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Beefing Up The Immune System

Posted: April 6, 2020 in Prepping

I am not a doctor but I do know that it is a good thing to beef up the immune system, and in times like these it looks like a pretty good idea to get going. You guys do whatever you think is good for you, I am personally going for C and D vitamin and Chaga. As always, read up on these things before you decide what to do.

Good luck.

(My shot of my stuff)


Posted: February 6, 2020 in Cool stuff, Prepping, TV & Movies

On my recent trip to Stockholm I found this DVD box of one of my all time favourite shows ever, the BBC series Survivors (1975-1977, 38 episodes). With the current Corona-virus situation still developing, this show would scare the crap out of people if they decided to broadcast it now. I think this is the show that actually made me a prepper. The story goes like this, a virus gets loose from a laboratory and within weeks it has killed off nearly all of mankind. The select few that has survived have to fight for their very survival. 45 years on, this show is still bloody brilliant.

And if you are not a prepper, now would be a good time to take action.

(My shot of said box)

Well we had something like six or seven power outages yesterday where I live and I had to do without electricity for seven or eight hours. In the end I figured the time was right to test some gear (a prepper is always ready for a certain degree of trouble after all). Glad to report that this Camping Lantern (which I blogged about in August 2016) worked just fine. It generates power from sunlight and it was ready to go. A few of these around the house and you are set.

I will take this as a signal to get going again, this sort of stuff is good to have around.

(My image of said lantern)


Posted: July 29, 2018 in General, Jämtland (County), Prepping

This has been the summer of unbearable heat in Sweden, and we have had record numbers of fires all over the country (we even had to be assisted by firefighters from Poland and other countries to keep up). In all honesty, it has been a bit of a nightmare. But tonight the rain came and I took this snapshot from my balcony a few minutes ago because I was so happy to see it. Apparently it will be raining quite a lot in the next few days. That is good news to the hundreds of firefighters and volunteers that are out there right now in this neck of the woods.

I will be honest here. This heat had me worrying about the safety of my new home in the countryside. There was a fire on a nearby mountain a few days ago so you start to think about these things. And when most lawns are more yellow than green, you have got a problem.

This has been a very strange summer.

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Swedish authorities have distributed an Emergency Preparedness Brochure to all households in the country. It exists in many languages. If you are a prepper, it might be of interest to check this out. I have seen people on YouTube go nuts over this but it really is the authorities trying to get back to some form of shape. They dropped the ball and they know it. Terrorism was not part of this brochure in the old days, but they mention it now. Well, at least they understand that they have a duty to inform the citizens of the realities of worst case scenarios. Also, I would say this vindicates every prepper in the nation. The smart people. And that number has been rising pretty fast in recent times.


Added this to my “good to have around” stuff today, a lantern that can be charged by the sun (solar cells) or by you cranking it up (integrated dynamo). Variable lighting adjustment, USBs (phones etc), extra battery compartment. Google Power Plus Hippo and check things out, the company is based in the Netherlands.

So, if the electricity goes, I have a backup.

Prepping works

Posted: April 21, 2016 in General, Jämtland (County), Prepping


The local water system in my neck of the woods has been contaminated in one way or another and since yesterday the local authorities says that the tap water needs to be boiled before used. It may not be all that bad this time around, but a few years ago there were real problems that resulted in thousands of people (I was one of them) getting sick. So it may be the case that local authorities are taking no chances whatsoever this time around. In any case, I was ready for this and it doesn´t take much to be prepared.

So here is a small suggestion, something that preppers know very well but since we have new interest in this right now here it comes. You can save water for five to six months in your refridgerator and it will be OK. This comes directly from the homepage of the Civil Defense, and they ought to know. In fact, they urge people to be prepared for things like this. Right now, people are buying water like crazy in the stores, good luck in finding some now a few hours after the daily deliveries, but at least we have a system that works right now. At some point, it might be the system in itself that struggles. In other words, storing up on some drinking water is a very good idea. Yesterday, I was in a position to help a friend out.

Being prepared for things like this is not a bad thing.

Powdered milk

Posted: April 19, 2016 in General, Prepping


I tried out powdered milk a while back and it tasted good. The advantage is that you can buy a few packages that weighs next to nothing and they will last for a few months before they go bad. To get your milk, you just add some water and that is it. I think this is a good suggestion for preppers as well and that is why I mention this on the blog.

Seen here is a few packages from Swedish manufacturer Semper.

Local cuisine

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Books, Cool stuff, Jämtland (County), Prepping


I discovered this book at a second hand shop in Brunflo (Jämtland County) the other day, and decided that it would be a good addition to the old collection (and for several reasons). “Fjällkrögarnas bästa recept” (Tidens förlag, 1989) by author Ulla Tham takes a look at her travels around Jämtland County and she interviews many chefs and inkeepers on their favourite local cuisine for this title. Got to love that.

This book works for preppers as well, some of this stuff comes straight from the local lakes and forests.


When you prepare for a worst case scenario the water situation is vital and something that should be looked at. This type of water filter, this one is made by manufacturer LifeStraw, is a good addition – filters 1,000 liters/264 gallons of water when you are on the move. Easy to carry. Removes 99,9999% of bacteria etc. Meets US EPA drinking water standards.

A new store with loads of good stuff like this has just opened in my neck of the woods (Östersund, Jämtland County), a major sports store called XXL. Good prices and plenty of good stuff.