here are fairly new Vinyls. The older stuff is getting organized as we speak (great fun to look them over again). The Soundtracks are finding their way to the TV room.

Speaking of which… Here is a nice little corner that I just put in place. On the wall: Rainbow live, signed by Ronnie James Dio (recently showcased on this blog). Signed Callisto (Xena villain) photograph by actress Hudson Leick. Framed Babymetal “Megitsune” poster from Tower Records (Shinjuku, Japan – has also been highlighted earlier on this blog). Yesterday, at about midnight, I blasted some Judas Priest and Babymetal at high volume (testing the new TV in the process) and went outside to check what the neighbours might hear. Pretty much nothing. Good to know. I also have a nice 1960s Exhibition going. Got to have some fun.

(Thank you Kalle for all your help)

There are times when you have to take it easy with the shopping and I certainly have other priorities than records right now. However, I could not resist the Deep Purple reissues of “Made In Europe” and “Last Concert In Japan” from Universal in purple Vinyl. There are six more of them as you know and I guess I will have to put the old thinking cap on for this lot. Still, very happy to own these from this series.

This 376 page book on Deep Purple is set to be published in Japan in early October to tie in with the Japanese Tour over there. It is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the band over there, and the title “In Book” is obviously a reference to the “In Rock” album.


Pretty happy about this particular autograph, signed by Ronnie James Dio in Stockholm back in 2001 (the full interview can be found on this blog). He signed the spread of an issue of UK Fan Club publication MORE BLACK THAN PURPLE and I later had it framed. He was promoting “Magica” at the time, a truly wonderful album. Very pleasant man.

Good times.

This goes with the previous post on Molly Hatchet. I do recall that I spotted their album and this one in that shop at the same time (what a day!). There had been a four track EP called “Snakebite” in the UK in June 1978 that had been the first sign that David Coverdale was now having a band called Whitesnake. In September they rereleased it as an album with the four tracks on the EP on one side and some songs from his second solo album “Northwinds” on the other. The momentum was picking up, especially since we now knew that Jon Lord had joined the band and that they had their first full blown album coming out in October (things were happening fast back in those days). I loved the cover, just some simple live shots from the early club dates in the UK. But it did its job and we all knew that Whitesnake was going to be a good thing. A little bit later I spotted the ad that you see here in an American magazine (think it may have been CREEM), as United Artists released it over there with their own cover art. It would take way longer to get a buzz going on the American market though, the initial interest was to be in the UK and Japan.

Good times.

I got an invitation to mingle at the release party of “British Beat In Sweden! – The Original Vinyls 1957-1969” (Premium Publishing) today. I realized why when I spotted the Deep Purple single “Emmaretta” on the cover (somebody obviously recall my old fanzine days, which is nice). I can not attend, but I can support the book on my blog. Authored by Leif Aulin and Pontus von Tell, this 320 page book (hardback) is actually published in English, making the potential market that much bigger. I love books like this, you really get a nice nostalgic buzz. Release date is September 6.

Visit Premium Publishing for details here.