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Red hot Playboy

Posted: October 30, 2014 in General, Magazines


It has to be said that Playboy is doing an excellent job these days. The October issue sports yet another good cover and I think the competition is left far behind now.

Cover shot by Jared Ryder.


Jeans fashion

Posted: October 29, 2014 in Cool stuff, General, Magazines


This is a good cover. The current issue of Elle (French edition) sports a Jeans Special with loads of great pictures and history.  Got to have some of that.

Cover shot by Laura Sciacovelli.


Friends of this blog will know that I have plans to relocate from the city once I find that place in the countryside that I really want. The search continues and I kind of like that part of it as well. However, I´m not just sitting on my behind doing nothing in the meantime, that would be a mistake. I´ve been buying books and magazines that will come in handy for quite a while now, and I just added David Toht´s “40 Projects For Building Your Backyard Homestead” (Creative Homeowner, 2013) to the collection. David has published over 60 how-to books and you can see that history within these pages, I would say that this presentation is outstanding. Hundreds of drawings and photographs spread over 258 pages and, as the title says, 40 projects. I know that even I can do some of that stuff – as for the rest, I appreciate the inspiration.

This is an interesting phase, just planning ahead.

Legends of rock

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Classic Rock, Hobby, Magazines


The greatest rock music ever is getting old but I don´t care. Magazines like Classic Rock and (Swedens) Rock´n´Roll Magazine still caters for my generation and I don´t see this coming to an end anytime soon. Two of rocks true giants can be seen here on these current issues – Jimmy Page on Classic Rock 203 and Neil Young on Rock´n´Roll Magazine issue 6 2014. Plenty of great stuff in both – I really enjoyed the Rainbow (1979-1980) article in Classic Rock (not that they could get a quote out of dear Ritchie, but still…), and it was nice to see that Neil Young is a toy train enthusiast. Aha!

Rock will forever be the soundtrack of my life.

War is hell

Posted: October 27, 2014 in TV & Movies


I saw “Fury” with Brad Pitt last night and it was the best WW2 film that I´ve seen since “Saving Private Ryan” (back in 1998). You see the war through the eyes of a tank crew and you could say that the audience is represented by the poor sod that has been sent in to replace a dead crew member in a team that has fought together for years, from North Africa to Germany. This young and inexperienced fellow has to accept a horrific new reality in a heartbeat, because if he can´t, he could have them all killed. That´s the human side of this movie, the other is to stand up against murdering bastards, in this case The SS. And stand up they do, the final battle is all out madness – but they´ve made that choice.

This is a good film on so many levels, it really is a Classic.

Tiny house living

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Books, Cool stuff, General, Prepping


I like Ryan Mitchell´s book “Tiny House Living” (Betterway Home Books, 2014). It´s an interesting scene, almost an artform in itself. YouTube is full of stuff as well, should you want to check this out. As far as books go, this 178 page title is the best that I´ve seen so far.

Food for thought.

The Phantom battles Nazi intruders

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Comics


This is rare, a WW2 adventure with the Phantom. This is what we get in Fantomen 23 2014 here in Sweden right now. The story – “Operation Enigma” – was created by David Bishop (text) and César Spadari and to my knowledge it´s the first WW2 story ever, although I might be mistaken.

Cover art by Hasse Lindahl.