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Shovelling snow every other day these days. Takes about 10-15 minutes and at the moment I have one pile that reaches my chest (took this snapshot earlier today from my kitchen window). I think it could get far worse though. Oh well, I knew it was coming when I bought the house.


Took a couple of quick snapshots of some outdoors art yesterday (it was freezing cold so I did not make too much of an effort, but I have thought about doing this for a while), located on a street called Fagerbacken in Östersund (Jämtland County). I see it quite often in my daily life and I think it is pretty neat.

Imagine having this on display around Christmas in your front yard? You would be the king in your neighborhood.

Closeby you have this colourful monstrosity of Soviet style art near the Volvo store. I always wondered about this, like who the hell thought it was a good idea to take it in that particular direction? Still, pretty powerful look in a dystopian kind of way.

(Added info – the art is by Bengt Lindström and it is called “Tors hammare”, or “Thor´s Hammer” – I think some runes would have been a good idea…)

More to come, I just need to get a few good shots of a very interesting piece of art on the same street…

Well I have some good news since it is now official that Swedish rockers Velvet Insane is to release their self titled debut album in late February (22 in these parts). It will be available on Vinyl, which is a good thing. Friends of this blog will know that I have mentioned these chaps before (they are from my neck of the woods after all), and I did publish an interview with Jesper Lindgren a while back.

Good luck.

Took this snapshot of the Old Church in Stugun (Jämtland County) yesterday. It is located close to my new place and I pretty much see it on a daily basis when I am in the neighborhood. It was built close to the water by Pål Persson 1785-1786. History buffs will always find items of interest in the old churches of Sweden, loads of memorabilia from the old wars etc. In this church you have an item that celebrates the victory at the Battle of Narva in 1700. Got to love that.

Here is an old postcard that I spotted on an auction site a while back. Looks like it could be from around 1930-1950. It is interesting to compare the shots. If somebody out there knows more about the postcard, please leave a comment.

Got up early this morning to get some stuff done around the house. Took this snapshot at about nine o´clock through a window. I have to say that this view is something else, I consider myself lucky to have it. Crazy busy with work and I have to say that I look forward to January.


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Took this snapshot yesterday on my way to my new place in Stugun (Jämtland). There is something special about this season, even though it is sometimes cold and daylight will last only a few hours for sure. Some people like the sunny places in other countries – I would never swop what we have here in million years though. It may be a bit on the rough side, but it is beautiful.

(Thank you Kalle for helping me out yesterday)

Took a few snapshots down by the water in Stugun (Jämtland County) – my new neighborhood – this morning. My place is located below the peak of that mountain ridge. The village has been going for some 800 years, so it has a rich history. Very quiet, everybody says “Hello” to each other, which is sort of nice.

Here you see the little bridge that takes you into the village. Both riverbanks by this bridge is dedicated to people that want to enjoy themselves down by the waterfront, which is good thinking. You can light a fire, flip some burgers and just enjoy the view. This morning it was chilly and the wind was a reminder that winter is coming.

Here is a shot from the riverbank on the other side of the bridge. Note the little islands. There are other spots in the area that are lovely too but that is for another day. Stugun is a place worthy to explore.

Still crazy busy with the move, but things are looking up.