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Meet OnePixcel

Posted: August 20, 2017 in General, Music (general)

Discovered a nice Japanese Pop (J-Pop) unit called OnePixcel today. Very pleasant to the senses. They have released a mini-album titled “Zero” in June 2016 (as a four piece), and a couple of singles since then (they are now a three piece with the members Tanabe Nanami, Kanuma Ami and Den Ayaka), the latest being “Time”/”Sora” (cover seen here) on April 19 this year. A 12 track album is coming up on October 18. I will buy the album on import. I would never have discovered this scene had it not been for Babymetal.

Check out the videos for the songs “Time” & “Sora” here and here.

UK publication Vintage Rock (issue) 6 2017. The King on the cover. I remember the day when the news came in that Elvis had passed away (exactly 40 years ago today). It was hard to understand. I remember that we bought the newspapers (and I remember where) to find out more. It was a sad day.

Kudos to Vintage Rock for their good work.

French publication Télécable Sat Hebdo (Aug 12-18 2017). Nice of them to pay tribute to actress Jeanne L´insoumise whom passed away recently. Also, Elvis is in there. He passed away 40 years ago (August 16 1977).

This looks like a good read. UK publication Yours Retro (issue) 7 2017.

Good days.

UK publication Record Collector (issue) 8 2017. I hate Punk but I think Debbie Harry and Blondie did some decent stuff later on. She was born in 1945 so she could have been, in theory, a star in the 1960s. I guess she missed a couple of trains before the 1977 scene made her the Queen of Punk.

This is a good cover.

Composer Hans Zimmer´s “Dunkirk” Soundtrack is out, which might interest a few of you out there. I thought he did a stellar job, his music added both beauty and drama to the film. Or rather, it enhanced what was already there, which is the whole point of a Soundtrack.

The film is a major success, most viewed in the world this past weekend.

The Oldie

Posted: July 18, 2017 in General, Magazines, Music (general)

Having a bit of a soft spot for dear old Elvis, I kind of like this cover. UK publication The Oldie (August 2017).