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After a night shift at work I headed out (in good company) this morning to check out some property. This stream borders to the land in question. Turned out to be a place of serenity and magic. We are basically talking about a valley surrounded by mountains. Pretty awesome actually. Got some serious thinking to do now…

Good day.



Got some pictures from the Mid Sweden Air Show from my friend Seth Nilsson. Picked a couple of Mustang shots to highlight the event on this blog. The former military airfield F4 celebrates the 90th Anniversary this year so that is why this location was picked for this show. The field is located on Frösön, an island in lake Storsjön (The Great Lake). I have seen other shows there and I did my stint in the military on this location back in 1981-1982. I missed out on this today but thousands had a good time in splendid weather.


(Image used by permission)


Here is a nice import from the US in my neck of the woods (Östersund, Jämtland County), a nice little Texas Longhorn Steakhouse. A friend of mine managed to earn a medal for eating enough to keep a small town in Venezuela going, but I opted for a less suicidal option and a couple of beers. I like this place though – also, it can be found where a pub called Lilla Paris was located many moons ago. Loads of memories from them days.

A beer or two in good company is good for the soul.

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Added this to my “good to have around” stuff today, a lantern that can be charged by the sun (solar cells) or by you cranking it up (integrated dynamo). Variable lighting adjustment, USBs (phones etc), extra battery compartment. Google Power Plus Hippo and check things out, the company is based in the Netherlands.

So, if the electricity goes, I have a backup.