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Word just came in that Deep Purple and Judas Priest are to co-headline a North American Tour that kicks off in Ohio on August 21 and ends in California on September 30, 25 dates all in all. So what you get is the most classic of the remaining behemots of the old days sharing the same bill. This is going to go down well. Also, these bands have one thing in common, they are currently touring on the backs of great albums.

Hell, the t-shirt alone (if it looks anything like what you see here) would be worth the journey.


Canadian singer Lee Aaron has a new album out on April 27 called “Diamond Baby Blues”. The Deep Purple legions out there should support this since she is covering the MK3 classic “Mistreated” on this release. First video from this one is “Diamond Baby” and I really like this song.

Check it out here.

Sad to hear that Joe Lynn Turner suffered a heart attack in Belarus last weekend (he has been undergoing treatment at a hospital in Minsk). A European tour that was supposed to start in Sweden on April 25 has been cancelled as Joe needs some time to recover.

Get well soon my friend.

(Seen here is DEEP PURPLE FOREVER # 24, published in January 2000. Cover shot by Michael Johansson)

50 years ago

Posted: April 20, 2018 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General

It was 50 years ago today that Deep Purple (still called Roundabout, but not for long) played its first concert together over in Denmark. This photograph is floating around on Facebook today and I have never seen it before.

The start of a very important band, but few could have guessed it on that night.

Ian Gillan and Roger Glover released “Accidentally On Purpose” in February 1988. A pretty laidback album with some nice songs on it. It was recorded as a reaction to what they went through in Deep Purple with the “House Of Blue Light” album. Gillan had one more tour to go with Purple before he was fired.

This album still sounds good.

Just located (and listened to) a brilliant interview with Dave Lee Roth on the Joe Rogan Experience (show #333, March 2013). They talk about many things, Deep Purple pops up a couple of times (linked to wet t-shirt competitions back in the early Van Halen days in one case!). Classic stuff.

Listen to the show here.

Just like the good old days. Ritchie Blackmore did not return to the stage for an encore yesterday in Helsinki in spite of 13,300 people applauding for 20 minutes for him to do so. This sort of thing may have been acceptable up to a point when Ritchie was relevant, but this is old fans wanting to show some love and to perhaps see the old man one final time.

On what planet is that a fair deal?

(Who dares to say Happy Birthday to him today I wonder?)