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Nice Elvis cover

Posted: October 12, 2018 in General, Magazines, Music (general)

UK publication Vintage Rock (issue) 38. They celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Elvis 1968 Comeback Special in this issue. A highlight in a career that was pretty much second to none. I see several Elvis covers out there right now.


Elvis nostalgia

Posted: September 14, 2018 in Cool stuff, General, Music (general), TV & Movies

This (Elvis) Vinyl was released yesterday in my neck of the woods (that would be Sweden). I kind of like this cover.

Some decent songs too.

I got an invitation to mingle at the release party of “British Beat In Sweden! – The Original Vinyls 1957-1969” (Premium Publishing) today. I realized why when I spotted the Deep Purple single “Emmaretta” on the cover (somebody obviously recall my old fanzine days, which is nice). I can not attend, but I can support the book on my blog. Authored by Leif Aulin and Pontus von Tell, this 320 page book (hardback) is actually published in English, making the potential market that much bigger. I love books like this, you really get a nice nostalgic buzz. Release date is September 6.

Visit Premium Publishing for details here.

Not exactly sure when Jon Lord signed this copy of his “Sarabande” album (I did three interviews with the man in his Whitesnake days), but it may have been in 1981. I always loved this cover, and it is a very fine musical statement from a man that inspired countless musicians out there.

I attended a nice concert event at Gamla Teatern (The Old Theater) here in Östersund (Jämtland County) a few hours ago, jam packed with wonderful (local) talent. For me there were three particular highlights: ex-220 Volt singer Christer “Frille” Åsell (backed by Velvet Insane), Tina Moe and Velvet Insane themselves. Frille and myself go back to the good old days of 220 Volt and it was nice to see him perform with the next big hope from these parts (Velvet Insane). Tina Moe is another dear friend that I used to hang with long ago and I had not seen her in person for some 30 years. Her performance was beautiful, she really is one of the most talented singers/songwriters that this country has produced. It was wonderful to catch up a bit, I kick myself now for not having seen her live again for so long. She has matured like a fine wine. The boys in Velvet Insane is the next generation of superb talent coming out of this town and they write good songs and they certainly know how to sell it. New album coming up, and I will be back with more on them later on this blog. Best rockers since 220 Volt from Jämtland County.

Listen to some fresh music here: Tina Moe and Velvet Insane.

You do not see a rock outfit with an album cover like this all that often (or ever), but I just love how they manage to grab your interest right there. It suits them very well though, as they (Korpiklaani) incorporates a large dose of folk music from their native land Finland into their music. And here is the thing, I may not understand a single word, but I can feel it. This is a very talented outfit.

Check out the latest video here.

Well I mentioned the Japanese group Onmyoza the other day on this blog and I think they are one of these rare bands that really have a thing of their own going. The name needs to be addressed. The official site has it as Onmyo-za, people outside of Japan tends to spell it as Onmyouza, and still I see Onmyoza all over the place. The videos on their official channel are not presented in a way that is friendly to international viewers (not like Babymetal, that eyed the big foreign market from day one), so it is hard to share information with friends. Like, if I want somebody to pay attention to a particular song, I need a title that is written out so that I can read it (and Japanese lettering will not help). Right now, I have no clue about song titles or even what albums that the videos represent. That makes it tricky as a foreigner to jump in.

Case in point, I think this particular song, as represented in this video, is pure magic. But the only clue I get is that it is picked from the “11th album” and that the video was posted in 2014 (and they had two albums released on the same day that year). I think they need to address this on their video channel because I feel that they have what it takes to reach a respectable audience outside of Japan. In fact it would be nice if a label picked them up in Europe and introduced them with a Compilation album. The interest in Japanese rock is out there now, largely fueled by the runaway success of Babymetal. But other acts are making waves, like Lovebites that just performed at the Wacken Festival in Germany.

It is at times like these that opportunity knocks and I would like Onmyoza to succeed outside of their own market. They have worked long and hard for it.