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But very very funny. That is how you can sum up the new Mötley Crue film “The Dirt”. This is not Oscars stuff, but it is highly entertaining and it is also a postcard of the 1980s (in this case taken to the extreme, to the brink and falling over the cliff), and how certain bands lived it up. To their credit, Mötley Crue also delivered good music, they have some great albums in the catalogue. But when you let the excess take over, when every tour is a party (or worse), then the end will come sooner rather than later. The funny thing with this movie is that it still leaves stuff out, like the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee sex tape scandal. As things go, they could easily have added another 60 minutes to this film, but in reality you have to squeeze a great deal into whatever script you go with, and that is hard. So what you get here are glimpses from all four, which eventually adds up to the film. If you want a history lesson, you have the book. This is the film, and at least you will have a good time watching it (the Tommy Lee scene that describes a day on the road is absolutely brilliant). I met a non rocker in his late sixties this weekend who had seen this on Netflix, and enjoyed it. Fans of hard rock will no doubt want to see it, just because it is a film about their (or our) tribe. The young will also hear about it and when they check it out they will probably wish they had been alive in the 1980s. The film will leave a mark, it will inspire people in many ways. Some of them bad probably, but I think we need to remember that there once was a world that had not been suffocated by political correctness gone wild. I would rather see some fucking rock´n´roll any day.

So, good job!


Well I mentioned the lads in Velvet Insane the other day and they are actually recording the second album at the RMV Studios (owned by Benny Andersson of ABBA fame) in Stockholm right now. Producer is Tomas Eriksson (Kaipa, Flower Kings etc) and the engineer is Linn Fijal. I think they had the first album in the can for a while so I can see why they are eager to get new music down. Also, this will give them more songs to play once the touring starts.

Good luck chaps.

(Studio images courtesy of Velvet Insane)

Swedish rockers Velvet Insane released their debut album a few weeks ago and since they are local boys from Jämtland County (see our local flag inserted in the picture above!) I thought it would be interesting to check in on the general progress. I asked Jesper Lindgren to send over some quotes and information for this blog and so he did. Now I did cut out some quotes in Spanish and Italian, lets just say that the guys have some really good feedback out there, and that things are looking good. Here is a glimpse of what is going on.


“”Coffee, Jazz and Arts” is truly a beautiful song that will cast you away, and worth the album price on its own” (Powerplay 8/10)

“Much of the music is emotionally fragile and with vulnerable vocals that fit well with the music. Just listen to the beautiful “Coffee, Jazz and Arts”. We also get rockier songs with some fine guitar work, including the smashing “King of the Foolish”. This is a rather promising debut” (Roppongi Rocks)

“Velvet Insane are an amazing talent. The Swedish guys, known more for their ice and snow, have a strong chemistry with each other. The proof is in each and every song on this album. Every song seems to meld into the next as if telling their story, and each keeps you listening intently. Jonas channels his heroes truthfully throughout. The band broadcast their own talents within the harmonies of every song. With the right push, these guys could go far”. (Metal Temple 10/10)

“…which did not prevent the musicians from delivering a classic Hard Rock album with seventies vibes. The sound is unbelievably analog, the songs have soul and variety, so that the almost 45 minutes go by in flight” (My revelations)

“… Anyway score time, I can only give it one score and that’s the top one” (Frame Music)

Velvet Insane segues into “High on Love”, a number I’ve now begun to hear being played on local New York City radio stations. It’s a slick selection which I’m betting that once you hear it you’re going to have a really hard time getting it out of your mind” (Sputnik Music Magazine)

“An upcoming tour in Australia was about to be made and the dreams about making and playing music started to get real. So they started touring in Japan and UK followed by tours that took them to Spain and the United States” (Flight of the Pegasus)

“”Coffee, Jazz and Arts” är plötsligt en lugn och riktigt stämningsfull ballad som inte bara drar ner tempot utan överraskar med en känsla av svensk folkmusik blandad med lite country och sydstats vibbar. Vansinnigt snyggt!” (The Maloik blog 9/10)

“Detta är en harmonisk, mogen och tidlös platta. Ett angenämt tillskott i musiksamlingen” (7/10 Sweden rock Magazine)

