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Posted: June 24, 2017 in General, Jämtland (County)

I like this postcard of the bridge between Östersund and the Island Frösön (my neck of the woods). This is what it looked like when I was a kid. When The Monkees and High Chaparral was the steady diet on television. Things have changed since then. Just spent 15 hours at work and my holiday for 2017 has just kicked in. I guess it will take a week to relax and get into the lazy days proper. The weather forecast is miserable right now but that is fine.

Looking forward to a bit of fun, in whatever shape or form it will pop up.

Checked out some property in Hammerdal (Jämtland County) today, and I quite like what I saw. This just might be it…

To be continued?

(Thank you Kalle)

I published my last magazine back in March 2015 (RETROFUTURE 8). At that point I had done over a hundred of them. It is not easy to walk away from a hobby that gives you so much joy but at the time I felt I had done just about everything that I would ever want to do. Still pretty happy and content with what I did and it is true that this blog has helped me get over it in a sense. It would take something extraordinary to get me involved in another issue, but I guess Babymetal – and giving them a good cover and a massive feature – could be interesting enough? But it would require seeing a show and getting some really good shots of them. I also miss my Western photography (see Category on this blog). So who knows? Part of me is considering it but the timing is not right yet.

Will it ever happen?


Checked out some property outside of Lit (Jämtland County) today. Good fishing waters nearby etc. In the end it wasn´t for me but some day I will locate the place of my dreams. They had this on their land, another artistic interpretation of the Great Lake Monster. You have little things like this all over the place in these parts.

Good day.


“Music is good for the soul. Culture, including books, magazines, films, comic books etc, is essential for my well-being. I feel lucky to have been alive and taking part of our zeitgeist during such an amazing period (from the late ´60s until now). I do feel that the freedoms we take for granted in the west are endangered now. I think our way of life has peaked and that our culture should be more proud of its history”.

(Yours truly, page 221 in “Metal Collector: Gathered Tales From Headbangers”.

Ooops. I must have woken up in one of those dystopian moods. Still, I think I can live with that quote being part of Martin Popoff´s new book. One of two that I have in this one (the other being related to Deep Purple). It arrived safely here at Trinkelbonker HQ this morning (complete with nice comment & autograph by the author – many thanks!).

Decided to take a snapshot to illustrate this post. So what is the Babymetal “Live At Budokan – Red Night” CD/DVD doing there? Well, it deserves to be in every picture in every post (that goes without saying!), but I actually sent a copy of this release to Martin in the hope that he would enjoy it. And if anybody should be able to write a great book about Babymetal some day, it would be him.

Just sayin…

Saw it again early this morning, an aircraft (a big one) chemtrailing the hell out of the northern sky, blocking the view of the Sun rising. I bet we will see the same tonight, blocking the Sunset. Seen it before. Why is this allowed to go on? Who is doing it and why? Are they blocking our view of the Sun on purpose?

Well I watched this livestream yesterday, maybe they are…


Took this snapshot down by the Great Lake (Storsjön) in Östersund (Jämtland County) today. They have built a few fortresses of ice for the kids and on this you can see Storsie (the Great Lake Monster) check the visitors out. I can appreciate the fact that they put so much love into a project like this.

Every kid around here will be exposed to this mystery very early on.