Commando trilogy

Posted: February 28, 2019 in Comics, Cool stuff, General

Just in from Commando HQ. Commando is publishing three adventures (issues 5203, 5207 and 5211), written by Iain McLaughlin that are based on advents that his uncle went through in Europe during the war. Iain originally wrote a story for one issue but the editorial team thought it was such an interesting plot that they asked him to go back and expand it to three full issues. Iain only found out about his uncles war record after his death, as it surfaced at the funeral. “When (my uncle) died a few years ago, at his funeral we heard about his war service. For most of us, that was the first time we had heard the details of his war. These Commandos aren’t exact depictions of my uncle’s war but they are influenced by it and I hope they can be this nephew’s tribute to a much loved uncle and immensely brave man, as well as the men and women who fought alongside him”.

To go with these issues, artist Neil Roberts has added his considerable talent to the cover art, which it has to be said is quite stunning. “Having the graphic shape of a symbol and maps in the design was, to me, a classic Commando element, I liked how it balanced the human nature of the story with the larger picture of their adventures, giving the images both context and a striking look”.

Commando is still a great comic, no doubt about it.

(Covers & quotes courtesy of Commando)

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