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Just a reminder that the “Still Good To Be Bad” box is released next week. And word is that David Coverdale will not go out on the road again with Whitesnake in 2023. You may recall that a few gigs were cancelled on the last tour, so this is where we are right now. I am sure that he would like to end it on a high note, and that would include saying goodbye to his fans in Japan and in other places as well.


I did not expect to see a Def Leppard album that features a full orchestra, but that is what is coming up next as they are set to release “Drastic Symphonies” on May 19. They have picked songs from the back catalogue, some classics, some less well known. Glad to see them having some fun.


I recently discovered a good project called Walk In Darkness and the fourth album “Leaves Rolling In Time” came out in January. It features ex-Kalidia singer Nicoletta Rosellini and she is really good. They have some videos out that are quite popular, including an anti-war song, which is good to see these days.


Hedoban (or Headbanger) magazine over in Japan has given Babymetal yet another cover for issue 39. The interview was obviously made before Momometal joined. The BabyKlok Tour in North America is selling out fast, which is good news.

(DC image is from the Deep Purple Forever!/Retrofuture archive, can not recall who sent it in right now but I will correct the issue if need be)



The New Lovebites album “Judgement Day” has entered the Japanese charts at a respectable fifth position this week. It is the first time that this has happened for them.


Fans of Babymetal in the UK can go to special Early Listening Events on March 22 in London, Bristol and Nottingham to check out “The Other One” two days before the official release. Not a bad idea, I think that this will be a hit.

(Images from official platforms)


Glenn Hughes is set to do more concerts under the Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live moniker and he will celebrate the “Burn” album by playing all of it. First shows, and I have to believe that there will be more coming up, is located in Spain in mid June. I always liked that tour poster, it would be nice to have a live record/DVD suovenir out of this idea some day. Obviously he will be able to celebrate “Stormbringer” and “Come Taste The Band” in the next couple of years as well.


Took eight days for the new Babymetal video “Metal Kingdom” to reach 1,000,000 views on YouTube. The epic nature of it seems to be appealing to a lot of people who are reacting to it.


Japanese act Band-Maid is fighting hard to make waves outside of Asia, and they are getting a lot of respect. More American dates are coming up and this time they will play some festivals as well. At home, they will end the world tour at the Yokohama Arena on November 26. Band-Maid are celebrating their first decade as a band in 2023.

(Images are from official platforms)


There will be a Limited Edition Double Vinyl of Tarja´s debut solo album “My Winter Storm” on November 4. It will feature some exclusive bonus material.


Joe Lynn Turner´s new solo album “Belly Of The Beast” is out on October 28. There will be a Gold looking LP version available as well.


The new album from The Dead Daisies is out. It is called “Radiance”. The band is on the cover of UK publication Powerplay (issue 10 2022) right now. There are hints that Glenn Hughes might record another album with Black Country Communion next.


You may have Deep Purple´s 2014 release “Live In Verona” on DVD, but now you will soon be able to add Double CD/Triple LP versions of it to your collections. Release date: October 28.


Rock Sound Records are to issue an exclusive Limited Edition (750 copies) Bronze looking Vinyl of the upcoming “The Other One” release that will be out on March 24 2023. As revealed in an earlier post today, this is going to be a concept album and now we learn that it is to feature 10 new songs.

(Top image pre-encore shot of Deep Purple in Stockholm by Seth Nilsson, covers of the records that are highlighted here inserted)

Performing live (and selling merchandise) is the lifeblood of artists these days, since selling a lot of records is pretty much out of the picture for the vast majority of acts in 2022. As the price for petrol is going through the roof, fewer will (in time) attend live concerts because of the costs involved. For the artists, moving from city to city is going to be ever more expensive as well and that will get to the not so big acts first. Many are probably struggling even now, having to accept that there will be very little profit at the end of a tour as things stand. They will be confronted with two choices, to stop touring as professional artists (maybe getting jobs on the side as well, which is not that unusual in this business anyway), or they will have to go out pretty much all the time. Got to pay the bills. Also, as our society is heading for hard times, people will eventually be forced to spend far more on groceries, energy and new taxes and this will leave less for entertainment. Again, big problem for artists and promoters. Of course, the green agenda that is promoted by some pretty sinister forces have big plans and they are not hiding it. If they get their way, not only will we be eating bugs before you know it, but the music industry as we have known it will be dead. In time, there will be no physical product, it will be all digital. No tours except for the chosen few. These cats have plans and they want it done by 2030. I say the time has come to voice our concerns. This could go south very very quickly now. In fact, I think it is already in motion and we have so much to lose for future generations here. We need to defend our cultural heritage.

