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Well I mentioned Sweden Rock Magazine (issue) 8 2017 the other day but here is the full blown cover, and I think it is one of the best that they have ever had. Very nice Ronnie James Dio cover.

Top notch.

Sweden Rock Magazine (issue) 8 2017 is out and it features a nice cover shot of Ronnie James Dio, who came out on top of the Top 100 Best Singers Poll that ends in this issue (Part 1 was presented in issue 7). The Top 10 list: 1. Ronnie James Dio, 2. Rob Halford, 3. Bruce Dickinson, 4. David Coverdale, 5. Ian Gillan (as seen here), 6. Freddie Mercury, 7. Robert Plant, 8. Michael Kiske, 9. Bon Scott and 10. James Hetfield.

The Deep Purple Family has a strong following in Sweden.

Well look at this. I have just discovered a Whitesnake video from when Ian Paice had just joined the band in 1979 for the song “Long Way From Home” (it was released as a single back in the day), a track from the second album “Lovehunter”. Now Paicey did not play on that album so he is going through the motions here and there is not a lot for him to do, but it is interesting to discover a video after all these years. EMI put it up on YouTube in 2009 and it has only registered 173,957 hits at this point, which is pretty pathetic. But then so is the video. There is no way that David Coverdale has linked to this from his platforms, way more people would have seen it if he had. From a pure archaeological point of view, this is still pretty neat.

Watch the video here.

Well this is good news. Black Country Communion releases their fourth album “BBCIV” on September 22. Good to see the lads reunited again. There will be two different Vinyl pressings, one is going out in Orange in a very limited edition (so keep an eye out for that one).

Check out the first video for the song “Collide” here.

In the mailbox today. Crosswords magazine Kryss med Nostalgi (4 2017), the Deep Purple Single “Johnny´s Band”, comic books Knasen (16 2017) & 91:an (17 2017) and the Judas Priest DVD “Battle Cry”.



I love Ritchie Blackmore and his body of work. I need to state that first, because this is hard to write. With respect, I feel that the current incarnation of Rainbow can not live up to the past and so the decent thing would be to end it now. Or possibly in Japan, where the support always was the strongest for Rainbow. Call in some of the other singers and make it a bit special, end it on a high note. Ronnie Romero can still be in there, I have no problem with him. But the nostalgia factor is pretty much over and the reality of this is that it is not good enough compared to expectations. Many will disagree and that is fine. This is just my personal take on this. But at least it comes from somebody that has been a strong supporter for several decades. There is no malice intended here.

I always maintained that the only thing that can stop these old legends is time itself and there is no shame in this. It is just time for this generation to bow out now.

Painful subject, but I will probably return to this soon.


Posted: August 5, 2017 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family, General

The remastered Glenn Hughes 1995 album “Feel” arrived yesterday. This is a good album, and you get a bonus CD with eight unplugged tracks from Holland, Sweden and Japan plus an additional seven tracks recorded at the Schuttdorf Open Air in July 1994 with his Swedish band (not really credited on this release). This is a bit funkier than many of his later releases. I think he was genuinely hoping that he could really move in this direction at the time but the record companies figured his fans wanted the harder edged stuff. Sadly, Glenn missed the boat since he really could have gone places in the 1980s but he has built a respectable career since his comeback in the early 1990s regardless. I like The Glenn Hughes Remasters series and it is cool to see this stuff on the Purple Records label.

Is there really a better singer out there?