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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a former freelance journalist (hard rock/metal) living in Sweden. Born in 1961 I discovered Deep Purple when I was 10 and in 1978 I published my first fanzine, Deep Purple Magazine. The club was called Deep Purple Freak Society. By the time that I ended that in the early 1980s I was writing for Swedish newspapers and doing radio. Many of my old interviews can be found on this blog (some of them from international magazines, such as Metal Hammer). In 1991, I created another club and fanzine about Deep Purple, this time called Deep Purple Forever! 32 issues later, I ended it in 2003 and started to publish other titles instead (with a much broader content, basically what you can find on this blog), and this journey ended after over 100 publications in 2015. By then this blog had been going for three years and I do not intend to stop adding stuff here since I really enjoy it. Many quotes from my interviews has found its way into rock biographies (sometimes without me knowing). I can live with that. I am glad that this journey can still be enjoyed by people. And that is why I am still doing this. Just having a bit of fun. I still have fanzines if that would interest you. You will find it all on this blog.

Mike Eriksson

  1. I am trying to get contact with Michael Eriksson. Jake Leppälä, Private Eyes Project from Finland

  2. Graham Cooke says:

    Just found your site through the Highway Star site – well done. I have been a Purple fan since 1970 – saw them on the Burn tour, was at Wembley on the Saturday night at the end of the era, and have seen them on every UK tour since 2008. Enjoyed your piece on the 1976 tour – any chance of reproducing that newspaper article so I can read it? Keep up the good work

    • Thank you for your kind words. As for that article in Sounds, Geoff Barton has written about it online. Saw it a while back. I think that´s the best way to get to it right now. Cheers. MIKE

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