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Got this book in the mail today and it turned out be be quite wonderful. What you get is a Tribute to Ronnie James Dio from photographer Frank White. “Ronnie James Dio – A Career Through The Lens 1975-2009” (Wymer Publishing, 2019) gives us exactly what the title says (from early Rainbow to the very last Heaven & Hell show just a few months before his death in 2010), and that includes a highly entertaining look into this photographers personal journey as the years went by. This is the second edition, the first was called “Ronnie James Dio – A Life In Vision 1975-2009” (hardback). I can see now that Wymer is going for second editions, cheaper ones but with basically the same contents, when they feel like it (or perhaps when interest justifies it). Glad they published this second edition.

(My image of said book)



Bought the Swedish 50th Anniversary edition of X9 (Egmont Publishing) – 178 pages of old school comics (like Modesty Blaise, Garth, Rip Kirby, Paul Temple etc) with nice cover art by Thord Lindblom. This one is clearly for old dudes like me, no need then to actually apologize for the “out of touch” outlook on gender etc like they do in this edition. Political correctness gone insane. Honestly, who the fuck cares? Please leave this art as it was and shut up, have some respect for your readers.


We have a new book on Tommy Bolin coming out in early 2020. It is called “Tommy Bolin – In And Out Of Deep Purple” and it is to be published by Sonicbond Publishing by author Laura Shenton. 128 pages.


UK model company Airfix has a brand new box of the Titanic in 1/400. Really good looking box too. The set includes glue and paint.

(My shot of the X9 book)



From Commando HQs we get the news that the second 136 page Ramsey´s Raiders book is out. It sports a nice Ian Kennedy cover.


American blues based Shadow & The Thrill have a new album out called “Sugarbowl”. It features two Tommy Bolin tunes and they have made a video for “Shake The Devil” (originally released on the 1976 album “Private Eyes”). They also have a video up on their channel in which they discuss recording the Tommy Bolin songs.


Blue Öyster Cult is set to release a Limited Edition (1,500 numbered copies) Red Vinyl of the live album “Some Enchanted Evening”. The release date is November 1.

(Book cover courtesy of Commando)


Just in. This is a cheaper edition of Jerry Bloom´s “Time To Kill” (Wymer, 2019). “Nasty Piece Of Work” is a good read for any fan that enjoyed Deep Purple in the early 1990s. Bit of a surprise but here it is.

(My image of said book)


Here is some good news. Lee Aaron is set to release a live CD/DVD next week called “Power Soul Rock´n´Roll – Live In Germany”. It actually kicks off with the Deep Purple classic “Mistreated” (which was also on her latest studio album “Diamond Baby Blues”).


Swedish rockers Velvet Insane has a very special guest on their upcoming second album; Bruce Kulick from Kiss. Now these guys are from my neck of the woods and they are clearly going places.


There is a book on Black Sabbath titled “Sabbath The Dio Years – A Photographic History” in the making. No word on a release date as yet.


I have mentioned these puzzles before on this blog, now we have another batch coming up with bands like Queen, Rush, Guns N´Roses, The Ramones, The Doors and Metallica.


Hurricane Dorian might spell trouble for Babymetal. In a sense it already is, and the big question now is weather or not Babymetal can still open up their US Tour in Orlando on September 4 as planned. No official word yet from the Babymetal camp but then they are quite used to rough conditions in Japan. I mean they just braved Typhoon Krosa a couple of weeks ago in Osaka and they have done it before. But if Dorian closes down airports etc, it is over. Johannes Eckerström, singer of Swedish openers Avatar, tweeted this a few hours ago: “To every one asking and wondering. We are still staring at weather maps and following things waiting to decide what to do. Step one is to make it to the states safely, which might mean rerouting. After that we will follow suit with Babymetal. Sit right everybody, AND STAY SAFE!”. If there is any chance at all to do the Orlando show safely, Babymetal will be there.


Just discovered an interesting Japanese dance unit called Elevenplay. They perform with drones and it is quite spectacular (check them out). They are related to Babymetal in a small way since this project is the brainchild of their choreographer Mikiko Mizuno.


Ex-Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden will have a book out in November called “Where´s My Guitar?”. Great cover too.

Coverdale book

Posted: August 13, 2019 in Books, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family

Ordered the recently published book “David Coverdale – A Life In Vision” (Wymer Publishing) by Andy Francis. David Coverdale is not involved here but it is a nice book on his career in pictures, with some text to explain the context of it all. Hardback, ca 130 pages. A bit expensive, but it is a decent enough job and fans will probably enjoy it. They did borrow a quote from my 2000 interview with David (as found on this blog) but my name is not mentioned. Getting used to this sort of thing now.

(My image of said book)