Classic monster tales

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Books, Jämtland (County), The Great Lake Monster


It is early Saturday morning and I am killing some time before heading out to meet a Canadian tv-crew who are in town to shoot a documentary about our elusive creatures in lake Storsjön (The Great Lake). Friends of this blog will know that I have seen a strange animal myself back in 1977 (far too big to be your standard fish) and that I have been involved in recent years in collecting and printing sightings and history regarding this mystery. Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster) is an ongoing affair and it is nice to see that international interest is on the rise.

What you see here is an original printing of the first book on the subject, published by Dr. Peter Olsson 114 years ago. Simply titled “Storsjöodjuret” (Jämtlandspostens boktryckeri, 1899) it deals with a number of cases and the author speculates about what it could be. Glad to own a copy of this book, it reminds us of how long people have had a genuine interest in the subject – in fact, this book came out when there was an ongoing effort to capture or kill one of these animals.

These days the hunt is on with more peaceful means (like Sonar equipment and underwater cameras). Something to be grateful for.

(My scan of said cover)


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