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I enjoyed reading author Laura Shenton´s “Dance With The Devil – The Cozy Powell Story” (Wymer Publishing, 2020) this weekend. I am so glad that somebody has written a book about Cozy and I can highly recommend it. Nice cover shot by photographer Gijsbert Hanekroot. Incredibly, Laura has a book on Tommy Bolin coming out in a few days called “Tommy Bolin – In And Out Of Deep Purple”, so she is definitely going to get a lot of attention from fans of the Deep Purple Family this year.

(My shot of the Cozy Powell book)

The 1970s

Posted: February 26, 2020 in Books, Cool stuff

The annual mega booksale in Sweden is on and I bought this one today, “Mitt 70-tal – Ett årtionde i bilder” (translates to “My 70s – A Decade In Pictures”), published by Historiska Media 2018. No author, I guess it was put together by a team. Pretty well made too, I quite enjoyed this trip down memory lane. 164 pages.

(My shot of said book)


Martin Popoff´s “Sabotage! – Black Sabbath In The Seventies” has just been published in the UK by Wymer Publishing. 292 pages of glorious history. A second book called “Born Again! – Black Sabbath In The Eighties And Nineties” will follow in May. The very first Black Sabbath album was released on (Friday) February the 13th 1970 in the UK and there is a lot of press out there covering Sabbath at the moment. Meanwhile, Ozzy´s new solo album “Ordinary Man” is out. He has cancelled the 2020 gigs in order to concentrate on medical treatment. You can hear the new album  track by track on YouTube and Aquaman star Jason Momoa portrays Ozzy in a promotional clip for the song “Scary Little Green Men”.


Biff Byford´s first solo album “School Of Hard Knocks” is out. He will be touring for it in the Spring. I have just realized that Biff is a toy train buff, like Rod Stewart and Neil Young.


Uriah Heep singer Bernie Shaw released an album with Dale Collins in 2019 called “Too Much Information”. Sounds pretty good too.


Thrash Metal is not really my thing, but I can appreciate some of it. From Puerto Rico we have Heresy, and they released a hard to get album called “Blasphemia” in 2018. It will see a Limited Edition re-release (of 500 copies) on the Canadian label PRC on April 17. Great cover, although I guess you could say it is a bit controversial…

(My shot of the Sabbath book by Martin Popoff)


There must be a million dudes out there that would be ready to buy this book in an instant if they only knew about its existence. How could any fan of comics and/or aircraft not love this? “Aircraft From The Adventures Of Tintin” (Blue Rider Publishing, 2015). 62 pages in full colour.

(My shot of said book)

Billy´s Boots

Posted: February 12, 2020 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff

Added this bit of nostalgia to the old collection, “Billy´s Boots” (Rebellion, 2020). Originally published in UK comic Scorcher in 1970-1971, I read it in Buster here in Sweden. It was one of my favourite comics in that title and it is nice to see this in reprint 50 years later. 116 pages.

(My shot of said book)

I love rock biographies and especially if it is related to the Deep Purple family. Paice Ashton Lord and Whitesnake is part of that and so I knew that I would enjoy reading “Where Is My Guitar? – An Inside Story Of British Rock And Roll” (4th Estate, 2019) by Bernie Marsden, whom has been in both. I read the book that Micky Moody put out a while back so this a second glimpse into the early classic Purple tinted years of Whitesnake. And loads more of course. A good read indeed. One song of his has meant more than all the rest, as he was given a BMI Music Award in 2016 recognising 4,000,000 radio plays of “Here I Go Again”. Not too shabby. I saw a YouTube clip a while back in which Bernie surprised the hell out of some fans across the UK that had pre-ordered the book as he drove across the country and delivered them himself. Imagine the surprise, having Bernie at your door. I think that pretty much shows you right there what kind of a guy we are looking at here.

(My shot of said book)

Ever since the early 1970s, I have had a soft spot for Vampirella. I dare say I have quite a collection. Therefore I simply could not resist “The Art Of Vampirella – 50th Anniversary Poster Book” (Dynamite, 2019). To give you an idea of how big this book is, I took a snapshot (see top image, left shot) with an ordinary (roughly) A4 sized comic. So what you get is 20 posters in high quality paper (not that I would dream of touching this book, I would rather buy two should I want to frame one or two of these works of art). This is the modern era Vampirella with artists like Lucio Parrillo (top image, right shot), Frank Cho, Artgerm and Warren Luow (to name a few). The cover art is by Artgerm, you get the full poster inside.

Now where the hell will I keep this book then? Nice problem to have though, I will figure it out.

(My image of said book)