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Sad to hear that Sean Connery has passed away. His portayal of James Bond launched a film franchise that has lived on for decades although it must be said that very little of the original charm has survived. He starred in many epic films and one of my all time favourites has to be the 1977 movie “One Bridge Too Far”.

(My shot of “Dr.No” Soundtrack and Swedish comic book James Bond Agent 007 issue 3 1982)


I have always had an interest in Prepping and Survivalism and it is interesting to see that this is catching on like crazy in Sweden. This book is popular right now, “365 överlevnadskunskaper” (Lind & Co, 2020) by Creek Stewart. Originally titled “365 Essential Survival Skills – Knowledge That Will Keep You Alive”, I guess you can say it is a pretty clever book as regards to little tricks that are good to know. In my opinion, everybody needs a library (and I mean books, Internet may be gone in a real shit hits the fan kind of situation) to help out if the worst happens. I find the phsychological reaction of Swedes highly interesting. 20 years ago you were considered a bit of a crackpot if you had any kind of interest in things like this, now everybody is talking about it (at least 50% in my estimation). And plenty of people are gearing up, getting ready for God knows what.

(My shot of said book)

Spotted ads for this book a few weeks ago and bought it on eBay from Japan as it was published. I have very little information about this book as such, since I do not speak Japanese, but I can give you some. The cover art is credited to Hiro (and I think it is brilliant). 268 pages, mostly text, but the art inside (no actual pictures) is in the same vein as the cover. Not sure about the actual title or who the author is. I can see that it deals with the history of Babymetal, and that there are quotes from interviews. As it was published when Babymetal turned 10, I have to assume that a major fan is celebrating their journey here, keeping it safe from being sued and things like that. And yes, I like it.

(My shot of said book – Thank you Kalle for securing this for my collection)

Commando 5379-5382

Posted: October 29, 2020 in Comics

Commando 5379-5382 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Time Machine Stuff

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A lot of stuff that I got into as a kid is still out there. But I have to wonder if it is a generational thing? My generation has money so we can indulge a bit in our hobbies, so it would appear that everything is fine and dandy. But what is the story going to be 20 years down the line? It is good to see that this stuff is supported still though, and you can see it in publications like these – Airfix Model World (issue 120) and Diecast Collector (277). This is very old school now but then so are puzzles.

(My shot of said publications)

This interview with Renaissance duo Blackmores Night – or Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night – was done by e-mail in April 2001 for DEEP PURPLE FOREVER issue 31. I do not consider it a very good interview but on the other hand Ritchie Blackmore is a living legend so anything anybody can get out of him is of high interest. I just wish that we had been in the same room so that this could have been a real conversation. Some of his answers are just very short, but with glimpses of interest. As interviews go, this is a bit of a rough diamond. For context, I think the reader can see that I have always been very honest when I have conducted interviews. When I asked Blackmore in this interview why his playing took a dive during the early reunion period of Deep Purple, I took a tremendous risk. But he did answer the question and I think he was very honest when he did so. He could have blown the entire interview but he did not. I respect him for that and I think we glimpsed something there in his reply. So here are the interviews, enjoy!

The Ritchie Blackmore Interview

I saw a documentary about the Japanese movie legend Akira Kurosawa the other day, and in this he said “When I grew older I said to myself I can not keep making new versions of The Seven Samurais all my life and I felt that I had the courage to create a new direction”. Is that a similar feeling to what you have gone through in your life, can you see what he was talking about?

– ”Yes”.

In my eyes, it seems likely that you will never play hardrock again. Except perhaps for the odd concert. And I would respect you if that was the case. But is that a correct observation or do you simply do not know?

– ”Both”.

What, if anything, do you miss occationally from the rock years?

– ”Listening to other rock bands on the radio”.

Since Rainbow, have you put any musical ideas at all together in the hardrock vein for possible future use?

– ”Not particularly”.

Is it fair to say that you created a “monster” without really thinking about it, and that since the hardrock days “Ritchie” has given more room for “Richard”. Could you explain why you simply seem a lot happier these days? Apart from your obvious quality time with Candice.

