Bought this for the old collection, Jerry Bloom´s “Deep Purple – Time To Kill” (Wymer, 2019). A large format 132 page Limited Edition (500 copies) book on Ritchie Blackmore´s final days in Deep Purple. It all went down in 1992-1993 as Purple fired Joe Lynn Turner and lured Ian Gillan back in, and what you get is that final shitload of drama that occured on “The Battle Rages On” tour. What basically happened was that Blackmore was dethroned, everybody including the management had had enough. The plot backfired, so to speak and Purple carried on with Joe Satriani in Japan. Of course they have lived on in harmony ever since, which says a lot. The author have used a good chunk of my interview with Turner that I made right after he was fired from the band. Bit of a classic if I may say so (it was posted on this blog in August 2012). Well, this era deserved a book and here it is. Good job.

(My image of said book, seen here with the slipcase and the bonus photographs)


Commando 5235-5238

Posted: June 13, 2019 in Comics

Commando 5235-5238 is out today in the UK. just google “Commando Comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Summer has finally arrived, although you will not have more than one day at a time with stunning weather (clouds and rain is still the norm). Took this snapshot of my backyard yesterday though. I had to bugger off to work, otherwise it was just a perfect day for a beer on the porch. My holiday kicks off on July 22, that is something to look forward to.

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Nice nostalgia

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I used to subscribe to these titles, but these days I buy the odd copies. I like these covers though. Agent X9 (issue) 6 2019 celebrates the 50th Anniversary of this title, and the cover is an actual reprint of issue 1 1969. So that is a bit of a landmark right there. Knasen (issue) 10 2019 points you to the Spaghetti Westerns with Clint Eastwood, and I like the covers where they have some fun with classic themes. This one certainly works.

(My image of said titles)

Always good fun to add odd stuff to the old collection. Seen here is a recently released Nazareth Vinyl called “Telegram – Live Radio Broadcast” (London 1985) with 10 classic tracks and a nice cover. I have always had a soft spot for Nazareth and they were still good in the mid 1980s. The Babymetal DVD is a promotional release for the Japanese market. It features a live video with footage from 2012-2013 of “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” and interviews with the gals. The running time is 31 minutes. Looks like it was released in early 2014, probably to showcase Babymetal in record stores across Japan in time for the Budokan shows and the first album. As a collector, I just love this stuff.

Thank you Kalle for your support.

(My image of said releases)


A couple of dudes that discovered Deep Purple in the 1980s has started an unofficial podcast. It is called the Deep Purple Podcast. There are seven episodes to listen to as of today and they are putting them out there fast. This has the potential to grow into something good. So check it out now and spread the word.


Babymetal are to livestream the July 7 Legend M (Nagoya) show in 40 cities across Japan. It will take place in cinemas. Babymetal has done this sort of thing several times before. They can sell merchandise like crazy all over the place. The Japanese arena tour sold out in days.


If you like howling guitars then you have one hell of an album coming up. The project is called Generation Axe and a live album called “The Guitars That Destroyed The World: Live In China” will be released on June 28. On it you will find Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt and Tosin Abasi. There is a video (audio) of Deep Purple´s “Highway Star” on YouTube. I find it interesting that it was recorded in China.

Stumbled across this lovely art yesterday at a local shop in Östersund (Jämtland County) called Omistliga Ting (translates roughly to Irreplaceable Things). Had to add it to the old collection and I think you can see why. Signed “Pansarhierta”, I think it has been made by a couple that lives in Strömsund (you can visit their site for more information). To me, this artwork looks like something that you would have seen in a magazine from the 1930s, so it has a classic feel to it. The fact that they have incorporated our beloved Great Lake Monster (Storsjöodjuret) makes it an instant classic. In these parts there will be a good market for this. And as it happens, I saw this thing (whatever the hell it may be) very close to this very bridge back in 1977, so for me it is even more surreal for that reason as well. No wonder it speaks to me. I have seen a lot of art that features this mysterious creature in it, but this strikes me as being better than most. People who visit Omistliga Ting can buy it in two sizes, as posters – I just happened to spot one that was framed. Or check out the artists site.

(My image of said art)