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Basement blues

Posted: September 16, 2019 in General, My countryside dream

Due to my condition this summer (still waiting for that operation), work on the house has stalled until I am sure that I will be present when work is to be done, but at least I have started to lay down some groundwork in the basement. Not sure if any previous owner of this place ever used this space for anything other than to store stuff, but I have a vision of a library/music room down there and I am sure it will be there a couple of months from now. Before I let the professionals in (new window, new floor, shelves etc), I will get the painting done (God knows what I will do with the four green doors!) and I will remove that awful yellow mat that has been there forever. So this is a snapshot of a moment in time, soon to be just a bad distant memory.

To be continued…

(My shot)


Well we had something like six or seven power outages yesterday where I live and I had to do without electricity for seven or eight hours. In the end I figured the time was right to test some gear (a prepper is always ready for a certain degree of trouble after all). Glad to report that this Camping Lantern (which I blogged about in August 2016) worked just fine. It generates power from sunlight and it was ready to go. A few of these around the house and you are set.

I will take this as a signal to get going again, this sort of stuff is good to have around.

(My image of said lantern)

Another hidden corner in the old man cave. Got some American Xena Fan Club stuff and some Scandinavian DVDs upon that safe, and my life size Xena cardboard cutout stands on guard. Do not mess with this collection! And if some uninvited intruder still gives it a shot, I have two baseball bats at the ready. One for the right Patella (kneecap) and another for the left. Guess you could say that I am a strong believer in Private Property.

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Summer has finally arrived, although you will not have more than one day at a time with stunning weather (clouds and rain is still the norm). Took this snapshot of my backyard yesterday though. I had to bugger off to work, otherwise it was just a perfect day for a beer on the porch. My holiday kicks off on July 22, that is something to look forward to.

(My image)

Summer finally arrived over here in early June. After a few days of wonderful weather we had some serious rain and thunder today though, which I kind of like. I had to go out and snap some pictures. Last year was very dry, I hope this bodes well for this season.

(My image)

Got slightly sidetracked today when I was busy taking care of some prepping (updating the water supply) in this inner-inner room in the old mancave. It has all these shelves and I kept thinking that this red one looked awfully empty and ready for some serious action. Then my brain kept nagging me of that old Castle and all these classic figures from UK company Britains (early 1970s stuff that has been tucked away for decades) and I knew I had to surrender to this whim. So I located the old stuff (took me an hour), cleaned it up and finally gave it the home it always deserved. Nobody will ever see this display unless you are invited to see it (or if you happen to enjoy this blog!). So there it is now in this small, dank room. This little exhibition that takes you back to the old days.

Never knew prepping could be this fun!

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Woke up to this view this morning. We have had rain, snow and hail pouring down in the last few days. The flowers have taken a real beating and I wonder if they can survive this? I guess I will learn a lot from this backlash. The weather will continue to be lousy for at least another five days. Not a good start for the summer season but there you go.

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