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The second of the trilogy of the currently planned Whitesnake Compilations will be released on November 6. Titled “Love Songs” it features 15 tracks and it will be out on CD & Vinyl.


Fans of the short lived Coverdale Page project will have a Double CD titled “The Studio Broadcast” to pick up any day now. Released under the name David Coverdale & Jimmy Page on a small label, there is no way in hell that David and Jimmy has been involved in this. There are a lot of radio shows being released by acts like Van Halen, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC etc etc. You have to wonder what the artists think about it all. I have not seen a story about this in the rock press, but it is a mystery that needs to be explained.


The classic Rainbow release “Live In Munich 1977” is out on Vinyl (Triple). Looking good too.


Singer Ronnie Romero (of latter day Rainbow fame) has a new album out with his band Lords Of Black in early November called “Alchemy Of Souls, Part 1”. There is a video on YouTube for the song “Dying To Live Again”.


The official Ozzy Osbourne YouTube Channel has added the documentary “30 Years After The Blizzard” for free viewing for a week (today being day two). Sadly, Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake is not in it. The “Blizzard Of Ozz” album turned 40 today.

(Seen above is DEEP PURPLE FOREVER issue 18 with a cover shot of David Coverdale by photographer Ola Bergman – published in November 1997)


Babymetal has presented the new live set “Legend – Metal Galaxy” in 55 theaters across Japan. This is not the first time that Babymetal has done this, they know full well that fans are eager to experience the DVDs on the big screen. Kami Band guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura has a new solo album out in Japan on September 30 called “Angels In The Dark”.


Judas Priest will publish a coffe table sized 648 page book called “50 Heavy Metal Years” in early December. Meanwhile, Rob Halfords book “Confess” has been slightly delayed and will now be out on September 29.


Motörhead will release a big “Ace Of Spades” box on October 30.


Danzig has recorded a tribute album to Elvis Presley called “Danzig Sings Elvis” that is out now.


Alice Cooper has his own radio station going and it is called Nights With Alice Cooper. Ian Paice of Deep Purple was interviewed recently.


A documentary about the life of Phil Lynott called “Songs For While I´m Away” will hit selected cinemas this fall. The trailer can be seen now on YouTube.


A Jimi Hendrix Experience documentary called “Music, Money, Madness – Jimi Hendrix In Maui” will be released on November 20, along with CD/LP titled “Live In Maui”. Nice cover too.

(Top image of Babymetal was taken by me in Stockholm in February 2020 – Thank you Kalle for the Danzig news)


And the magazine covers keep on coming. Here is UK publication Power Play issue 232. Third cover in the UK in recent weeks. There is also a decent Ian Gillan chat in MOJO issue 322 (David Bowie cover) with a great shot from the early 1970s in it. Loads of publicity right now, I think the guys are doing way more interviews than ever before. Well, if you can not tour, you can still do press.


There will be a Dio comic book in June 2021 based on the cover of “Holy Diver”. It comes from Z2 Comics in the States, the same company that published the Babymetal comic book a while back.


A monster box with Uriah Heep stuff is coming up on October 30. Titled “Fifty Years In Rock” it features 23 CDs, “The Magicians Birthday” on Vinyl and a 64 page book. Original members Mix Box, Ken Hensley, Paul Newton and Lee Kerslake have all been involved in the project.

(My shot of the Power Play magazine)


I have seen over 20 Deep Purple magazine covers in the last few weeks. Just got this issue of UK publication Rock Candy (21) in the mail today. Quite a lot of Deep Purple Family stuff in this one. Cover shot credited to Getty Images/Michael Ochs Archives (awesome image from the early MK2 days).


The “Paranoid” Super Box I mentioned recently on this blog will be out on October 9. I have ordered my copy.


Swedish rockers Hammerfall will release a live album/DVD called “Live! Against The World” on October 23.


Good old Rob Halford will have his book “Confess” out on September 1. Worthy to mention again as we are closing in.


Babymetal guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura will have a live DVD out in Japan called “Metal Paradox” on September 30. He is flanked by the most revered Babymetal musicians, making it a pretty solid collectors item right there. The songs are picked from his entire solo career, right back to the Doogie White fronted stuff.

(My shot of Rock Candy issue 21)


Good news today. There will be a 200+ page book on Babymetal on October 13 in Japan, in celebration of the 10th Anniversary. I have a feeling that we will see a lot more and I bet the media blitz will be huge.


The Deep Purple Podcast is reviewing the new Deep Purple album “Whoosh!” (track by track) over two episodes – the first is up and it sounds good.


There will be a Black Sabbath “Paranoid Super Deluxe” Box – five Vinyls, four CDs, 1971 “Paranoid” Tour Book facsimile etc etc. Not sure about the date yet, keep your eyes open (saw it on the Tony Iommi facebook page).

(My shot – man cave is taking shape)


Singer Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) has a new video out for a song called “CMFT Must Be Stopped”. It features several high profile people in little cameos (including Rob Halford and Marilyn Manson), and Su-metal and Moametal of Babymetal are in it too. For a band that has yet to be accepted by certain rock & metal publications, Babymetal sure has some good friends out there. The editors that exclude Babymetal are just unbelievably set in their ways. Well Babymetal have friends in high places and it is pretty cool that they are an underground thing, rising with the support of the people (and more than a fair share of fellow artists).


In 10 days we have the new Deep Purple album “Whoosh!” and the hype is huge. At least in Europe. The magazine covers keeps on coming. I guess they have many fans who are in charge of these publications, but they have also produced some really good music with the current lineup (that has been going now since 2001). They have always been a working band and every now and then what they do hits a nerve and I think we may be looking at that right now. It feels good that they are in high demand.


