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Got Rock´n´Roll (issue) 1 2018 in the mail a few days ago. Wonderful Swedish publication if you enjoy your nostalgia. One of the best features is that they let a rock star talk about old albums (see picture) and in this issue we have Joey Tempest chatting away about classic stuff from years gone by. This series has been going on for a while and I swear that the artists are smiling on every picture, clearly enjoying themselves as they do this. Well it is a good idea and perhaps other publications out there could nick it?

Good job chaps.


Feliz Navidad

Posted: December 6, 2017 in Cool stuff, General, Music (general)

Tarja Turunen has released a new video today from her Christmas album “From Spirits And Ghosts” titled “Feliz Navidad”. Tarja is, as we all know, a bit of a national treasure in Finland so the fact that this goes out on Independence Day is quite fitting. I have listened to this album a few times and it is her best yet – and as far as Christmas albums goes, this is the best of the lot. Ever.

Check out “Feliz Navidad” here.

Well I have reported earlier on about the Millennium Momotaro project over in Japan and here we are again. The Sword Dance performance by former Sakura Gakuin graduate Mirena Kurosawa (same school that gave us Babymetal) in which she portrays the Princess Momotaro that we highlighted not too long ago is now out on DVD over there. A second show titled “Metal Opera” is now in the works and I have seen pictures of Mirena in a recording studio singing, so we may get a Soundtrack of that project? In any case, I think this is very interesting and I wish the people behind it the best of luck. As for me, I will get this on import.

Watch promo clip for “Metal Opera” here.

The Sakura Gakuin 2017 Festival was held the other day in Japan and pictures are starting to appear on Twitter etc. This photograph by Mariri Sugimoto (twitter here) has gone viral, for obvious reasons. Sakura Gakuin graduate Moa Kikuchi (Moametal) can be seen here with some other former members and the current Class of 2017. Several former students have gone on to prosperous careers in modelling, acting etc, but there is only one Rock Star in that room. And she is wearing a leather jacket. If you love Babymetal, you should be able to spot her in a split second.

Watch clip from the latest official DVD here.

My copy of the Deep Purple “inFinite – The Gold Edition” double CD arrived in the mail yesterday (the triple LP live version of the live part of this release is on the way and will arrive here shortly). So what you get here is the last Deep Purple album “inFinite” plus a festival gig recorded at the Hellfest Festival in France in 2017 (13 tracks in all). I guess this is the good stuff and the good news is that Bob Ezrin has produced the live album, and it sounds really good. There are too many live recordings on the market with Purple that are not that good these days, so this is great news. In fact, I would say that for once they have put out something that I will play every now and then on a regular basis. Even the classics have some life in them, and we do get a few good tracks from the last two (Bob Ezrin produced) studio albums as well. Now Purple has always been a jamming band and on this night they launched into the old Henry Mancini soundtrack for the old detective series (1958-1961) Peter Gunn. And it sounds absolutely awesome. There is something magical about this band still and it is captured here in all its glory. The Peter Gunn television show is available on DVD should you want to dig in a little deeper.

Listen to the original  “Peter Gunn” soundtrack here. Check out the Hellfest video for “Birds of Prey” here.


I mentioned this a few days ago on this blog. Here is another version that will be on sale in January over here. Vinyl lovers will be thrilled about this.

Elvis Forever

Posted: November 2, 2017 in Cool stuff, General, Music (general)

The enormous success of the recent Elvis releases that features The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (we are talking about millions of units sold in the UK alone) pretty much assures that the brand new Elvis outing “Christmas With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” will be a winner. What you get is 13 tracks which includes old chestnuts like “Silent Night” and “White Christmas”. In fact, as far as Christmas collections goes, this one actually looks like a pretty decent release in my book.

On a sidenote: Fans of Elvis will gather this weekend in Sweden (Västerås Stadshotel) on November 4 for the Annual Elvis Festival (35th gathering), always a highly popular event for friends of The King in these parts. Little Gerhard, a Swedish Rock´n´Roller of note, is going to be there. I wish I could have been there but at least I will get a report from my good buddy Kalle.

Have a good time.