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Posted: March 30, 2020 in Cool stuff, Music (general)

Bob Dylan has released a 17 minute song about the assassination of JFK that is just mindblowing. It is titled “Murder Most Foul” and it is very powerful yet beautiful. Check it out on YouTube (the comments alone says a lot) and other platforms.

Never forget.

The door bell rang early this morning and I thought “What the hell is this?”. Then I realized as I made my way to the door that maybe it was my friend Kalle that was dropping off a couple of auctions, and it was. I heard his engine roar down the street (wise in these times) as he was continuing his business of the day and I knew immediately that I had a pretty good excuse for a blog post as I checked out the items in question. The LP with Playboy star Barbi Benton is titled “Ain´t That Just The Way” (after her biggest hit song). It was produced by ex-Deep Purple bass player Roger Glover and him and another ex-Purple man, David Coverdale (of Whitesnake fame), wrote a song for it too (“Up In The Air”) along with the lovely Barbi. “Ain´t That Just The Way” became a huge hit after Barbi performed it in an episode of McCloud in 1976 and it was certainly massive here in Sweden later on when it was aired here. Two versions of this exists, this is a rerecording for this 1978 release. To me it still stands as one of the best Pop songs of the 1970s so I am happy to have this album in the old collection. It is also pretty cool that it is part of the very large Deep Purple Family history. Drummer Simon Phillips and (Whitesnake) guitarist Micky Moody is also on it, as are others that we recognise from Purple related projects. You can tell that Roger has had a hand in this. He was probably working on a David Coverdale solo album around the time that he produced this.

I also got a copy of UK publication Big Issue North (#1325, February 17-23 2020), with a nice Babymetal cover and feature. Big Issue North is sold by homeless people and this is the second issue that sports a Babymetal cover. The first, from back in 2016, is one of the three best selling issues they ever had (after a couple of magazines that featured Felix The Huddersfield Station Cat on the cover, go figure). Babymetal did very little press in the UK before or during the recent UK Tour. It says something about them that they granted this publication this rare treat and author Antonia Charlesworth did a good piece here with quotes from Su-metal and Moametal. Five pages in all. You can order it online.

(My shot of these priceless items – Thank you Kalle for your continued support – much appreciated)

Glastonbury Cancelled

Posted: March 18, 2020 in Music (general)

One of the major UK Festivals (and also one of the biggest in all of Europe), the Glastonbury Festival, has been cancelled. It was supposed to have taken place on June 24-28, which is pretty much when a lot of the big festivals in Europe are planned to take place. Draw your own conclusions. Major acts that has postponed tours in the last few days includes The Who, the Rolling Stones and Tool. Monster Magnet is the first act to just skip 2020 and are now planning to get back on the road starting in January 2021.

Going Down

Posted: March 16, 2020 in Classic Rock, Magazines, Music (general)

The music industry is in full panic mode as we speak and everything is either being cancelled or postponed. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has postponed the 2020 Induction Ceremony and the Museum has closed. June is when the Festival season in Europe kicks off and we still have to see what happens there. You already know what I think about it, and I have been right so far ever since I first picked up this thread on February 12. I have in fact written a piece on all this that is to be published in the April issue of Czech publication Sparks.

Sad times.

One of the biggest festivals in the world, the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival (also just called Coachella) in California, has been moved from April 10-12/17-19 to October 9-11/16-18. Artists that has cancelled tours/dates in the last few days includes The Who, Tarja, Guns N´Roses, Wildhearts, The Mission, Machine Head, My Chemical Romance, Mayhem, Abbath, Yes and many others.

Safety first

Bought a Swedish box of classic porn movies (“Den stora P-Boxen”, Studio S 2016) from the 1970s a while back and yesterday I checked out a trailer from 1978 called “V – The Hot One” that stars the wonderful Annette Haven. I was more than a little surprised when I suddenly heard the very distinctive voice of Glenn Hughes in a scene and I did recognize the music. I checked “The Butterfly Ball” and “Wizard´s Convention” (two of the more obscure 1970s albums that featured performances by Glenn), but that was not it. Then it suddenly dawned on me that I had heard this pretty recently and then I knew, it is his section of Jon Lord´s “Windows” album from 1974, a live concert in Germany that featured Glenn as well as Jon Lord, David Coverdale, Tony Ashton, Pete York and other well known characters of the day. It was aired on German TV back in the day and you can find it on YouTube. In fact, why not check out episode 41 of the Deep Purple Podcast, because there you have it as the guys reviews the concert footage at 1:08:10. And if you are naughty you can find the film on sites that may or may not blow up your computer. The official soundtrack, or what I can find listed now for this film, is supposed to be music by Vangelis. Well this is not bloody Vangelis, it is Jon Lord. So was this really cleared for this film back in the day or did they rip Jon off?

I know it was the happy days of the 1970s but one has to wonder…

(Image shows the LP foldout of the original “Windows” release from 1974)

“The Czech government yesterday banned gatherings of more than 100 people effectively cancelling almost all shows until further notice”. I got this from a friend over there yesterday, and this sort of thing is going to be implemented all over the place now. I can not see how we can have concerts, let alone big ones (festivals) this year. I fully expect cancellations all over the world now. And The Olympics in Japan is in real trouble, which is a shame.

Safety first.