Purple at the library

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Deep Purple Family, Retrofuture, Retrofuture 6 - Celebration issue


The campaign to distribute 800 copies of the Purple edition of RETROFUTURE 6 in my neck of the woods has kicked in. Today I gave 75 copies to the County Library here in Östersund, along with a free copy of the recently published western novel Tornado Blaze to go (with all of them). This is how it looks when people enter the library (the staff will kindly fill up as copies are removed by interested parties). This is part of an ongoing thing since 2010 and some 10.000 magazines are now out, distributed in many ways.

Another 75 copies has been delivered to a record shop called Musik & Skit and a local museum has got copies (for the archives and the staff as well) etc etc.

Shared a few beers with some good friends tonight and I even spotted a woman that just might be the next western model. We chatted briefly, we´ll see.

Good feedback is coming in. Feels good to be alive.

(My image of said magazines)

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