Ace Of Aces

Posted: August 1, 2020 in Cool stuff

Got these as a delayed birthday gift the other day, six cans of Ace Of Aces American Lager with a rather nice (and collectable, if you ask me) motif. The aircraft you see is an American Lockheed P-38 Lightning and the pilot that flew it was Richard Ira Bong, the first child of nine of Carl Bång, an immigrant from Sweden and Dora Bryce, who was an American by Scots-English descent. Richard, nicknamed Dick by his friends, shot down over 40 Japanese aircraft in the Pacific Theater during WWII and became one of the most decorated pilots of the war. He received the Medal of Honor by General Douglas MacArthur in a special ceremony in December 1944. Sadly, Bong passed away in 1945 as he was working as a test pilot flying a new Jet Fighter, the P-80. News of America dropping the first atom bomb on Japan reached the press at the same time but Bong could still be seen on many front pages alongside that historic story. His father was born in Galtström (Bruk) in Sweden.

Thank you Seth for the nice present.

(My shot of said cans)

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