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A snapshot from Michael Mojo Nilsson´s exclusive appearance at Musik & Skit a couple of hours ago (see last post). Mojo signed 50 copies of RETROFUTURE 7 and played a few songs with his acoustic guitar. A wonderful hour for the people that braved the rain.

Thank you Mojo.

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Guitarist/singer/cover boy Michael Mojo Nilsson will sign copies of RETROFUTURE 7 at Musik & Skit in Östersund (Jämtland county) this Sunday, May 25 (between 15.00-16.00 in the afternoon). Anybody who wants to pop by and have a chat can visit this wonderful store and get a copy of the magazine for free. I will be there as well.

This is very cool, Mojo is a true gentleman.

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Back in 1974, a Swedish journalist covering a Deep Purple show at Madison Square Garden in New York noticed that somebody had written “Happiness is a tight pussy” on a piece of equipment used by the band. In 2014 I will add “Happiness is a couple of monster Deep Purple boxes” to that obvious fact. Because it is true – as evidenced today when I got a 6,5 kg box delivered (from Ginza, a classic record shop in these parts) with the big “Made In Japan” sets inside. One that is called “Limited Edition Super Deluxe 9 LP Boxed Set” and another that is advertised as (the) “Limited Edition Super Deluxe Boxed Set”.

The latter includes the three concerts recorded in Tokyo and Osaka in August 1972 (first sets LP´s) on CD plus a spectacular 60 minute documentary called “The Rise of Deep Purple MK II” (which also includes some good bonus stuff from back in the day). It is incredible to see Deep Purple perform in Japan in 1972 (Super8 stuff with soundtrack added later is my guess). I mean, there they are in their glory – Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Ian Gillan and Roger Glover, belting these songs out. The songs that would one day define the very legend of Deep Purple. The band would continue for years but this is the foundation and “Made In Japan” was the first double live album by a hard rock unit back in those days. Everybody would later visit Japan and record at the Budokan in Tokyo. This was the trendsetter. Live album wise, Led Zeppelin never came close, nor did Black Sabbath. Purple had “Made In Japan” and nobody could beat that, ever.

It is hard to define what Deep Purple means to me, but it is part of my DNA. I know every note, every word, every noice on these sets. After all these years I still get a rush when I get my hands on these boxes. It has meant so much to me my whole life really, or since the age of 10 anyway (back in 1971). I was lucky enough to discover this band when “Machine Head” and “Made In Japan” was still to come, so I recall the period as a very happy time indeed. And it all happened so quickly,  boom, “Who Do We Think We Are” is out and, boom, two members leave. Then “Burn”, “Stormbringer” and “Come Taste The Band”, the final split and then “Made In Europe” – the successor to the masterpiece that was and still is “Made In Japan”. And all this inside five years. Those were the days.

Both boxes also includes nice books and the CD/DVD set is quite fantastic. Well, they are both fantastic.

What a day…

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UFO Sverige´s UFO Expo in Östersund (Jämtland county) on saturday was a success in some ways, and half a failure in others. They did everything right, great lectures, plenty of material to see, hundreds of books and magazines available for the visitors to buy. But 60 people showed up, which is pretty sad. I guess many that would have enjoyed this event simply did not know about it. But the students at the university knew, and still did not attend as far as I could tell. 120 people would have been more like it. Still, as I said, UFO Sverige did everything they could and they travelled quite far to pay this town a visit. You can not ask for more than that. They seemed to be pleased enough with the crowd that did show up, and it would seem that this is the way it is these days. All the more impressive that they carry on visiting new towns then, it has to be said. On the bright side, they did get some media out of the visit, so perhaps it was a success after all.


UFO Sverige owns the biggest UFO related archive in the world – 24,000 books, 45,000 magazines, 550,000 cuttings, 42,000 reports, 4,100 recorded tapes, 2,700 VHS tapes-CD´s-DVD´s, 120 microfilms, 20,000 images. When people call the authorities, they often get told to contact UFO Sverige. That indicates respect, and this lot has earned it, no doubt. I gave them 75 copies of RETROFUTURE 7, I hope that they all reach people with a respect for the subject of Storsie in due time. One of the four lectures was about this particular subject (lakes with unknown ongoing mysteries), a nod to Jämtland surely.

I met many good people on this day. Clas Swahn interviewed me about my sighting of Storsie in 1977 on camera. Not sure if or when this will show up for the public, we will have to wait and see. I do have reservations as to whom I talk about this in the media, but I do respect Clas so no worries there.

Great day.

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Popped in at the Cheap Winos release party at Jane Doe and spent an hour chatting with nice people. Bought the single and got it signed, vinyl still excites me after all these years. Nice to see RETROFUTURE 7, and to get some very nice feedback. Cover boy Mojo can be seen talking with Montana Blue artist/illustrator Richard Svensson on the image with the credit. Mojo and drummer Björn Höglund signing records top right. A very, very late dinner awaits.

Fab day.

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Remember the Deep Purple party I threw at Jane Doe here in Östersund (Jämtland county) on November 23? On May 17, they will kickstart the new season with a party of their own, and a very exclusive outfit called the Cheap Winos will be present. A release party of sorts, as they will release a vinyl single called “Sweet Jane” on the night (a video for this song, filmed at Jane Doe, has just been released on YouTube). Locals will recognise the winos, but for the night they will only respond to the names Mike Doe, Mo Doe, B Doe and Nash Doe. They will happily sign records and play the loudest music they can find right through the evening, starting at 18.00.

I will pop in myself and check this out, and I will be happy to bring along artist Richard Svensson (Montana Blue comic) who is in town over the weekend. His work can be seen in RETROFUTURE 7 that will be available for free on this night. This issue also sports a major feature about the Deep Purple party we had last year, so this is great timing. Feels good to be part of this night.

So, Jane Doe it is.


My good friend Thomas Drugg sent me this image from the library in Östersund a few moments ago. RETROFUTURE 7 is available to pick up as of today. Will announce more later tonight.

Here we go…

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Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi has just posted the following on his Facebook page…

– “Started my new job yesterday as Visiting Professor of Music at Coventry University. Good start, I am looking forward to working with the students on their music”.

Now, that is very, very cool!

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RETROFUTURE 7 arrived today, so that is a good thing. Took a few snapshots when the bus driver unloaded the boxes. Good days ahead.

Busy schedule tomorrow.

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Dear Vampirella

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff


After the last post I might as well owe up to the fact that I have a real soft spot for Vampirella. Dynamite started to publish the classic stuff in their “Vampirella Archives” series in 2010 and this is still ongoing. I have bought the first eight sets so far. These books are massive.

When will we see Vampirella at the cinemas, I wonder?

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