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Got to love Norway

Posted: November 30, 2014 in Comics, Cool stuff, General


I nearly keeled over a moment ago as I discovered this – Davy og Miki is published in Norway again starting tomorrow with this first 216 page book. These two classics will be published from the beginning in original running order starting now. The Western genre is quite strong in Norway but I never thought that I would see this. These are comics that I read when I was about 7-10 and they were huge in Sweden back in the day. Why does nostalgia clearly work in Norway but here we never ever get so much as a glimpse of something old from the very same publisher? Can´t they be bothered with comics at all? I´m really starting to resent this bigtime.

Clearly, I´ll have to get in touch with collectors in Norway.



Fans of Rainbow will be delighted to know that a 6 disc Compilation set titled “A Light In The Black 1975-1984” will be released on January 26. The exact contents are unknown at the moment, but Donington 1980 is said to be part of it, plus a 60 page booklet that features photographs by Ross Halfin (who was a friend of Ritchie Blackmore back in the day). The cover is quite nice, let´s hope that the package is just as good.

Meanwhile, an eight LP box set called “The Polyodor Years” with the albums released from 1975 to 1984 has just been released, and all the original albums will be released in LP format separately as well on February 23.

Joe Lynn Turner and Jimmy Barnes both claim that Blackmore is ready to rock again in interviews that can be read in Sweden Rock Magazine 10 2014. Who knows? Maybe a few shows? But why would he bother at this point? He´ll be 70 in April.

Fans will never give up this fantasy I guess.

Rated X

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


Fans of Classic Rock has got a new band to check out, Rated X, that features Joe Lynn Turner (vocals), Carmine Appice (drums), Tony Franklin (bass) and Karl Cochran (guitar). Nikolo Kotzev guests on a few tracks on guitar. It´s not bad, they try very hard to give the average fan of 80´s Melodic Rock (think Rainbow, Malmsteen, Whitesnake, Blue Murder etc) good value for money. And most people will probably like this record. If this sells, we may get a tour. If it bombs, it will join other projects that has quietly slipped into oblivion. This will be decided just about now. I think this band deserve a second record and a chance to prove themselves. So I say support this if you can.

These guys have payed their dues.


Deep Purple´s “Stormbringer” was released in November 1974, and nobody seems to pay much attention to the fact that it has just turned 40. It was the ninth studio album from Deep Purple, the second with the third version of the band – Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes. Produced by Martin Birch, it was a surprisingly easy going album, very laidback and funky. Some thougth they cruised and maybe they did drop the ball, but it´s still a great record. Nine tracks, 36,31 minutes long – no wonder they could release albums so often back in the day. The title track is classic Purple and I love songs like “The Gypsy” and “Soldier of Fortune”.

The cover was based on an iconic photograph of a hurricane, taken by Lucille Handberg on July 8 1927. The illustration for the Purple cover was done by Joe Garnett and it was designed by John Cabalka. Like “Burn”, it was not a foldout, which was a bit of a disapointment back in the day (the next album “Come Taste The Band” had a much cooler cover, more to enjoy).

I don´t think this album made Ritchie Blackmore leave. Had he wanted more control he could have insisted upon it. He had talked about leaving Purple even back in the MKII days. Also, perhaps he was thinking about his own future even as this was being made in the Summer of 1974. In the end, the band never really got around to support this album very much and Blackmore was out by April 1975.

Still, Deep Purple had a lot of balls producing an album like this.

91:an Christmas Special 2014

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Comics


Bought the 91:an Christmas Special the other day. I usually buy one or two and my eyes fell on this and I liked the cover. 91:an has had Christmas Special´s in Sweden for 80 years now, ever since the first back in 1934. I wonder if anyone has a complete collection?

Cover illustration by Gert Lozell.

Meet August Stomperud

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Comics, Cool stuff, General


I didn´t know that our beloved 91:an existed in Norway until I stumbled onto this Christmas 2014 Special recently. It seems that 91:an was imported to Norway but morphed into a Norwegian version within a year (it was introduced in Norsk Ukeblad in 1937 and the transformation was done in time for the first Christmas Special in 1938). Also, the war and the occupation of Norway meant that all contact with the Swedish publisher stopped at that point and Stomperud is now seen as an Norwegian comic. In fact, it´s the longest survivor today.

Nice to see that 91:an is still alive in Norway.

American Survival Guide

Posted: November 28, 2014 in General, Magazines, Prepping


The prepping scene (survival, off grid etc) is much bigger than most people think. Here´s another publication from America, American Survival Guide. I still have to read an issue – we don´t have it on import to Sweden at the moment – but I can certainly observe the scene. About 5.000.000 people are prepping in the United States and 750.000 families has gone off grid.

This is unknown information over here. Nobody´s got a clue.