YouTube works in mysterious ways. Suddenly, there is a bunch of reaction videos for “Child In Time”, and Deep Purple has had few up until now. The lads from the Lost In Vegas Channel is listening with fresh ears and very little grasp of that era. So what do they think? Well, I like reaction videos and this is not a bad one.

Check it out here.


Time Machine

Posted: May 19, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

I have no particular reason to post this except to say: Seldom has a performer (in this case Suzuka Nakamoto, or Su-metal) managed to spread more happiness on this earth with her very presence. Born to perform, she has found the perfect vehicle in Babymetal to not only test all her abilities as a singer and performer – but also to help transcend Metal into a much happier place. In good company.

Read Dallas reviews here and here. Watch “Tattoo” live in Atlanta here.

Vinyl alert! The Nightflight Orchestra will release a new album called “Sometimes The World Ain´t Enough” on June 29 and seen here is the two Vinyls.

The old cool-o-meter is detecting pure joy.

The Japanese music industry is a bit nuts and reaction videos are getting copyright strikes all over the place. Sadly, the wonderful Pictures, Noice and Words Channel has got two strikes now and one more and the Channel goes. This is pure stupidity and it is not helping Japanese acts is it?

Watch his take on the second strike here.

UK publication Classic Rock has picked “Come Taste The Band” by Deep Purple for their ongoing Album Of The Week Club Review series this week. Review and fan input makes for some good reading.

Check it out here.

I grew up with Flash Gordon, the comics and the original 1930s television show (catched it in the early 1970s here in Sweden) and it just dawned on me that there are certain fashion styles and statements in this franchise that has carried over into Babymetal as they are now. If you do a search you will find inspiration. Of course there will be many sources of inspiration for the Babymetal costumes but I think the Flash Gordon universe is in there somewhere.

Babymetal has taken an interesting step lately in letting the fashion of the general look evolve into something more cinematic. You can not help but think about Egyptian Queens and epic Sci-Fi & Fantasy adventures. Throw in some Opera themes and a bit of Metal on top and you have one hell of a show.

I for one absolutely love it.

30 years ago

Posted: May 17, 2018 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

It was 30 years ago today that Judas Priest released the “Ram It Down” album. I saw them live on that tour in Stockholm and they kicked ass. Still have a soft spot for this record.

Good days.