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I said a while back that I will present an interview with Staffan Eriksson of the Artomus Friendship project (and the brilliant 1960s style “A Day Of Celebration” album) on this blog, but I wanted to wait until you good people could actually hear it. Well it is on YouTube now (the entire album!) so pop in there and take a listen. I have to say that my personal favorite song is “Brand New Day” but I like the whole album. Takes me back to days long gone, days that will never be forgotten. You can still buy the album on CD or Vinyl/CD if you search for it (can not link due to the upcoming EU tax on links, but it is out there). So, check it out and expect more on this blog within a couple of weeks.

(My shot of Staffan Eriksson)



Got the new version (Vinyl) of the 1976 Jon Lord album “Sarabande” delivered. You can see the difference of the album art here (original cover to the left). The new version has a gatefold sleeve with quite detailed history. This is a wonderful album and I have the mans autograph on the inner sleeve of the original. Brings back good memories.


The Orlando show tonight (see previous post) is on. Avatar and Babymetal will perform as planned. Come to think of it, both Swedes and Japanese folks have strong work ethics. Plenty of bands would have cancelled for sure, but not these acts. Cred.


Good news for fans of Jon Lord. A remastered version of his 1976 solo album “Sarabande” is set to be released on September 27 (CD/Vinyl). The cover is updated too, but with respect for the original. Looks good. “Gemini Suite” and “Windows” will also be released on Vinyl on the same day.


Hurricane Dorian might spell trouble for Babymetal. In a sense it already is, and the big question now is weather or not Babymetal can still open up their US Tour in Orlando on September 4 as planned. No official word yet from the Babymetal camp but then they are quite used to rough conditions in Japan. I mean they just braved Typhoon Krosa a couple of weeks ago in Osaka and they have done it before. But if Dorian closes down airports etc, it is over. Johannes Eckerström, singer of Swedish openers Avatar, tweeted this a few hours ago: “To every one asking and wondering. We are still staring at weather maps and following things waiting to decide what to do. Step one is to make it to the states safely, which might mean rerouting. After that we will follow suit with Babymetal. Sit right everybody, AND STAY SAFE!”. If there is any chance at all to do the Orlando show safely, Babymetal will be there.


Just discovered an interesting Japanese dance unit called Elevenplay. They perform with drones and it is quite spectacular (check them out). They are related to Babymetal in a small way since this project is the brainchild of their choreographer Mikiko Mizuno.


Ex-Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden will have a book out in November called “Where´s My Guitar?”. Great cover too.

I have always enjoyed compilation albums (LPs, CDs) and I certainly own enough of them. This goes back to the 1970s for me and I am sure many of you can see where I am coming from here. So finding something enjoyable like this, even now, feels good. And what we have here is a Sakura Gakuin Compilation from 2014, basically covering the most popular stuff from 2010 and onwards, the period when a little project called Babymetal was being groomed (and shot through the roof). They were just one unit that came out of Sakura Gakuin and you have others here like Twinklestars, Sleepiece and Scoopers. Little projects that worked on music and dance routines and got to record little pop songs. It is all quite happy stuff and it has a very positive vibe. This CD is still for sale in Japan and I assume many fans of Babymetal has picked it up to get some early history. It also sports a rather nice cover and a packed booklet.

A nice reminder of how incredible this journey has been for Babymetal.

(Thank you for your support Kalle)

(My image of said CD)


Just listened to episode 18 of the Deep Purple Podcast (highlighting “Stormbringer”) and I have to say that these guys have added a lot of joy to Mondays. Suddenly, Monday is a day to look forward to. Good work there chaps.


The soundtrack of the new Tarantino movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” is out on CD. Vinyl to follow on October 25.


Big Ozzy Vinyl Box coming up in late November. Titled “See You On The Other Side” you get every album and some exclusive extras, all in coloured Vinyl. It is a Limited Edition release but I am not sure how many they will ship.


1980s pop star Kim Wilde is still active. The last studio album was titled “Here Come The Aliens” and now she has a new live album out called “Aliens Live”.

Just added some additional magic to the old Vinyl collection – Ruth Copeland´s 1971 album “I Am What I Am” (just reissued) and Artomus Friendship´s “A Day Of Celebration” (Vinyl just in, you get a free CD of this album as a bonus). The latter is just a wonderful celebration of the old days (and of life in general) so these records has a spiritual connection that is interesting. Both are bonafide classics.

(My image of said albums)