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The following (one page) Xena Warrior Princess Fan Fiction saw print in my publication LUCY IN THE SKY (#1) back in September 2000. It was inspired by the art that was created by Angelique. I recall having a lot of fun with it and I still get a kick out of reading it now. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Olav could hardly believe his eyes when his warriors lay shattered before him, with gaping wounds painting the snow red beneath them. And the woman that had massacred them now stood before him. The scene was so incredible that his senses could hardly compute what she said and he could only muster a feeble “Who are you?” instead of swinging his sword, which would have been the usual way of handling problems.

“I am Xena, they call me the Warrior Princess”, the woman said in a very cool voice. Olav stared into her icy blue eyes and he knew that they knew death well. It did not make him feel any better.

That very morning his ships had anchored in a well secluded bay. His men had attacked some settlements and they had procured the usual spoils. Food, alcohol, anything they liked. And they had also spent some time with young lasses that were not too happy about their ways. But they were Vikings. It was what they did. But this woman was different. Three of his men had died even before he had had time to turn his head in their direction. The woman, or Xena, had killed them with some sort of an airborne devise. He was impressed by the precision. He was also impressed over the fact that she had not fled when all his men had dropped everything and attacked. Instead, he had heard her laugh as she drew her sword and seen her attack herself. It was all over in two minutes. His men – or rather, his former men – were now bleeding on the ground all over the place. And Olav had the very unsettling feeling that she had saved him for last as she mowed through his warriors with her sword. It had all happened so fast.

“Are you a Devil sent to end my line of kin?” he said as he regained his balance. Xena gave him a smile that sent cold chills through his body. When she answered he knew he would soon meet his men, in Valhalla.

“I have nothing against Vikings, but you failed to act like gentlemen and so your reign ends here. And if that inlcudes your line as well, that is something that you should have taken care of before visiting these shores. But I know your faith and you will soon be reunited with your men for sure”.

Olav felt the rage rise in his whole being and it made him feel good that he could muster all the eccess adrenalin at this moment. Maybe it would lead him to victory? How many men had he killed in battle? Twenty? Thirty? Who is even counting such things?

Olav had no time to reflect further as Xena made her move, cutting his left ear off. Olav reflected on this as he furiously attacked himself. But where Xena had just stood, all he found was air. Olav sensed rather that knew that she had flown above him with a chilling battle cry and he threw himself away from the blow he thought would cut him down from behind. But he knew deep down that that was not her style. As he catched her in his view again she came right at him and with a wild cry she kicked him in his forehead, making him see nothing but stars for a brief moment. When he regained his sight, he found her smiling at him again.

If Olav had not been mad before he certainly was furious now. This woman had killed his men, cut his left ear off and kicked him in the head. And now she was standing there with that grin on her face. And now she talked again.

“Do not look so sad. You will soon drink Mjöd with Thor and your story about Xena sending you to Valhalla will surely be of interest to him”.

Then things happened fast. So fast that Olav was not quite sure what the hell was going on. He put up a good fight and gave it everything that he could. But it was no use. It was like she was always just a little bit ahead, like she was operating in another dimension. Where everything happens fast and where destiny is settled.

In the corner of his eye, for a brief moment, he saw a man in black with a beard laugh. He could not have known that it was the Greek God of War Ares that was there you enjoy the moment. But had he known, it would not have surprised him. Xena drove him backwards and it as like she was playing with him. When he lost his right ear he barely noticed it. And now she was talking again. How did she have the time to do that as he was so utterly being defeated in battle, he wondered.

“And I thought you Vikings were tough… This is almost a bit repulsive… But at least you have a nice burial ship down by the harbor for you and your men… It was nice of you to bring it here!”.

Sarkasm he thought. The woman had time to insult him with sarkasm. Had he not been so close to death he would have killed himself. Olav noticed a hand on the ground and recognised the rings. “There is my hand”, he thought in passing. But at least he could not feel the pain. But it irritated him no end that he had not been able to hit her with a single blow. He gave it everything he could and, nothing… Xena was toying with him now and he knew it. Now his life passed in front of him. Olav had no idea how it had happened but he suddenly found himself lying on the ground looking at the clouds and the birds. It was such a beautiful sight. Peaceful. He was longing for Valhalla now. “Olav happy” he thought, and then he saw his body on the ground as his soul took off to the sky.

