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Well look at this

Posted: November 18, 2018 in General, Prepping, TV & Movies

Finally, a good action movie from Sweden (“Den blomstertid nu kommer”). The country is suddenly under attack by a foreign power and the pampered population just cannot believe what is going on. Excellent film by Crazy Pictures, crowdfunded to some degree (loads of names thanked at the end). Preppers take note.

Watch trailer (english subtitles) here.


National Preparedness Month

Posted: September 5, 2018 in General, Prepping

President Trump has declared September to be National Preparedness Month in the US. You can read the official document on the White House homepage here.

Preppers take note.


Posted: July 29, 2018 in General, Jämtland (County), Prepping

This has been the summer of unbearable heat in Sweden, and we have had record numbers of fires all over the country (we even had to be assisted by firefighters from Poland and other countries to keep up). In all honesty, it has been a bit of a nightmare. But tonight the rain came and I took this snapshot from my balcony a few minutes ago because I was so happy to see it. Apparently it will be raining quite a lot in the next few days. That is good news to the hundreds of firefighters and volunteers that are out there right now in this neck of the woods.

I will be honest here. This heat had me worrying about the safety of my new home in the countryside. There was a fire on a nearby mountain a few days ago so you start to think about these things. And when most lawns are more yellow than green, you have got a problem.

This has been a very strange summer.

This is kind of interesting. On June 5 past your normal bedtime, I was at work and a friend of mine that belongs to the Swedish National Guard (Hemvärnet) called and said that he had been ordered to show up for duty (meaning he could not work the next day). Within an hour I heard that somebody else in another part of the country that a co-worker knew had gotten the call as well. Now I was busy and could not look into this but it is obvious now that the entire National Guard was called to duty (voluntarily, but still) and operational all over the country on June 6. Which happens to be our National Day.

The last time they did this sort of thing was back in 1975. I will not read anything into this at this point, but it is interesting that it was done on such short notice. This could have been to see how well the organisation works but the fact that it went down on National Day makes me wonder if something was up. Who knows?

I will say this. Deutsche Bank in Germany is in trouble. Nobody can say what is going to happen next here but my guess is that the dangers in the system is such that perhaps this is the reason for the big push here in Sweden recently to get people (and organisations) prepared for worst case scenarios.

Just guessing, but now would be a good time to stack up on supplies.

German publication Traditionell Bogenschiessen (issue) 88. This looks like a pretty great hobby to me.

Nice cover.

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, Swedish authorities have distributed an Emergency Preparedness Brochure to all households in the country. It exists in many languages and the English version can be read here. If you are a prepper, it might be of interest to check this out. I have seen people on YouTube go nuts over this but it really is the authorities trying to get back to some form of shape. They dropped the ball and they know it. Terrorism was not part of this brochure in the old days, but they mention it now. Well, at least they understand that they have a duty to inform the citizens of the realities of worst case scenarios. Also, I would say this vindicates every prepper in the nation. The smart people. And that number has been rising pretty fast in recent times.

Watch Stateside reports about this here and here. Just know that this was routine back in the day.

Future Shock

Posted: April 29, 2018 in General, Prepping, TV & Movies

Saw “Humanity Bureau” on DVD tonight (in good company), and this one deserves some rather large thumbs up. Set in the near future in America, after all sorts of disasters that includes famine and civil war, a government worker (Noah Cross, portrayed by Nicolas Cage) discovers that all the people that are sent off to a place called the New Eden are exterminated. I will not tell you any more than that but I think this is one of the best dystopian films that I have ever seen.

Preppers take note.