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The Grand Duke

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Books, Comics


This book is a 156 page hardcover compilation of a fantastic WWII story of war, love and brutality. “The Grand Duke” (Archaia, 2012) is an astonishing piece of work, written by Yann and illustrated by Romain Hugault (both from France). Presented as a Romeo and Juliet story set against WWII aerial dogfights it really is a unique idea, well crafted and full of details. If you are into WWII aircrafts, this is a wet dream. The war itself is described pretty much as it was, right down to the political side (step out of line and you are dead). The story unfolds on the Russian front and begins in 1943.

Glad I found this.



Next year´s issue of RETROFUTURE (issue 7) is officially in progress as of today. I just created page 2, inspired by the recent Purple party at Jane Doe. There will be lots more from Sioux City and Östersund inside this issue – celebrating what has now passed into history. Friends of this blog will know what I am talking about.

This feels good…


Well, we had a blast last night at Jane Doe, celebrating the legacy of Deep Purple. The place was half full at 19.00 when the party kicked off (which is unusual such early on I hear) and well before midnight it was just packed with people that wanted to enjoy some decent music in good company.

Five DJ´s had been invited and they all came along – Lars Ericsson, Staffan Eriksson, Jonas Öhlund, Björn Höglund and Michael “Mojo” Nilsson. Together, taking turns, they provided with seven hours of Purple Family music that went by quicker than I thought was possible. Jonas celebrated the legacy of Tommy Bolin between 21.00 and 22.00, playing everything from Billy Cobham, James Gang, Alphonse Mouzon to Purple and solo stuff. It went down very well.


I had a good time chatting to people and giving out the accumulated presents – the CD´s, DVD´s, books etc. To some this was a highly unexpected bonus. Others knew it was coming. A friend of mine overheard somebody say “Is it always this good at Jane Doe?”.

There were no speaches or anything, just great music from the greatest musical family that rock has ever seen. It was nice to just be part of it all, to leave 99% of the music that was presented to the DJ´s. They seemed to have had a ball as well, I think we were all brothers and sisters of rock last night.

There will be a photographic record of this night in RETROFUTURE 7 next year. This is all part of me wanting to end proceedings in a nice way.

I would like to thank the good people at Jane Doe for allowing us to have had this party at their establishment. Also, a big thank you to the DJ´s and to Seth Nilsson and Martin Andersson.

I hope you all enjoyed it.


Well, tonight is the night – the Deep Purple party at Jane Doe here in Östersund (Jämtland county, Sweden) is finally going to take place. Interest seems to be fairly high. The weather is fine (last Saturday saw quite a storm passing by), everybody seems to be ready to do their bit. The event will be photographed by myself and my friend Martin Andersson. I will film some of it as well.

Stay tuned for after party posts.

(Picture shows Deep Purple in 1975, official Warners shot)


Pulp crime series Hard Case Crime is getting some well deserved attention in America with a cover story in the November issue (154) of art, culture, design magazine JUXTAPOZ. The 12 page feature is written by Gwynned Vitello and what we get is a wonderful in depth interview with Hard Case Crime editor Charles Ardai, a few words from co-creator Max Phillips and a good look at some of the very best covers of the series so far. The cover of the magazine sports art from artist Michael Koelsch that will be featured on the upcoming novel “Borderline” (to be released in May 2014).

I did interview author Christa Faust for my publication TOP SECRET 2009, which is a story that I am very proud of. That interview has been part of this blog for some time.

JUXTAPOZ deserves a medal for this beautiful and brave article.


My friend Maciek Szatko over in Poland, who contributed with an article about the classic tv-series Stawka to RETROFUTURE 6 (Western edition), has just sent me some images taken last weekend when friends of his from the Fan Club met with actor Stanislaw Mikulski. Seen here is the president of the club, Bogdan, with Mikulski getting the magazine and signing a couple of issues to Maciek and to yours truly. Now, that is an honour! Also seen here is a couple of shots on a tv-screen captured by Maciek.

The three page story about Stawka in RETROFUTURE 6 is something that I am very proud of. The show was a great success here in Sweden (as Kapten Kloss) when I was a kid and I have fond memories of watching it with my grandmother Agnes. Books and comics were also popular for some time. Nobody has written about this show for ages here, but we changed all that with this issue, the 100´th anniversary publication. I tend to ask people what they thought about the latest magazine, and the Stawka article has come up several times in such conversations. I like that. Mission accomplished!

(Big thanks to Maciek & The Stake´s Fans)


I bought Billy Cobham´s 1973 masterpiece “Spectrum” on CD last week (I needed it for the Purple party – see earlier posts) and it was really nice to hear it again (the old LP is sitting nicely in the old collection). I was also alerted to the fact that Guitar Player Magazine sported a piece about the album in the November issue, and this arrived today. Jesse Gress has done a great job. Nice shot of Tommy Bolin from his days in Purple on the first spread.

“Spectrum” was a landmark album, it deserves to be remembered. Nobody will ever get close to what these guys did here, but it should be an inspiration to musicians everywhere, even now.

When Jeff Beck says it was important to him at the time, it pretty much sums it up. Also, this album alerted Deep Purple to Bolin´s talent in 1975 when Ritchie Blackmore walked – another reason to check this out.

I love this album.