He saw Xena wipe off her sword and plunder him of his valuables. It was a beautiful sight. He could have loved this woman. He knew he did. He also knew that she would give him and his men an honorable burial at sea. A nice burial for a Viking. She had even told him.

Yes, Olav was happy. He had met Xena.

* * * * *

By Michael Eriksson (LUCY IN THE SKY 2000 / Trinkelbonker 2020)

(My image of said page, art by Angelique)

I have been thinking about the Magazines out there (and I love plenty of them) and if the current situation will be the end for many titles (for now or worse). It is not only a matter of whether people will continue to spend money on magazines when things are tight, but also the actual situation for the publishing houses. In other words, will magazines be printed when governments tell people to stay at home? Yesterday I noticed a press release from Airfix Model World Magazine that stated the following:

“In view of the constantly evolving situation with the coronavirus pandemic, below is an update on the impact on Key Publishing and on Airfix Model World magazine specifically. Our May issue is due to go on sale on Thursday, April 2 and has already been dispatched to the printers. At present we are expecting this to be available through all the usual channels and subscriber copies to be delivered as normal, albeit postal services in some countries may be delayed slightly. The June and July issues of AMW are currently in progress, with a view to these being available as usual, but this situation may change in light of government advice. Please note that model shows are continuing to be affected, and we will pass information on which events have been cancelled via the magazine and social media in as timely a fashion as possible. We are grateful to our readers for their ongoing support and hope our magazine, digital services and social media continue be a source of enjoyment for you. Keep Calm and Happy Modelling!” (Stu Fone, Editor Airfix Model World).

It looks to me that this summer will be tough for the magazine business (and you can translate that to the book side as well obviously). We live in sad times.

(My shot of Airfix Model World #111)

This is the third interview with Dougie White from his Rainbow days on this blog and we are now in the Spring of 1997 and they have toured Stateside for “Stranger In Us All”. Seen above is part of a Christmas Greeting card that arrived from Dougie back then with his full home address and personal phone number (not shown here for obvious reasons). This chat took place on April 22 1997 and we talked for about an hour. The interview saw print in DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #17 in May. This is a postcard from 1997 as Rainbow would soon write the final chapter of the 1990s.

* * * * * *

The first question has to be about Rainbow having a new drummer. What happened with Chuck?

– “Dr. Chuck got a good deal to come and work with somebody else this year, I can not recall the artist right now. It was an offer he could not refuse. Rainbow is not working all year long so it is understandable. On the other hand, John Micelli is a really good replacement. He is a bit heavier and I think that is good for the band”.

I heard a rumour that Eric Singer had gotten the job.

– “I know that he was approached but I do not know the details. When I arrived in America John was in place”.

So how was the US Tour?

– “We worked very hard, about 30-35 concerts back to back. It was very tough and myself, Greg and Ritchie got sick as well but we soldiered on. We cancelled one show due to illness and a couple of others for other reasons. We could not do New York because our equipment did not arrive on time from San Francisco. We played to 750-3,000 people a night. It was a good tour for Rainbow but we worked so hard that it was a relief when it was over. But I hope that we can go back to America later this year”.

It was Ritchie´s longest tour in America since the “Perfect Strangers” days. Did you meet any celebreties?

– “No, just a few. Eric Singer and (producer) Pat Regan saw us in Los Angeles”.

There are like 40-50 bootlegs out now from the “Stranger In Us All” tours. That is just unbelievable.

– “Yes, but it can not be stopped can it. Even if you check 2,000 people somebody will probably get a DAT-recorder in somehow. We are talking about smart people”.

I hear that the Japanese mafia is involved. I read an article about it.

– “That would not surprise me if big money is involved. The sad thing with all these releases is that is is increasingly difficult for us to put out an official live album when everybody has some bootlegs already. But in Japan it is actually not illegal to sell bootlegs in record stores”.

What opening band did you have in America, was it just one or different acts in different areas?

– “It was new ones every night, usually bands that the local promotor suggested”.

Did you get to see any of them?

– “No, we used to be in the bus before the shows. So it did not occour. I need a moment to get ready before a show. I did not see much of America. I had time to check out Chicago and Phoenix but the schedule made it impossible since we travelled all the time. We lived on that bus. One trip lasted 18 hours! I can not sleep while travelling on a bus so I would only sleep by cheer exhaustion. I was glad when that tour was over”.

