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Z2 Comics has just added an exclusive trailer for the upcoming Babymetal comic book “Apocrypha – The Legend of Babymetal” on their YouTube page. And on top of this, it features a first glimpse of a brand new track (you can just tell that a brutal riff is going to crash in after this little snippet, fans are going wild as we speak). This is pretty awesome.

Watch the trailer here.


Wonder Woman

Posted: October 2, 2018 in Books, Comics, General

This Wonder Woman collection just popped up in Sweden. 18 adventures over 400 pages. Published by Egmont.


Posted: September 10, 2018 in Books, General

Here we have another book on Black Sabbath by author Martin Popoff to look out for, “Sabotage! – Black Sabbath In The Seventies”.

Nice cover.

This 376 page book on Deep Purple is set to be published in Japan in early October to tie in with the Japanese Tour over there. It is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the band over there, and the title “In Book” is obviously a reference to the “In Rock” album.


I got an invitation to mingle at the release party of “British Beat In Sweden! – The Original Vinyls 1957-1969” (Premium Publishing) today. I realized why when I spotted the Deep Purple single “Emmaretta” on the cover (somebody obviously recall my old fanzine days, which is nice). I can not attend, but I can support the book on my blog. Authored by Leif Aulin and Pontus von Tell, this 320 page book (hardback) is actually published in English, making the potential market that much bigger. I love books like this, you really get a nice nostalgic buzz. Release date is September 6.

Visit Premium Publishing for details here.

Young Guitar Magazine in Japan has published a Glenn Hughes Special. 270 pages that covers his career. I guess this is a book rather than a magazine, but a lot of these looks like books over there.

Got to love Japan.

Spent my first night in my new place (Monday-Tuesday) but I did not waste any time on sleep (too much work to do). The books are slowly getting organized and dealt with. I pretty much know how everything is going to be set up but it will take a few weeks to do this (not counting a few projects that I have to undertake). Still, things are moving along nicely and that is a good thing.

These pictures show: early morning shot from the porch, bookshelves going up, view from the living room, books being organized.

(Tonight I got 12 hours sleep – guess I needed it).