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Added this edition of UK publication Scale Aviation Modeller International (June 2018) to the old collection recently. As for the long yearning for that elusive dream of a proper hobby room, I will actually have access to two of them in the new place on the countryside that I will soon have the keys to. That is going to be pretty amazing. One of these rooms is ready to go, the other will require some work and I may wait a bit for that project. But I will be able to get the main one ready fairly soon, and that is where this particular hobby will finally find a home. Bit of a man cave coming up I guess. Pretty exciting.


Vintage Airfix

Posted: June 9, 2018 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby

Here is a couple of Airfix boxes in the Airfix Vintage Classics series, both will appear in September. What you get here is HMS Ark Royal and HMS Belfast in 1:600.

Great art.

German publication Traditionell Bogenschiessen (issue) 88. This looks like a pretty great hobby to me.

Nice cover.

Arado 196 from Italeri

Posted: May 26, 2018 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby

I always had a soft spot for this aircraft. Italeri has just released this kit – the Arado 196 A-3 in 1/48 – and the box art is beautiful.

Got to get that hobby room going.

This cover is superb. German publication FMT (issue) 750. I feel drawn to this hobby, might have a crack at it some day.

AFV Modeller 100

Posted: May 17, 2018 in General, Hobby, Magazines

UK publication AFV Modeller (issue) 100 is out. Judging by the number of magazines out there that caters to this hobby I would say it is here to stay.

OK I have to say that the Master Box brand is taking over fast as far as coming up with new ideas goes. Just look at this kit in 1/24, the Steampunk oriented “Don´t even think about it…” – can you think of anybody else that is coming up with fresh ideas like this?

Exciting stuff.