Deep Purple spent years on the road in America doing that, maybe that is why they can not recall much of it?

– (Laughs) “Yes, I can see that”.

Did you have a video in the bus?

– “We had a video and we watched a lot of Western movies. “Tombstone” with Val Kilmer was one of them. “The Unforgiven” was another one. Do you know what Glenn Hughes is up to?”.

I know he met Ronnie James Dio in Stockholm when Dio played there.

– “The rock press in the UK is terrible. I missed Dio in the UK recently because I did not know that he was there. Paul met him in Germany”.

How is the plans shaping up for Rainbow?

– “What have you heard?” (note: I recall that question from an episode of Yes, Prime Minister when a minister was trying to figure out what the hell was going on – just sayin…)

Err, I hear that you are set to do Eastern Europe and I know you have a festival coming up in Denmark.

– “I did not know that. I am always the last guy to find these things out!”.

Do not take it as Gospel Dougie, this is just stuff that I have heard and I can not really verify it myself.

– “Ideally, if this was Dougie White´s Rainbow, then I would have done a new album in August/September, have it out by Christmas and then toured hard for six months starting in March. When we do the next album I hope we can strip it down and just get it done. We spent way too much time on takes on the last one. I would rather do it as close to playing live as you can get”.

How do you view “Stranger In Us All” now? Do you feel that it is over produced?

– “Yes, I spent forever on takes that the producer wanted me to do. Some takes were made just to have a few to pick from and then you do not hear it on the record. It seems unnecessary to me. I spent seven-eight hours a day on recording the vocals so I worked long and hard. I have been in the band long enough now to know what it is about. When we record next time I will skip the headphones and work with monitors instead. It just feels weird to have headphones on. And I think that Ritchie should work like that as well, just get the amps in and crank it up, almost with live volume. You can set it up like that if you want to. I also want the next album to be heavier, I know we have the right drummer for that now”.

Have you been writing for the next album?

– “I am sure that Ritchie has ideas but he has not presented anything to me yet. There is no point in working on anything now because it will always change in the studio. But I know that Ritchie likes to play in G or F sharp so I have prepared about nine ideas that I can pick from when he presents his riffs.

Is Ritchie aware that you have prepared this material?

– “No, I have not told him”.

Maybe you should. Maybe he would appreciate to hear that you are so focused on the job?

– “The sooner we record the album, the better. I would hit the studio tomorrow if I was asked to”.

As you know, Ritchie is pretty keen on time keeping. Is he happy with the new drummer?

– “Yes, we are very happy that we have him. After four-five gigs he was like a rock. He is a big chap, I hope we can work with him for a long time”.

How was the live set in America? Any major changes?

– “No, it was pretty much the same set as we did last year. We did “Kill The King” and “Sixteenth Century Greensleves” on one or two nights and “All Night Long”. That one is a bitch to do and I was sick. The songs that Graham Bonnet used to do is the hardest of them all to sing”.

He used to have a very loud approach.

– “Yes, and in the studio it could be three layers of vocals and that is really hard to recreate and make it sound good”.

Is there any signs that hard rock is coming back in America?

– “Our audience were very broad, you had kids but most of the audience were the usual 35 year olds”.

I have heard that independent labels are signing young bands so maybe there is a change coming?

– ” That is what I hear. You can never keep this music down, there are far to many that love it out there. I think people are getting really tired of all this depressive shit now. I think hard rock will have a resurgence. It would be strange if it did not happen”.

How many copies have you sold of “Strangers In Us All”? Do you have any idea?

– “No, but maybe 300,000 or something like that. I think we can sell another 200,000 if we do more shows, and I think Canada could be good for us. The problem with America is that the album seems to be hard to find. We have to take a look at that situation”.

I have seen some photos, a contact sheet,  from the gig in Minneapolis from March 7 and on some of them you can see that somebody has smashed a cake in your face. What happened?

– “It was my birthday but I never got to find out who did it because I was too busy getting it off my face and I was temporarily blinded”.

Was this at the very end of the show?

– “No it was around the time we did “Mistreated” I think, so we were like three songs into the set. Have you tried covering a woman up with whip cream? You think it is going to be good to lap it up but it is not. Getting that cake in my face was a bit like that.

