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Lady Law

Posted: June 3, 2017 in Books, Cool stuff, General

Got this in the mail the other day. “Lady Law” (Timber Creek Press, 2016) by author Ken Farmer.

Cover model is one Jenna Miller (good to see proper credit).

Got Adrian Jarvis book “Chasing Shadows – The Search For Rod Evans” (Wymer Publishing, 2017) in the mail yesterday. Read it today and the hunt for Deep Purple´s original singer, who has not been seen in public since 1980, is a love letter to fandom.

If you love Purple, this is for you.


Posted: June 1, 2017 in Books, Cool stuff, General


Just added this book to the old collection. “Trickery” (2017) by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. This is the first title in a new series called Curse Of The Gods.

Excellent cover.


This book on Deep Purple popped up in the mail today. “Bez Deep Purple” (Galin AV, 2016) is apparently the ninth book in an ongoing series over in Russia. This one features Rod Evans, Nick Simper and Tommy Bolin. Nice hardback, plenty of good pictures. 340 pages. I can see that book 10 in the series came out at the same time as this one and that it features Don Airey and Steve Morse. This is all in Russian so I can not review it properly, but it is obvious that they go into extreme details.

I quite like it.


“Music is good for the soul. Culture, including books, magazines, films, comic books etc, is essential for my well-being. I feel lucky to have been alive and taking part of our zeitgeist during such an amazing period (from the late ´60s until now). I do feel that the freedoms we take for granted in the west are endangered now. I think our way of life has peaked and that our culture should be more proud of its history”.

(Yours truly, page 221 in “Metal Collector: Gathered Tales From Headbangers”.

Ooops. I must have woken up in one of those dystopian moods. Still, I think I can live with that quote being part of Martin Popoff´s new book. One of two that I have in this one (the other being related to Deep Purple). It arrived safely here at Trinkelbonker HQ this morning (complete with nice comment & autograph by the author – many thanks!).

Decided to take a snapshot to illustrate this post. So what is the Babymetal “Live At Budokan – Red Night” CD/DVD doing there? Well, it deserves to be in every picture in every post (that goes without saying!), but I actually sent a copy of this release to Martin in the hope that he would enjoy it. And if anybody should be able to write a great book about Babymetal some day, it would be him.

Just sayin…


Never thought I would see this, but here we go… These 36 page Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore Coloring Books by Richard Tames and Jack Pence were published a couple of weeks ago.


Empireofevil TheSignoftheTiger

Added “Empire of Evil” by Robert Arnette and “The Sign of The Tiger” by Alan E. Nourse & J.A. Meyer to the old collection. Two Sci-Fi stories in one from Armchair Fiction (2011).

I like these old Pulp covers.