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Elvis Forever

Posted: June 25, 2017 in Cool stuff, Magazines, Music (general)

This is a goodie (bought it for a friend). Vintage Rock Special (issue) 3 2017. Last years Elvis Special must have been a hit because here they are with another Celebration to the King. He passed away in 1977, way too young.

Good job.

Took a snapshot of the growing Babymetal collection. This one is going to keep me busy for quite a while. I would say that the foundation is in place, now I need to go for the rare and obscure stuff (like Sakura Gakuin, the limited edition Babymetal singles etc). Also, the magazines and the books. I discovered and blogged about Babymetal for the first time back on March 9. I had seen some videos then and decided that I had to look into this. On March 15 “Metal Resistance” arrived and I was blown away by the sheer power of the group. On the same day it was announced that “Live At Tokyo Dome” was going to be released and the trailer for that was obviously awesome. On March 16 my first magazine popped up, Metal Hammer 293 with the big Metallica/Babymetal feature. On March 17 the “Live At Wembley” CD arrived and I wrote a detailed review. And finally, on March 20 “Live At Budokan” popped up. Well that nailed it.

I have never looked back. Babymetal is part of this blog now, like it or not, and you will find 150 posts on them so far. That is an awful lot of history right there. On June 6 I posted the “Live At Tokyo Dome” review and watched it go viral. It was translated into Japanese and Spanish and Trinkelbonker never had more visitors than June 6-June 8. I was quite stunned by the interest. Things are back to normal now but it is nice to see that Babymetal has that interest out there.

I do have a few DVDs that I still intend to review and the general tone of what you can expect is there for all to see. Babymetal is a unique phenomenon, nothing like it has existed before and who knows where this will all go in the future. It is very interesting though and it feels good to collect something with a bit of passion again.

(Thank you Kalle for your continued support)

This is for the Babymetal fans out there. Su-metal (Suzuka Nakamoto) has an older sister that is part of a group called Nogizaka46. Here she is on two Japanese magazine covers, Gravure Young Champion (issues) 12 2017 and 10 2016.

Watch them on stage together as kids here.


Glenn Hughes “Play Me Out” (1977) popped up in the mail yesterday. The first in the official Glenn Hughes Remasters series from Purple Records this kicks everything off rather nicely. First CD is the record as it was back in the day, bonus CD features eight tracks and a medley. Nice booklet too. This is super funky stuff.

Good to see.


Well I have listened to the Karen Girl´s 2009 CD “Fly To The Future” and the seven songs on offer was obviously written to be part of an Anime show on television (see earlier post). Having said that, some songs are very strong, particularly “Over The Future” (which is brilliant) and “Wings”, the very songs that were picked for videos. Other moments are weaker but the girls are all spot on all the time. I still feel that Babymetal should rerecord “Over The Future” so that this gem will be more appreciated for the historical importance. They could edit a video with scenes shot right through their illustrious history, including snippets from this and the all important Sakura Gakuin days and on to the runaway train that is Babymetal. That would be a nice thing to see. Maybe for a Compilation? And if that female voice that we hear present Babymetal at concerts could say a few words here and there on a Compilation, that would be a first too. Could be a nice little release. Forgive me for daydreaming, I always tend to do that.

All in all, as a collector of all things Babymetal, I have to say that this is pure gold.


For fans of Babymetal, it is possible to dive into the history in a very real way if you fancy expanding the old collection a bit. Case in point, the Idol Group that the members of Babymetal all came from (Babymetal was actually a project in this group that took off), Sakura Gakuin, is right there for you to tap into. This is the Sakura Gakuin DVD “Smile – First Live & Documentary 2010 to 2011” and it is still out there. It features all the members of Babymetal. In fact, YouTube is full of stuff from those days so you can start your detective work right there. In fact, the “Smile” documentary is up with Spanish subtitles, so you can check it out here. Then you bloody well buy it and support this!


The Idol Group still exists, with new members coming and going. This is the Class of 2017. One could assume that if there was ever to be a second lineup of Babymetal (in one shape or another), the new face (or faces) might well be drawn once again from this group. In any case, can you imagine how excited these girls must be to be part of the Idol Group that spawned Babymetal, the biggest thing to ever come out of Japan?

Visit the official homepage for Sakura Gakuin here. Follow everything that goes on on the Babymetal Newswire Sakura Gakuin feed here.


And from the Repúblicana Dominicana we have the publication Gentleman (21 2017).

Some familiar faces there.