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Good days

Posted: December 9, 2018 in Books, Cool stuff, General

This is good news. Georges Simenon´s Maigret books are republished in Sweden, and with good covers to boot. Here we have “Maigret på nattklubb” (Atlantis, 2017). Took me a couple of years to get on the case but this stuff goes straight into the old collection.


More Don Martin

Posted: December 3, 2018 in Comics, Books, Cool stuff

The third book in the MAD series “De största tecknarna” (Cobolt, 2018) is out any day now in Sweden and it is the second to feature Don Martin (stuff collected from 1965 to 1973 in this case). 192 pages.

Got to love Don Martin.

Men in sheds

Posted: November 21, 2018 in Books, Cool stuff, General

Got to love James May. His new book looks like a winner to me, “James May´s Magnificent Machines – How Men In Sheds Have Changed Our Lives” (Hodder Stoughton, 2018). And we all know that men in sheds are the backbone of our civilization.

Excellent Christmas gift.

I have mentioned YouTube gal CallieSakura several times on this blog for her excellent videos, and she just dropped an amazing video – a world exclusive thanks to her now being acknowledged by Babymetal and the people surrounding them – as she has been given the very first copy of the super exclusive Deluxe version of the “Apocrypha – The Legend of Babymetal” book to unbox. It follows with a message to the fans that she is also reading. This is a huge moment in Babymetal history. Congratulations Callie – well deserved!

Watch the video here. View the details of the book over at z2 Comics here.

Stan Lee is gone

Posted: November 13, 2018 in Books, Comics, General, TV & Movies


The legendary comic book creator Stan Lee has passed away at 95. I grew up with many of his creations and he lived long enough to witness his iconic super heroes conquer the cinemas as well, which must have felt good for him (well deserved, and I always enjoyed seeing his little cameos). There are many books out there covering his life and career, the one you see here is the German edition of the Stan Lee “Marvel Treasury Edition”.

I take my hat off for Stan.

Crash & Boom

Posted: November 11, 2018 in Books, General

I quite like the covers of these new books from author Helene Gadot. Good enough to add to the old collection.

More Commando

Posted: November 9, 2018 in Books, Comics, General

Coming up in late November we have this 136 page special from Commando titled “Ramsey´s Raiders”. It is a re-print of Commando #3854 and 3861 in full colour. Author Ferg Handley has written the foreword. Cover art by Ian Kennedy.

Looking good.