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From Falun, Sweden, we have Brothers Of Metal. Currently on the road in Europe to promote their latest album “Emblas Saga”, they are proud promoters of Viking Metal. I have to say that the album cover art by Sallai Péter is right up there with Rainbow “Rising”, Molly Hatchet´s debut and Dio´s “Holy Diver” as far as sheer power and beauty is concerned. And you need to own the Double Vinyl (Red) with the gatefold sleeve. I like that Viking Metal is a thing.


Good news for fans of Steve Vai as the classic “Passion & Warfare” was re-released today. It is a 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (1,500 copies) in Orange Vinyl. Probably his finest moment.


Commando artist Ian Kennedy is revisiting Battler Britton in a new 128 page comic from Rebellion on April 1. Not sure if it is a new take or stuff from the archives. In any case, it is good to see Battler Britton out there.

(My shot of the “Emblas Saga” album)


The countdown is on for the Stockholm show in early February. Really looking forward to it. As you know I enjoy obscure podcasts and Metal As Medicine just posted a great video on YouTube called “Metal Galaxy” Album Discussion. Watch the stats go through the roof, these guys are in for a huge surprise as the Babymetal legions pops by. They are talking about a special episode about Babymetal as well, and this is pretty much guaranteed now I think. Good job there chaps.


Good news for fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, as “Fire & Ice” is about to get the good old Vinyl treatment on January 31. Blue and Yellow Vinyls.


I can tell that the Airfix homepage has almost crashed (due to heavy traffic) today, since they have just announced what they have in store for 2020. And they always have got something that you will enjoy (if you are anything like me).


David Coverdale has put up a new Whitesnake video (about a week ago) with the track “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)”. Live scenes over the studio version from the “Flesh & Blood” album.


And from Russia we have a rather nice Symphonic Rock band called Imperial Age. They have crowdfunded a new video (of the last studio album that was released in 2018) for the song “The Legacy Of Atlantis”. This will serve them well and I quite like their style. They have also released a live album called “Live In Wroclaw” back in August and they have a UK Tour lined up in April 2020.


Revell has issued a Spitfire MKII in 1:32 that should interest fans of Iron Maiden. It is called Aces High and you do get Eddie with it. Iron Maiden performed with a Spitfire over their heads on their last tour, so this is appropriate. I bet the guys in the band loves this.


Fans of big dioramas should enjoy the new Stalingrad Siege 1942 Battle Set in 1:72. You get a tractor factory, tanks, the lot. Italeri is really the leader of the pack when we are talking about diorama sets now.


Ian Gillan has confirmed that Deep Purple have finished the recordings of the next studio album and that there will be more details coming up in the spring. Meanwhile, more dates are being announced all the time for shows next year.


Looks like Babymetal will spend the better part of June 2020 doing gigs all over Europe. First shows ever in Spain and Poland has been announced. Still room for more dates so we shall see where this ends. I think they are adding smaller dates in between the major festivals. Kerrang! has Babymetal in #1801 & #1802. Good to see this kind of support.


Japanese rockers Lovebites has a new album out in January called “Electric Pentagram”. I like the title.


Huge Glenn Hughes feature in UK publication Rock Candy #17. The cover shot is an official image from his early Deep Purple days.


Saxon singer Biff Byford will release his first solo album “School Of Hard Knocks” in February. He has a video out for it now with a track called “Welcome To The Show”. Sounds good to me.


You can now get the classic Runaways 1977 “Live In Japan” album in glorious Red Vinyl. Finally!!

(Cover shot is official Deep Purple shot)


Just had the pleasure of reading the 92nd Lucky Luke book “En Cowboy i Paris” (Albumförlaget, 2019) and I was quite surprised. Like Asterix, the series lives on long after the original creators have passed away, but the quality is still high. If anything, this is one of the best adventures in my book and that speaks volumes.


Good old Ozzy has a new studio album called “Ordinary Man” coming out in early 2020. First video, “Under The Graveyard”, turns out to be a good heavy song so there is still hope.


New live release from Molly Hatchet on November 29, “Battleground”. They have a new singer, Jimmy Elkins.

(My shot of the Lucky Luke book)


I mentioned the Randy Bachman albums that I discovered not long ago and here we have an album called “Taking Care Of Christmas” from 2014 that sits pretty good right about now. Perfect Christmas music for the ageing rocker.


Canadian singer Leah has a new album out called “Ancient Winter” on November 15. I just discovered her yesterday and I like what I hear. She has been called the Enya of Metal, and that is just about right.


Looks like ticket sales for the Stockholm show could be a lot better so there is a risk that the show at Fryshuset on February 3 will be moved down from Arenan (fairly big hall in the Fryshuset complex, Nightwish has performed there on several occations) to a smaller hall called Klubben in the same building. Of course there is no official word yet and there is still time to pump up some interest, but our media is not exactly on the ball are they? A friend of mine (Hello Kalle) got this information at the venue a few hours ago as I write this, in friendly conversation with somebody that has the inside track on things. However, a smaller show is not to be considered a bad thing in my book. Seeing a show with a band that are testing the waters for the first time in your country at a smaller venue can be a memorable experience. You get to take it all in up close. I saw bands like Whitesnake (1981) and Gillan (1982) in smaller venues when nobody cared and it was awesome. For Babymetal, I hope that things speed up over here for the sake of the financial side of things, I just pray they do not cancel this show. That would be a disaster.

(My image of the Randy Bachman CD)