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We had snow and cold winds in these parts just a couple of days ago, but thankfully it looks like Summer has arrived. The grass is turning green, the temperature is fairly OK (t-shirt friendly if you are a brave soul) and the birds are singing. All in all, it is starting to feel pretty good. I have catched up with the Babymetal collection (binder 15 has been reached) and work is ongoing with the old Deep Purple Family collection (94 binders and counting). I have hundreds of magazines to go through before everything is finished, but I already did look them over once so I should be able to wrap this up within too long (good hobby on rainy days). The time for outdoor activities has arrived and there is a lot of activity going on down by the cottage in the backyard. The grill project is nearly done, a huge undertaking. I will showcase it when it is done. Within a week or two, the sounds of lawn mowers will be in the air. I really enjoy this period.

(My shots, Babymetal image is from PMC Vol.27 article)


Summer Dreams

Posted: April 16, 2023 in Cool stuff, Hobby, My countryside dream

Most of the snow has disappeared in the last couple of weeks (not all, but it is getting there) and today I opened the door to the little cottage in the backyard for the first time since November or so. Lovely feeling to be in this hobby area again (dispite the lingering cold air) and I sat in there for a bit contemplating the upcoming season. There are options to consider. It is very satisfying to hatch these plans and to slowly convert it all into reality. Looking forward to this summer very much.

(My shots, looks like a famous brand has sent me a check does it not… Oh well…)

Sunny Days

Posted: April 3, 2023 in Hobby, My countryside dream

I fully expect the occasional snowfall within the next few weeks but at least whatever snow we get now disappears fairly quickly. Spring is in the air and I have my little projects to look forward to. Feels good.

(Early morning shot of the backyard from the house)

John Astin is 93 years old as of today, and I thought that it would be a good thing to mention this on the blog. The Addams Family (1964) was one of my early favourite shows on television (it was aired a few years later in these parts) and his portrayal as the head of the family, Gomez, is still beyond compare. John Astin is the last survivor now and although that is kind of sad (thinking that there were kid actors in the show that are both gone), on a positive note we can still enjoy what they created back in the day and it has aged well. Later film adaptations have been fine, but the original show was just outstanding. Morticia Addams was quite the character too and when Gomez and Morticia was in the same room, sparks was in the air. Carolyn Jones did a wonderful job as Morticia in the show (she passed away in 1983) and I seem to recall that I had a bit of a crush on her back in the day. I was 10, but clearly pretty smart! The framed picture of Gomez (Astin) that you see here hangs over the entrance to my TV room. It is very small, what you see is pretty much the right scale.

(My shot of said framed picture)

Good traffic on the blog. Still having fun doing this and it is rewarding to see that a fair number of people pops in every day, particularly on weekends (so I assume that some of you visit when you have time off work then). Seen here is a small room where I do all the PhotoShop work on a computer that I can never really get rid of. The actual blogging takes place elsewhere in the house. I also have the CD collection in this room and some books. And the CD player. I found the smaller book shelf that you see below the Babymetal poster and the Deep Purple scarf on the second hand store trip yesterday. I had looked for something to fill up that space for some time so it was pretty nice to find it. I really only enter this room to put on a CD or to work on images for the blog, but I still seem to spend a fair amount of time in there. Sometimes I prepare blog images for the entire week in advance, but there will always be additional posts along the way as news are coming in.

(My shot of said room, many thanks for hauling the shelf back to my place Kalle!)

I have created a specific place for the Deep Purple Family & Babymetal collections (88+12 binders and counting) for easy access. To the left you can see a table that I just added so that you can just sit down close to the binders and view the contents there. Turn that chair around and you can play some keyboards. I have ordered a fresh batch of binders. As for the Purple collection, I have reached 2018 and I have 50+ magazines left before I have catched up to the present day. The Babymetal collection is up to date and I am looking forward to the media blitz that is coming up now. To the right I used a small space for game consoles and for watching region 1 DVDs. This is a huge room and a third of the space has been dedicated to this now. I might welcome fans of Purple and Babymetal to check this stuff out some day. Not quite there yet though. This is still a work in process.

(My shot of said space)

As I move a lot of stuff around the place as we speak (and this is obviously going to be a week long project) I decided to try something new out in the TV room. Placing the TV on a chair pretty close to a packed book shelf gives it all a nice and warm feeling when you sit down to watch something. Pretty cosy I would say. I like it.

(My shot of said space – and that is Babymetal that you can see on the screen, performing “Babymetal Death” on the rather superb “Live Legend 1999 1997 Apocalypse” DVD)


Getting the old Deep Purple Family collection in order has resulted in me moving a lot of stuff around in recent weeks. This is one hell of a project. Slowly getting there though. As for the collection of binders this should be completed for sure in 2023 and I am creating a space with easy access to sitting down and checking stuff out. Doing this started the whole process off, but at least I have it all figured out. Moving a lot of furniture around is hard work though.

(Work in progress)

Get Off My Porch

Posted: December 24, 2022 in Cool stuff, My countryside dream

Nice Christmas present. Found good use for it too…

(Thank you Seth)

Took this snapshot early this morning. It is actually a shower curtain that I bought from the LightInTheBox Online store, but it found its use on the front porch as part of the Christmas decorations. I quite like the end result. Good store.

(My shot of the old porch)