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Here´s a nice shot from 1991 – the guys you see here are renowned Swedish photographers Ulf Magnusson and Michael Johansson posing with Purple related albums that features their work on the covers – and I took this picture for a story that was to be published in DEEP PURPLE FOREVER (issue) 2 that spring. Ulf is holding a Whitesnake collection called “Best” that EMI in Greece put out without approval from David Coverdale. Nor did Ulf know about it until he walked into a record shop in Stockholm called Vinyl Mania about seven months after the (April 1987) shoot (Coverdale had bought four pictures for promotional use because he really liked them) and found a copy of the album. Took him a few minutes to realize that it was actually his shot.

Michael is holding a Ritchie Blackmore album titled “Rock Profile Volume 2” that had just been released at the time, with a shot of Blackmore on the front taken in Budapest in 1987 (not in Stockholm, as the notes says). Actually, it was a lucky break back in 1981 when he introduced himself to Ian Broad, who worked exclusively for Ritchie Blackmore, and was invited to photograph Rainbow live that kickstarted his career. At the time of this shot a decade had passed and he had photographed Blackmore on well over 20 occations in that time (both with Rainbow and Deep Purple).

As for me, I was kind of closing down my career as a freelance rock journalist at the time, and wanted to have another go at a Deep Purple publication just for fun, and that was the path I took. It´s 25 years ago now. The decision to create DEEP PURPLE FOREVER came at the tail end of 1990.

A decade later these two gentlemen filmed the interview I did with David Coverdale in 2000 with two cameras. It was published in DEEP PURPLE FOREVER at the time and it was also a cover story in BRIGHT EYES (which was soon to become Sweden Rock Magazine). I republished it in RETROFUTURE 6 (my 100th publication) in 2013 and it has been a top draw on this blog since 2012.

I would like to say thank you to both Ulf & Michael for their support over the years. Especially Michael. You´re the best.



Looking through old photographs from the rock years and I found this shot of Steve Lukather. Isn´t it a cool picture? You can actually see what a great guy this is – I always had a great time when we used to meet each other when he was touring with Toto or, as in this case, as he was in Stockholm to promote his first solo album. This particular chat is up on this blog (see the Classic Rock Interviews category) and I also republished it in RETROFUTURE 4 in 2011 along with some Toto stuff from the old archives.

I think I had a couple of guys from Pride with me on this occation, and they were just about to sign to a company. I recall asking Steve if he had any advice and he said “Get a good lawyer”.

Good memories.


Another great Lucy Lawless cover from the heyday of her Xena fame, Maxim (April 1999 issue) 17. Six pages with great photographic content by Alberto Tolot and a good interview by Bob Ivry (lucky bastards, that´s all I´ve to say).

This is a super hot cover in my opinion.


Nice to find these singles in the old collection, both from 1986 and both from Swedish outfits. Europe of course, had a massive hit with “The Final Countdown” and took off like a rocket worldwide in 1986-1987. Guitarist John Norum left right in the middle of the promotional trek and he soon recorded his own album and then joined up with Glenn Hughes (see interview with Hughes on this blog from back in the day). I interviewed Joey Tempest around this time and I´ve seen it in print recently so I guess I could add that particular chat to this blog later on. We shall see.

Madison was a good band as well. I remember doing an interview live for my radio show Heavy Rock Paradise around this time, over the phone. Singer Göran Edman went on to join Yngwie Malmsteen and I met him backstage at Johanneshovs Isstadion in 1990 when the band hit town. The interview that I made with Malmsteen is up on this blog and I also reprinted it in RETROFUTURE 2 back in 2010. I saw Edman live again not long ago, at a local pub here in Östersund.

When I see this stuff I´m flooded with memories.


Here´s a couple of Classic Rock/AOR singles from 1988, Pride´s first single “You´re The Only One” and Glory´s “I´m Hurt”. Pride came from my neck of the woods and I tried to help them out a little (they actually got signed but the label went bust, there has been a couple of CDs in recent years though with stuff from back in the day). Not sure what happened to Glory, I don´t think I ever actually met them (although I could be mistaken, the 80s is a bit of a blur to be honest – only because it´s a long time ago now.

I still have a few copies of the Pride single in the old collection, I´ll get one signed by my buddy Jonas Öhlund (who was the guitarist) and give it away some day through this blog. Stay tuned.

As for that cover, the model was a friend of ours, a hairdresser we knew.

Congratulations Commando

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Well it has been a joy to support UK comic book Commando yet another year and I appreciate that they are still going strong, keeping this whole thing alive. They are the Alamo now – the last line of defense.

“Bandits At 12 O´Clock” (Carlton Books, 2008) is one of these classic 12 adventure collections, 778 pages of bliss. There´s a few out there still.

Got to love this.


I discovered Tina Moe – a local gal from my neck of the woods – in about 1983 (memory fails, but that´s the ballpark), told CBS about her and they signed her as a solo artist within weeks. It all happened very quickly and I´ve fond memories of seeing her perform live on many occations back then. These were her first singles, “Du förlåt mig” (1983) and “Oro” (1984), picked from her first LP.

Good times.