Babymetal will co-headline the Summer Sonic Festivals in Osaka (Saturday) and Tokyo (Sunday) with Foo Fighters this weekend. This will be the sixth year that Babymetal perform at the classic festival, and the climb from the smallest stage to the biggest is rock history in itself. The girls presented the Babymetal Summer Sonic t-shirt on their official platforms today. Fans will be aware that Babymetal have specially designed t-shirts for many of their concerts, and that they sell like crazy. They still have the official record for most sold merchandise at Wembley from last year. As for the coolness factor, take a look at this shot that popped up on Japanese blogs today…

Say no more!

UK publication Vintage Rock (issue) 6 2017. The King on the cover. I remember the day when the news came in that Elvis had passed away (exactly 40 years ago today). It was hard to understand. I remember that we bought the newspapers (and I remember where) to find out more. It was a sad day.

Kudos to Vintage Rock for their good work.

Nice Buffy cover

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US publication Non-Sport Update (August/September 2017). It has been a couple of decades now since Buffy came along.

Nice nostalgia.

The one thing I missed on the amazing Babymetal DVD set “Live At Tokyo Dome” was footage from outside the venue, glimpses of what it looked like when 55,000 fans gathered to the legendary arena on two nights (September 19 & 20 2016, 110,000 in all!). Well we have just been blessed with an awesome historical document on YouTube with plenty of amazing scenes. Having seen this, now I have got a sense of what it looked like and I can really appreciate that. Now this actually opens with the live ending of the second Yokohama Arena Show (December 13 2015) so we get to see the announcement that night of “Metal Resistance” coming out on April 1 2016, the Wembley Arena Show on April 2, and then finally that the tour will end at Tokyo Dome. This alone is awesome to see (I still have to get my hands on the “Trilogy” DVD). Then you get the good stuff from Tokyo Dome. Now I seriously hope that they leave this up on YouTube, this is history.

Watch clip 1 here, clip 2 here. And finally, check out the “Live At Tokyo Dome” trailer here.

UK publication Toy Soldier & Model Figure (issue) 227. Boy, you can almost hear the battle when you see that diorama of Custer´s last stand.

Not bad.

Sweden Rock Magazine (issue) 8 2017 is out and it features a nice cover shot of Ronnie James Dio, who came out on top of the Top 100 Best Singers Poll that ends in this issue (Part 1 was presented in issue 7). The Top 10 list: 1. Ronnie James Dio, 2. Rob Halford, 3. Bruce Dickinson, 4. David Coverdale, 5. Ian Gillan (as seen here), 6. Freddie Mercury, 7. Robert Plant, 8. Michael Kiske, 9. Bon Scott and 10. James Hetfield.

The Deep Purple Family has a strong following in Sweden.

Going strong since 1892

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US publication Vogue celebrates 125 years in the business now, which is highlighted on the September 2017 issue.

I guess congratulations are in order for a job well done.