Leaves´Eyes will have a new album out called “The Last Viking” on October 23. Really looking forward to that.


You have got to love a band with a name like this. Formed in 1992 they did not release music until 1999 but they have seven albums out now and number eight will see official release on August 8 (thus competing with Deep Purple – hey, why not buy both?). There has been a few member changes over the years and two of the guys in the current band has been in Monster Magnet. The new record “Scorpio” has a pretty decent cover too.

(My shot of Purple ad in Sweden Rock Magazine 7 2020, plus screenshot of Babymetal from the Corey Taylor video)


David Coverdale is doing press and the YouTube interviews are popping up. Apparently, “The ROCK Album” is #1 in Japan even before release. They just know it because of the pre-sales. The last studio album “Flesh & Blood” also made it to #1 on the Japanese charts.


Good old Rick Wakeman has a new solo album coming out on July 3 called “Red Planet”. The Vinyl will be in Red, and they have really gone to town with that particular edition.


Accept are set to release a Compilation LP (Limited Edition 2,500 copies) titled “Hot & Slow”, also on July 3. Silver/Red no less. Got to love that.

(My shot of a David Coverdale photograph from the old archive, taken by Michael Johansson back in the day)


I discovered a German band called Eloy the other day that has been around for 50 years and that they have released two albums (in 2017 and 2019) titled “The Vision, The Sword And The Pyre” (1 & 2) dealing with the legend of Joan Of Arc. Turns out that they are a good band and this epic work is absolutely superb. Touches of Pink Floyd here but if you go back to the old stuff they really have their own thing going. To support this act, I have now ordered both the Joan Of Arc releases on CD and Vinyl. They also have a huge back catalogue.


Interesting news out of the UK as Download Festival will present a Virtual Festival through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube on June 12-14, calling it Download TV 2020. The bands picked will be the ones that should have been there in the flesh this year had it not been for the pandemic. Kiss, Iron Maiden, Korn, Babymetal etc etc. So what you will get is classic stuff from the past.


Japanese act Lovebites is to release a live album and DVD titled “Fire Of A Kind – Live In Tokyo 2020” on July 22. It was recorded at the Zepp Diver City on February 21 and 22.


Ex-Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg has resurrected his old band Vandenberg with a fresh line-up and there is an album called “Vandenberg 2020” out now. Rainbow singer Ronnie Romero is in there, so this clearly counts as a Purple Family affair. Old school hard rock for sure.


More lockdown news. Metal Hammer has a two page review of the Tokyo Dome (2016) concerts that Babymetal aired on YouTube recently in the new issue (#336). So a big live review of a YouTube event. This is a big thing and a clear signal to bands to use YouTube in this way.

(Top image is showing album details of the first Joan Of Arc album on the official Eloy site – check it out now)


Added another puzzle from UK company Rock Saws and this time I went with the Kiss “Destroyer” box. I quite like these puzzles, and there is a growing number of them out there so they must be doing rather well.


If you like “Cat Scratch Fever” you should know that the album is set to be rereleased on Red, White & Blue Vinyls on June 26. Me, I want “Weekend Warriors” and maybe it is coming up next, who knows?


I mentioned the Japanese band Hagane recently on this blog and I have just discovered that guitarist Sakura Yoshida has her own YouTube page going, and she really is one hell of a guitar player. You can check her out doing Judas Priest classics etc. Hagane means steel, so good name for a Metal band.


The “Godmothers of Rock”, Fanny (1969-1975), is to rerelease their first self titled album on June 26 (White Vinyl). This is to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of said album. You may not have heard of them, but they were the first all female rock band to get signed on a major label in the States back in the day. So this is a piece of rock history.

(My shot of the Kiss “Destroyer” puzzle)


Ronnie James Dio passed away on May 16 2010, so it has been a full decade now, save for a few more days. What an amazing writer, singer and performer he was. When I met him back in 2001 (you will find the interview on this blog archived in August 2012), he was just one of the sweetest men I had ever met in the business. I am so glad that I had that opportunity, and it was filmed by my friend (photographer) Michael Johansson. Still listen to his output on a pretty regular basis. Norwegian singer Jorn actually put out a great tribute video not long after his passing titled “Song For Ronnie” that is quite good. Check it out on YouTube.


David Coverdale is promoting the “Rock” album quite heavily at the moment, doing a lot of radio etc. He put out a video for “Restless Heart” the other day as well, pushing the album. “Rock” will be out as a Double LP (White Vinyl) too, which is good news for people like me. It will be out in mid June.


I can tell that a lot of people are getting pretty excited about the upcoming Deep Purple album “Whoosh!”. The new video “Man Alive” is paving the way and it is a thoughtful piece of art that will serve them well. If this is the end of the line for this band, then it has to be said that they went out in style. Sad that 2020 is what it is, but we just have to wait and hope that things turn around for the better very soon.


There is no doubt that Japan is the international hotspot for female rock bands and a group called Hagane will release their first album on June 23 over there. Not the easiest of circumstances but they are very good and their video for the song “Wintry Sky” shows a lot of promise. It is a shame that many of these bands never get to be released outside of Japan. I do feel that a label that specialized in Japanese music could do very well over here. I am just putting the thought out there. Maybe we will see it happen some day.


All dates in Europe has been cancelled, which was kind of expected I guess. You can watch “Live At Wembley” (2016) on YouTube this Sunday, so that is a good thing.

(Top image shows a Ronnie James Dio article I had in Swedish magazine Poppis back in 1985 – most of the shots was from Michael Johansson)