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This 1982 release from Spain is pretty weird, but I like the cover. Titled “Historia De La Musica Rock”, it was the 55th edition in this series and it highlighted Rainbow. But here is the twist: this is actually the 1978 album “Long Live Rock´n´Roll” with a different cover, so Polydor did not put too much work into it did they? But, I still like the cover.

(My shot of said release)

I published DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE #13 in May 1980 so it has been 40 years now. I ended up doing 28 of them and then I concentrated on rock journalism for the rest of the 1980s before going back to this hobby again. In the end, I published over 100 magazines.

Good days.

(Cover shot by Hasse Ivarsson)

Here is one for the trainspotters out there. The Not Now label issued this Best Of Compilation featuring the music of The Outlaws (not the Yanks, but the 1960s British band that featured Ritchie Blackmore on guitar and Mick Underwood on drums) on February 14. The occation went under my radar at the time and I think I may be the first Deep Purple Family friendly blogger to mention this 28 track CD to the right people (or potential buyers) right here today.

This was a little before my time but the collector in me loves this.

I am starting to own a lot of copies of “Slide It In”. Very happy to add the recent Red Vinyl Double Album version though. It says the following on the sticker: 2LP 35TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL REMIX CUT AT 45RPM LIMITED EDITION RED VINYL – INCLUDES BONUS TRACK “NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD”. David Coverdale is in a good position as he still sells a lot of records with Whitesnake and that means that he can put stuff out that celebrates his career when he feels like it. The three compilations that are coming up (rock, love songs and blues) must have been good fun to put together.

He is a good hearted man and he has a lovely presence on social media.

(My shot of the 1984 LP and the current version of said album – it has been said that the model fainted during that photo session)

Man Alive

Posted: May 1, 2020 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family

New Deep Purple video on YouTube today, “Man Alive”. Pretty progressive stuff coming out of the band in recent years. They call it a Single but I resent using that term for downloading only (or streaming or whatever you call it). When I have a copy in my hand, it is a Single. To me, this is a video and you can get the music (sort of).

I have snow coming down outside my window, maybe that put me in a grumpy mood… But… it is still not a Single…

The collector in me is upset, that is what it is.

Started off the day with Episode 53 of the Deep Purple Podcast, titled the One Year Anniversary Extravaganza. Good show as usual and they went for a Cecil B. DeMille show this time, clocking in at two and a half hours. Lots of fun stats, greetings from fans etc. It was interesting to see that David Coverdale´s first solo album “White Snake” ranks as the Top pick when the guys analyze all the ratings from all the shows. I like that, it shows that they are thinking outside the box (and I can certainly relate). Looking forward to another year of Happy Mondays.

Got a couple of days off and I hope my “Slide It In” Double LP (Red Vinyl) pops up.

(My shot of my old copy of “White Snake”, signed by Coverdale in 1981)

Got this magazine in the mail today, Swedish Rock´n´Roll #4 2020. Great “Machine Head” era Deep Purple cover, and one of the best from this publication so far. Purple has two covers in Sweden right now, which would have suited the original release date of the “Whoosh!” album great, but since it has been pushed to August they now suffer from having a shitload of press and no product until later. The fans will know that it is coming though, we just have to wait a little longer.

Good Ian Paice interview in this one.

(My shot of said publication)