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Added another puzzle from UK company Rock Saws and this time I went with the Kiss “Destroyer” box. I quite like these puzzles, and there is a growing number of them out there so they must be doing rather well.


If you like “Cat Scratch Fever” you should know that the album is set to be rereleased on Red, White & Blue Vinyls on June 26. Me, I want “Weekend Warriors” and maybe it is coming up next, who knows?


I mentioned the Japanese band Hagane recently on this blog and I have just discovered that guitarist Sakura Yoshida has her own YouTube page going, and she really is one hell of a guitar player. You can check her out doing Judas Priest classics etc. Hagane means steel, so good name for a Metal band.


The “Godmothers of Rock”, Fanny (1969-1975), is to rerelease their first self titled album on June 26 (White Vinyl). This is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of said album. You may not have heard of them, but they were the first all female rock band to get signed on a major label in the States back in the day. So this is a piece of rock history.

(My shot of the Kiss “Destroyer” puzzle)


Ronnie James Dio passed away on May 16 2010, so it has been a full decade now, save for a few more days. What an amazing writer, singer and performer he was. When I met him back in 2001 (you will find the interview on this blog archived in August 2012), he was just one of the sweetest men I had ever met in the business. I am so glad that I had that opportunity, and it was filmed by my friend (photographer) Michael Johansson. Still listen to his output on a pretty regular basis. Norwegian singer Jorn actually put out a great tribute video not long after his passing titled “Song For Ronnie” that is quite good. Check it out on YouTube.


David Coverdale is promoting the “Rock” album quite heavily at the moment, doing a lot of radio etc. He put out a video for “Restless Heart” the other day as well, pushing the album. “Rock” will be out as a Double LP (White Vinyl) too, which is good news for people like me. It will be out in mid June.


I can tell that a lot of people are getting pretty excited about the upcoming Deep Purple album “Whoosh!”. The new video “Man Alive” is paving the way and it is a thoughtful piece of art that will serve them well. If this is the end of the line for this band, then it has to be said that they went out in style. Sad that 2020 is what it is, but we just have to wait and hope that things turn around for the better very soon.


There is no doubt that Japan is the international hotspot for female rock bands and a group called Hagane will release their first album on June 23 over there. Not the easiest of circumstances but they are very good and their video for the song “Wintry Sky” shows a lot of promise. It is a shame that many of these bands never get to be released outside of Japan. I do feel that a label that specialized in Japanese music could do very well over here. I am just putting the thought out there. Maybe we will see it happen some day.


All dates in Europe has been cancelled, which was kind of expected I guess. You can watch “Live At Wembley” (2016) on YouTube this Sunday, so that is a good thing.

(Top image shows a Ronnie James Dio article I had in Swedish magazine Poppis back in 1985 – most of the shots was from Michael Johansson)


David Coverdale has prepared three Whitesnake compilations and the first to be released (on June 19) is called “The Rock Album”. It features one unreleased song called “Always The Same” (check it out on YouTube now). 16 track CD, Double LP (White Vinyl). The Double LP (Red Vinyl) rerelease of “Slide It In” is shipped on April 24.


Imperial Age will stream a live concert from Moscow on April 25. Find the link on their homepage. They will also answer questions from fans.


There are four Kiss puzzles coming out on April 24, including “Destroyer” and “Love Gun”. 500 pieces each.

(Top image shows 1987 Whitesnake photograph from Michael Johansson, positioned in front of 1975 POP Magazine poster in my man cave)


Spotted a couple of Japanese Deep Purple Greatest Hits Double CDs that look pretty sharp. The first features Ritchie Blackmore on guitar and the second Steve Morse. One MK1 song (“Hush”) on the first CD, then nothing but MK2 (original and reunion) and MK3. So Tommy Bolin (MK4) and Joe Lynn Turner (MK5) is not on it. Kind of cool that they have dedicated a full Double CD to the Morse era though. I even have a soft spot for the covers. Not so sure if I like that they have ignored Bolin and Turner in this, but there you go.


On April 17, we have a Limited Edition Double LP Red Vinyl version of the Whitesnake album “Slide It In” coming out, “35th Anniversary Edition”. Kind of cool. And David Coverdale is busy on his platforms sharing stuff. He has been singing with an acoustic guitar on Facebook and on his Whitesnake YouTube page he has added two songs (videos) from “The Purple Album” in the last few days, “Lady Double Dealer” and “Sail Away”.


Deep Purple debuted a track from the upcoming “Whoosh!!” album on YouTube today, a video for the song “Throw My Bones”.


Metal Hammer has conducted a major poll pulling in votes from 110,000 Metal fans and they have just published the results in a story headlined “The 50 Best Metal Bands”. Babymetal came in at #10. The Babymetal Online Community is incredible.


There is a film about the 1977 Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash titled “Street Survivors: The True Story Of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash”. Should be showing in Stateside cinemas right now. Former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle, who survived the crash, has been involved in the project.


“Metal Galaxy” has been nominated to partake in the Best Album category of the Heavy Music Awards in the UK (the public can vote now). Babymetal will have to beat Tool and Slipknot and other huge acts to win, but I still think they have a shot for two reasons. 1. The album is actually quite brilliant. 2. The Babymetal online community. Never underestimate that lot. The event will take place in London on May 21.


Leaves`Eyes are in a studio recording a new album. Good news.


Swedish rockers The Night Flight Orchestra will release their fifth studio album “Aeromantic” tomorrow. Brilliant cover as always.

(Image is official)


Martin Popoff´s “Sabotage! – Black Sabbath In The Seventies” has just been published in the UK by Wymer Publishing. 292 pages of glorious history. A second book called “Born Again! – Black Sabbath In The Eighties And Nineties” will follow in May. The very first Black Sabbath album was released on (Friday) February the 13th 1970 in the UK and there is a lot of press out there covering Sabbath at the moment. Meanwhile, Ozzy´s new solo album “Ordinary Man” is out. He has cancelled the 2020 gigs in order to concentrate on medical treatment. You can hear the new album  track by track on YouTube and Aquaman star Jason Momoa portrays Ozzy in a promotional clip for the song “Scary Little Green Men”.


Biff Byford´s first solo album “School Of Hard Knocks” is out. He will be touring for it in the Spring. I have just realized that Biff is a toy train buff, like Rod Stewart and Neil Young.


Uriah Heep singer Bernie Shaw released an album with Dale Collins in 2019 called “Too Much Information”. Sounds pretty good too.


Thrash Metal is not really my thing, but I can appreciate some of it. From Puerto Rico we have Heresy, and they released a hard to get album called “Blasphemia” in 2018. It will see a Limited Edition re-release (of 500 copies) on the Canadian label PRC on April 17. Great cover, although I guess you could say it is a bit controversial…

(My shot of the Sabbath book by Martin Popoff)