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Browsed through parts of the Babymetal collection today and I have to say that this 2015 ad from the now defunct Kerrang! magazine is one of the best that I have ever seen. It is very very effective. They were putting out live stuff from Tokyo and London at the time, hot on the heels of the debut album having crushed the competition prior to this in the UK. The ad also mentions the upcoming Wembley gig that was to take place in April 2016. I missed all this when it was going down but I am pretty sure that I would have checked them out had I seen this ad back in the day. The “What the hell is this?” factor just jumps out of this page. I will slowly add the current batch of Vinyls that has been released now in Japan, the first (that is on the way as we speak) being “Live Legend 1999-1997 Apocalypse”. Stay tuned for updates.

(My shot of said ad)


Good Day

Posted: January 30, 2022 in About this blog, Jämtland (County), Prepping

January has been pretty good in these parts compared to last year. We had a short cold spell about three weeks ago but it has been pretty nice ever since. That will keep the electricity bill down which is a good thing. I have had one of these days when I have gotten a lot done and that is always nice. Mid-day, the sun lit up the snowflakes which was pretty beautiful. We are slowly getting back some sunlight. Spotted a great YouTube channel by Martijn Doolard and watched his trials in the Italian Alps restoring some old stone cottages. I will follow him on his adventures and I suggest you check it out. Very well done.

(My shot of my view from the house)

Monsters Of Rock in Sweden, that is. I was there and this bootleg from the big outdoor event is a pretty nice souvenir to have. It was a wonderful day and we were entertained by Mötley Crue, Van Halen and AC/DC (in that order). They were all bloody good too. This was actually the only performance that the classic line-up of Van Halen ever did in Sweden back in the day and they were riding high on the back of the massive success of the “1984” album at the time.

Kind of sad that they never bothered to release a proper live album back then, I think the fans would have loved that. Instead, the bootleggers had a field day and I guess they still do. As for the year 1984, Orwell was wrong (missed it by four decades, he was right in the long run though). It was a marvelous time to be alive. There was also the incredible anticipation in the air that Deep Purple were back in business. Bachman Turner Overdrive tried their luck too, and did a massive tour with Van Halen Stateside. They (Van Halen) were big fans. As for this bootleg, I think you can see the positive vibes of the day on the pictures at the back. Good times.

(My shots of said bootleg)

Airfix 2022

Posted: January 30, 2022 in Cool stuff, Hobby, Magazines

Well, the 148 page Airfix Catalogue for 2022 is out and it proves that this company is still relevant, producing new kits and ideas as well as preserving the classic stuff for new generations to discover and enjoy. On the cover we see some Spitfire´s (MKIXc), as a 1/24 kit will be released later this year. That is one hell of a challenge right there. Also seen here is issue 135 of the Airfix Model World magazine and this highlights a new Tempest MKV kit in 1/72. I have to say that the staff are loyal to their readers, as they also highlight a 1/32 Tempest from Revell in this very issue. In other words, they care about the overall picture. Kudos.

(My shot of said publications)


Posted: January 30, 2022 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff

Today I will listen to the Bachman Turner Overdrive album “Freeways”. Released in 1977, it was to be the last LP that featured guitarist Randy Bachman for over a decade. Kind of overlooked, I feel that this album represents an easy going kind of rock, with loads of acoustic stuff that suits the overall sound of this band very well. This is the BTO record that I have listened to the most over the years and that has to mean something. Also, BTO was the working class band, down to earth and proud. They also represented a very positive vibe that will resonate for a long time. To me, they represented Canada, freedom, and the opening track on this album – “Can We All Come Together” – still feels incredibly relevant.

(My shot of said album)

The White Buffalo

Posted: January 29, 2022 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

Watched the 1977 movie “The White Buffalo” today and let me tell you, this is not a film you want to see when you have heavy snowfall outside your window. This Fantasy/Western is packed with talent (Charles Bronson, Jack Warden and Will Sampson certainly all excel in it). Add a score by John Barry to the mix and the vibes of creator Dino De Laurentiis and you have a winner. I really enjoyed this film.

(My shot of the Swedish DVD)

The Music On Vinyl label is to reissue the self titled debut 220 Volt album on Yellow/Orange Vinyl on March 11 in Europe. Originally released in 1983, it did not quite reach out to too many countries at the time, but it made a big enough splash in the pond for Epic/CBS to take note and off they went. I hope we get to see more of the back catalogue reissued on Vinyl (preferably coloured) in the months ahead. Maybe they are testing the waters with this Limited Edition 1,000 copy run? I have ordered mine. Good times.

(Seen here is a Swedish ad for the album from OKEJ magazine from back in the day, upcoming reissue inserted – Thank you Kalle for the heads-up)

Nice eight page feature celebrating Deep Purple in UK publication MOJO 339. Neil Young on the cover. They basically pick up the story about the adventures in Switzerland that spawned “Machine Head” (the album) and “Smoke On The Water” (the classic) and then they touch down here and there with quotes by several members of the band covering loads of subjects and history. Nice selection of shots too (17, plus album covers and a flare gun!). Good writing too, kudos to Mark Blake.

(Shots features the cover of said magazine and one of the spreads)

Janick Gers turned 65 the other day (January 27) and I just want to send him some love on this blog. I met him in 1982 when he visited Stockholm as a member of Gillan (fantastic show, he did a great job) and we chatted about things at the hotel (I hope I have that tape stashed somewhere, it would be a nice addition to this blog), as I had a Deep Purple club going back then. The band had travelled from Trondheim in Norway to Stockholm (a 10 hour drive) in a van with a trashed window, mid winter. They were not happy, but Janick was a trooper. Later, he would go on to join Iron Maiden and he has been there ever since. His Gillan output (“Double Trouble” in 1981 and “Magic” in 1982) still resonates with me though, he did a good job in that band.

(Picture shows a print from the Deep Purple Freak Society days – shots by Michael Johansson)

Unveiling Noir Burlesque

Posted: January 25, 2022 in Comics, Cool stuff

Good to see that Swedish comic book Agent X9 has introduced the brand new Noir Burlesque into the mix of classic stuff like Modesty Blaise, Agent Corrigan and Rip Kirby. Excellent choice. They will publish an album in four parts, taking it into the spring. I will link to a trailer of said comic on the Trinkelbonker facebook page.

(My shot of Agent X9 2 2022)