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Japanese publication Gigs (issue 469). The band on the cover is called Roselia and they have their first album and Blu-ray out now. They seem to be part of the Japanese Anime scene so they have been riding on that wave with their first singles and they are obviously doing really well.

Watch the song “Determination Symphony” live here.


The Japanese music industry is a bit nuts and reaction videos are getting copyright strikes all over the place. Sadly, the wonderful Pictures, Noice and Words Channel has got two strikes now and one more and the Channel goes. This is pure stupidity and it is not helping Japanese acts is it?

Watch his take on the second strike here.

People that are reacting to Japanese videos often gets into trouble on YouTube. And if you get three Copyright Strikes within a certain period your channel will be gone. Sadly, one of the best reaction channels out there, Pictures, Noice and Words have gotten one now.

Watch him talk about this problem here.

More pictures from Jamtli Museum in Östersund yesterday. Most of the 220 Volt and Tina Moe related stuff that I found on display comes right out of my collection (I worked with them for a bit back in the day). Slightly weird to see it in a museum like this decades later.

This was on the first floor, I found more stuff downstairs. In any case I guess it pays off to be a collector at the end of the day. Sooner or later, it becomes history.

I remember creating this 220 Volt ticket for a 1983 show at Gamla Teatern in Östersund. Nobody else had done this sort of thing on the local scene before, getting it just right. I forgot to put in the time of the show though… Ouch… This gig was actually dedicated to the memory of Deep Purple (that did not exist at that point). I met Jon Lord as a freelancing journalist as this went down in Stockholm as he visited with Whitesnake and told him about this gig. He kindly wrote a nice letter thanking the lads for their dedication. Still has the letter in my collection, it was not on display here though.

Tina Moe Tour Poster from 1983. I saw a show that year in Östersund earlier when she was an unknown and told CBS about her. They signed her within weeks (as they had 220 Volt). It was a beautiful time in my life.

Good days.

Visited Jamtli Museum in Östersund (Jämtland County) today to check out the first film in a series that will cover local music and classic establishments that were popular back in the day. The gang behind Musik & Republik has concentrated their efforts to cover Frösön (where I grew up as a young lad) and what went on there in this one, particularly in the 1960s. Some great stuff from the vaults with local acts like Lady Kate 6 and Bad Times.

The bands of the era were unknown to me (I was like four at the time) but I really enjoyed what I heard from Lady Kate 6 in the film. They actually cut a single on the Sonet label in 1965 which was news to me. Were they the first act from these parts to achieve this I wonder? I googled this single and noted that a copy was sold for 66 dollars in 2010.

Somebody ought to get this stuff out on CD before it is too late. I would love that.

(Kudos to Arne, Jesper, Kalle & Co)


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Swedish publication Kryss med Nostalgi (issue) 2 2018. Nice ABBA cover from the “Waterloo” days. I am pretty excited about the fact that they are actually recording new music together again as we speak. Never ever thought I would live to see the day.

I do enjoy the surge in 1960s nostalgia that I have noticed lately. Toronto based The Surfrajettes released their first EP last year and they are doing live work all over the place. I like the innocense of it all.

Check out the song “Toxic” here.