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Just had the pleasure of reading the 92nd Lucky Luke book “En Cowboy i Paris” (Albumförlaget, 2019) and I was quite surprised. Like Asterix, the series lives on long after the original creators have passed away, but the quality is still high. If anything, this is one of the best adventures in my book and that speaks volumes.


Good old Ozzy has a new studio album called “Ordinary Man” coming out in early 2020. First video, “Under The Graveyard”, turns out to be a good heavy song so there is still hope.


New live release from Molly Hatchet on November 29, “Battleground”. They have a new singer, Jimmy Elkins.

(My shot of the Lucky Luke book)


I mentioned the Randy Bachman albums that I discovered not long ago and here we have an album called “Taking Care Of Christmas” from 2014 that sits pretty good right about now. Perfect Christmas music for the ageing rocker.


Canadian singer Leah has a new album out called “Ancient Winter” on November 15. I just discovered her yesterday and I like what I hear. She has been called the Enya of Metal, and that is just about right.


Looks like ticket sales for the Stockholm show could be a lot better so there is a risk that the show at Fryshuset on February 3 will be moved down from Arenan (fairly big hall in the Fryshuset complex, Nightwish has performed there on several occations) to a smaller hall called Klubben in the same building. Of course there is no official word yet and there is still time to pump up some interest, but our media is not exactly on the ball are they? A friend of mine (Hello Kalle) got this information at the venue a few hours ago as I write this, in friendly conversation with somebody that has the inside track on things. However, a smaller show is not to be considered a bad thing in my book. Seeing a show with a band that are testing the waters for the first time in your country at a smaller venue can be a memorable experience. You get to take it all in up close. I saw bands like Whitesnake (1981) and Gillan (1982) in smaller venues when nobody cared and it was awesome. For Babymetal, I hope that things speed up over here for the sake of the financial side of things, I just pray they do not cancel this show. That would be a disaster.

(My image of the Randy Bachman CD)


Good news from the Nightwish camp as they are set to release “Decades – Live In Buenos Aires” on december 6 in many different versions.


Ex-Nightwish singer Anette Olzon continues to rock and her second release with Dark Element, “Songs The Night Sings” is out today. Sounds pretty much like Nightwish so fans should be happy.


BMG has purchased the last four Dio albums (that would be “Angry Machines” to “Master Of The Moon”) and these will now see re-release with added bonus tracks as well as live material. 2020 will be a good year for fans of Ronnie James Dio.


Major news. The 38th Asterix album is out (Swedish release next week). It is titled “Asterix And The Chieftain´s Daughter”. I think it is rather wonderful that Asterix lives on.


Iron Maiden will visit Manila in the Philippines for the first time on May 16 2020, headlining the Pulp Summer Slam Festival. Babymetal will be one of the opening acts, along with DragonForce and Death Angel. It is the first time since Sonisphere 2014 that Babymetal will share a bill with Maiden. They are lining up major gigs in Asia right now. As for Maiden, note the “Where Eagles Dare” scene on the poster art. How cool is that? In fact, I would love to own one of these posters.


Deep Purple will release a Limited Edition two CD/three LP set called “Live In Rome 2013” in early December.

(Official Pulp Summer Slam Festival poster)


As you know I do enjoy watching reaction videos on YouTube and I feel that vocal coach Beth Roars (pictured above) is among the very best in her game. She did a reaction to Deep Purple and to Ian Gillan in particular with “Child In Time” (live version) this weekend and it has already notched up over 60,000 views. I sent the link over to Ian Gillans people, hopefully they can see the wisdom in sharing this with the fans out there. Beth is doing a very broad spectrum and you can have Edith Piaf one day and Babymetal (or Dio, Nightwish or whatever) the next. Her reaction for “Karate” (Babymetal live) was great. Also, she reminds me a bit of Ann-Margret. Loads of charisma here.


We have to wait a bit for it but Rob Halford will release his memoares next year in a book titled “Confess”.


Ronnie James Dio passed away in 2010 and there will be a book and a documentary about the man from official sources next year.


Classic Rock includes Babymetal in the current Special Collector´s Edition “50”. “Give Me Chocolate!!” is included as one of the 50 most groundbreaking songs of all time. “Five years later, it still sounds like Hello Kitty going on a killing spree”, is a pretty nice quote.

(Beth Roars image used by permission)


Got Kerrang! #1794 in the mail. With a Babymetal cover and a dozen pages inside dedicated to them it is an instant collectors item. Babymetal has added every track from the “Metal Galaxy” album to their YouTube page, so anybody can check it all out no problem.


The recently released Freddie Mercury compilation set “Never Boring” is doing good business. The “Bohemian Rhapsody” film of last year has worked wonders to introduce and to rekindle interest in his legacy, as well as Queen.


Viking rockers Leaves´Eyes has a brand new EP coming up on November 22 titled “Black Butterfly”. Good cover too.

(My shot of Kerrang! Magazine with framed 2013 poster from Tower Records in the back)


I have discovered that ex-BTO (as in Bachman Turner Overdrive) guitarist Randy Bachman has been very busy recording music that I just did not know was out there. Just added this 1992 solo album, “Any Road”, to the old collection. Any fan of BTO will just love this. Adding more of this stuff now.


If you are stuck in 1980 chances are that you will love US band War Cloud. They have a new album (CD & Vinyl) out called “State of Shock” with a WWII cover that works very well with the music (think Motörhead). They may have missed the boat by a few decades but this is very charming in its own way.


Swedish rockers Metalite has a new album out this week called “Biomechanicals”. Singer Erica Ohlsson is making her debut with the band. The album cover looks great and I will get the Green Vinyl myself, although you can get it in Gold as well.

(My image of the 1992 Bachman album)