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Pretty busy this weekend unpacking boxes in my new place. At the moment I am just sorting stuff, I need to get the last couple of rooms ready this summer before I can squeeze in the last of my collections. Still, getting stuff organized is a good first step. Took this image about 10 days ago down in the hobby room. I have actually located a brilliant Modesty Blaise cloth that I got years ago as I subscribed to Agent X9, and I will present a snapshot of it next week on this blog. I just had to put that on the wall in this room.

The posts I put up today and this weekend has actually been prepared in advance as I do not have access to Photoshop in the new place as yet. This will happen fairly soon now though, as I will bring over the old computer over here as well. Thus I have to wait with some Whitesnake news (they have just released a new video), and Babymetal better not drop any kind of bombshell information in the next couple of days, that would drive me bonkers!


Blog update

Posted: January 25, 2019 in About this blog

I have updated the “Contact” (tag, page) with my new e-mail, so I can communicate with you guys again as of now. My old computer, the one that I use for updates still, made some funny noices earlier today. Sounded like it intended to take off into space. No such problems as I write this but if a week goes by without any updates on this blog, expect it to come back at some point fairly soon. And if you spot a strange thing in the sky, it is probably my computer.

Also, crazy busy with the move right now.


Well it has been an interesting year for me (crazy busy, but interesting) and it feels a bit weird that 2019 is just a few hours away as I write this. Hard to believe that 2020 is coming up before you know it, a brand new decade. As you know (if you follow this blog) I bought a house on the countryside and this has taken up most of my time, and a lot of my resources. I see all these fantastic Vinyls flooding the market that I really want, but I am only buying a select few as it stands. Hopefully I will be able to catch up as things settle down. On a good note, I do have all the space that I could ever have hoped for and so the collections are finally dealt with and put up on display (one by one, I still have a couple of rooms to fix). With me on this journey I have had some really good friends whom have stepped up and helped me out (especially my old pal Kalle, a beautiful soul). I hope I will see things settle down in 2019.

I have enjoyed my usual slabs of culture and I have to say that Babymetal (no surprise there, eh?) has added a lot of happiness into my life. 2018 was a hard year for them but they are still growing, adding new fans every day (you can see it on YouTube). I think they will whack us over our collective heads with something brilliant in 2019. At the same time, I see a lot of the bands that I have had in my life since I was a kid bid their farewells right now. Time is running out, that is just the way that it is for the older bands. But good music is still out there and it will never really go away. Just look at the hype over Queen because of the Freddie Mercury movie, a signal to Hollywood that there is a lot of potential in tapping into the rich history of Classic Rock. It is not hard to imagine way more of this coming, just look at the success of all the official biographies (there is your source for inspiration right there). And then you have the generation that has grown up with this stuff being in charge now. I expect my kind of stuff to be out there as long as I live.

On the political side I prefer to watch and not comment these days. I do think that Western Civilization is on the brink and that the globalist agenda has finally run out of steam. I see them do crazy things now that will infuriate people. I do not see politics as a left/right kind of thing, but rather as a top/down thing, and we need a system that cares about us and our culture, not about the select few that thinks that they can gain even more if borders are erased. I am tired of it all, but I follow it with interest. Who knows, we may even get a new government here in Sweden in 2019 (a little joke there, you may know what is going on here since the election in September)…? But enough of that.

Fuck it all, just give me another great Babymetal album!

(Amazing traffic on the blog today, many thanks!)


Today we remember Tommy Bolin, whom passed away on December 4 1976. I can see that Purple fans are here on the blog in droves checking out the MK 4 stuff.

(Seen here is a page published in a Japanese magazine back in the day)

I can observe on the stats what people watch the most on any given day on this blog and this June 18 2017 post on Su-metal has got legs right now. I noticed it as it popped up again a few days ago and it is still up there. I recall writing it and I still stand by this claim that Su-metal is indeed the best female vocalist in Metal these days. If anything, the Hiroshima DVD has only strengthened the argument. Babymetal was built around her talent and that was a darned good move that has payed off in a big way.



Posted: July 14, 2018 in About this blog, General, Jämtland (County), Stugun

As a bit of a history buff I was astonished to see that they will remember 1718 (if you are a Swede you should know what happened that year) in Stugun (Jämtland County) on July 22, very close to the house I have bought in the village. Only, I get the keys 24 hours later…

Still, wonderful to see that things like this is going on in Stugun.

(Added a new category for Stugun to this blog today)

OK, I have removed 1,900 posts from this blog and I think I can live with what it is now. Still have about 3,370 left and that is not bad. I did not have to remove so many (far from it), but I felt that it was a good opportunity to sharpen it up a little. I also checked if links worked and some did not. I will not link as much as I have in the future, unless it is sourced on platforms that I trust will remain.

Holiday has begun, lots of things to do.