(Top images of Babymetal tour bus and Over The Rainbow live by me, Babymetal live by Kalle Thelin)


Lonesome Blue is a newly signed Japanese band that will release their first EP/blu-ray “First Utterance” in Japan on June 22. Today they added their second video onto their YouTube Channel, “Parallel World”, and it is an amazing song. Everybody is great, and the band consists of guitarist Narumi Suzuki (Disqualia, Destrose), singer (and former voice actress) Maiko Nomura, drummer Mizuki (Shinku-Horou), and bass player Yuuki Hirose (also a former voice actress). Special guest on “Parallel World” is violin player Ayasa from the band Morfonica. The violin/guitar parts are awesome. I think we have a band to look out for here.


There is a John Wetton Tribute album called “Celebrating The Dragon” out, 21 songs on a double CD. Blind Golem is one of the bands that are featured on the release (a Uriah Heep track called “One Way Or Another”).

(EP/CD covers are from official platforms)


I want to give a shoutout to the excellent BABYMetalised YouTube Channel for adding cool stuff from the history of this phenomenon. On May 7, they added a clip from Download France 2016 in which you can see a very happy bunch of people on stage as well as in the audience. And when Su-metal asks for a circlepit, boy does she get it! This is historic stuff.


The big Whitesnake Farewell Tour has kicked off in Dublin and it is very interesting to see the new line-up strutting their stuff on YouTube. The additions of Dino Jelusick and Tanya O´Callaghan has been a tremendous boost and it is a very cool band now. David Coverdale is really going out on a high note here. Openers for Whitesnake in Europe is Europe and Foreigner. Later on, Stateside, Whitesnake will go out with German rockers Scorpions. A new “Greatest Hits” release is out as well, although some versions has still to be released in the next couple of weeks.

(Top image shows Download France 2016 stage and official Whitesnake promoshot)


Airfix is reissuing the old Handley Page HP42 Heracles kit in 1:144 as part of the popular Vintage Classics series. Got to love the look of that aircraft, and the box art here is cool too.


Non official product with ABBA coming up on the Laser Media Label, “Live In Warsaw 1976”. There is a loophole in current legislation that allows radio broadcasts to be released like this. Fans can only hope that the sound quality is OK. At least, this one has a decent cover.


Jorn has a new studio album called “Over The Horizon Radar” coming up on June 17. First audio is up on YouTube.


Japanese female rockers Lovebites are auditioning for a new bass-player and they have put up an instrumental on their YouTube page to audition with. This ends on May 24.


The Pearl Hunter label is putting out live stuff on Vinyl and if you look at the album art it has to be said that they are making an effort. Case in point, the Uriah Heep San Diego 1974 recording from Stateside broadcaster King Biscuit Flower Hour, “Magic Machine” looks pretty smart. It actually looks like official product, and even better than some of the legit stuff. This one is part of their “Live Legends” series and comes in Blue Vinyl. I can see collectors going for this.


The soundtrack of the James Bond movie “No Time To Die” is to be released as a Double LP within a few months (exact date not set). The CD has been out for a while.

(Images from official platforms – Jorn and Lovebites links on Trinkelbonker facebook)


There is a Deep Purple “Greatest Hits” Triple CD from the BMG years doing the rounds in Europe. It has been around for a while in different markets. Not a bad set either.


Swedish rockers Lugnet has a new album out called “Tales From The Great Beyond” on August 26. Excellent Classic Rock type stuff. Check out the chilling new video “Kill Us All” (a very dystopian WWIII type thing) on YouTube now.


Rob Halford has a new book called “Biblical Heavy Metal Scriptures” out on November 1. The man has a lot to share, really looking forward to this one.

(Images from official platforms)


Chinese model company Border has released a kit in 1/35 with their main battle tank PLA ZTZ99A. Maybe this is a movie tie-in of some kind? That is certainly the San Francisco bridge on that box art!


I had no idea that Captain Beyond is still out there, but they have been doing gigs Stateside for years now. Drummer Bobby Caldwell, the main songwriter (also known from the band Armageddon) is in charge. Gigs coming up this summer.


Swedish Viking rockers Månegarm release their 10th studio album “Ynglingaättens öde” tomorrow (April 15). They have released some good stuff over the years and the album art is always great.


The Big Deal from Serbia will release their debut album “First Bite” on May 13. Very melodic hard rock and with two female singers they can almost be seen as the ABBA of this genre. They have just put up another video for the album on YouTube, “Top Heaven”.


The “10 Babymetal Budokan” Crystal Clear Vinyl has been pushed back to May 13.

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