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More information on the reissue of Jon Lord´s “Windows” in late April. earMusic/Edel has gone for a new cover. It is similar but still different. I don´t know how I feel about changing covers? It looks fine, but what if changing classic covers became the norm? I don´t think I would want that. Still, this 1974 performance includes David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes and there is a brief passage that rocks with them on this album so that is a good thing. I always felt that “Windows” were inferior to “Concerto” though, like maybe there wasn´t enough time to prepare it all or something? It would have been nice if they could have added a DVD of the TV broadcast in this package but that is for another day I guess.

Nice piece of history though.


Sad to hear that Chuck Berry has passed away (at 90). He was a true pioneer and it is safe to say that he was an inspiration to everything that followed, from The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, to Deep Purple and AC/DC. Seen here is a four CD box with 100 songs that was issued here in Sweden in November 2016.

He will be missed.


Added this three CD box to the old collection recently. It sports 60 tracks with predominantly Italian artists, plus scores from films like “The Godfather”, “The Untouchables” and “Once Upon A Time In America”. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Bruno Venturini, Angelo Petisi etc etc.

O Sole Mio.


Jon Lord´s “Windows” and Deep Purple´s “Machine Head” are both reissued in Jewelcase format on March 31. I stumbled across this fact over at the UK EMP store but it should be Europe at the very least. Not sure how these versions will look but we will know soon enough.

Good Luck Charm

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This 50 track Compilation also popped up today. Titled “Good Luck Charm” it sports a very nice shot of Ann-Margret and Elvis on the cover, making it just a little bit more exciting. What you get is songs from the 1950s-1960s on two CDs, stuff like Elvis, Ann-Margret, Nancy Sinatra, Tony Orlando, Carole King, Ricky Nelson, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers etc etc. Also, the CDs look like LPs, which is good fun.

I like this one.


I ordered ABBA´s 1974 classic “Waterloo” (2014 Deluxe Edition on CD) recently (well, January…) from a store with a good reputation that I have supported since the 1970s. I have noticed that stuff that has been out for a while can take forever to arrive when ordered and that started to creep in not too long ago. My guess is that the stores does not have all the titles in stock, so they in turn have to order from somewhere else before they can send it out to you. I suppose this is all down to all this downloading nonsense – record companies are much slower in keeping the back catalogue intact and available. But ABBA? Really? I am actually on hold for two ABBA products, and other titles. Thankfully, this does not happen with brand new product, but things have clearly changed.

For the collector, downloading really was a Waterloo moment.


This is nice. A fine looking Ann-Margret album is released today, titled “The Definitive Collection”. 30 tracks over two CDs.

Got to have this.