Babymetal and the Led Zeppelin connection

Posted: October 19, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff


Well I stumbled across a nice story today that should be on this blog. In 1971 (on September 27 to be exact), the mighty Led Zeppelin touched down in Hiroshima for a concert at the Shiei Taikukan Hall (Prefectural Gymnasium) and they gave the profits to the City of Hiroshima (7,000,000 Yen) that were later used to help build a music school. As we all know, Hiroshima had been devestated by an atom bomb at the very end of WWII and Led Zeppelin wanted to do something to promote peace. This school later had a student that (in time) would have a daughter that became rather famous, a young man that had (in his day) tried his luck in a Punk band called The Hooligans, and whom has since seen his daughter perform alongside one of his favourite bands, Guns N´ Roses. She is Suzuka Nakamoto, Su-metal of Babymetal fame, born and bred in Hiroshima. The connection may be small, but it is there and I think it is a wonderful twist in this musical universe of ours that this has happened. Friends of Led Zeppelin will know of this day, and the concert bootleg “Live Peace In Hiroshima 1971”.


(Image shows Babymetal “Megitsune” Limited Edition Su-metal release, Zeppelin ad & bootleg)

  1. John Glatz says:

    Thank You1 I LOVE it!

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