Anything else going down that was weird?

– “Our tour manager got married on stage on the second night in Los Angeles. We did two nights for 750 people a night very close to The Rainbow.

The very place that Ritchie and Ronnie was at when they decided to call the band Rainbow.

– “Yes, I read about that in Mark´s Rainbow magazine. I think it is very good. He has put a lot of work into it”.

I agree, I think it was there that saw it too.

– “When they got married we played Van Morrison´s “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” (laughs). So we were a wedding band that night. We actually recorded that night for a possible live album, and we filmed it too”.

Really? With how many cameras?

– “Three, but I still have to see it. I have no idea if it will ever be used, we have to wait and see”.

Deep Purple will release their first live album with Steve Morse soon, recorded in Paris last year.

– “Really? Good to hear. But it is not good that Rainbow and Deep Purple are releasing albums and touring the same markets at the same time”.

Why is that?

– “I have noticed that promotors thinks it is a great idea to have Deep Purple and Rainbow on the same market playing the same places within a short space of time and we do not think this is very wise. It is one of the reasons why Rainbow did not tour so much last year. We did not want to compete with Deep Purple”.

I can see your point. It may be good for fans to have a few months to recover financially before the next gig comes up.

– “Exactly”.

Have you though about doing your own album?

– “I have a hard time picturing seeing “Dougie White” on an album. When Rainbow is over I would rather form a band. I have written 22 songs with Alex Dickson from Bruce Dickinson´s band for future use. The Japanese has just issued an album with a project called Chain. It is demos that I did with some friends in between the Iron Maiden audition and the Rainbow job. So it was recorded in 1993 and 1994. They love stuff like that in Japan. We went into a studio and made sure it sounded as good as possible. It is a very varied album. Funky stuff, acoustic stuff, Aerosmith type rock”.

Well we are looking forward to the next Rainbow album.

– “I am a better singer now than I was three years ago and I hope Rainbow can approach the new millennium with less Metal and more thought. “Hunting Humans” was a very good song, it had some good lyrics”.

And still it was dropped from the live set.

– “Yes, at the time I had to chose from “Hunting Humans” and “Mistreated” and I went with “Mistreated”, but this does not mean that “Hunting Humans” is gone for good. I am tired of love songs, I want to write more social lyrics”.

I think Ronnie James Dio is doing a great job these days.

– “Yes, I have to agree. “Angry Machines” was not as good as “Strange Highways” though. “Strange Highways” is wonderful”.

It is dark poetry.

– “He has moved on and his lyrics are very good”.

Have you heard the new Whitesnake album?

– “No, is it good?”.

Yes, David has gone back to his roots. It is a very cool album.

– “Glad to hear that. The first album I listened to after the US tour was “Northwinds”, and I am not sure why I picked that particular album first, but it is so good. “Come Taste The Band” was the first Deep Purple album I heard so I always had a soft spot for Coverdale”.

Some of that early stuff was written with Deep Purple in mind.

– “But it would never have worked. Tommy Bolin was a good guitar player but he was not doing himself any favours when he used drugs like that”.

David was important in Purple then, I think some of the stuff that we later heard in Whitesnake could just as easely have been released under the Purple banner.

– “It almost was Deep Purple. I am looking forward to hearing the new Whitesnake album”.

I will send you a tape.

* * * * *

(The first Dougie White interview was published on July 19 2013 on this blog, the second on March 6 2020. A very big one covering just about everything under the sun is coming up. Inserted in this interview is the cover of DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #17. If you use quotes from this interview, let me know about it)

Mike Eriksson 1996 (Trinkelbonker 2020)


Added UK publication Rock Sound #195 (January 2015) to the (not so) old collection. Brilliant review of the Babymetal gig at Brixton Academy in London on November 8 2014 by writer Rob Sayce with pictures by Justine Trickett. Collecting stuff from the early success of Babymetal is good fun. With quotes like “At times it feels like the world´s weirdest school disco, with both performers and audience embracing the evening without a hint of irony” and “Though it is arguable to what extent Babymetal are even a band, they have become one of the most purely entertaining live acts in rock music. And if they can keep putting on shows like this, there is no telling how far they can go”, it is typical for the day (and even now, to an extent). I missed all this excitement back in the day but I have been catching up ever since I discovered them in March 2017. Incidentally, I think the word bonkers can be found in nearly every article that has ever been written about Babymetal – and here I am running a blog called Trinkelbonker…

(Picture of said article – Thank you Kalle for your help in securing this magazine)

The following interview with Rainbow vocalist Dougie White was made over the phone on March 10 1996 and was in print in my fanzine DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #14 in June 1996. The album “Stranger In Us All” had been released the previous summer and the band had by this time completed a tour and was on holiday. This is a postcard of early 1996.

