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Wilderness To Table

Posted: August 21, 2017 in General, Prepping, TV & Movies

Now here is a television show that I would like to see, Wilderness To Table with Chef Bri (Van Scotter). She hunts, she cooks and she is a good role model. And if society crumbles, as it might some day for sure, people with these skills will make it no matter what.

Watch trailer here.

Scary times

Posted: August 12, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General, Prepping

Well I have a couple of days off and today I will update the water supply (it actually takes an hour or two to do but it is worth it should anything bad happen). I will also make a few extra trips to the local store and add to the emergency supplies. In all honesty, I think everybody should think twice about the situation of the world right now.

Selected reports from yesterday from AMTV and TruNews on the situation here and here.

The great outdoors

Posted: July 26, 2017 in General, Magazines, Prepping

This looks like a good read. Canadian publication Cottage Life (Summer 2017). If the grid goes down this is where you want to be. We actually had a kill shot from the Sun a few days ago but it was not coming at us. Mars was hit. Had it hit us it could have been the big one. The Good night Nurse moment. Heard about it on the news? No?

We live in interesting times.

If you are awake to what is going on out there, or if you are starting to figure out that something is not quite right with our skies, there are YouTube Channels that you need to follow. Matt Rogers of Sky Watcher Nibiru in the UK is showing us hundreds of films and pictures from people all over the world and when you look at this there is no going back to sleep is it? I highly recommend his Channel.

Meanwhile, I am glad that Prep Aussie is back over in Australia. He looks at the overall picture and he is a very clever guy.

Go to the Sky Watcher Nibiru Channel here, visit Prep Aussie here.

It rains today and my mind is preoccupied with thoughts about the future. I may have found a spot that will serve as my next (and hopefully last) home. The house is located in a small community that is well functioning (stores, restaurants, the lot) right next to great fishing waters. Basically a postcard of Sweden from 1970. That is pretty precious in this day and age but it is exactly the kind of place that you want to live in if society takes a turn for the worst (in other words, not anywhere near a city). Case in point, I have been told by people in the know that most police officers are doing the same thing right now. They know what reality looks like, some are even quitting their jobs. The clever people knows that we live in the last days of what used to be a pretty darned great country. Oh it will still be there, but it will change. And I kind of prefer 1970.

So mentally I know what I need to do and I always wanted a quiet place anyhow. If my Plan B happens to coinside with a long standing dream, then I am fine with that. What I am thinking of now is a potential Plan C, a place to go if everything really goes to hell (war, civil war, some unforeseen disaster). If you live in a small community way out in the countryside it is not hard to establish a small getaway right smack in the middle of nowhere not too far away from your place. That is my thinking today. Once I have moved to the other place, that will be Plan B. Right now it is Plan C.

For me at this stage in my life that looks like a pretty good deal.

Breakaway Civilization?

Posted: June 25, 2017 in General, Prepping

Something is going on and it may not be good news. I have seen aircraft Chemtrail the hell of the morning sky (always obscuring the Sunrise, why is that?) in my neck of the woods again and again. This has been going on for years but it is intensifying now. I believe our generation is going to see things that we never thought possible and I also suspect that we have what you could call a Breakaway Civilization that is quite busy doing their thing. Watch aircraft in action here. This is not normal, and I grew up close to – and served on – a military airfield.

Keep an eye on the skies.

So many questions

Posted: June 8, 2017 in General, Magazines, Prepping

French publication Valeurs Aktuelles (out today over there). This cover shot says it all. What the hell are we going to do?

We live in interesting times.