Purple edition to Bolin Fan Jam 2013

Posted: June 24, 2013 in Deep Purple Family, Retrofuture, Retrofuture 6 - Celebration issue


I promised that I would send over 100 copies of the Purple edition of RETROFUTURE 6 to Sioux City for fans of Tommy Bolin who will attend this years Tommy Bolin Fan Jam at The Icket Nicket club in early August, and now I have. I mailed the package to Trace Keane today, and it should arrive in about a weeks time Stateside. Exactly what they will do with these magazines is up to them, I´m just happy to send a big thumbs up from Sweden. August is a tad early for us to have a party (our short summers are sacred), but we will have a Deep Purple party in Östersund before the end of the year.

I added a copy of blues man Michael Mojo Nilsson´s new album to Johnnie Bolin in this package, since he shares this issue with him and David Coverdale in the English section of the magazine (an album has been sent to Dave as well). A nod from Sweden, and Mojo is naturally a big fan of all things Purple (aren´t we all?).

I wish I could have been at the Tommy Bolin Fan Jam, but I can´t, so I will think of you all when you celebrate the legacy over there. Remember that Tommy is beloved all over the world still, not least here.


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