– ”Happiness is a frame of mind that is fleeting”.

I hope you do not hate me for this question, but in my opinion, your playing took a dive when Deep Purple reformed. Then it got better when Joe Lynn Turner joined the band (and has been very good ever since). But why this period of unmotivated playing? Were you simply not very happy at the time?

– ”Your frame of mind is what shows in music”.

Of course, Candice also came into your life around the time when you started to play very well again. To me, happiness looks like a possible answer. Do you agree that you have had mood swings in your career and that they have dictated your work to a certain extent?

– ”Suffering is reality to most musicians who care”.

Will you ever write the book of your life? Or a book about your interesting voyage into the intruiging world of seances?

– ”It is written already”.

I know that you read a lot. Are you interested in the UFO mystery? Have you ever seen anything like that yourself?

– ”Yes”.

What went through your head after the sad death of a young fan in Sapporo in february 1978? How did you react to the news that somebody had died?

– ”It is a terrible feeling to be involved with someone´s death”.

Would you say that it was the worst moment in your career?

– ”Too many to mention”.

What annoys you the most in todays music scene?

– ”The monopoly”.

Who do you like in todays music scene?

– ”Des Geyers, Sarah Brightman, Michael Oldfield – any Renaissance Music”.

Can we look forward to a Blackmores Night live album?

– ”Yes”.

Do you have an opinion on the tv show Xena Warrior Princess? I only ask because I like the show myself and I am currently in the process of co-writing a book on the subject.

– ”It is nice to see another country make Hollywood nervous”.

(End of interview, I think you can spot answers that begs to be investigated further so I pass that on to whomever wants to pick that challenge…)

The Candice Night Interview

How would you say that your work with Ritchie in this venture has changed you?

– ”I do not think it has changed me. I have always written, always loved to sing, always believed in magic, so, besides normal daily existence – I personally do not think I have changed at all”.

Ritchie is famous for practical jokes, did he ever pull one on you that you can share with us?

– ”I always think his magic tricks are much more fascinating. He has played practical jokes on me at the start of our relationship – but since I have been part of the inner circle for 11 years now – we work as a team playing jokes on others”.

If he did, did you manage to get even?

– ”Sure, I get even every day”.

What did you think of Ritchies interest in seances when you first got involved with him?

– ”I have been involved in that realm long before I met Ritchie. The supernatural world is more natural to me than most things in everyday life. I think it is more bizarre to find when someone doesn´t believe”.

How about the two of you writing a book on the subject?

– ”Seance really just means a spiritual meeting – a natural meeting. We chronical them with our songs right now. We also live our lives very much by feeling. I do not think at this point either of us would be to keen on playing reporter. Experiencing it is enough”.

Europe will be a good place for Blackmores Night. How do you feel about the response for the band over here?

– ”The response has been amazing. Especially the fans who go above and beyond by dressing in Renaissance garb. Playing in castle courtyards with the moon rising over the stone walls and the fans dressed up – helps to make ones fantasy even more of a reality. It really transports you back in time”.

Touring with a man that is a legend in his own lifetime (in many sane peoples opinion), does it still surprise you that the attention can be like the kind that royalty gets?

– ”No, because he deserves all of that attention. I have never seen or heard a more brilliant musician in every aspect. I think he deserves even more respect than he gets”.

Can you give me an example when you just had to smile?

– ”That is a hard question because it comes so easily in ones relationship. Each time he plays me a brand new song idea, his amazing performances on stage, and how boyish and gentle he is in our private life – all makes me smile”.

How is the market for Blackmores Night in America? Are there outlets?

– ”Yes, there are many outlets. We have many Renaissance parties throughout the USA where to be part of the Renaissance era is the theme. We may not have the history in America, but we have brilliant imaginations”.

What do you think of a Blackmores Night live album? Do you generally enjoy live recordings or do you find them less relevant than studio material?

– ”We have had so many requests for a live album. The arrangements, tempos, and vibe are so different in live recordings. I am sure there will be one released for Blackmores Night in the near future”.

How about two or three live versions of earlier songs as a bonus on a new studio album? Could that be considered or would it interfere with the overall purpose of that music at that time?

