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Bought this UK James Bond magazine on import and I suppose the franchise will be around soon enough with a new face. They do present some potential actors in this magazine, horrible choices all of them. Maybe the time has come to end it all? The old school charm is long gone. If I was running the franchise, I would find somebody that looked the part and parody it all, with outrageous jokes and loads of sexism. At least we could have something that made fun of everything woke, which I think is what the majority of us all really wants at this point. But hey, that is just me, and we live in a time in which the original novels are being censored. It could be saved though. I have a solution and I will be gracious enough to give it it to the world. Put Jeremy Clarkson in charge of the script. That should fix it. It would be a huge relief. That could catapult Bond way into the future. With reputation intact.

(My shot of said publication)


David Coverdale added another CT With DC episode (Part 2 in fact) to the Whitesnake TV Channel yesterday, and the very first question deals with him meeting legendary actor Richard Harris and being invited to party with him, Peter O´Toole, Oliver Reed and Roger Moore. I mean, this is just classic stuff! Imagine being a fly on the wall on that night. Hearing this, I recalled a book that I have in the old collection (may have mentioned it before, not sure), “Hellraisers” (Preface Publishing, 2008) by author Robert Sellers. You may want to read that, just sayin…

(My shot of said book, image from the computer screen inserted)

Yet another wonderful shop in the Old City (“Gamla Stan”) in Stockholm. This one is huge, and I love to pop in and check it out. As you can tell by now as I present all these shops, the Old City is where a whole bunch of them are located, and it is not a very large area. Sci-Fi Bokhandeln has a webshop that you can visit as well. Address: Västerlånggatan 48.

(My shot of said store)

Hello Obelix

Posted: May 3, 2023 in ABBA, Books, Comics, Cool stuff

The resin statue of Obelix that I bought over at the Art & Office Store in Stockholm the other day has found a home. I really love this piece of art. Not cheap, but very very cool.

(My shot)

Serieboden is located in the Old Town (“Gamla Stan”) in Stockholm and apparently it is the oldest store of its kind in Sweden. I popped in when I was in town to see Lordi/Babymetal/Sabaton and it is impossible to walk out of there without a few classic comic books. They had plenty of MAD magazines, for instance. But they really have it all and I highly recommend this place. Address: Sven Vintappares gränd 2.

(My shots of said store and the stuff that I brought home)

We figured that it would be a good idea to pop into the ABBA Museum in Stockholm, but to our surprise it was sold out. Loads of people. We did get to see the ABBA Shop though, so at least we had some fun checking that out and to give away some hard earned money on some essential stuff. Here is a few shots from the Shop and of some stuff that I brought home.

(My shots from the ABBA Shop and from back home – thanks for your good company Kalle)

This was a nice surprise. Found this lovely record shop on the Stockholm trip to see Sabaton. I bought 18 LPs in there, all classic Soundtracks in excellent shape. This shop has new music as well as older stuff, and they will trade too. I will showcase one of the Soundtracks that I bought in this post (“Kelly´s Heroes”) and over time I will show more of them on this blog (many have awesome covers). Address: Högbergsgatan 32 A.

(My shots of the store and the “Kelly´s Heroes” Soundtrack)

Another great shop in the Old Town (“Gamla Stan”) in Stockholm is Comics Heaven. I popped in there and spent some hard earned cash on the Sabaton trip a few days ago. Bought a couple of albums, “Jaktfalkarna” (Ades Media, 2023) and Achilles Wiggen” (Cobolt, 2023) and a nice comic that I had never seen before, Vampiress Carmilla Fear Book (2024 Annual). Tried to find a copy of a new Tex Willer book that has been published in Sweden but it was sold out everywhere. In any case, I highly recommend this store in the Old Town. Address: Stora Nygatan 23.

(My shots of said shop and the books I bought on this trip)

Good all round record shop in Stockholm with a good stock of music for all tastes. Bengans Record Store is one of my favourite shops and if you want stuff (like Babymetal DVDs) from Japan, you can contact them and they will help you out. They have an online shop. Address: Drottninggatan 20. Found a lot of great LPs in there on the Sabaton trip.

(My shot of said store)

Well I am off to Stockholm to catch The Tour To End All Tours with Sabaton/Babymetal/Lordi and I will be back on Sunday to give you a report. Looking forward to this trip, I have not been to the Capital for the last three years so this will be fun. I will visit loads of record stores, book shops and interesting places. Hopefully that will include the ABBA museum, we shall see.

(My shot)