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The planning for RETROFUTURE 6 (the 100th publication) is as follows:

The double issue will be published with the “rock edition” with Deep Purple on the cover first (in June). The “western edition” will follow in the fall after the holidays.

Copies of this first edition will be available Stateside through Johnnie Bolin, who is interviewed about his brother (one time Purple guitarist) Tommy Bolin. More information about this when the time is right. Two articles are in english, the interviews with Mr Bolin and David Coverdale. A nod from me to the fans outside of Sweden.

As for the contents of this 100 page double issue bonanza, I can honestly say that I have never been happier with a publication. I have spent months on this project, making sure it will be special.

This hobby is coming closer to the end (2015) and I want to go out with a bang. It will cost me to do it but wrapping things up nicely is important to me.

So, June it is. The festivities starts then.

RF_100small (RF6)


Big in Sweden

Posted: March 26, 2013 in Books, Comics


This book featuring classic comic strips with Allan Kämpe (roughly translates to Allan The Fighter) came out here in Sweden back in 1976. Allan Kämpe was the brainchild of Eugen Semitjov and adventures was produced between 1942 and 1957. Eugen both wrote it and created all the art. He was actually a well known reporter and used to cover things like the Space race back in the day – he used to be in attendance when NASA shot a rocket into space.

I was a big fan of this guy when I was a kid, nobody else covered science the way he did. Glad I have this book, and a few others, in my old collection.

Dewey – The Library Cat

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Books


“Dewey – The Library Cat” by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter (Little, Brown & Company, 2010) came to my attention a while back when I read a very positive review in a magazine. I knew I had to read it some day and now I have. In short, I absolutely love this book. It really is a book for all ages, a book to share with loved ones and especially with children.

Dewey was found abandoned in a library book drop slot in the dead of winter and was rescued by the people that worked there (including the author of this book, who became “Mom”). Eventually, Dewey became the official library cat and his personality endeared him first to the locals and then to an ever growing circle of people (even as far away as Japan). People travelled to see Dewey and I have to say that the book is rather wonderful.

As a cat owner I can relate to many of the situations – some things are universal.

Hollywood, take note…


Packing stuff now in order to stash it away until I own a bigger home. Beginning with thousands of comic books in cardboard boxes it will be a project that will keep me busy over the summer. No way around it though, this needs to be done and I have ignored the problem long enough.

Packing this stuff I realise I may never see the contents again (if current plans for the future crash and burn), or – fingers crossed – I will have a darned good time unpacking the boxes some day. I hope to have a good final restingspace for these comic books, perhaps a place where I can set up a hobby room for building models (plastic kits, not women!) and combine the two interests.

As for the many books I have, I will certainly include parts of the old library in this project as well. I need to catalouge them though, so that is a project for a rainy day (or two). All in all, time to get things in order.

I think I will call this project Operation Final Countdown, or perhaps Operation Make It Happen You Lazy Bastard.

In any case, in my mind I know where this is going. I think part of the fun is in the longing, the search. No hurry, just keep your eyes open and make the call when the time is right.

When it does, it will be all over this blog…

Sexy is better

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Books, Cool stuff, General


Books on the classic Pulp era pops up fairly often these days, which is easy to understand. This title, “Dames, Dolls & Delinquents – A Collector´s Guide To Sexy Pulp Fiction Paperbacks”, by Gary Lovisi (Krause Publications, 2009) – is one of the really good and juicy examples. Plenty of amazing covers and history.

Some of these classic books are probably still around, but with covers that will bore you to tears. Looking back, as far as the art and the style of presentation was concerned, it was way better back then.

Who is going to publish books on the covers made after this colourful period? No point really, is there?


Well, actually, I think I may be bitchin a little too much here. The downfall has really happened the most within the Crime novel scene. There is still a very colourful and healthy scene out there is other fields – particularly in Sci-Fi and the Occult (Vampires etc), so all is not lost.

I do collect these current examples of good art, knowing full well that the days may be numbered for them as well. Seen here is a book called “Demon Forged” by Meljean Brook (Berkley Sensation/Paranormal Romance, 2009).

It´s not over. Not quite.

Golden age comic book covers

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Books, Comics


The art of classic comic books of yesterday is an interesting subject and I do like to collect books on the subject. “Action! Mystery! Thrills! – Comic Book Covers of The Golden Age 1933-1945” (Fantagraphics Books, 2011), is one such recent title, worthy of your attention. The cover of this book is originally a cover for Suspense Comics (issue 3 1944), with art by Alex Schomburg – it is quite heavy but needs to be put into context. It was 1944, WWII was on and the heroes of the day were fighting the Nazi malice in comic books just like America and the allies were in real life. I know that some people would be quick to ask for censorship today, but history is history. And it was not all like this, naturally they picked a rather juicy piece of art for the cover. It was the day of Donald Duck, Captain Marvel, Green Hornet, Sheena, Superman and Dick Tracy as well (and countless other titles). Got to love it all though.

This is a glimpse into how it all started and I love this era. It left quite a mark on our culture.


Looking back can be a strange thing. When I was a kid I was into comic books and tv-shows like High Chaparral, Star Trek, Space 1999 and all the rest of them. Nothing strange, I loved the adventures. No surprise then that I started to draw my own comics at age 13 (or thereabouts) along with a good friend of mine from school. This lasted until other things came along (you can guess what) but I have kept all these pages of nutty art and although it seems like a lifetime ago now at least I can go back to it and take a nostalgic look should I want to. Lots of memories of course.

With RETROFUTURE 6 I look back at my life and all the magazines etc so I thought it was appropriate to share a glimpse of the very early days. I had a lot of fun creating this spread, giving credit to what got me started all these years ago along with a bit of a showcase. It really is second rate, but I stopped drawing before I was any good, I was just a happy kid having a shot at something. Still, all these years later, this bug of mine (whatever it may be) is still there. I am taking photographs of beautiful women in Western outfits now, so a small part of that kid must still be alive in me somewhere.

RETROFUTURE 6 is pretty much done. It will be out in the summer.