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It took me a year to discover this release, I have no idea why. “Captured Raw” is the first Tommy Bolin release in a new jam series exclusively recorded in Glen Holly Studios in Los Angeles between 1973 and 1976. Apparently, there´s hundreds of hours of this stuff with countless musicians surrounding Bolin so this is pretty big news. What you get is jams, you may recognise a few bars here and there, but this is Bolin testing things and having some fun in good company. A list of artists that popped into this place with Tommy is mentioned and include guys like Glenn Hughes and Jeff Beck. The studio was owned by a longtime friend from Sioux City, Philip Polimeni, who captured all this stuff in a very relaxed setting.

Fans of Tommy will love this.


Consultant hell

Posted: September 29, 2014 in TV & Movies


Well, I like Kristen Bell so I was pleasantly surprised when “House of Lies” popped up. Not aired (as far as I know) in Sweden, I discovered it on DVD and decided to check it out. It looked fun and it was fun, so no worries. I can see that more seasons exists so I guess I will have to sit tight and wait for more DVD´s over here.

Twisted stuff.


I like my nostalgia and plastic kits and toy soldiers gives me good vibes. It just takes me back and I like that every now and then. This kind of stuff is increasingly hard to find though, so I was glad to discover a proper online operation the other day called Bromma Hobby in Stockholm that caters for people like me. And if you are anything like me, you will have a field day checking this out. Good prices too, got to love that.

Just bought this 1:72 Arado and some other stuff, the time has come to build a bit of a collection for later use.

Meet Leena Kurishingal

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Magazines


Well, what do you know? I stumbled onto this publication not long ago and ordered this issue (Volume 1, issue 2) to see what it´s all about. Weng´s Chop then, is an American publication that is published quarterly and it features the kind of stuff that Tarantino would love. The lovely chick on the cover is actress Leena Kurishingal who is interviewed in this issue. I actually ordered this through AdLibris, who is selling books online here in Sweden, but this really is a magazine to me. 74 pages of underground stuff from all ages.

Yep, this is good stuff.

Tex Willer 593

Posted: September 25, 2014 in Comics


Tex Willer 593 is out in good old Norway, great cover as usual. I will keep showing you the best covers because this is a comic that deserves all the attention it can get. Tex Willer is a unique series.

Got to love this.


Norway continues to deliver and now they will be the first country in Scandinavia to produce a disaster movie worthy of the name. Currently in production, “Bölgen” (which means “The Wave”) will premiere in August 2015 in Norway and it is big news at home. Inspired by a terrible disaster back in 1934, when a 62 meter high wave killed 47 people in Tafjorden, the film is stirring up feelings even now. In any case, Norway is fast becoming the most interesting country in Scandinavia as far as film is concerned.

Good luck I say.


The release of this years Sunflower Jam Charity Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London has arrived on DVD (and CD) and I have to say that “Celebrating Jon Lord” is one of the key releases in the long history of what I call the Deep Purple Family. Here we have a fantastic gathering of wonderful talent playing in front of a very dedicated crowd, all for the purpose of a good thing and for remembering a very great man. The show was presented in two parts, on DVD 1 you get The Composer, with Paul Mann conducting the Orion Orchestra with special guests like Miller Anderson, Steve Balsamo, Rick Wakeman and others, ending with a wonderful bit of music combined with words from actor Jeremy Irons. Great music pulled from the classical side of Jon Lord. If you don´t have tears in your eyes on a few occations here, there´s something wrong with you. DVD 1 also includes a very entertaining documentary about the event.

Then you have The Rock Legend as the second half of the show on DVD 2, with guests like Bruce Dickinson, Paul Weller, Glenn Hughes and many others – and the incredible moments just pile up. It all comes to an end with Deep Purple having a blast and it´s hard not to think that this night really was a spectacular celebration of what has been and of a legacy that will live on forever.

This is a wonderful celebration, it will also – once and for all – establish The Sunflower Jam as a major event. Long may it live.