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Out in the UK now, the 50th Anniversary Special on Deep Purple from the publishers of Uncut. Nice to see that the Purps are finally getting one of these. Now let us make it sell like crazy, just so that they will know…


Busy days. Having some fun organizing the old (and new) collection in my new place. On the left: Deep Purple family stuff (Tour Programmes, rare magazines etc). On the right: Reserved for Babymetal only.

The Vinyls are finally handled correctly, easy access being all important (see earlier post). Seen here are fairly new Vinyls. The older stuff is getting organized as we speak (great fun to look them over again). The Soundtracks are finding their way to the TV room.

Speaking of which… Here is a nice little corner that I just put in place. On the wall: Rainbow live, signed by Ronnie James Dio (recently showcased on this blog). Signed Callisto (Xena villain) photograph by actress Hudson Leick. Framed Babymetal “Megitsune” poster from Tower Records (Shinjuku, Japan – has also been highlighted earlier on this blog). Yesterday, at about midnight, I blasted some Judas Priest and Babymetal at high volume (testing the new TV in the process) and went outside to check what the neighbours might hear. Pretty much nothing. Good to know. I also have a nice 1960s Exhibition going. Got to have some fun.

(Thank you Kalle for all your help)

Looks like this blog is the first to report on this. In the last couple of days Babymetal has added every single song from four albums to their official YouTube account on the Playlist page. Meaning you can now listen to every track from “Babymetal”, “Live At Budokan – Red Night”, “Metal Resistance” and “Live At Wembley”. Here then, is the perfect opportunity to get into Babymetal. Just pick the album of your choice and crank it up.

You will find the albums here.

There are times when you have to take it easy with the shopping and I certainly have other priorities than records right now. However, I could not resist the Deep Purple reissues of “Made In Europe” and “Last Concert In Japan” from Universal in purple Vinyl. There are six more of them as you know and I guess I will have to put the old thinking cap on for this lot. Still, very happy to own these from this series.

Uriah Heep on Vinyl

Posted: September 15, 2018 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

I mentioned this 1970-1990 compilation with Uriah Heep a few months ago on this blog, but it is worth knowing that it is also available on Double Vinyl now. And it sports a rather nice cover as you can see.

Elvis nostalgia

Posted: September 14, 2018 in Cool stuff, General, Music (general), TV & Movies

This (Elvis) Vinyl was released yesterday in my neck of the woods (that would be Sweden). I kind of like this cover.

Some decent songs too.

Took a couple of quick snapshots yesterday (top image from my bed on the opposite side of this large living room in my new place), and I am happy to say that the tables from Woodenforge has popped up (the round table has chairs from Chatham and is placed so that you can take advantage of the fabulous view). The other two has been purchased specifically for the Vinyl collection, and this is now one of the ongoing projects. Getting the record collection in order for easy access has always been a dream and now it is happening. I will show you the end result later on but I can say that I am very happy about the Woodenforge brand. Got another table (variant) in the TV room, but that is for later. Note: The top image may give the impression that there is hardly any space to move between these tables but that is only an illusion. This room is pretty big.

Woodenforge is sold by Mio in Sweden (see snapshot of the round table in the Östersund store below). Should be available in your country.