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Big fan of Frank Frazetta. So I can enjoy The Fantasy Art of Frazetta 2017 Calendar.

Got to listen to Molly Hatchet now…


Tempo 13

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Comics, General


Tempo (issue) 13 is out today in good old Norway. I grew up reading adventures with Bernard Prince so I can appreciate the nostalgia. Nothing like this in Sweden. Bastards.

Nice cover.

Prepper alert

Posted: October 31, 2016 in General, Prepping


I would say that any prepper out there would know that we are at Condition Critical right now and that anything could go down in the next couple of weeks.

Prep Aussie has has issued a warning as well.


Anna Biller´s “The Love Witch” is doing the Festival Circuit and will premiere in Sweden at the Stockholm International Film Festival on November 17. I predict that this film will do very well on DVD. May well turn out to be a classic.

Festival homepage here, scene from the film here (courtesy of Anna Biller).

Nice Peanuts Compilation

Posted: October 30, 2016 in Comics, General


Got to love this. Brand new 192 page Peanuts Compilation have just gone out in Sweden, “Snobben – Det bästa från 1960-1969” (Cobolt Förlag).


The Love Witch (2)

Posted: October 30, 2016 in Cool stuff, General, TV & Movies


Well I checked out the trailer for “The Love Witch” and it looks just like a late 1960s or early 1970s Hammer production to me. This one is obviously a tribute to the good old days and I have to say that I can appreciate the hell out of that!

See the trailer here.


I like the double vehicle Reconnaissance Set in 1/76 from Airfix. You get a nice little Kubelwagen plus an SD.KFZ 222. Good start for a nice diorama right there.

Nice box art too.