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Took a trip to check out a nice place near Hammerdal (Jämtland County) today and it was a nice little outing in good company. Lakeside property, a few neighbors but very private. This is the sort of thing that catches my eye.



Checked out a little house with a private bay not too far from Hammerdal (Jämtland County) today. Huge windows on both floors overlooking the bay. Very private. I guess we saw a dozen cars all in all with people that wanted to check it out. I like these little trips, one of these days I will find the perfect spot.

(Thank you Kalle for a very nice trip).

Audio Test

Posted: September 22, 2016 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby, Magazines, My countryside dream


I like this cover. German publication Audio Test (issue) 6 2016. I will buy a new record player when I have established a place in the countryside. I love the fact that they still exist and I still collect albums on Vinyl as well as CD.

Nice project to look forward to.


Crazy busy right now. Night shift at work followed by another visit to the current place of interest on the countryside. Then sleep, and I will take it easy now, Festus awaits tomorrow.

Good days.


After a night shift at work I headed out (in good company) this morning to check out some property. This stream borders to the land in question. Turned out to be a place of serenity and magic. We are basically talking about a valley surrounded by mountains. Pretty awesome actually. Got some serious thinking to do now…

Good day.


Stashing away hundreds and hundreds of magazines for my eventual move to the countryside and they will join older stashes in the old basement for now. Great fun to check them out and I have read a bunch of articles again now during the process. This is a regular goldmine, a wonderful collection. Some day I will have the space to have easy access to it all, both the magazines and the books.

Stay tuned…


This is a lovely cover. US publication This Old House gets it just right with the August 2016 issue. Meanwhile, prices in Sweden are going down due to new mortgage legislation and I suppose this means that less people will be interested in buying a second home in the countryside. That could work out for me.

The search continues.