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I like the logo of Japanese magazine Mono, it reminds me of Creem. In any case, for lovers of classic LPs this looks like a great read. This is issue 2 2016 and Babymetal´s “Metal Resistance” is included on the cover.



Is that… Blondie? I think it is. UK publication Scootering (May 2017).

Nice cover.


This looks like a good read. German publication Good Times Kult! (issue) 2 2017. I love nostalgia publications and this one is probably excellent (same publisher as the Good Times magazine obviously, and that one is awesome).

Nice cover.


Agnetha Fältskog did sing the part of Mary Magdalene in the Swedish stage production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”. This was when ABBA started out. She did release a single with a couple of tracks in 1972 and it has to be said that she did a stunning job. Watch “Everything´s Alright” covered in Swedish as “Nu skall Du bli stilla” here.

Good days.


Here we have a bit of a Collectors Item, the Sakura Gakuin 2010 “Message” CD that was released in Japan in early 2011. One of the songs on this album was “Oki Doki Morning” by Babymetal. Released as a single with video, it catapulted them to fame at home and it is fair to say that the talent agency did hit the jackpot with that idea.

And if you spot Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal you are probably a certified fan by now. Or you spend a lot of time on this blog…


I can see the magazine covers coming now, saluting the great Chuck Berry. This one is from Spain, Rockdelux (issue) 360.

I like it.


More information on the reissue of Jon Lord´s “Windows” in late April. earMusic/Edel has gone for a new cover. It is similar but still different. I don´t know how I feel about changing covers? It looks fine, but what if changing classic covers became the norm? I don´t think I would want that. Still, this 1974 performance includes David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes and there is a brief passage that rocks with them on this album so that is a good thing. I always felt that “Windows” were inferior to “Concerto” though, like maybe there wasn´t enough time to prepare it all or something? It would have been nice if they could have added a DVD of the TV broadcast in this package but that is for another day I guess.

Nice piece of history though.