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Did not see this coming, but the animated Elvis has arrived. The show is called Agent Elvis and you can find it on Netflix. Priscilla Presley has been involved in the creation of this. Meanwhile, the records are coming in thick and fast and the Memphis Records stuff is not that bad. The latest release is the 4 CD Limited Edition & Double LP collection (the latter is seen here) “Las Vegas Summer Festival 1972”. Good stuff.

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Got this Canadian release of the new “Born To Be Wild” Single by Ann-Margret (With The Fuzztones) on import. Marbled Vinyl Limited Edition. Instrumental version on the flip side. Lovely.

(My shot of said release, thank you for helping me secure a copy Kalle)

Actually, this copy is a 1985 reprint, but the movie (and most likely, the original pressing of this release) came out in 1962. Just look at the list of stars in this one. Have not seen this movie in what seems like decades, got to take care of that. There is something missing in Hollywood these days. They will never come up with stuff like this again.

(My shot of said LP)

Sad to hear that Tina Turner has passed away. Clearly one of the most iconic artists, she survived the years with her husband Ike (excellent music though) and made it big on her own in one of the biggest comebacks that we have ever seen as a celebrated solo artist. Some songs are truly unforgettable, like the mid 1980s hit “We Don´t Need Another Hero”. Incidentally, this song is covered by Ghost on their new five track EP “Phantomime”, a fitting tribute.

(Seen here is a 1985 Maxi Single and the Ghost EP)

Spent an hour this morning looking through the first 16 Deep Purple Family binders (1968-1981) of the old and updated collection, and I have to say that it is a wonderful hobby to save stuff like this. After the initial 1968-1976 era of Purple, you have the solo projects and the bands that came out of Purple: Rainbow, Ian Gillan Band, Paice Ashton Lord, Whitesnake, Gillan, Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio etc etc. As time moves on the Purple Family Tree grows bigger, and it is all collected in these binders. Countless articles, photographs, tickets, you name it. Even now, in 2023, there are new projects and careers to add, like Simon McBride (the new guitarist in Purple) and Elegant Weapons (the new outfit that features Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner and ex-Rainbow singer Ronnie Romero). And it goes on and on. It all goes in. Over 90 binders and counting so far.

(My shot of 1975 article in Swedish publication POSTER)

Here is a rather wonderful Soundtrack LP from back in 1965 for the Western movie “The Glory Guys”. No major stars in it really except for James Caan, but if you check out the movie trailer you will probably recognise some familiar faces. Sam Peckinpah had a hand in it. Music score by Riz Ortolani. Super high quality of both the cover art, the LP cover as such (hard paper) and the general presentation. The United Artists label did a really good job back in the day.

(My shot of said release)

Back in February, a friend of mine, Mikael Wennerberg over at the Jämtland Härjedalens Musical Archives, spotted ads for pre-ABBA shows that were held in these parts in the Summer of 1973. I picked that up and blogged about it on Trinkelbonker at the time. Now we see a local newspaper, Östersunds-Posten, cover the story on May 12 with additional details. The newspaper has located the people that booked the show in Svenstavik (for 3,000 kronor, roughly 300 bucks) in late July 1973 and unearthed some photographs from the day by Iwan Wåhlén (whom had been hired to document the night for the promoters, Bergs IK). The group that would soon change its name to ABBA had apparently arrived in a white Mercedes bus, performed on the back of a truck for 45 minutes, and signed plenty of autographs on the way out (you can actually see Agnetha and Frida sign autographs from the bus in this article). A new edition of “Ring Ring” (the record that they toured with 50 years ago) will be available on Double LP on May 19.

(Credit goes to ÖP, writer Stefan Nolervik and the Svenstavik crew – additional thanks to Kalle and Seth)

Dolly Parton is set to release her first ever rock album “Rockstar” on November 17. The guest list on the album is pretty incredible. How about the surviving members of The Beatles performing on “Let It Be”? Or Dolly taking on “Free Bird” with Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington, Artimus Pyle & Band etc? And Rob Halford is in there, bless his cotton socks. Everybody has joined Dolly for a party here. Really looking forward to her singing “Stairway To Heaven” on this one. And her homage to Elvis. 30 songs all in all. This will be huge.

(Album cover is from official platforms)

Nice to have a copy of the 1965 Soundtrack for the classic WWII film “The Heroes Of Telemark” (Kirk Douglas is very good in this raid type movie). This music was actually written by Malcolm Henry Arnold, a familiar face for fans of Deep Purple as it was him that took Jon Lord under his wing and helped him set up the “Concerto For Group And Orchestra”, which Arnold also conducted live at the Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Filharmonic Orchestra and Deep Purple on September 24 1969. Pretty big deal at the time (not least for the reputation of Lord and Purple). Arnold wrote many scores in his career, another big one was “The Bridge On The River Kwai”. Collecting these LPs now is a wonderful hobby.

(My shot of said LP)

Bought an issue (6 1981) of the Swedish edition of MAD Magazine on the recent trip to Stockholm. It features a Don Martin Poster of American rock stars (probably lifted from the US. edition), but on the other side there is this wonderful ABBA Poster with art by Swedish artist Folke Hallin. Nice.

(My shots of said Magazine and Poster)