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Back in February, a friend of mine, Mikael Wennerberg over at the Jämtland Härjedalens Musical Archives, spotted ads for pre-ABBA shows that were held in these parts in the Summer of 1973. I picked that up and blogged about it on Trinkelbonker at the time. Now we see a local newspaper, Östersunds-Posten, cover the story on May 12 with additional details. The newspaper has located the people that booked the show in Svenstavik (for 3,000 kronor, roughly 300 bucks) in late July 1973 and unearthed some photographs from the day by Iwan Wåhlén (whom had been hired to document the night for the promoters, Bergs IK). The group that would soon change its name to ABBA had apparently arrived in a white Mercedes bus, performed on the back of a truck for 45 minutes, and signed plenty of autographs on the way out (you can actually see Agnetha and Frida sign autographs from the bus in this article). A new edition of “Ring Ring” (the record that they toured with 50 years ago) will be available on Double LP on May 19.

(Credit goes to ÖP, writer Stefan Nolervik and the Svenstavik crew – additional thanks to Kalle and Seth)


The posts from the Sabaton/Babymetal/Lordi trip to Stockholm is a big draw to the blog right now. Hundreds and hundreds of hits. I assume that some of you are here for the first time. Welcome to Trinkelbonker.

(My shot of souvenir from said trip)

Back from Stockholm. Exhausted. Need a few hours before I post anything but there is a lot going up on this blog within the next 30 hours or so. Great trip. See you!

(Shot by Seth Nilsson)

Well I am off to Stockholm to catch The Tour To End All Tours with Sabaton/Babymetal/Lordi and I will be back on Sunday to give you a report. Looking forward to this trip, I have not been to the Capital for the last three years so this will be fun. I will visit loads of record stores, book shops and interesting places. Hopefully that will include the ABBA museum, we shall see.

(My shot)

The 2001 interview with Ronnie James Dio (archived on August 20 2012 on this blog) has been quoted again, this time in a 25 minute segment titled “Ritchie Blackmore And Ronnie James Dio Summon A Demon” on the The Metal Mystic YouTube Channel. To be fair, the clip is not that bad and some research has gone into it. Oh well…

(My shot of the computer screen from this clip)

I have been thinking about the Montana Blue project from back in 2010-2014. It started with me having a couple of photo-sessions with my lovely model Nina in the Summer of 2010, and then I wrote the novel that was published through the Retrofuture platform. The novel was eventually reprinted twice, thousands of people have seen it in these parts since I was handing out copies for free all around The Great Lake (Storsjön, Jämtland County) back in the day. I had my eye on a comic book version as well and artist Richard Svensson was drafted into the project. I was looking to print it through Retrofuture but the project stalled and in the end only 18 pages saw print (in Retrofuture 7, back in 2014). In 2015, I printed the final issue but this project had been abandoned by then. Quite a shame too since Richard had done a marvelous job with the existing material. And the novel is probably the best piece of work in that field that I have ever done (Western theme, Norse Gods, Great Lake Monsters, you name it, it is all in there). I have had plenty of good feedback over the years and I am very happy about it. The 18 pages that saw print in Retrofuture 7 was in black/white, but the original was in full colour (I highlighted that fact on the back of the magazine). If this comic was ever completed, maybe it could be picked up by a publisher and released as an album? I am basically floating an idea here. Who knows… Crazier things have happened. If somebody out there wants to get in touch, I am right here. Of course it would be up to Richard too, but if interest existed, maybe it could happen. I guess it is one of those loose ends. And I am a dreamer.

(My Montana Blue shots, drawings by Richard Svensson – much more on the “My western gals” tag on this blog)

I was contacted a few months ago by Swedish Phantom (Fantomen) editor Andreas Eriksson on whether it was OK if he reprinted the Retrofuture 6 article on Polish television show Stawka (Kapten Kloss here in Sweden) that Maciek Szatko had penned for the magazine, and of course I said yes. I would say that recognition like this is quite nice to achieve. So why did Andreas think that an article about Stawka/Kapten Kloss suited this book (“Den inbundna årgången 1971 – Del 5”, Egmont 2023), which is, after all, dedicated to the Phantom? Well, this television show was very popular back in the day and it spawned a Swedish comic book as well as pocket sized books, and within the pages of the Swedish Phantom comic, there were ads about all this at the time. Ads that can be seen in this edition of the highly exclusive reprint series. So Andreas probably felt that a bit of history that represented the day was a good idea. I was not sure when exactly this would pop up but now it has. Seen above is said book, the issue of Retrofuture that inspired Andreas to include this in the book, and some Polish media from when Stawka star Stanislaw Mikulski passed away in 2014. The following images is from the Phantom book and from Retrofuture 6 and 7 (Maciek Szatko did manage to give a copy to Mikulski, and so there was a page about that in issue 7 – see also this blog, November 18 2013). In any case, enjoy this trip down memory lane…

(My shots of said book and magazines, many thanks to Maciek Szatko and Andreas Eriksson)

Trinkelbonker had 10 times the usual traffic yesterday, with the “Purple Soundboard Tapes…” post alone having 360 unique visitors. Not doing this for money (there is none), I am just having some fun in keeping up with the stuff that interests me the most on a personal level. 10 years ago, loads of this stuff would have ended up in magazines, but I am quite content in having this outlet these days. Right now I feel that it would be interesting to add some interviews (new and old) to the blog again. I can see that those always generates good interest. And cred, I would guess. Here is a list of the current interviews on this blog…

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(My shot of Over The Rainbow live 2010)

Exciting Deep Purple news broke this week that soundboard tapes from the 1976 UK tour has been located, and the second night at Wembley (March 13) is mentioned specifically. No word on whether this might see official release or not, but one can hope. Also, it looks like the current band have started the process that will eventually end up with the recording of another studio album. Writing has started in Nashville and Bob Ezrin is working with the band again. They have just done gigs in the Far East (Indonesia, the Budokan in Tokyo yesterday etc) and they eventually go to South America from over there after having completed the Japanese tour with gigs in Hiroshima (hometown of Su-metal), Fukuoka and Osaka. The Budokan gig can be seen on YouTube on the Metal Justice Tokyo channel. New guitarist Simon McBride (whom is doing really well it has to be said) did post a message on his facebook page that the Budokan could now be crossed from his bucket list.

(My shot of some old Deep Purple Forever! fanzines, issues 21/back, 3/front/Gillan shot by Michael Johansson, and 10/classic Melody Maker ad from March 13 1976)

Good traffic on the blog. Still having fun doing this and it is rewarding to see that a fair number of people pops in every day, particularly on weekends (so I assume that some of you visit when you have time off work then). Seen here is a small room where I do all the PhotoShop work on a computer that I can never really get rid of. The actual blogging takes place elsewhere in the house. I also have the CD collection in this room and some books. And the CD player. I found the smaller book shelf that you see below the Babymetal poster and the Deep Purple scarf on the second hand store trip yesterday. I had looked for something to fill up that space for some time so it was pretty nice to find it. I really only enter this room to put on a CD or to work on images for the blog, but I still seem to spend a fair amount of time in there. Sometimes I prepare blog images for the entire week in advance, but there will always be additional posts along the way as news are coming in.

(My shot of said room, many thanks for hauling the shelf back to my place Kalle!)