– ”At this point we have so many original songs that it would be difficult for an earlier song to take the place of a brand new one. However, this all depends on what is taking place when the record is being recorded. Sometimes we will just play and sing to pass the time while the producer is working, and we will just say “Hey, this sounds really good. Let´s do it”. When you love what you do, you have no limitations”.

Are you aware of all the bootlegs – mostly coming out of Japan it seems – and what do you think about that? Have you listened to any of them?

– ”Haven´t heard any”.

What do you like to do for relaxation?

– ”Write, draw, sing, do Yoga, read, walk on the beach, and spend quality time with my cat”.

Do you enjoy to read books? If so, what was the latest that you liked?

– ”I just finished “The Wyrd Sisters” – which was recommended to me by some English friends. And I have just begun a book by John Edwards, a Psychic Medium from Long Island”.

Do the two of you go to the movies or do you prefere to watch films on television?

– ”We rarely go to movies, although we saw “Elizabeth” and the “Red Violin” in the theater and both were brilliant. We usually rent older Black and White films when movies had story lines and actors were so talented”.

Do you have any thoughts about Sweden? Any distant relatives?

– ”I have only been to Sweden once, Stockholm, and the way the lights danced on the harbor at night – on the boats – was breathtaking. I would love to go back, and explore more and absorb the land. My relatives are more from Eastern Europe, though, Prussia, Odess, etc”.

Do you have any thoughts on the tv show Xena? I ask for the same reason that I asked Ritchie.

– ”Ah Xena!!! Beautiful, strong, clever, The Ultimate Dominatrix, what´s not to love!”.

(End of interview – I have to say that I love her final answer!)

Michael Eriksson (Deep Purple Forever 2001 / Trinkelbonker 2020)

CLASSIC ROCK INTERVIEWS ON TRINKELBONKER: JOHN NORUM 1988 (October 18 2020), ACCEPT 1986 (July 17 2020), DEEP PURPLE 1996 (June 27 2020), EUROPE 1986 (June 16 2020), DEEP PURPLE PODCAST 2020 (April 6 2020), KIMBERLY GOSS/SINERGY 2002 (March 31 2020), RAINBOW 1997 (March 9 2020), RAINBOW 1996 (March 6 2020), MICHAEL BRADFORD 2003/MAKING OF DEEP PURPLE´S “BANANAS” (March 2 2020), URIAH HEEP 1988 (February 18 2020), ANNE-LIE RYDÉ 1984 (January 21 2020), CRYSTAL VIPER 2020 (January 16 2020), JOHN NORUM 1988 (January 12 2020), ARTOMUS FRIENDSHIP 2019 (November 10 2019), NAZARETH 1989 (August 26 2019), VELVET INSANE 2018 (September 11 2018), JON LORD 1981 (December 15 2015), DAVID COVERDALE 1981 (November 13 2015), GLENN HUGHES 1996 (May 12 2015), TOTO 1988 (March 31 2015), YNGWIE MALMSTEEN 1990 (March 1 2015), MARTINA EDOFF 2009 (December 4 2014), MICHAEL MOJO NILSSON 2014 (January 21 2014), THE HUGHES TURNER PROJECT 2001 (December 29 2013), JOE LYNN TURNER 1996-1998 (October 9 2013), GLENN HUGHES & JOHN NORUM 1988 (September 21 2013), JOE LYNN TURNER 1994-1995 (September 9 2013), JOE LYNN TURNER 1993 (September 7 2013), STEVE LUKATHER 1989 (September 4 2013), BLACK SABBATH 1983 (August 22 2013), RAINBOW 1995 (July 19 2013), MICK UNDERWOOD/GILLAN 1982 (June 11 2013), DEEP PURPLE 2002 (May 2 2013), DEEP PURPLE 1998 ( February 25 2013), BLACK SABBATH 1986 (February 12 2013), BLACK SABBATH 1987-1989 (December 31 2012), JOHNNIE BOLIN 2012 (December 24 2012), MARTIN POPOFF & RICH GALBRAITH 2009 (November 12 2012), DAVID COVERDALE 2000 (October 14 2012), JON LORD 1984 (September 7 2012), JOE LYNN TURNER 1992 (August 31 2012), JUDAS PRIEST 1986 (August 22 2012), RONNIE JAMES DIO 2001 (August 20 2012), NIGHTWISH 2002 (August 14 2012).

