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In the last few weeks (since I got my hobby room in order) I have showcased the current work that I am involved in on the ever growing Babymetal collection (soon to be followed by other collections that needs to be updated). Three binders have been completed as of today, 300+ pages and counting and at the moment I need to buy more essential material so that I can proceed. I basically completed one Babymetal binder about a year ago and then I took some time off and just added incoming stuff in a pile. It kept growing and I often browsed through the first one. It really is a lot of fun and you do get easy access to the material. Visually, it is the coolest collection that I have, in competion with mid 1970s Deep Purple. My friend Kalle has helped me out with auctions, which has helped tremendously (many thanks!).

(Image of one of these binders by me – 2015 article from Japan showcased)

The DVD Collection

Posted: December 14, 2019 in Cool stuff, Hobby, TV & Movies

And while on the subject of enjoying the art of putting a nice collection in order: Collecting DVDs is certainly good fun but it takes up a lot of space eventually, so why not do something about it? I started to put DVD covers (about 75-80 of them) in binders about a year ago and now I have located the perfect storage box(es) for them. The box you see with DVDs here represents the covers in one binder, in this case marked as Comedy. Put the top on the box and put a sticker with the information of the content on the front and you can just stuff it into a closet nearby. The binders look good and you can have those in your TV room on a shelf for easy access. I keep the Music DVDs intact, the season boxes of TV series and so on. The rest goes into this collection, Westerns, Sci-Fi, War, Action etc etc.

Works for me.

(My image of said box and binder)

Man Cave Update

Posted: December 11, 2019 in Cool stuff, Hobby, My countryside dream

I spotted this thing (I guess you can call it a pimped up storage bench?) a while back and added it to the hobby room yesterday. I like the look and I can certainly use that space. They had it in black as well but I think this looks sharper.

(Thank you for your support Kalle)

(My image)

Got a bunch of Babymetal articles for the (not so) old collection today, and I think I will frame this one. Too big to fit the binder A4 format, too nice not to have on display somehow. What we have here is a Japanese newspaper in English called The Japan News (April 16 2016), and we have a huge story by Yomiuri Shimbun about the success in the UK (sold out Wembley show etc).

Classic stuff.

(Thank you for your support Kalle)

Seen here is a couple of posters from Czech publication Spark, official images of Deep Purple (2017) and Bybymetal (2013). I could not help noticing that they look rather good together like this with the logotypes and everything so I will frame both of them as one, and give the combined presentation a place in my music room. It will obviously become a rather unique work of art and also a bit of a conversation starter. But for me, these images represents postcards of my personal journey through this big musical galaxy of ours. And music can still excite me after all these years, which is something to be grateful for. It will cost me a couple of hundred bucks to do it, but it will look rather good and why not have a bit of fun every now and then?

To be continued…

(My image of said posters)


Posted: December 6, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Hobby

Well I have worked on the Babymetal collection and it is growing fast (going from magazines into the binders). In two days this collection has grown with 200% and I still have a bunch of magazines to pick material from. The hardest decision is wether to save some magazines intact or put it all in there…

(My image of work in progress)

Got a bunch of Fakker! and Spark magazines from the Czech Republic today (many thanks!) which coincided nicely with me sitting down and doing some work on the Babymetal collection. Seen here is Fakker #9 2015 (cover, six page story and poster is not bad), and Spark magazine had a two page story at the same time (both magazines are published by the same crew) so you could say that they opened that door for Babymetal over there at that time. I also got Spark #8 2015 which sported a beautiful poster of the same image that you see on this cover and a few other back issues (nice Purple cover, feature and poster in Spark #4 2017!), including two variations of a Kiss Special. Oh yeah, I got Fakker #11 2019 with yet another Babymetal cover as well (more on this later). Good things will come from this.

(My shot of this Babymetal binder, magazine cover image is official)