* * * * * *

My spies tell me that you saw Deep Purple in Scotland.

– “Yes, I saw them in Glasgow with some old friends”.

So did you get to hang out with Deep Purple?

– “No, I was not there in that way. I was just there with my old friends, like in the old days when we used to see Rainbow, Whitesnake and Gillan. It was good, they did a few songs that they have not done before, like “Mary Long” and “Rat Bat Blue”.

I have heard that they have rehearsed songs like “Hard Loving Man” and “Bloodsucker” as well.

– “They seem to change the set from night to night, which is fun. I have seen three gigs, the second one in Reading, then Glasgow and London. Have they been to Sweden yet?

Not yet, the tour started in the UK. I think they will be here in June.

-“So they started over here? It was good fun seeing them, especially with old friends. We all grew up together not far from Glasgow”.

So how does it feel to have half the Rainbow tour out on bootlegs?

– “What? I did not know about that! I assumed that the show in Sweden would get out since it was aired on radio”.

Yes, the Swedish show is out, but I heard that people from Japan had been here and recorded it as well, along with the gig in Finland. So they never had to go to the radio source.

– “I guess I do not mind as long as the quality is OK. I have been collecting bootlegs myself. But I had no idea that so much was out”.

The entire Japanese tour is out in a box, like 18 CDs or something like that.

– “How about that? Well, you can never put a stop to that sort of thing. Especially now that everybody owns DAT-recorders. I met a guy that told me he had one of the nights in London on film. In Japan, Chuck went into a record store and found the Dusseldorf gig playing on TV screens. When they realized who he was they gave him a copy of it and a double CD from Scandinavia!”.

It is a bit weird that they sell this stuff quite openly in Japan.

– “I agree”.

Maybe it means that there is a real interest in the band? Maybe people would like to have an official release?

– “Well there are no plans yet for a live album but it is possible that it would help to halt the flood of unofficial product. I would like to see an official live video. Maybe we will do one the next time we go out?”.

What is going on with the solo project that Ritiche and Candice has been working on? One magazine even suggested an album title, “Medieval Moons And Dances”.

– “Yes, I saw the article in your magazine but that was the first thing I have heard about it. I have no idea when they are going to release something, perhaps after the next Rainbow tour? We will head out again in May and work until September”.

You must have heard some of those tunes? Do you think that Rainbow could perform some of these ideas?

– “Well, “Ariel” was originally one of those songs. The melody was different and it did not have the riff. I did hear her sing it in the house when I was there”.

Ritchie seems to be in a good place. Do you agree?

– “I talked with him the other day and he was pretty enthusiastic, but I really do not know him well enough to know about that”.

Let us talk a bit about the tour. What were your favourite places?

– “I was nervous in Helsinki but that night will always be my favourite. Bacause it was the first! It would be easier to answer your question if you asked me what places I did not like. Then my answer would be “None!”. But OK, I will not forget the gig in Leipzig in a hurry. It had nothing to do with the show, but they had opened up some sewers nearby and every time I inhaled air my lungs were filled with this awful stench. Hannover was interesting. After the show, when the roadcrew had started to get stuff off the stage, Ritchie decided that he wanted to do a couple of songs more that night”.

So what songs did you do?

– “Well we went on and I think we did “Hey Joe” and “Black Night”. And Chuck had like half his kit on stage. The soundguys was in a panic. London was good too because we did two nights and one was pretty straight forward and the second a bit more free”.

I read in a German publication that you and Chuck managed to convince Ritchie to play “Mistreated” in Rotterdam.

– “I can not recall exactly where that happened but it is true that we got him to play it and he stppoed before the solo. Then one night Ritchie completely surprised me when he suddenly wanted to do “Catch The Rainbow”. We had never talked about it or rehearsed it and when the time came I found myself thing, “Fuck, I can not remember the first line”, but it worked because the audience sang it and then I was fine”.

