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The success of Babymetal is on such a level now that the bootleggers know that they can make money on them. The Rock On The Range & Rock Am Ring concerts that were live streamed on the web in May and June are both out there now. Not sure of the source for this “Rock Am Ring” bootleg DVD (or even country of origin) but there is obviously a demand and supply kind of situation at work here. The bootleg phenomenon first appeared in LP format in the early 1970s and fans of my generation certainly bought our fair share back in the day (I got the Deep Purple bootleg you can see here – recorded at the Budokan in December 1975 – signed by David Coverdale back in 1981, how about that!). Now the DVDs are here and it just goes on and on and on (to quote Sabbath).

I would hope that most people that are buying unofficial stuff are already proud owners of all the official product. And speaking of official product, I hope that Babymetal can get more of the classic DVDs on sale on the international market as soon as possible. I just ordered the “Legend S…” DVD on import from Japan and there is no reason for not releasing this stuff everywhere at this point. The market is screaming for Babymetal. Trust me on this. Maybe a Christmas Blitz is coming up? Well we can dream…

And no, I would not dare to ask anybody from Babymetal to sign one of these things – not until some brave soul has gotten away with it…


Tex Willer 643

Posted: July 30, 2018 in Comics

Out today in good old Norway. Tex Willer (issue) 643. Looks like a good adventure.


Posted: July 29, 2018 in General, Jämtland (County), Prepping

This has been the summer of unbearable heat in Sweden, and we have had record numbers of fires all over the country (we even had to be assisted by firefighters from Poland and other countries to keep up). In all honesty, it has been a bit of a nightmare. But tonight the rain came and I took this snapshot from my balcony a few minutes ago because I was so happy to see it. Apparently it will be raining quite a lot in the next few days. That is good news to the hundreds of firefighters and volunteers that are out there right now in this neck of the woods.

I will be honest here. This heat had me worrying about the safety of my new home in the countryside. There was a fire on a nearby mountain a few days ago so you start to think about these things. And when most lawns are more yellow than green, you have got a problem.

This has been a very strange summer.

Made in Germany

Posted: July 29, 2018 in General, Magazines

This looks like a good read. German publication Klassiker Der Luftfahrt (issue) 6 2018. Have not attended an Air Show for a while now, I kind of miss it.

There is a couple of new Babymetal t-shirts over at the (Swedish) EMP shop, and this one registers pretty high on the old Cute-o-meter. Meanwhile, no sign yet of a release date outside of Japan for the new DVD “Legend – S – Baptism XX – Live At Hiroshima Green Arena”. It will be available over there on August 1 so it looks like I need to get that one on import (I think they need to sort this sort of thing out as soon as possible, the fans are being let down as it stands). The media blitz in Japan has started, they will be featured heavily on MTV and Yahoo presented a big feature over there the other day with some really nice images.

Hot tribute cover

Posted: July 27, 2018 in Comics, General

Out in good old Norway now, Serie-Pocket (issue) 290, featuring Beetle “Billy” Bailey. This cover is obviously a tribute to the 1939 movie “Gone With The Wind”

Steel The Light

Posted: July 26, 2018 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

The 1984 Q5 album “Steel The Light” was reissued on CD & Vinyl/CD today. I have this on Vinyl from back in the day, it is pretty good. And I like the cover art too.