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Got this CD in the mail today. “One For The Road” by Finnish band King Company is actually very good. Heavily influenced by bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow and Whitesnake there should be no surprise that I like it. But there are many people that love those bands that can not deliver good songs on their own. Well, these guys can.

I will support this band from now on and I suggest you do too.


Forgotten and demonized

Posted: August 31, 2016 in General, Magazines


US publication America´s Civil War tries to put some sense back into the history of this conflict in the November 2016 issue. The relentless attack of the South (removal of the Southern flags – kind of tough if you are Lynyrd Skynyrd – and many statues etc) of late has been sad to see. PC gone mad.

Seems to me that some people want a new civil conflict. Last fucking thing anybody needs now you know.

Lick it up

Posted: August 31, 2016 in Magazines


The Spanish edition of FHM presents a nice holiday cover for the September 2016 issue. Borders on the naughty, which is a good thing.

Animal Instinct the headline says.


After a night shift at work I headed out (in good company) this morning to check out some property. This stream borders to the land in question. Turned out to be a place of serenity and magic. We are basically talking about a valley surrounded by mountains. Pretty awesome actually. Got some serious thinking to do now…

Good day.


I had this Deep Purple poster on my wall for years (probably a full decade, on two locations). Published back in 1975 in German publication POP it remains a classic to this day in my book. The colour you see is right, this is what it looked like. I used to have this side by side with a 1974 poster that was bluish. Large format. Still have it (that goes without saying) and I have thought about getting it framed, to save it for posterity.

It was a great period.


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The first title in the Norwegian pocket book series Fossefall (translates to Waterfall) came out in 2006. In 2013 the saga ended with book 55 and author Jorunn Johansen premiered a new series called Soloppgang (Sunrise) on the same day. You can see book 12, 42 and 52 in the series here (12 and 52 has cover illustration by Ragna Lise Vikre and book 42 by Eline Myklebust). The author has met her readers on the site that these stories were placed, in Finnmark (very top of Norway), which is cool. All books are in print and are selling well. They are printed by Cappelen Damm.

I love this culture.


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Rosemalt is a Norwegian pocket book series by authors Annikki and Jan Eric Övergård. There are 22 books in the series so far and they all have brilliant cover illustrations by artist Kjetil Nystuen. They are published by Cappelen Damm. Seen here is book 3, 7 and 8 in the series.

Good job.