Hamburg must have been a disappointment for Ritchie, as he has so much history there. I heard it did not work.

– “Yes, Hamburg was a bit weird. We ditched the encores so they never got to hear “Burn” and “Smoke On The Water”. Some people yelled for Gillan over and over and another guy fell asleep right in front of Ritchie and I jumped down and shook him to life. Maybe that did not go down well with Ritchie?”.

What about the TV show in Dusseldorf, were you happy with it when you saw it? And was it OK to have all these cameras around?

– “That was not a problem, and Ritchie was OK with it. We got copies right after the show and I should say that it is pretty healthy to see yourself on film. You can see what moves that works and what you could cut out. I also found out that it would be a good idea to ditch that vest (laughs)”.

Last time we spoke you mentioned that you had all filmed a lot and I have to assume that this has carried on. Do you have enough material to put an Iron Maiden style video together for one of the songs on the album?

– “The quality is not good enough for that I think, and my camera stopped working too. But we did film quite a lot in Japan. I had a guy film us in Tokyo and Osaka. Personally, I am looking forward to a proper live video with Rainbow”.

Are you happy with the “Ariel” video and will you make another video for the album?

– “It was fun to do it, but it was hard work. We started to film at 11:00 and stopped at 06:00 the next morning. So it took like 18-19 hours to do it. And it was a long time ago that I had been riding on a horse”.

This version of “Ariel” is a bit different. When did you record it?

– “Ritchie did it in Copenhagen. I had never heard it until I saw the video. We shot it in Dusseldorf, Italy and Switzerland”.

In the old days we used to see Ritchie smash his guitar, did it ever happen on this tour?

– “No, nothing like that. He did not touch his equipment in that way at all”.

Did he use his signature guitar on the tour?

– “Not that I know of, is it out?”.

Somebody said it is available in Japan now. Not sure. Do you play the guitar yourself?

– “Only for fun. I did a soundcheck in Milan. We jammed on “Black Night” and it sounded very bad!”.

You did not spot any Japanese guys with tape recorders when you did that? Could be out on a bootleg before you know it.

– “(Laughs) Yes, that would be something!”.

What about the UK tour. I have a tape of one of the shows and it sounds like you have good support from the crowd.

– “Everybody was there. My father, my brother, all my old friends. I was a nervous wreck. But I fixed it with some Jack Daniels (laughs)”.

I assume Ritchie is still drinking some of his much beloved Johnnie Walker before the shows?

– “That is true”.

Is he still drinking down to the label?

– “Or a little more (laughs)”.

I think he has given photographer Michael Johansson a few bottles over the years if I am not mistaken.

– “Tell Michael that his pictures for the Japanese tour programme was great. Of all the merchandise we had in Japan I liked that the most. I bought 10 copies”.

Did you see his pictures in BURRN! Magazine?

– No, I have not seen that. I saw the Japan story. I was impressed on how they write down the exact set lists of all the shows in small print at the bottom of the pages”.

The Japanese press is very good. Which can not be said about the UK media. Do you have any idea why magazines like Kerrang! just ignores Rainbow? Are you, or perhaps Ritchie, in some kind of feud with them?

– “No, this is not coming from our side. It has to do with personal opinions. I know that Ritchie did seven interviews and not a lot of that ever saw print. MOJO used a few quotes on Gillan, stuff like that. And that was it, except for a couple of reviews. I guess they might be busy following the current trends, celebrating Foo Fighters and all that. Nothing wrong with them, but why not pay some respect to the guys that started it all? Like Blackmore, Jimmy Page and Tony Iommi. Of the “old” bands, they will only follow Iron Maiden and Metallica”.

But you live in London and I assume you know some of these guys. And still this is what we get.

– “Yes, but I do not know them really and I do not care. I only know Dave Ling and Malcolm Dome a bit, but I rarely attend gigs these days. I saw Thunder in December and met Luke. Originally, they were supposed to be the opening act for the Rainbow shows on the 1995 tour but they run into some problem and it never happened”.

In London, you made the spectacular announcement that the last time you had been at the Labatt´s Apollo, you had been selling hot dogs. True?

