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Deep Purple released the title of the upcoming 2017 studio album today and the thing is called “Infinite”. Expect little snippets of news and sounds to pop up in the next few weeks. First 30 second promo landed today.

We could use some good news for 2017…



Well I got a really nice package in the mail today with three variations of the new Rainbow release “Memories In Rock – Live In Germany” and I thought that a quick snapshot for the blog was in order. I have been a fan of Ritchie Blackmore since 1971 so when he decides to rock again for the first time in nearly two decades a poor soul like me just can not help but feel a certain level of happiness. In any case, it will take some time to digest this but at least it has all landed now.


Robert Vaughn is gone

Posted: November 13, 2016 in General, TV & Movies

Sad to hear that actor Robert Vaughn has passed away. I grew up with The Man from U.N.C.L.E on television and he was one of these guys that was always good in the stuff that he did, like “The Magnificent Seven” (1960), “Bullit” (1968) and “The Bridge at Remagen” (1969).

He will be missed.