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Art Bell is gone

Posted: April 15, 2018 in Books, General

The legendary radio host and author Art Bell has passed away. You may remember him from his Coast To Coast days but he was making a bit of a comeback in the last few months. I have listened to many of his shows on YouTube over the years and he was always great. And one step ahead of the competition.


Gunslinger Girl

Posted: April 8, 2018 in Books, General

“Gunslinger Girl” (Jimmy Patterson, 2018) by author Lyndsay Ely is out (432 pages). I will get it when the pocket version pops up.

Pretty decent cover.

Got Jerry Blooms “The Road To Knebworth – The Return of Deep Purple” (Wymer) in the mail yesterday. This is the best book that covers the reunion of Deep Purple in 1984-1985 (up to the Knebworth Festival in the UK in June 1985) that I have seen, I enjoyed it immensely. It takes you back to a time that was so exciting, it was highly emotional to see Deep Purple in the flesh back then. You never thought it would happen and Boom, there they are. Reading this book, looking at all the pictures, takes you back. It invokes feelings of nostalgia and joy. It was a special time.

Me, I saw two of the gigs in Stockholm right prior to the Knebworth gig. No mud, all very civilized. Oh, I had friends that cried. That sort of thing. Hard to explain now. Big moment.

I did spot a comment from one of my old interviews in the book, from my chat with Jon Lord in early 1984 just prior to the Deep Purple guys meeting for the first time in nearly 11 years. Nice.

Thank you Jerry for your good work.

Savage reading

Posted: March 31, 2018 in Books, Cool stuff, General

Added these books to the old library this week. “Pat Savage – Six Scarlet Scorpions” (Altus Press, 2016) by Kenneth Robeson and “The Cross And The Hammer – A Tale Of The Days Of The Vikings” (Altus Press, 2016) by H. Bedford-Jones. The Savage book has a cover by Joe DeVito, no information about the artist for the Vikings book.

Love this stuff.

The Gunsmith

Posted: March 30, 2018 in Books, Cool stuff, General

The Gunsmith books (by author J.R Roberts) are still going strong, but with a new look and cover art by Jeffrey Hayes. Here we have issues 412, 405 and 414.

Good to see.

The great Lionel has posted a couple of great clips on YouTube in the last couple of days that explains why he is way up there and the rest of us are not. Watch the news, then compare it with Lionel, it will benefit you greatly. And he is funny as hell!

Watch his “Q” clip here. The Roseanne clip here.

(Seen above is the cover of his 2008 book “Everyone´s Is Crazy Except You And Me…”)

True Grit

Posted: March 26, 2018 in Books, General

Just finished reading Mikko Porvalis “Bakom Röda Arméns Linjer” (Fischer & Co, 2014). It deals with the Finn patrols that operated for weeks behind the Soviet lines during WWII, and especially the last operation in which a patrol found themselves on a mission when the war ended. Based on a true story, this is very exciting stuff. Imagine moving in dense forest knowing that the enemy is doing everything they can to get you, blowing your cover every time you destroy a target. Pictured on the last patrol (as seen on the books cover) is the leader, Captain Ilmari Honkanen, as he was assisted to get across a huge river (Nurmenjoki) behind enemy lines on August 29 1944. He had a high fever at the time and his men had to carry him.

Great book.