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This book has been in the making for nearly a decade, but it is going to be a good one. Simon Robinson & Stephen Clare´s take on Deep Purple´s “Machine Head” and “Smoke On The Water”. Titled “A Fire In The Sky” it is set to be published in early 2018.



Just finished reading Micky Moody´s “Snakes And Ladders – My Autobiography” (Music Press Books, 2016) and for fans of early Whitesnake it is certainly a good read. Loads of good stuff. Let me pick an example: The Roman columns in the “Long Way From Home” video? What was that about? Well, the director thought it was an excellent detail for a video called “Long Way From Rome”…

Good excuse to listen to some of the old records too.

This is a heads-up. Former Whitesnake guitarist Micky Moody has a book out called “Snakes And Ladders – My Autobiography”. I have ordered my copy and it is going to be interesting to see what his take on all this is.

I read this book in one go last night. Martin Popoff´s “Led Zeppelin – All The Albums, All The Songs” (Voyageur Press, 2017) has a lot going for it. Super nice cover (cool Jimmy Page shot from Philippe Gras), good pictures and memorabilia throughout the book and a subject matter that draws you in if you have ever had a thing going for this great band. The author was born in 1963 so he was only five when Zeppelin was formed. So we have that in common, that we kind of discovered this when it was in full flight. I get that. But with a band like this, that you have listened to so much, the journey itself and what happened at the time of the creation of each album is very interesting. After all, they created so much great music right through a turbulent 12 year span. Martin loves Zeppelin and he has his way of taking on a band by looking at every album track by track. I like that and it is a formula that works very well. There is quite a few books on Zeppelin out there and I think there will always be an interest for more as long as the writing is passionate and has some meaning. Martin always writes from the heart and no fan of this band will have any reason for not enjoying this. It takes you to where you want to be (every now and then), knee deep in days gone bye. It takes you to when it all went down. I for one love this book. If you own the Soundtrack (that would be the albums), how could you not? I did pick up a few details that I did not know before. That is always a thrill and with Martin you are in safe hands when he goes to town, armed and ready with the kind of enthusiasm that open doors to lands of magic and wonder.

This deserves to be a good seller and I think that the fans will step up for this one.


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Out on October 26, “Kiss Klassified – War Stories From A Kiss Army General” by Johan Kihlberg and co-authors Carl Linnaeus & Mats Vassfjord (all Swedes). First 500 copies will come with free poster and a signed postcard by the authors. US edition.

Good to see.

Popoff book on Led Zeppelin

Posted: September 14, 2017 in Books, Classic Rock, General

Martin Popoff has a brand new book out on Led Zeppelin called “All The Albums, All The Songs”. I nicked this image from his Facebook page (knowing him it is OK) and I ordered this myself today. Stay tuned for review.

Fans that saw Monsters of Rock 1980 at Castle Donington in the UK have a Limited Edition (300 copies) book coming out on Wymer in late November. 128 page hardback in a metal flight case for safe protection. This was the first Donington event and Rainbow headlined. Other acts included Touch, Saxon, April Wine and Judas Priest.