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Worst May ever?

Posted: May 29, 2019 in General, Jämtland (County)

Mid-Sweden today. In the last 12 hours I have seen snow, hail, rain, all topped by a nice storm. All I have to say is, how crazy is this?

Have a day off tomorrow, no sun in sight for days though.


Went out to check if I had mail…

(My images)

Checked out a nearby tourist attraction from where I live (here in Stugun, Jämtland County) today in good company. I have a rather impressive mountain rising very close my property (I practically live on a spot close to this peak) but I have still to explore this general area way more. Takes about 10-12 minutes to get up there through the forest (no road) upwards the mountain side. With the new snow making certain steep bits a bit slippery I decided to stop at this position and not risk the last climb that is a bit on the heavy side. Anyway, I have heard that enthusiasts climb these rocks in this area and they have made it a good place to visit. There are nine different locations to climb according to tourist informatioon, so this is just one such place. I have to say that this nearby part of the mountain looks great, nature has carved out a section of the wall about half way up and you have a few trees growing there. Amazing how trees can find a way to grow just about anywhere.

I could hear voices in the vicinity so somebody was up there. I think the right thing to do is to get a map so that I can get a real grip of this mountain. It was interesting to get a first glimpse, had I been a kid I would have explored this mountain every day (at least that is how it was when I grew up). These days I will settle for a nice walk or two that will not be too dangerous.

(My images – thank you Lennart for showing me the way)

Woke up to this view this morning. We have had rain, snow and hail pouring down in the last few days. The flowers have taken a real beating and I wonder if they can survive this? I guess I will learn a lot from this backlash. The weather will continue to be lousy for at least another five days. Not a good start for the summer season but there you go.

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Bought a fire extinguisher for my new place a few weeks ago. Got this promotional thing – The Thirst Extinguisher – from the store (Norrlands Brand in Östersund, Jämtland County) and the text reads…




I like this crazy humour, hell I have blogged about it now!

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Thanks to the EU this blog will be different in the future. Changing it now and it is pretty drastic. It will take a while to strip it down but it is either that or me removing everything and killing the blog. Too much good stuff collected here over the years for me to want to do that. All links will be removed though (fuck the EU tax!). Magazine covers are removed etc. Most of the stuff here has to be original or text only. There are official images and there will be a few exceptions but not many. All in all, things are changing.

Pretty busy with the move still. Today will be spent fixing up a room in the house with my friend Lars. When you move you find stuff and I was pretty happy to locate this image of Swedish rockers Pride (probably taken around 1989-1990). It was a good AOR/Classic Rock type band and we had a lot of fun back in the day. They came out of Östersund (Jämtland County) and I will have good reason to come back to them later on.

(Photo by me)

And so the seasons change… The snow is melting away pretty quickly and bits of the lawn on my property is visible again (especially around the house). I discovered this early sign that spring is indeed coming today and I have to say I was pretty stunned. Two weeks ago I had a blizzard outside and more snow than ever to deal with. I guess it could still swing back but I keep my fingers crossed that this will be it.

Living full time in Stugun (Jämtland County) now and the to do list is pretty long.