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This is for the Swedes out there. I have just read “Hög standard – Om Sonet, folkhemmet och starten för det svenska musikundret” (Leopard Förlag, 2018) by Swedish journalists Håkan Lahger and Lasse Ermalm. It deals with the classic record label Sonet that roamed the earth as a well respected independent company for decades before the eventual fall that resulted in Polygram taking over the brand in the early 1990s. It really is a wonderful story about men that cared about music, cared about people and saw more highs and lows than most. They basically went for broke in the 1950s and pretty much winged it until the very end. But they were also bigger than the major labels for years since they had such a solid reputation. A handshake was good enough in those innocent days and by the time it crashed and burned (along with the rest of the independents) they had a reputation among their peers on the international scene as absolute top men. A reputation well earned.

The writers of this book worked for years on this project, the result is remarkable.


Classic Westlake

Posted: June 16, 2018 in Books, Cool stuff, General

Got to love Hard Case Crime for their ongoing cultural endeavours. Case in point, the brand new edition of Donald E. Westlakes “Help I Am Being Held Prisoner” (first print was back in 1974, last in 1988 if the blurb on the cover is correct). Great cover art by Paul Mann.

Got the “Visions of Whitesnake” (Wymer, 2018) book in the mail today. Neil Murray takes us through the 1978-1982 period of Whitesnake and Alan Perry and other photographers gives us plenty of eyecandy from the good old days. I do enjoy these little souveneirs, especially since I have good memories myself from those days. 130 pages of lovely nostalgia.

Dead In Bed

Posted: June 2, 2018 in Books, General

Fans of oldschool Pulp have a field day these days, as so much classic stuff is republished. Seen here is one half of a current Deluxe Paperback Edition, Dan Keenes “Dead In Bed” (Armchair Fiction & Music, 2017). Turn it around and you have “Bones Will Tell” from Bruno Fischer. 224 pages in all.

The Desperado

Posted: May 31, 2018 in Books, General

Nice to see that oldschool westerns can still be published (or republished). Here we have two titles by author Clifton Adams, “The Desperado” and “A Noose For The Desperado” (Stark House Western Classics, 2017). 280 pages.

Nice cover.

The Last Stand

Posted: May 31, 2018 in Books, General

Well this is interesting. Apparently this is the final novel from Mickey Spillane and it has never been published until now. “The Last Stand” (Hard Case Crime, 2018) just begs to be part of the old collection.

Gestapo Mars

Posted: May 30, 2018 in Books, General

This looks like a good read. “Gestapo Mars” (Titan Books, 2015) by author Victor Gischler. “Extraterrestrial espionage with sex, violence, and Nazis” it says on the back. Well count me in.

Now what happened with the second Iron Sky movie I wonder?