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The Art of Ian Kennedy

Posted: March 19, 2019 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff, General

Due out in April from Heritage Comics in the UK, we have a book celebrating legendary artist Ian Kennedy. Titled “The Art of Ian Kennedy”, we will get 160 pages of his work in this Volume.



Aero Modeller 982

Posted: March 18, 2019 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby, Magazines

UK publication Aero Modeller (issue) 982. I love this cover. An enthusiast named Chris Brainwood has built the craft that you see here (inspired by a classic cartoon) and you get to know how he did it in this issue. This model should be on sale from a major company if you ask me.

Peppermint Fury

Posted: March 15, 2019 in Cool stuff, General, TV & Movies

Bought “Peppermint” on DVD and watched it today. This just might be the best revenge movie ever made. Jennifer Garner is excellent in this film and I hope they make a follow-up sooner rather that later. Enough said.

Well this is interesting. A young American band that consists of three brothers and two sisters are bringing Classic Rock back into the mainstream as we speak. They released their first six track EP (or mini album, same as Greta Van Fleet did not long ago) Stateside in January and right now they are making waves on the new hit show The World´s Best. The performance there recently with a cover of Dio´s “Rainbow In The Dark” earned them praise and it has to be said that there is a lot of potential in this group, a general vibe and appeal that could well give them a place in the next phase in the history of Classic Rock. Maybe this is an early sign – along with Greta Van Fleet – that things are brewing again and that a new generation is coming up. I think we all know that Classic Rock and Metal will never go away. Never in a million years. Oh, and one more thing. Ronnie James Dio would have loved to have seen this. I wish Liliac all the best – may they live and prosper.

Watch them perform “Rainbow In The Dark” here.

Visited a collector in Östersund (Jämtland County) whom is selling quite a collection yesterday and walked away with a few interesting items. Top of the list has to be this one, a Coca Cola LP in red Vinyl from Swedish label SOS (Sound of Scandinavia) titled “Have a Coke and a smile”. Year of release is not mentioned but a quick check online about the company that released this shows a label that was active in Sweden in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The cover shot looks like it was taken in Sweden, probably as they (Coca Cola, SOS or both) filmed a commercial for the movies or something like that. If anybody has more information on where the cover was shot and what boat that is (could well still be in traffic), please leave a comment.

A number of suggestions (all text is in Swedish except for the title) on how to mix Coke with all sorts of fruits etc (no alcohol) and meals that suits the drinks is splattered all over the cover, which comes as a nice gatefold sleeve. All in all, I was quite happy to find this and to add it to the old collection, and the fact that is is a red Vinyl makes it even more exciting. I find the album to be a nice find and an interesting bit of history. The music is by various artists (Pink Floyd etc), not able to play the record so I have little to add on that side as I write this.

(Thank you for a good day Kalle!)

Congratulations to Babymetal for reaching 100,000,000 views of “Gimme Chocolate!!” on YouTube today. The video was uploaded five years ago and when I discovered Babymetal a couple of years ago it was at 68,000,000 plus, so it is still moving along nicely. So is “Karate” that was uploaded roughly three years ago with 48,000,000 hits. I have said this before, “Gimme Chocolate!!” is one of the most effective videos (both visually and musically) that has ever been made. It is very very catchy, and once exposed to Babymetal you might just feel quite at home in the Fox Hole. As for news of the next album etc, it seems likely that we will get that on Fox Day (April 1).

Watch the video here.

(Image is from the video)

I published DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE (issue) 4 40 years ago (1979). It was the early days of my fanzine making hobby and I had a lot of fun in reaching out to the Deep Purple community in Sweden. This simple publication did give people a place to rally and I made friends then that I still have to this day. The hobby also quickly catapulted me to being able to write for newspapers and popular magazines. All that started with this innocent, but oh so fanatical fanzine. This particular issue also featured a Deep Purple comic about MK3 by Thomas Eklund. I will showcase more covers on this blog from those days later on.