Ambassadors of Kawaii Metal

Posted: August 16, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General, TV & Movies

Watched my brand new import copy of “Legend S – Baptism XX – Live At Hiroshima Green Arena” yesterday. Babymetal do not take prisoners, not even when they are a member short (Yuimetal). The show is spectacular from the first second, then they take you for one hell of a ride. The live shot you see here was taken during the first song, “In The Name Of”, when Su-metal seemingly hurls a ball of fire with her staff through the arena (how the hell did they create that illusion?). If you catch Babymetal on a headline show, you will be entertained (no doubt about it). This DVD is just another masterpiece and they keep the standard on a level that is very rare. The musicianship is on a level that is just awesome. The show, captured by multiple cameras as always, leaves you wanting more. Su-metal was celebrated in her hometown Hiroshima on these two nights (edited down to 16 tracks for this release and mixed by long serving engineer Tue Madsen). The first night belonged to members of the Fan Club (called The One), the second night to club members and the general public. The fact that Yui could not perform, and that they had to decide on the spot whether to cancel or not, was a rough situation that they managed to deal with (this DVD is certainly proof of how professional they are). What nobody knew at the time was that these performances would also be the last for guitarist Mikio Fujioka, whom passed away in a freak accident just weeks later in early 2018. Watching him here is a sad goodbye of sorts, but he will be remembered.

Babymetal has absolutely nothing to prove to nobody at this point. This is a unique outfit, the world at large will surely wise up soon enough and give them the status that they so richly deserve. I think this will happen with the third album. The buzz is out there and with DVDs like this…

(Note. Word is that it has not been decided as yet whether Yui can perform the upcoming Japanese shows in October or not. At least we know that she is still part of Babymetal and that they are doing the best that they can to get through a tough period).

(My image of said release – thank you for your assistance Kalle)

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