Babymetal gear up

Posted: October 15, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

As Babymetal are gearing up for another period of action (in public, they are always busy), with shows coming up starting on October 23 in Japan, one has to wonder if Yuimetal is back or not. One year ago today, she performed her last show with Babymetal (final Big Fox Festival date at the Osaka-Jo Hall), and nobody knew then that it would be her last for some time. Then she could not attend the Hiroshima gigs in December, and more alarmingly, the US/European trek this summer. Babymetal has soldiered on, unleashing the mythology as the only answer (friends of this blog will know the full story as it was all covered as it unfolded). At this moment though, nobody knows if Yui will be back or not, or when (if the best case scenario unfolds). Meanwhile, Babymetal just sold out the Japanese dates very quickly, they have a comic book out in late October (the YouTube trailer from the publisher has scored over 100,000 hits, the initial print is said to be 40,000 copies) and there are rumours that they have a new song called “Starlight” coming up soon (not confirmed).

Expect the Yui situation to grab headlines again when the tour kicks off – at this point it is quite inevitable.

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