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Fans of Japanese act Babymetal has a brilliant site to follow called Babymetal Newswire. Here you will find everything that goes on and many articles are translated to English from Japanese magazines. Everything is here. Case in point, check out the Kerrang (1648) cover that I found looking at articles published.

And you will find it all right here.

I pretty much nailed what Swedish journalism is all about yesterday – a hopeless leftist PC crowd hell bent on fucking up this country – but there are some really good ones still, and if you read the writings of Johan Westerholm on his site Ledarsidorna you´ll see what great journalism actually looks like. He is a Social Democrat but rarely in tune (or rather, on the same page) with the shenanigans that´s going on in his party (personally, I used to vote for them, but…). My guess is that 99% of all politicians and journalists reads his stuff, simply because he understands what´s going on behind the scenes and he has an eye for details that is very rare.

Also, he´s not PC, and that means that he´s a very brave man the way things are now. But that only means that his reputation will be intact ten years from now, and that´ll be pretty rare by then.

I tip my hat to Mr Westerholm.

Killer pulp

Posted: September 6, 2015 in Blogs I like, Books


The time has come for me to recommend a good blog again and I think you may enjoy the Killer Covers of The Week blog – it´ll certainly transport you to a better era.

Superb stuff.

(“Maid In Paris” by Frank Kane was published in 1966).

Tanja Warrior Princess

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Blogs I like

Tanja Bergkvist is a wonderful blogger in Sweden, hell bent on combating and exposing the worst of what the unsuspecting people of this country are constantly bombarded with from the Gender Industry. Trust me on this, things are so bad in this country that it is way past a joke. Well, the good news is that Tanja has just written a post in English (on her blog) to explain the general situation here, basically to go with a segment on Russia Today. To understand Sweden and what we have to endure over here you should read this – it will not be time wasted.

Tanja is the voice of reason, and much beloved by people like me.



I tried to locate an old issue of CREEM with a very cool Ritchie Blackmore interview in it by Cameron Crowe to illustrate this post, but failed (darn it). However, I guess the cover of the 2000 movie “Almost Famous” will give you a hint of who this guy is anyway. Cameron Crowe wrote and directed it and it was based on his early days as a rock journalist. If you have seen it you know how good it is.

Cameron has a very cool site called The Uncool that is worth a visit or two. Some of the classic articles of his past can be read there. Loads of great stuff.


Simon Robinson in the UK has had a Deep Purple club going longer than anybody else on the planet and I do enjoy his Purple Family News blog Darker Than Blue (same title as his excellent magazine).

Well worth regular visits.

Rough Edges

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Blogs I like


Today I tip my hat to author James Reasoner and his Rough Edges blog, which I find very entertaining (for all sorts of reasons). I like him as a writer (see his latest book in the Redemption series here) and the blog is a good place to stop by every now and then to catch up. Lots of good links as well.