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Whitesnake entered the German charts at #3 with “Flesh & Blood” last week. It is the highest entry they have ever had in Germany.


The first six Nazareth albums are now available on Vinyl, different colours for all of them. Excellent opportunity to add some classic Nazareth to the old collection.


Polish Metal outfit Crystal Viper are recording a new album. It will be titled “Tales Of Fire And Ice”. Best Metal band out there outside of Judas Priest.



Congratulations to Babymetal for reaching 50,000,000 YouTube hits with “Karate” today. It is the third most popular video, second only to “Gimme Chocolate!!” (102,000,000) and “Megitsune” (57,000,000). They are sitting on a very solid platform, but can they repeat the early hype in the years ahead?


Ritchie Blackmore has dusted off an old Blackmore´s Night tune called “The Storm” and re-recorded it as a digital Rainbow Single. It will go out on May 17.


The new Whitesnake album stormed the Japanese charts and reached a very respectable #1 position on the day of entry. This is not a Hard Rock chart or anything like that, it really was the best selling album by any artist in the country. Also, there is another issue of Sweden Rock Magazine coming out, the second in a row with David Coverdale on the cover. Maybe the time has come to bow out in style? People are very supportive and it is always great to leave when things are looking good. David will be 68 on September 22.

Added this notebook to the old collection, a Japanese print from Toshiba EMI Music, covering the “Come Taste The Band” and “24 Carat Purple” albums (the latter a well beloved compilation from 1975). Lyrics are included. Nice cover shot by photographer Kenji Miura from the Japanese tour in December 1975. Not sure what year this was published but it certainly looks good. Had no idea that this existed until quite recently (I like eBay due to Babymetal, and once you are browsing…).

(My image of said book)

(Thank you Kalle for your support)

Deep Purple is to play 33 shows in the US between September 3 and October 19. So we have another trek of The Long Goodbye Tour over there (the stint they did with Judas Priest a while ago was a successful package). As things stand, we are looking at another studio album as well. Well, they have always been a working band. Babymetal has announced the longest US Tour so far with 20 gigs between September 4 and October 16. My guess is that we will see the new album as well around that time, and that they will work on promoting this for at least two years as they see fit. Swedish rockers Avatar, a very theatrical outfit, is to open for Babymetal.

With the American economy booming, things may be looking up over there if you are fairly well known.

Got these magazines on import from Japan today. BURRN! Magazine (issue 5 2019) and PMC Magazine (Volume 13) with David Coverdale and Babymetal on the covers. 24 pages (plus cover) of Whitesnake in BURRN! and 42 pages (plus cover) of Babymetal in PMC. Very high quality titles, I have collected some BURRN! issues for decades (usually when they cover the Deep Purple family, which is quite common), and PMC often cover Babymetal so that is a given too. The title of this post comes from a track on the upcoming Whitesnake album. The countdown is on.

(My image of said magazines – thank you for your support Kalle)

When I moved recently, I located great stuff that had been tucked away for years. This Whitesnake poster of mine, published in 1981 when I was running the DEEP PURPLE FREAK SOCIETY club, popped up. It was good to see it again. The photographs were taken by Hasse Ivarsson and Patrik Hökby (years later in 2000, when I had the DEEP PURPLE FOREVER club, I printed loads of shots from this day in issue 27 of that magazine as well along with a fresh David Coverdale interview). But back in 1981, as Whitesnake visited Sweden and Stockholm for the first time, I was invited to partake in a press thing with the entire band (Jon Lord & David Coverdale interviews can be found on this blog) at Mosebacke Pub on May 7 and then we saw them at the Göta Lejon Theater that night. When Whitesnake returned to Sweden in January 1983 I did hand one of these posters over to David as I catched him briefly at the hotel. Who knows what happened to it, if he kept it or if he tossed it away? Whitesnake had certainly changed by then. I guess I should be selling some of the old stuff, but it will have to wait until things are in order around here.

I will have one of these posters framed now. Good memories for sure.

(My image of said poster)

Black Sabbath´s 14th studio album “Headless Cross” was released 30 years ago today. It was the second album to feature singer Tony Martin and the first to include drummer Cozy Powell. Ex-Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray joined for the tour that followed. At this time, Sabbath had lost the American market, but this line-up did well elsewhere (not least in Germany and the soon to fall Soviet Union). I think it is a masterpiece and they were absolutely brilliant live. Saw them in Stockholm (interview is on this blog – see December 2012), and got some pretty decent shots, some of which was later used in Sabbath books by Martin Popoff and Garry Sharpe-Young. Still has a real soft spot for the Tony Martin era of Sabbath.

(My image of said album, seen here with a shot from Stockholm that I have on display in the old man cave)