Purple – 20 years without Blackmore

Posted: November 17, 2013 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


It was 20 years ago tonight that Ritchie Blackmore performed his last show as a member of Deep Purple in Helsinki, Finland. That very same day, the band issued a press release stating that Deep Purple would carry on without him and that Joe Satriani was set to go to Japan with them to finish the tour. Did Ritchie know about this press release from BMG when he walked on stage that fateful night?

In any case, this tour had been the best that MK2 had done since the reunion in 1984. At least they went out with a bang and not a whisper. However, few could have guessed back in the day that Deep Purple would carry on for decades still, and on a very respectable level. They had to rebuild it, but just look at them now.

All things considered, the fact that Deep Purple is still going strong after two decades without Ritchie is worthy to note. That means something.

(Press clipping is from Hufvudstadsbladet, November 23, 1993)

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