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Located a nice Tarja Turunen poster from Sweden Rock Magazine a few weeks ago when I moved from the city and decided to get it framed. Looks pretty good I think. The shot was taken by photographer Michael Johansson in Stockholm on November 16 2002, I know that much because I interviewed her (and Tuomas Holopainen) on that day. You will find that chat on this blog in the archives (August 2012). So this brings back good memories.

(This blog has permission by Michael Johansson to use his images – many thanks Mike!)


It has been a couple of very productive days in the old man cave. Fixed up a bedroom with a little help from good friends (hello Lars & Kajsa!). The room just took a jump from the 1970s to 2019, the difference is just unbelievable. I initially used this room for storage of boxes and stuff but the time to cross it off the to do list finally arrived. The list is getting shorter.

Work was done to the following soundtrack, records by Black Sabbath, Tommy Bolin, Babymetal, Tony Martin, Jon Lord etc (just good stuff obviously).

And so the seasons change… The snow is melting away pretty quickly and bits of the lawn on my property is visible again (especially around the house). I discovered this early sign that spring is indeed coming today and I have to say I was pretty stunned. Two weeks ago I had a blizzard outside and more snow than ever to deal with. I guess it could still swing back but I keep my fingers crossed that this will be it.

Living full time in Stugun (Jämtland County) now and the to do list is pretty long.

March is coming to a close (one more week to go) and then we have Fox Day, the big day in the magical universe of Babymetal that occures on April 1. This means that they will announce something, whatever that may be. And this year fans have every right to be excited. Do we have a new studio album coming up? New line-up? DVDs? Tours? All of the above? I hope that the key musicians will still be there, like guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura, drummer Aoyama Hideki and bass player Boh. The big question is of course if they have recruited a third girl, if they have actually replaced Yuimetal. The girl that did a few shows in December last year in Singapore and Australia, Saya, seems to have recently joined another outfit. I kind of hope that Su-metal and Moametal will be joined by a third girl though, the concept of the trio is so strong, it really should be cultivated to meet expectations. Having said that though, Babymetal will always come up with surprises.

Well, I think we have reason to be optimistic, and I have to say that I look forward a great deal to this date. Also, by chance, it is the day that I no longer have the old place in the city, meaning that I will officially be living in my new place on the countryside from then on. It has been a long journey, but now it is here. So I guess Fox Day will always remind me of this big move as well, this change in my life. How about that?

I have a hunch that 2019 is going to be a good year.

Just got back from the city after a couple of days of work (slept on a mattress on the bedroom floor in the old place). Everything is white as the snow falls rather violently right now. Visibility low. I guess I will have my work cut out for me tomorrow. Still, I will enjoy a day off and then it is three days in the city again.

I decided very early on that the kitchen in my new man cave was going to be dedicated to the past, and so it is as I have put my classic old school magazine collection (basically stuff from the last full century!) in there for easy access. Yesterday, I added a new bar table (from Midori) in there, and the first of two bar stools (the second is incoming). Just a nice little corner to grab a quick breakfast or a snack, and the option is that you have a nice reading table to check out that priceless (well, it is to me) collection.

If I have people over for dinner, I will ask them to join me upstairs and serve it with the stunning mountain view I have here overlooking the water below my property. So I can afford to be a bit eccentric in the kitchen. To me, it just works and that is all I care about really.

And yeah, I have some cookbooks in there as well, covering pretty much anything you can think of. But the bottom line is, seeing old magazine covers with Agnetha Fältskog (of ABBA fame), Raquel Welch and Jane Fonda whenever you pop in there just adds to the overall quality of life. How could it not?

(Thank you Kalle for your support)

Here is another man cave update. I located the perfect spot for this work of art in the downstairs laundry room, which also has this (extra) shower in it. Well, I do have a sauna down there as well come to think of it (although this functions as a magazine storage unit at the moment). It was a bit tricky to squeeze it in behind the glass and put it in place but I have to say that the end result looks rather nice. Having a ball coming up with ideas, but it has to be said that this project came as a bit of a surprise even to me. It is all in the little details.