The Metal Gods

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Good to see that Metal Hammer in the UK are still supporting Judas Priest after all these years. Seen here is issue 341 and members from Priest gets to talk about their journey over 10 pages (which also includes best wishes and praise from fellow artists, but more about that later on this blog). It is good to know that they are in the process of recording another studio album as well. Also looking forward to reading the autobiography of Rob Halford (Headline Publishing, 2020) that has just popped up.

(My shot of Metal Hammer 341 and “Confess”)

More Viking Rock

Posted: October 25, 2020 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff

I mentioned Swedish rockers Månegarm recently on this blog and here is another example of their output and how they present their albums with very powerful images. Again, the cover artist is Kris Verwimp. This album, “Dödsfärd”, was originally released in 2003 and I am glad that this band is reissuing their catalogue in this way.

(My shot of said cover)

The Rock Opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” turns 50 next week. It was originally released in Europe on October 28 1970. It has to be said that the original recording holds up well and it is slightly strange that they have not decided to celebrate it now with some sort of exclusive reissue. Instead, what I can find right now is later recordings, or if I can find a copy of the original edition, it has the American cover (not the one we had back in the day). The Deep Purple Podcast has spent the last few weeks taking a look at the original recording, so that is something.

(My shot of my Double LP edition of said release)


Marina Ammouri (pictured above for this blog post) is featured on a video that needs to be seen, titled ”International Collaboration – La Sagrada Familia (Alan Parsons Project) Collab/Lockdown/Quarantine” (just search her name and it will pop up). She sings this beautiful yet powerful song with Daniel Vargas from Brazilian outfit Adellaide. Additional members from Adellaide in this collaboration is Leandro Feitas (keyboards) and Cadu Freitas (bass). The line-up is completed by Swedish musicians Stefan Österlind (From The Sky/Paul DiÁnno on guitar) and Johan Kullberg (HammerFall/Therion on bass), Croatian Jere Valdevit (Showtime Band Zg on sax), American TerryLee Whetstone (flute) and finally Swedish/Russian citizen Antonia Kondratyeva (Opera Light Ensemble, cello). Marina Ammouri released her debut album ”Dare To Be Happy” in early 2018 (rave review on this blog headlined ”Nine Reasons To Be Happy” can be found archived on Jan 4 2018). Marina won the Best Female Rock Artist title at the IMC Awards in Hollywood later that year. In November 2019, Marina was featured on Adellaide´s latest album ”New Horizons” and she can be seen in their video ”It´s Just A Matter Of Time”. These international collaborations proves that she is here to stay and I can tell you now that she is currently working on her second album.


The radio broadcast releases keeps on coming and today we saw the release of a Whitesnake CD titled ”Brighton Beach Memoirs – UK Broadcast 1978”.


Also out today, a similar release with Rainbow titled ”Santiago 1996 – The Classic Chile Broadcast 2 CD Set”. That one is from the ”Stranger In Us All” tour.


Vinyl buffs can now buy the Deep Purple Family album ”Many Faces Of Deep Purple” as a Limited Edition Double LP (White Marble Vinyl).


There is a 6 CD Box with Graham Bonnet titled ”Solo Albums 1974-1992” coming up on November 27. Pretty good value for money.


Babymetal has an exclusive guest appearance on a Bring Me The Horizon song called ”Kingslayer” on an upcoming BMTH release called ”Post Human: Survival Horror” (digital release October 30, physical release January 21 2021). The Babymetal video for ”Gimme Chocolate!!” is now closing in on 126,000,000 hits on YouTube. Their presence on YouTube is amazing.

(Thank you Marina for taking the time to contribute the top image for this post – the magazines are two of my old publications, DEEP PURPLE FOREVER 32 and SLICE GLOBAL EDITION 2008, cover shots by Staffan Eriksson and Michael Johansson)