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So, 165 posts in March. I quite enjoy adding stuff to this blog at the moment. Really good traffic as well. Discovered Babymetal in March and added them as a Category (first outside of the Deep Purple Family for all the Rock & Metal stuff). I had to count who came out on top and Babymetal won with 24 posts over the Purple Familys 23. Still, close call. Two dealt with both too. As for the rest, I am just enjoying myself here. As for Babymetal, April 1 is Fox Day, so we might get some news coming in today…

Thank you for your support.


Still enjoy adding stuff to the blog but February was a bit slow with 108 posts. Could have been a little higher but I can only spend that much time on this and so what happens on the blog depends on what else is going on. It is what it is. Still, could be worse.

Pictured above: actress Helena Mattsson in “Guns & Girls”.


Still having fun adding stuff to the blog and I think that 141 posts for the month of January was quite good. Good stats too, the blog obviously has a dedicated audience. I appreciate that more than you know.

February coming up.

(Pictured: “The Magnificent Seven” is out on DVD).


A reader asked me about Stats and I guess I could mention some. 246 people subscribe at the moment, meaning they get a mail every time a post is added to this blog (must drive some of these good people nuts). Regular daily Stats range from 100 to 400, much depending on how busy I am adding stuff. Weekends are higher. I guess I have a certain audience that pops in when they have a bit of time off. Every now and then somebody links to something on the blog and then the Stats skyrocket for a week or so, this often happens with the Classic Rock Interviews. Highest number of visitors ever (so far) was noted on March 21 2016, with 1,902 visits. For a long time, there was two different systems checking out the Stats, I used to have one that showed hourly stats and that number used to be way higher. I have no idea why. The blog had up to 500 hits an hour on that system. Seems to be gone now. So there you go.

(Picture shows Deep Purple in 1975, from German magazine POP).

136 posts in December

Posted: January 1, 2017 in About this blog, General


And so we close the books on yet another year. Still here then. I added 136 posts to the blog in December, and I still enjoy this little hobby of mine. In real life, I worked quite a lot and because of this I have a nice little holiday coming up soon.

I will certainly spend some time here then.


Bit of news regarding the blog today. This post is No. 3,002 on this blog, so that is well worth a mention I think.

Still enjoy it too.


Here is an interesting fact about this blog. On October 20 2014 I added a post called “Retro Playboy” to the blog. I noticed soon enough that it was nearly always on the Top 20 list of pages that people visit on any given day and these days it is in fact the most popular draw to the blog. I mean every time I go in to put something up, there it is in the Top 20, and often enough at the very top. How about that?

Check out the post here.