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I visited the annual Storsie meeting yesterday in a small town called Brunflo, located by the shore of Storsjön (The Great Lake). It was held by Föreningen Storsjöodjuret (roughly translates to the Great Lake Monster Association) and friends of this blog will know about their work around this lake. Witnesses talked about their sightings and interesting photographs was on display (as usual). These evenings are always quite interesting. I handed out copies of RETROFUTURE 7 and talked about my 1977 experience. I was also given a Honorary Membership Award by the association, which was nice.

There has been a few articles, including film and photographic material, in local media this summer. The mystery lives on.

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Prepping has arrived in Sweden

Posted: October 10, 2014 in General, Prepping


In the last few weeks I have discovered a scene in Sweden that I didn´t think existed here – people prepping, getting ready in case of bad times. If you follow the news, chances are that you are starting to think about such things so as a business idea it looks pretty solid. If you want to check this out, I suggest Överlevnadsbutiken (offering food that lasts 25 years etc) and if you are more inclined to want to run around in the woods and hurl smoke grenades, why not Tactical Store? Between the two of them, you can  find pretty much everything you need.

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