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Ended my day with a beer at Captain Cook in Östersund (Jämtland County) and watched Michael Mojo Nilsson crank up his guitar with his blues mates. We are going through a bit of a heat wave over here in the last few weeks and it was a hot night in more ways than the excellent musicianship on that stage. Mojo is one of the best blues artists in Europe, his 2013 album “The Abduction Of Big Papa Mojo” is certainly top notch. And I always wanted a live album from this guy.

Seen here is a few shots from the night and the cover I gave him for RETROFUTURE 7 (2014). You can read that interview on this blog.


As a bit of a history buff I was astonished to see that they will remember 1718 (if you are a Swede you should know what happened that year) in Stugun (Jämtland County) on July 22, very close to the house I have bought in the village. Only, I get the keys 24 hours later…

Still, wonderful to see that things like this is going on in Stugun.

(Added a new category for Stugun to this blog today)

After a few years in hiatus we can now enjoy M/S Thomée again in Lake Storsjön (The Great Lake) here in Jämtland County. It has been in operation since 1875 but the last few years was problematic and local politicians did not help. Now it has been rescued by people that care, by the owners of Sir Winston as a matter of fact (a local restaurant). I knew that drinking a beer or two there every now and then was a good thing. In a cosmic sense, we can now all enjoy this wonderful boat again. The top image was taken at the harbour in Östersund back in 2009.

I took this shot from a bridge in 2011 as I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I have published both pictures in different magazines back in the Retrofuture days.

Same position, a few seconds later. Pretty happy of these particular shots. There is something magical about this boat.

Visit the official homepage for information here.


I like it when bands get their own beer, it is a sign of creativity and joy. Today I checked out a local act from Östersund (Jämtland County) called Velvet Insane as a couple of guys (and a nice female singer that guested on a couple of tracks) from the band introduced their own brand with an acoustic performance at a splendid establishment called Jazzköket. It was basically promoted through Facebook and it was kind of low key, but the beer is available now at Jazzköket and I think that is pretty cool. Here is a few shots from the launch.

Velvet Insane has toured in places like Japan, Australia, Spain and the UK. They have an album coming up in September and dates in Australia is in the cards. Here is guitarist Jesper Lindgren and singer Jonas Eriksson with a couple of guys from Revsunds Brewery. Watch the bands video “High On Love” here.


Well the hunt is over. Found my place in the countryside a couple of weeks ago after years of property hunting and things are in motion as we speak (it will take a couple of weeks to clear the paperwork). The property is located in a nice little village called Stugun (population ca 650), near great fishing waters and with a mountain rising closeby (this shot shows the back of the house). It was built in the 1960s and I like that era a lot. My holiday kicks in next wednesday and then the big move is in the cards. I will have no problem finding things to do this summer and beyond, this is going to be one hell of a project. Just glad the hunt is over.

A friend of mine (hello Staffan!) actually gave me a housewarming present yesterday, a Technics Vinyl Player no less. So lucky to have such wonderful friends and I appreciate this so much. I feel pretty good about finally having a chance to be able to set up a proper music room (also called living room…). Soon I will be able to revisit the old (and not so old) Vinyl collection. This alone excites me so much that I will celebrate all this with some excellent Swedish cake tonight (Frödinge Prinsesstårta).


Good times.

Made another trip to check out a nice little house in Jämtland (County) today, strangely not too far from the place that I visited a couple of weeks ago. This one has maybe 300 meters to the water but you have a mountain rising at the back so it is pretty good in that regard. Very quiet neighborhood. I kind of like this place.


Checked out a small house near water today. I enjoy these little trips. Some day I will be the happy owner of a nice place in the countryside. Note the small tree that is managing to kling on to a rock.

(Thank you Kalle)