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Posted: May 25, 2018 in About this blog, Comics, General

So I posted the Pondus cover below and then a feeling of deja-vu creeped in. Decided to check it out and searched the Comics tag, and lo and behold, the same cover art popped up in a post from July 28 last year, only for the Norwegian edition. Same headline too…



Added 91 posts to this blog in April, which is OK. Babymetal scored 22, the Deep Purple Family 14 and it looks like the Classic Rock tag dominates although you will find the usual mix here for sure.

May here we come…

Yep, this is post 5,001 on this blog so you have enough of stuff to explore here to keep you busy for days. Stats are good, 300 people are followers and visitors have pressed the like button 930 times so far this year. You could say that Trinkelbonker is a special interests kind of blog, but it digs way deeper than what most others would – some of the tags on this blog is way up there and I have to assume that many regular visitors are aware of this.

So today (or say, this week if you can find the time) would be a good time to celebrate what we have here by sharing this link on your platforms (facebook, twitter, blogs etc) – that would help a lot. Last time I asked for an effort on your behalf traffic increased by 100%. That was some time ago now but it proved a point.

Feel free to use this image (I think it represents what this is to a certain extent).

And thank you for your continued support. I appreciate it a lot.

Mike Eriksson (Trinkelbonker)

Added 108 posts on the blog in March and I think it was a pretty interesting month to cover all in all. 24 posts on Babymetal and 20 for the Deep Purple Family dominated things, but Judas Priest managed to reach 10 posts too. I guess Classic Rock is the main tag but the usual mix will never go away. There will be 5,000 posts on this blog soon (how about that?).

April here we come…

Today is the first Anniversary of me being a devoted fan of Babymetal. I added the first blog post about them on March 9 last year and you can watch the sudden interest blossom on the blog – today you will find no less than 321 blog posts about them here. It has been a wonderful journey to have experienced their music (and especially the live DVDs), not to mention their superb history. One that can never be replicated. In the last few days I dived into the old collection some more and found an additional four magazines with Babymetal content from before I took notice of them. The worst example of me missing the boat was the two page article I found inside the pages of Classic Rock (issue) 215 (published in October 2015). I do recall reading this article back in the day, but for some reason I did not check them out on YouTube. I kick myself for this now but there you go. At least it has been a wonderful ride for the last year and that is something to be grateful for. And I am. Also, the reason I checked them out on YouTube on March 9 last year was the fact that the “Gimme Chocolate!!” video I saw listed had some 68,000,000 views. Well, now it is closing in on 85,000,000. Imagine that!

Check out the first blog post here. New reaction video on “Gimme Chocolate!!” by The Nobodies on YouTube here.

Added 84 posts to the blog in February. 20 of them dealt with all things Babymetal and 14 with the Deep Purple Family. Still fun to add stuff so March here we come…

First stats of 2018 is in and I added 90 posts to this blog in January. Babymetal got 12, the Purple Family reached nine. It was a month of sad news and good news – I kind of hope that February will be a little more on the positive side though. Not sure why a third ad has popped up all of a sudden, but it is annoying as hell.

February here we come…