Slide It In hits 30

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Deep Purple Family

David Coverdale celebrates 30 years of Whitesnake´s “Slide It In” with a cool CD & DVD release titled “Live In ´84 – Back To The Bone” (Frontiers). It sports a festival date in Japan and a 4 track bonus taken from Swedish Television (Jon Lord´s last performance with the band). Add bootleg and demo stuff that has never been heard before and you´ve got a nice little Christmas present for the fans.

Jon Lord quitting Whitesnake for the reunion of Deep Purple meant that the “Purple period” of the band (Ian Paice had been part of Whitesnake as well, but had been replaced by Cozy Powell at this time) was over and you can see the journey towards America on this package. In fact, “Slide It In” was the end of the old ´Snake and the beginning of the new all in one, and it really is a brilliant album. Tracks like “Gambler”, “Slow An´Easy” and “Love Is No Stranger” are considered to be classics.

Watching this stuff really takes me back – it was one hell of a great era. Big hair, big songs, big everything – and you can almost taste the confidence. These cats knew they were good and they flaunted it. Whitesnake released albums all the time back then and visited these parts again and again. I have so many great memories from the 80´s and Whitesnake was a big chunk of that.

In 1984, I met Jon Lord for the third time (the chat is on this blog, see Classic Rock Interviews) and he even hinted at the Purple reunion. He also bought me a beer, which was incredibly nice of him. He was an important part of Whitesnake, no doubt about it. Still, bigger things was yet to come but you could say that “Slide It In” (and all the early work) had put quite a cliffhanger in place. America came in late, missing half the party really. But it went into the stratosphere in 1987, and that changed things. John Sykes was a big part of that album (the self titled thing we like to call “1987”), but was gone by the time it was released. He´s on this release though, and that should make a few people very happy.

1984 was fantastic. Sensational in every way.

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