– “Yes, this was around 1991 and 1992 and I had nothing to do and had to get out of the house. So I sold hot dogs for about five months on different types of events, like boxing matches, film festivals etc. But I made a point to avoid the rock concerts. When they had four in a row and I never showed up, they fired me”.

You sang with Praying Mantis for a while. When was this? Was it in the early eighties when they had Deep Purple´s old management?

– “No, this was much later, and I was only in for a couple of weeks. They needed somebody that could do a Japanese tour with them and the keyboard player, whom I knew, called me asked me if I could do it. So I learned 17 songs in a couple of weeks and went to Japan with them. I heard that Gary Barden from the Michael Schenker Group is singing with them now. They were in Japan with him when Rainbow was there”.

I love the old Michael Schenker albums.

– “Yes, and German TV recorded a show with him right after they did the Rainbow show, and I have seen it now”.

When you were in Japan they had a party for the band in Osaka at the Hard Rock Café. Tell me about that.

– “I saw the “Ariel” video for the first time there. There was a lot of fans there and they wanted us to sign the most unbelievable stuff. But nobody came up to me with a copy of the Midnight Blue album that I had done and that surprised me”.

I am not familiar with this project.

– “It was an album we recorded in 1991 and it was released in Japan on Zero Records in 1993. One guy came up to me and asked me to sign a Praying Mantis article from my visit there with them and the other guys had already signed it, and somebody had drawn a Hitler mustache on me (laughs)”.

Any practical jokes going on during the tour?

– “Not really. Most of that went down when I was new in the band. And it is not so easy when you share a bus because there would be instant revenge (laughs). Some bizarre stuff happened. In Brussels, I found all my towels, my slippers and the like in a bubble bath…”.

There were rumours going around that Joe Lynn Turner was back in the band on the Internet.

– “Have not heard anything about that”.

Well I called Joe and checked it out and when he denied it I put up a disclaimer on my site and debunked it.

– “You know, I have been fired seven times (short paus for dramatic effect), but it is all just talk. And I will not listen to that sort of thing until I hear it from Ritchie or the management. After the last show in Japan I went up to Ritchie and said “That was good fun, do I still have a job?”, and he assured me it was all fine”.

I hear that you have a new management.

– “It appears that way, but I am not really involved. It would be good fun to tour America. I was completely exhausted after the final gig because we had done so many shows back to back, but a few days later I just wanted to go out there again!”.

I saw a press release that mentioned Eastern Europe.

– “The only confirmed gigs so far is South America”.

Sounds good. This type of rock is huge over there.

– “Yes, I am looking forward to these shows. I think we are on for Eastern Europe in July and August, and I hope we can visit places like Greece and Israel”.

Deep Purple opened up those countries when Joe Lynn Turner was in the band. I think Israeli TV filmed a show.

– “I have not seen that but I have seen some of it on home video”.

What have you been doing on your break?

– “Right after the tour I went into a studio and sang a few parts for a techno album with a band called Messiah. It sounds a bit like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry”.

I hate that stuff.

– “Yes, but it was nothing serious really from my side. I am completely focused on Rainbow and I have been working on ideas for future use”.

Good luck Dougie, I hope we can chat again at a later date, perhaps after the tour?

– “Just call me”.

* * * * *

(This was the second Rainbow interview I made with Dougie. The first was added to this blog on July 19 2013 and more is to come. The magazine cover you see inserted is DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #14, the issue that featured this particular interview. If you quote this interview, let me know about it)

Mike Eriksson 1996 (Trinkelbonker 2020)


I published DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE #11 in February 1980, so it has been 40 years now. Rainbow had been in Stockholm and I reviewed the show and showcased some snapshots. Two members of this incarnation of Rainbow is in Deep Purple now, Roger Glover and Don Airey. Don was making a name for himself back then.

Good times.

I should have blogged about this a couple of months ago, but here we go. RETROFUTURE bacame my last publication and the very first issue (as seen here) was published in December 2009. It was the beginning of a very nice period and I had a blast creating a dozen or so magazines before I decided to end it all in 2015. It was during this era that I published western novels as part of my output, and photographed wonderful models to go with them. Seen on this cover is Lina, the first I had the pleasure of working with. I think I will go back to this issue and add the Hysterica interview to this blog. It was a good one.

(My cover shot)