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Lordi Rocked The Globe

Posted: April 30, 2023 in Babymetal, Classic Rock

Lordi did very well at the Globe in Stockholm as openers for Babymetal and headliners Sabaton. With a dozen or so albums behind them and a legacy that streches back to 1992 they are now promoting their brand new album “Screem Writers Guild” on the ongoing Tour To End All Tours with Sabaton. Their biggest splash in the pond so far may be the much talked about victory at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with “Hard Rock Hallelujah” but they have never gone away. Like everybody else they are now rebuilding the momentum after the C-disruptions and being out there on this package is just gold for them. Everybody is excited about this bill and with good reason. And we should remember that they present one hell of a show as headliners themselves. Being first on the bill is not great, but it will attract new followers. This, I am sure, they did.

(My shot)


Sound Pollution is a Classic Rock/Metal store in the Old Town (“Gamla Stan”) in Stockholm. When I asked them if they could get stuff on import from Japan they said yes, but you have to be specific (my advise is that you contact them). They could certainly get Babymetal DVDs from Japan, and we all know how rare these releases often are (like “Live At Tokyo Dome” etc) in these parts. Lovely store, just wall to wall with very loud stuff. Address: Stora Nygatan 18. They have a Web Store. Tell them Trinkelbonker sent you.

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It was a big moment in the career of Sabaton when they filled the largest indoors arena in Sweden (The Globe) on Friday the 28th, and apparently they filmed it. There were signs mentioning this fact as people entered the arena at different points and I did spot a guy with a professional camera on his shoulders before the show. With some luck we might get a DVD out of this. That would be a nice little souvenir of the show for those who attended the event.

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Japanese publication Young Guitar features some great stuff in the upcoming June 2023 edition. As you can see on the cover a good chunk of this magazine will feature the guitarists that has surrounded singer Ronnie James Dio over the years. Babymetal is also featured. Ticks a lot of boxes…

(Cover is from official platforms)

Back from Stockholm. Exhausted. Need a few hours before I post anything but there is a lot going up on this blog within the next 30 hours or so. Great trip. See you!

(Shot by Seth Nilsson)

Well I am off to Stockholm to catch The Tour To End All Tours with Sabaton/Babymetal/Lordi and I will be back on Sunday to give you a report. Looking forward to this trip, I have not been to the Capital for the last three years so this will be fun. I will visit loads of record stores, book shops and interesting places. Hopefully that will include the ABBA museum, we shall see.

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Commando 5639-5642

Posted: April 27, 2023 in Comics

Commando 5639-5642 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Really enjoyed the 25th Anniversary Edition of the first Blackmore´s Night album. Never had this on LP and this is a Double LP (Clear Vinyl), with great extra material. Full new album mix, new cover art, bonus tracks, a previously unreleased DVD documentary (quite good too) with three videos that has the option of audio commentary with Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night. LP sized 12 page booklet with scrapbook stuff and an excellent (and long) interview is a nice feature. Blackmore is just hilarious in this one. Great fun. There is also a Single. All in all, I felt sucked in into this thing again and the live footage on the DVD proves again the brilliance of this man. He walked away from rock, but he found a new home and there is something beautiful about the fact that they are still around doing this 25 years later.

(My shot of said LP, Single not visible)


Posted: April 26, 2023 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

Before there was Xena, there was Hundra. This 1983 movie turned out to be highly entertaining. The first Conan movie had been a hit the year before, and my guess would be that the makers of this film figured that a fierce warrior woman could be the next hit. Laurene Landon plays the part well and there is plenty of action. When I spotted this DVD I knew I had to check it out. Glad that I did.

(My shot of said DVD)

Fans of Iconic television show Xena Warrior Princess will love this. Necronomidol leader Himari Tsukishiro has signed with Setsuzoku Records for her Isiliel solo project and the new album is called “Moonbow Genesis”. Digital release in the EU/UK and USA markets on April 28 and CD release on June 2. She certainly looks good wielding a sword in a recent video for the song “Seian Kengen” (that I quite like). I just love this whole wibe.

(My shot of some Xena related magazines in the background, Isiliel cover inserted from official platforms)