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Spotted this cover. Mercedes Owner (issue) 317. I have to assume that there is some connection between the two brands but I have yet to see the movie.


RAF Centenary Gift Set

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This box is released soon from Airfix, the RAF Centenary Gift Set in 1/72.


Release the Kraken

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Here is one of the hundreds of memes that are flooding Twitter right now. See the “Q” post.

Russians blamed. Told you so…

Epic struggle in real time.

Well I have been following this “Q” thing since Christmas and what happened the other day when President Trump presented the Fake News Awards was that he had an army out there ready to take over social media. In fact, this army of patriots pretty much took over every top hashtag on Twitter and so the message could not be stopped. This, in my opinion, was a test. They are still out there, now demanding the full disclosure of The Memo that everybody (except certain MSM outlets) are talking about now. So who is “Q”? I think that this has been in the works for a long time. I no longer think it is a Psy-Op to hurt independent media and citizen journalists, it is clearly designed to help the President take on what he calls The Swamp (in other words, corruption on both sides and on every level). I think loyalists to the Republic has come up with this “Q” thing as a strategy. There is a great movie in this for the future – so glad I catched on to this and has been able to follow it (although I missed the first month). “Q” has mentioned the State Of The Union address that is coming up on January 30, so that will be interesting. It may also be a very dangerous time right now (preppers take note – think nuclear alerts going off in Hawaii and Japan as has happened in recent days – do we have reason to worry?). God knows what is going on behind the scenes? Incidentally, today is National Popcorn Day in the US. How about that? Patriots did notice this…

To follow this, here is the important links: “Q” is posting his stuff here right now. The freedom fighters are here. The moderators livestream here.

Whatever this is, it is history in the making and it is going down right now. And if you doubt it all because it is not in MSM, you may want to reconsider your faith in them. Just sayin. And if they touch on this now, expect Russian narrative.

(And if this blog suddenly disappears, not my doing!)


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Spanish publication Muy Interesante Historia (January 2018).

Nice Ainyan cover

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Japanese publication Bass Magazine (issue) 2 2018. Ainyan from Silent Siren on the cover.

Good band.

Dragonhead arrives

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The new Leaves´Eyes album “Sign Of The Dragonhead” arrived yesterday, and I ordered two versions as you can see. This turned out to be a good addition to the already existing legacy and they have come up with some really nice material here. “Riders On The Wind” is a bonafide classic. Could be a hit in my humble opinion.

Well done.