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Yep, this is post 5,001 on this blog so you have enough of stuff to explore here to keep you busy for days. Stats are good, 300 people are followers and visitors have pressed the like button 930 times so far this year. You could say that Trinkelbonker is a special interests kind of blog, but it digs way deeper than what most others would – some of the tags on this blog is way up there and I have to assume that many regular visitors are aware of this.

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Mike Eriksson (Trinkelbonker)


I decided to take a few snapshots on my way to the local store this afternoon, to document the last snow before it has all melted away. I am standing when these shots are taken, no crawling around near the ground for effect or anything like that. Just so that you know.

First sound you hear in the morning in these parts are the brave souls that are up clearing the ways for traffic and pedestrians. Many are the days when you beat it to them, battling your way forward with snow halfway up to your knees.

You can see that the streets are visible now. When I see the asphalt I know Spring is is here.

I am not complaining, just stating the facts. If anything, I love the seasons. This is life.

I love Jämtland (County). I love Sweden.

This might be of interest to some of you rockers out there. We have a Kiss Exhibition going at the Jamtli Museum in Östersund (Jämtland County) between March 11 and August 26 and word is it is pretty great. At the same time, Jamtli also highlights the past 50 years of local rock with a special Exhibition called Rockscen Jämtland. So you have a pretty good excuse to visit these parts this year I would say.

Visit the Jamtli Museum page here.

Here is a snapshot (thank you Kalle) with yours truly and Arne Johansson. He paid me a visit this evening and shot an interview about my life as a freelance journalist and magazine publisher. He is putting together a massive project in which he is talking with musicians etc from these parts and it will all be stashed away for safe keeping at the Jamtli museum archives some day. I know he has put together one film and I guess a minute or two from this meeting might pop up somewhere at some time in the future. Always happy to help good people that do interesting projects out.

Good luck.

It was five years ago now that I published the 28 page Tornado Blaze novel magazine. The novel itself went out in two parts and ended in RETROFUTURE 6 roughly six months later. The model is the very wonderful Ellinor Nordbakk, she was later interviewed about this adventure for the final issue of RETROFUTURE, and you can read that here.

Good days.

Well I do have a soft spot for Christmas and here we are again in the blessed year of 2017. I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas (or whatever fits the bill) and I hope Trinkelbonker will continue to be a rare place of happiness and joy (even if I am a grumpy old Swede!). Yanked out the Babymetal Funko Pop dolls and placed them in front of some books for a few shots and I think this one will do for a Christmas card this year. Feel free to use it, I do not mind. It is Christmas after all.

And the soundtrack of the day? How about 220 Volt & “Heavy Christmas” (2009 version). Listen to it here.

(Books are by the authors Martin Popoff, Tony O´Neill & Ian Gillan)

Saw a number of aircraft chemtrailing the hell out of the sky from different locations around the Southern tip of Lake Storsjön (The Great Lake) today. I first noticed a couple of them at mid-day. More planes popped up in the next hour and a half, all chemtrailing the area towards the Sun. These effectively produce a haze like effect of the sky, and you can not get a clear view of the Sun. On this image you can see the trails from several aircraft spreading out. From the upper left corner an additional plane is coming in. This sort of traffic is not normal in this area, so this is sticking out quite a bit even if you think this is just contrails. They dissipate, they do not hang on and create cloud formations.

This is a nice shot of the Sun going down, but the sky has been dimmed. I have seen this on numerous occations in the last few years, both in the morning and at night. Always in the general direction of the Sun. This is going on all over the world. I say follow the money. Where are the Green movement in all this? And what are the potential health risks?

For more information on this subject, search for Geoengineering. See the film “What in the world are they spraying?” here.