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Some day I will find the property of my dreams. Today was not that day. Nice little village, but way too much work on the house in question.

Maybe next time?


Got this today. The framed (and glassed) Babymetal poster I bought on eBay earlier this summer. It arrived here on July 11 and I took it to a local business that do these things. First Babymetal poster they had seen, but they loved it. I knew it would look good and it is going to be a nice centerpiece in my music room (when I get that house on the countryside). Got some really nice (some signed by pretty famous people in Classic Rock) collectables that will look good with this. The meeting of generations. I will take a snapshot some day.

To be continued…

Got some bad news yesterday. The property (a nice little house on a good location) I was bidding on since early July has been sold to somebody close to the seller (family I think), so that was that.

Well, I hope something nice pops up soon with my name on it.

Today is the last day of my holiday and it has been a few good weeks. The weather has been less than great but it could have been worse. I have been eyeing some property (if I get it I will show you pictures, this particular shot was taken elsewhere yesterday) and we shall see what comes out of that situation. In any case, I feel good.

It rains today and my mind is preoccupied with thoughts about the future. I may have found a spot that will serve as my next (and hopefully last) home. The house is located in a small community that is well functioning (stores, restaurants, the lot) right next to great fishing waters. Basically a postcard of Sweden from 1970. That is pretty precious in this day and age but it is exactly the kind of place that you want to live in if society takes a turn for the worst (in other words, not anywhere near a city). Case in point, I have been told by people in the know that most police officers are doing the same thing right now. They know what reality looks like, some are even quitting their jobs. The clever people knows that we live in the last days of what used to be a pretty darned great country. Oh it will still be there, but it will change. And I kind of prefer 1970.

So mentally I know what I need to do and I always wanted a quiet place anyhow. If my Plan B happens to coinside with a long standing dream, then I am fine with that. What I am thinking of now is a potential Plan C, a place to go if everything really goes to hell (war, civil war, some unforeseen disaster). If you live in a small community way out in the countryside it is not hard to establish a small getaway right smack in the middle of nowhere not too far away from your place. That is my thinking today. Once I have moved to the other place, that will be Plan B. Right now it is Plan C.

For me at this stage in my life that looks like a pretty good deal.

This Vikings collectible arrived from the EMP shop today. 30×75 cm. Now this is going to look pretty darned good somewhere in my next dwelling (whenever I have that). Good weather outside, thinking about having a couple of cold beers in a pub…

Holiday feeling has kicked in.

Checked out some property in Hammerdal (Jämtland County) today, and I quite like what I saw. This just might be it…

To be continued?

(Thank you Kalle)