“En frisk rockfläkt från Östersund. Rötter finns i rocken när den stavades Mott The Hoople, Humble Pie, det rockigaste av Waterboys och T.rex – fast hela härligheten är lite förfinad, lite mer rock – och det är strålande. Jonas Eriksson är en av vårt lands stora rockröster!” (Ginza)


WEIGHTED RADIO AIRPLAY CHARTS #288 / UNWEIGHTED RADIO AIRPLAY CHARTS #259 / M3 RADIO #1 T30 / M3 RADIO #2 / KLCZ #3 T30 / M3 RADIO #4 / WERU #5 T30 / CHMR #6 T30 / WNMC #6 T30 / KMUD #7 T30 / WXYC #7 T30 / WRRC #8 T30 / KWLC #8 T30 / RADIO CUH #8 T30 / WDWN #9 T30 / KSLU(S) #10 T30 / WXDU #10 T30 / M3 RADIO #14 T30.

# 1 on East Orland, # 2 on KSUA Fairbanks, # 5 on WDWN Auburn, # 14 on CMJ National radio 200 Adds Chart.


# 24 on Metal Rock Chart.

Check out the latest video “My Way Of Life Is You” on YouTube now.


(To be continued)

March is coming to a close (one more week to go) and then we have Fox Day, the big day in the magical universe of Babymetal that occures on April 1. This means that they will announce something, whatever that may be. And this year fans have every right to be excited. Do we have a new studio album coming up? New line-up? DVDs? Tours? All of the above? I hope that the key musicians will still be there, like guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura, drummer Aoyama Hideki and bass player Boh. The big question is of course if they have recruited a third girl, if they have actually replaced Yuimetal. The girl that did a few shows in December last year in Singapore and Australia, Saya, seems to have recently joined another outfit. I kind of hope that Su-metal and Moametal will be joined by a third girl though, the concept of the trio is so strong, it really should be cultivated to meet expectations. Having said that though, Babymetal will always come up with surprises.

Well, I think we have reason to be optimistic, and I have to say that I look forward a great deal to this date. Also, by chance, it is the day that I no longer have the old place in the city, meaning that I will officially be living in my new place on the countryside from then on. It has been a long journey, but now it is here. So I guess Fox Day will always remind me of this big move as well, this change in my life. How about that?

I have a hunch that 2019 is going to be a good year.


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Bought the “Bohemian Rhapsody” DVD a couple of days ago and I have to say that I enjoyed it very much. It really is quite stunning that they can recreate Live Aid like this, that in itself is rather spectacular right there. I go back to 1974 with Queen so I have been a listener and followed them right through their career. Amazingly, I never saw them perform. Not sure why since I made a point of catching most of the big bands back in the day, not least because I was a freelance journalist at the time. I do regret it now. But the musical legacy of Queen remains iconic and I think they have captured it all from an interesting angle looking at it from the point of view of Freddie Mercury. A movie has to work and he was the guy up front, selling the music with his incredible stage presence and that voice. Then there was the dark side, that we never really saw. His death in 1991 was a blow, but he worked his magic to the very end. A film that can capture the rise and fall of such an enigmatic performer will go down well if treated with respect. I think “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a success on every level, and the praise (Oscars etc) is well deserved. Also, it will capture the interest of a new generation that never got to experience Queen back in the day. I have seen proof up close, a good friend has a daughter that suddenly turned into a massive Queen fan after having seen this movie. Saw it more than once, like we saw with films like “Titanic”. She is surely not alone in this, which proves how a well made film can add a great deal to an already massive legacy. For friends of Classic Rock, this is bloody great.

Well done.

US publication Goldmine (May 2019) sports a nice David Coverdale cover. The promotional machine is in full gear.

Sad to hear that ex-Gillan guitarist Bernie Tormé has passed away. He died of pneumonia this weekend, sources say. Bernie was a huge part of the success that the band Gillan carved out for themselves (everywhere except for the States) in the early 1980s and he stayed active until quite recently. I have a real soft spot for Gillan and I guess I will revisit the old collection now like many others.

His spirit will never die.