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High Chaparral in my heart

Posted: November 30, 2012 in TV & Movies


And speaking of High Chaparral (see last post), I bought this photograph a few years ago, along with the original envelope from NBC-TV (sent to a fan in Sweden many years ago), and I can´t help but wondering if those autographs are for real or printed on the image? It´s impossible to tell. If anybody out there has more information on this, please let me know.

Nice shot in any case. And what a wonderful show that was.


Santa is on the move

Posted: November 29, 2012 in My photographs

I like Christmas. It´s a good time to remember friends and family and a good way to end yet another year. I don´t go for a Christmas tree (although I do like them), but I certainly enjoy to bring old Santa out to greet all visitors with his friendly look. December is dark and cold in Sweden, with just a few hours of daylight per day. Christmas is not very religious here, more a celebration of sorts. Let´s give the kids a good time, have a nice meal (or two) and see the year out with joy.

It can certainly be expensive, so I usually start proceedings quite early. I bought the first presents weeks ago in order not to find myself in a panic the last few days before Christmas. Hey, I treated myself with High Chaparral (first two boxes just released here) as well. That will bring my personal festivities to a nice place when it´s time to relax. I love that show.

Bring it on. I´m ready.

Oh, and I will add an interesting interview to this blog on December 24, with Johnnie Bolin (brother of Tommy Bolin, one time guitarist of Deep Purple).

(Feel free to use the Santa image)

Gustafsberg VII

Posted: November 28, 2012 in My photographs


I bought this model of Gustafsberg VII today, to brighten up things with some real eye candy. I saw it the other day and thought about it and decided that it would look rather nice on display at home, so here it is.

The original was built in 1912 and is still in traffic, you can check it out here. I have a soft spot for these kinds of vessels. Part of being a guy I guess.

Big part of Swedish culture as well, in my book.


I have had loads of articles in print over the years in many publications, and some of these have been picked out to be “rescued” for future generations for re-print in my own magazines. This one, from Swedish newspaper Folket (August 17 1985), will be re-printed in RETROFUTURE 6 next year.

Back in the day, Deep Purple were touring for the comeback album “Perfect Strangers” and I was selling many articles to publications all over the place. I think this newspaper had about a dozen of them in print in a about a year! Some of these have been re-printed earlier in my DEEP PURPLE FOREVER magazines, but not this one.

It will fit RETROFUTURE 6 very well.

Ingrid Bergman had Star Quality

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Magazines


I bought this crossword magazine, Krysset Special (3 2012) the other day, which features a wonderful shot of Ingrid Bergman on the cover. She just jumps out of the page, doesn´t she? I mean, compare this image to most of the other cover shots that you may see right now…

This could well be a black/white photograph that has been coloured, there was a lot like that going on back in her day for magazines due to technical reasons, so I suspect that this image has in fact been borrowed from an old magazine cover. Lovely colours anyway, I love the classic old style covers in any case (got quite a nice collection of them). This particular magazine has a fairly nice logotype as well, which is increasingly rare these days. Not quite the standard of yesterday, but OK.

Another thing dawns on me as I write this, I think I just got the urge to see a classic Ingrid Bergman movie…

Morgan Kane Christmas Album

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Books, Comics


Norway has a rich cultural life, which can be seen every year when christmas is on the way in the rich output of christmas comic book specials. We have them here in Sweden as well, but about half the number compared to our norwegian friends. And we would never be so lucky as to have Morgan Kane appear, as they do every year in Norway. Just look at this brand new album, how cool is that on a scale from 1 to 10?

Morgan Kane is considered a national treasure in Norway and author Kjell Hallbing (Louis Masterson) is probably one of the most popular writers that they ever had. The original Morgan Kane books are still on sale in Norway and there is no sign of this character losing any appeal yet.

That is good to see.

Commando 4551-4554

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Commando - New issues


Commando 4551-4554 is out today in the UK.