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First snow arrived in my neck of the woods this week, so here we go again. It will be a while until it stays but winter is definitely on the way. Got my operation done a couple of days ago. Took two and a half hours (that I thankfully slept through) but I am back home and although I am a bit tired I feel good about the fact that it is done. I pretty much lost this summer and the to do list is frightening. Still, I can finally take care of things proper. In a sense, I begin a new season myself as well.

The blog is still good fun to have a go at every now and again and it is nice to see good traffic for old posts. This week I noted a big interest in a particular story, as the stats for the October 19 2018 post “Babymetal and the Led Zeppelin connection” went through the roof. Not sure if it was fans of Babymetal or Zeppelin, but somebody clearly linked to the blog.

There was also interest from a journalist in the States to do something with the August 20 2012 post on Ronnie James Dio (the big interview, I think the UFO part in particular). So we will see what happens there. I gave her my blessings, no reason not to.

Got Metal Hammer #327 in the mail (first of two versions, the other is on the way) and I have to say that the Babymetal interview by Eleanor Goodman AND the photography by Steve Brown for said story was top notch. Superb stuff. In a sense, they too (Babymetal) have entered a new season, a new chapter. Glad to follow them on this journey from afar, they bring so much joy. And we can all appreciate a bit of that in our lives.

And for the very same reason I just added a bunch of Fred Basset books (2012-2020 stuff from the Daily Mail in the UK) to the old collection, published by Summersdale Publishers Ltd. This is a rather wonderful cartoon and I will enjoy these books very much in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your continued interest in this little corner of our strange universe.

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Glad to see that the Deep Purple Podcast quoted the recently posted interview with Dan McCafferty of Nazareth in todays episode (21). Also, somebody at the University of Cape Town wanted to have permission to use a quote or two from my 1987 interview with Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath). Of course I said yes, why not. I like it when people actually ask.

Just listened to the latest episode of the Deep Purple Podcast (#15, “Who Do We Think We Are” – The End, Part 2) and they did quote my 1981 interview with Jon Lord in which he said that Ian Gillan had been a prima donna around the time of this album. Jon was in Whitesnake at the time and had no way of knowing that Deep Purple MK2 would get back together again (which happened in 1984). Fans that collect articles of Purple can clearly see how different eras give you slightly different takes on the history. In 1981, Lord had no reason to hold back as he discussed 1973. This interview can be found on this blog and it is probably the most quoted interview (books etc) in the archives. In fact, the old interviews are a major draw to this blog.

As for the Deep Purple Podcast, there seems to be a brand new episode up every Monday, which is nice. The episodes can be found on a variety of platforms and I really enjoy listening to these guys. And with the awesome history that the Purple Family has on offer (five decades on the plus side), they will never run out of material to cover.

About this blog

Posted: August 2, 2019 in About this blog

You may have noted that this blog has been inactive for a few weeks. I have been quite ill and I ended up spending a few days at the hospital in Östersund (Jämtland County) where they located the problem. I will not go into details but I will have an operation a few weeks from now that will take care of things. In the meantime I am taking it very easy and it is only now that I am starting to think about the blog again. When I have a good day, I will try and put something up. Or I may be active for at least a short period again. But anything can happen here.

I can see that the Classic Rock Interviews (David Coverdale, Ronnie James Dio etc) are doing well. So does some Babymetal stuff.

About this blog

Posted: July 17, 2019 in About this blog

I have been ill for a week and is taking some time off from my hobbies.

Time for an update regarding what is going on with this blog. The major work is complete, some minor stuff (like replacements of certain images) remains to be taken care of. I had to rethink everything as you know, so many old posts had to go. There are less than 700 posts on this blog now, about 90% had to go. This has been very time consuming but it had to be done. Meanwhile I have noticed a considerable drop in visits which is totally expected. 75-80% drop in traffic says it all. I think some people are still visiting, but not every day. Fair enough. I used to really enjoy putting stuff up, to showcase magazines, books, records etc, but I have to look at what is coming now. So this change will at least enable me to carry on, in my own way. It will still be me doing my thing, so it will still be a bit on the eccentric side. This blog will always be a one of a kind thing. You know that and I know that because I will never change.

For those of you that still pop in every now and then, thank you for your support.

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Got some new furniture delivered today and one of the items was a small table for computer work. So as of today this blog is handled in this little corner. Behind it, hidden behind a door, is this beauty…


So, little by little, the man cave takes shape. I have a couple of major projects to deal with in the coming weeks. No rest just yet, but it is great fun. I have to admit that.

(Thank you Kalle for your support)

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