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Ian Gillan, Ian Paice and Roger Glover of Deep Purple picked up a prestigious Ivor Novello Award in London on May 23. The International Achievement Award was dedicated to the MK2 line-up and the legacy that they forged, which explains the absence of Don Airey and Steve Morse from the current band (a bit sad really that The Ivors had to go down that path). Still, good publicity.


Accept will release a couple of classic albums in coloured Vinyl this summer. “Metal Heart” (red) on June 21 and “Balls To The Wall” (silver & black) on July 5 (my birthday incidentally).


Italian model company Italeri has issued a box called “Pegasus Bridge Airborn Assault”. It comes out as the 75th Anniversary of D-Day (June 6 1944) is coming up. You can basically build the Commando assault on the famous bridge in 1/72, which is pretty cool. Great looking box art too. I see a lot of publications on D-Day out there right now. There was a bunch of those five years ago as well.



Whitesnake entered the German charts at #3 with “Flesh & Blood” last week. It is the highest entry they have ever had in Germany.


The first six Nazareth albums are now available on Vinyl, different colours for all of them. Excellent opportunity to add some classic Nazareth to the old collection.


Polish Metal outfit Crystal Viper are recording a new album. It will be titled “Tales Of Fire And Ice”. Best Metal band out there outside of Judas Priest.


Congratulations to Babymetal for reaching 50,000,000 YouTube hits with “Karate” today. It is the third most popular video, second only to “Gimme Chocolate!!” (102,000,000) and “Megitsune” (57,000,000). They are sitting on a very solid platform, but can they repeat the early hype in the years ahead?


Ritchie Blackmore has dusted off an old Blackmore´s Night tune called “The Storm” and re-recorded it as a digital Rainbow Single. It will go out on May 17.


The new Whitesnake album stormed the Japanese charts and reached a very respectable #1 position on the day of entry. This is not a Hard Rock chart or anything like that, it really was the best selling album by any artist in the country. Also, there is another issue of Sweden Rock Magazine coming out, the second in a row with David Coverdale on the cover. Maybe the time has come to bow out in style? People are very supportive and it is always great to leave when things are looking good. David will be 68 on September 22.


Babymetal dropped the news today that there will be another exclusive Fan Club (The One) release titled “Metal Resistance Episode VII – The Chosen Seven”. You get two DVDs with Download 2018 and Dark Night Carnival 2018 plus a CD with a previously unreleased song. It will ship at the end of June. Fair enough, but I would like to see more official (easy to grab) product on the general market now.


Norwegian doomsters (think early Sabbath) Kal-El will re-release the 2015 album “Ecosphere” on CD and Vinyl on May 17. Big day too with Vinyls coming out from PAL (see earlier post) and Heavy Load as well.


If you skip your vacation this year you can buy the entire Queen catalogue (18 albums) in a neat box on May 31. It is titled “Complete Studio Albums”. All coloured Vinyls.

Some interesting stuff that I want to mention covering different subjects.


Tarja Turunen is set to release her seventh solo album “In The Raw” on August 30. I will go for the Limited Edition Box Set as always. I just like to support her.


I saw the film “Red Sparrow” the other day. Based on Jason Matthews book (first of a trilogy) it has to be said that it is one of the best spy thrillers out there. Jennifer Lawrence (from the Hunger Games films) has the lead and she is great. So one has to wonder if they will eventually shoot another one, or even two? I certainly hope that they will. I will buy the first book now (the edition with Jennifer on the cover) and then I will wait and see what happens here.


The very controversial David Icke has a film out this summer called “Renegade”.


Ades Media in Sweden has just published another couple of Tex Willer books. Very expensive editions compared from what we see in Norway and Finland but at least we finally have Tex in print over here again.


Sabaton is back in the news. They are set to release a brand new album called “The Great War” on July 19. This will be released in several different versions (I see a rare blue Vinyl is planned for Sweden through Ginza). Meanwhile, and this is huge, they have just put out a new song/video called “Bismarck” on YouTube, a collaboration (the video that is) with World of Warships. The video is brilliant and the interest is sky high. I suggest you check it out.


More dates have been released from the Babymetal camp. They will play at The Brixton O2 Academy in London on July 2, a gig squeezed in between two Japanese dates so it is probably a promotional trip to do some press in Europe. They have also announced that they will perform at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento (still in California) on October 13, two days after the headline show at The Forum in Inglewood (see earlier post). Looks like they are dropping news almost on a daily basis now, to get a buzz going.


Whitesnake are doing well in the States. The US Tour is rolling and the band is doing a good job. They are concentrating the set around three albums, “Slide It In”, “1987” and “Flesh & Blood” (to be released in May). David is slightly more static than before, but at 67 and having undergone knee surgery not too long ago, I do not blame him. I think Whitesnake are far better in 2019 than we have any reason to expect. He truly is the last Rock Star. The Roger Moore of Classic Rock.


Sad to hear that Paul Raymond of UFO has passed away. He never got to finish the farewell tour that still has some way to go. I really feel for the group, this is a terrible situation but it would be difficult to cancel too many shows.


Here is something for all the trainspotters (as in: “I need to know everything about the stuff I love, and then some”) out there. David Coverdale has mentioned in interviews lately that his daughter Jessica (from his first marriage with a German woman called Julia) is actually a Baroness these days. She married into the Von Stauffenberg family. And yes, if that rings a bell it is because during WWII (in 1944), Claus Schenk Von Stauffenberg was the German officer that tried to kill Hitler (as portrayed in many movies, one quite recently that starred Tom Cruise as Von Stauffenberg). The very famous Valkyrie operation.


Puzzles that features classic album covers from bands such as Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Judas Priest and Slayer are coming our way. 500 pieces in great looking boxes. I will definitely go for some, like “Bomber” (Motörhead”) and “Ram It Down” (Judas Priest) etc.