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Busy days. Having some fun organizing the old (and new) collection in my new place. On the left: Deep Purple family stuff (Tour Programmes, rare magazines etc). On the right: Reserved for Babymetal only.

The Vinyls are finally handled correctly, easy access being all important (see earlier post). Seen here are fairly new Vinyls. The older stuff is getting organized as we speak (great fun to look them over again). The Soundtracks are finding their way to the TV room.

Speaking of which… Here is a nice little corner that I just put in place. On the wall: Rainbow live, signed by Ronnie James Dio (recently showcased on this blog). Signed Callisto (Xena villain) photograph by actress Hudson Leick. Framed Babymetal “Megitsune” poster from Tower Records (Shinjuku, Japan – has also been highlighted earlier on this blog). Yesterday, at about midnight, I blasted some Judas Priest and Babymetal at high volume (testing the new TV in the process) and went outside to check what the neighbours might hear. Pretty much nothing. Good to know. I also have a nice 1960s Exhibition going. Got to have some fun.

(Thank you Kalle for all your help)


Took a couple of quick snapshots yesterday (top image from my bed on the opposite side of this large living room in my new place), and I am happy to say that the tables from Woodenforge has popped up (the round table has chairs from Chatham and is placed so that you can take advantage of the fabulous view). The other two has been purchased specifically for the Vinyl collection, and this is now one of the ongoing projects. Getting the record collection in order for easy access has always been a dream and now it is happening. I will show you the end result later on but I can say that I am very happy about the Woodenforge brand. Got another table (variant) in the TV room, but that is for later. Note: The top image may give the impression that there is hardly any space to move between these tables but that is only an illusion. This room is pretty big.

Woodenforge is sold by Mio in Sweden (see snapshot of the round table in the Östersund store below). Should be available in your country.

More busy days ahead

Posted: September 8, 2018 in General, My countryside dream

Visited IKEA in Sundsvall (Sweden) this morning, in good company. We arrived early to avoid the busy hours and it was still quite a lot of people going bonkers in there. That is pretty much what you do if you visit one of these IKEA behemoths, you go bonkers. You are there to pick up two or three items that you need and you leave with a lot more. Still, since I am in the process of moving into a new house it was a good trip. I have a couple of weeks off work now and next week is when I kind of get things going for real in the new place. Tomorrow I will vote (and thereby be doing my duty as a citizen in a democracy), then I will work on a piece on Swedish rockers Velvet Insane for this blog, then come Monday I will spend time in Stugun preparing for the busiest time so far over there (new furniture arrives on Wednesday so I need to be ready for that). By the end of the week, I should be able to see it all as a functioning home for the first time. The to do list is getting shorter by the day, which is a good thing. Also, Fall is creeping in (it officially kicks in on September 23), and that has to be taken into consideration as well.

Without this short break from work, it would have taken longer. Bit of a lucky break.

(Thank you Kalle for all your help)

Spent my first night in my new place (Monday-Tuesday) but I did not waste any time on sleep (too much work to do). The books are slowly getting organized and dealt with. I pretty much know how everything is going to be set up but it will take a few weeks to do this (not counting a few projects that I have to undertake). Still, things are moving along nicely and that is a good thing.

These pictures show: early morning shot from the porch, bookshelves going up, view from the living room, books being organized.

(Tonight I got 12 hours sleep – guess I needed it).

Got the keys to my place in the countryside about 10 days ago and I have made several trips over there in good company (and on my own) since then. This is going to be one hell of a project but I really like the place and this is where I will live full time whenever that goal is reached. I have so much stuff (books, CDs, DVDs, you name it) that it has to be planned in a certain way. Some new furniture will arrive in early September and this gives me a window of opportunity to get some of the collections in place before that. I love the big living room upstairs (see part of this here), which is basically going to be a music room/library. At this point I am still figuring out the details, but it is a lot of fun. The table you see will end up in the kitchen, right now I need it to sort out the books etc. This particular room has some big windows so you get a spectacular view overlooking the area (water etc). I will take advantage of this and add a nice round dinner table up there. I have noticed that these windows make it very hot so I will have a room for viewing television further down (the house has four levels, the lower you get the cooler it is) rather than jamming everything into this space. I always wanted a music room and this is going to be just that.

I am lucky to have some really nice friends and they are all lining up which is fantastic. It is a tremendous help and things are moving along in a nice pace. I have time to take it a bit slow but it has been a crazy few days, I have to say that. Lovin´ every minute of it though and I have to make the best of the last few days of my vacation now. Order in chaos…

(Rant over!)

Added this edition of UK publication Scale Aviation Modeller International (June 2018) to the old collection recently. As for the long yearning for that elusive dream of a proper hobby room, I will actually have access to two of them in the new place on the countryside that I will soon have the keys to. That is going to be pretty amazing. One of these rooms is ready to go, the other will require some work and I may wait a bit for that project. But I will be able to get the main one ready fairly soon, and that is where this particular hobby will finally find a home. Bit of a man cave coming up I guess. Pretty exciting.

Packing stuff

Posted: July 3, 2018 in General, My countryside dream

I started to pack for my eventual move to the countryside years ago (loads of stuff in the basement ready to go), but now it is for real as I actually have that place and will get the keys within a couple of weeks. So now I clear all the books etc from my book shelves to be ready for the first trip to my new home. I will have plenty of time for this and my holiday actually kicks in tomorrow, but there needs to be some order in this and the book shelves needs to be top priority. When you move you pay the price for being a collector, but this move means that I can finally have easy access to my entire collection.

I will let you see how it turns out later on.