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Today we remember Tommy Bolin, whom passed away on December 4 1976. I can see that Purple fans are here on the blog in droves checking out the MK 4 stuff.

(Seen here is a page published in a Japanese magazine back in the day)


Send me a postcard!

Posted: October 27, 2018 in About this blog, Cool stuff, General

It would be interesting to receive postcards from readers of this blog and since I will spend my last Christmas at this address this year (as you know, I am moving to the countryside) I figured it would be a good time to ask you to give me a wink. Send me a postcard of your choice and a few words, and I will showcase the cards I get come Christmas on this blog. Looking forward to your greetings, I know I have some great people out there popping into this blog on a regular basis. I wonder if I will get some Babymetal cards? Or Tex Willer? Big world out there, you know what I love! A card representing your country or city would be wonderful too. So come on, give me some love!


(Seen above, some classic postcards – really nice ones!)

I can observe on the stats what people watch the most on any given day on this blog and this June 18 2017 post on Su-metal has got legs right now. I noticed it as it popped up again a few days ago and it is still up there. I recall writing it and I still stand by this claim that Su-metal is indeed the best female vocalist in Metal these days. If anything, the Hiroshima DVD has only strengthened the argument. Babymetal was built around her talent and that was a darned good move that has payed off in a big way.



Posted: July 14, 2018 in About this blog, General, Jämtland (County), Stugun

As a bit of a history buff I was astonished to see that they will remember 1718 (if you are a Swede you should know what happened that year) in Stugun (Jämtland County) on July 22, very close to the house I have bought in the village. Only, I get the keys 24 hours later…

Still, wonderful to see that things like this is going on in Stugun.

(Added a new category for Stugun to this blog today)

OK, I have removed 1,900 posts from this blog and I think I can live with what it is now. Still have about 3,370 left and that is not bad. I did not have to remove so many (far from it), but I felt that it was a good opportunity to sharpen it up a little. I also checked if links worked and some did not. I will not link as much as I have in the future, unless it is sourced on platforms that I trust will remain.

Holiday has begun, lots of things to do.

Spending a lot of time on reshaping the blog at the moment, deleting posts. I have done something like four years (2012 into 2016) at the moment, and on a good note it is making this blog a bit sharper. More focused. Some things will have to go, like the Pulp cover of the week thing. Good fun but it needs to go. I hope to be done within a few days, I do have other things on my mind now as you may know (see last post). July is likely to be a bit slow here but at least I am still up for keeping the legacy alive. Looking back, there is a lot of good stuff on this blog and it would have been a shame to let it all go.

Thank you for still caring (the stats are still very good!).

(Top image, Over The Rainbow live shot by me, DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #1 cover by Michael Johansson)


Took the decision to let this blog live to see another day a few hours ago. The EU will no doubt do their thing a week from now and implement Article 13 (or it will happen later on), so I will adapt. A huge chunk of the contents of this blog will be removed and I will have to rethink the 2.0 version. But it will live on.