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When I think about the Monopoly guy, I see him with a monocle. A lot of people think they remember him that way, but that is not what we have got now. So are we wrong or is this another example of this weird mystery known as the Mandela Effect?

View a film about this particular case here, and see how people vote.


Stumbled across an edition of Ian Fleming´s “Moonraker” from about eight years ago with a nice Pulp style cover. Also released in Audio Book format, which is cool. As for the Mandela Effect thread that has been discussed on this blog (Dolly not having braces in the film) recently, I have asked around what people recall and everybody says they remember that she had braces in the film. And I mean everybody. When I tell them about this they all go “What?”. And that includes a good friend of mine that is a huge fan, they invite him to James Bond premieres when a new movie is out etc. Last thing I heard from him was that he was going to dig up some pictures with Dolly wearing braces in his collection. It has been pretty quiet since then.

Isn´t that interesting?


Watched another film on YouTube from Prep Aussie yesterday (view it here) and it was excellent work as usual. You can sense that he is now shifting gear and he is saying that it will be a more dedicated Prepper Channel from now on, helping people out. Less time will be spent on all the films of strange planetary looking things in the sky, earth wobbling with dual sunrises etc (all documented in the last few weeks). A sense of impending doom can certainly be felt in many ways right now.

You have the Planet X thing, the financial bubble, war drums in several theaters, terrorism, a Stateside Presidential campaign from hell (I have never seen such dishonesty from mainstream media in my life, I guess they figured that the 6% approval rating they had was way to high), and now you have this weird Mandela Effect creeping in on top of everything else. You could be excused if you detect a feeling of unease in the air.

It would be bad enough if it was just a financial system teethering on the edge of the biggest disaster in human history, but we are looking at what could be a perfect storm here, are we not? Maybe they (the elite) have dug out cities underground for themselves? Maybe the Planet X thing is real and if that thing takes us for the ride of our lives, then a financial crash really wouldn´t be your biggest concern would it? Could this be why governments have spent money like there is no tomorrow? Printing Trillions…

Maybe I will look back on this period five years down the line and everything will be just fine, but every fiber in my body tells me that something is up. And whatever that will be some serious Prepping is in order here. Call it a hunch.

We don´t live in Kansas anymore…

(Magazine shown is American Survival Guide, September 2016 issue).


This is another post about the Mandela Effect mystery. Things are a changing in the King James Bible (if you have one handy, check your copy) and if you want to have a quick look at this you can visit the Online version and type in the following words in the search engine (all mentions of said words will pop up for you to see).

“Matrix”, “Highway”, “Bottle”, “Stuff”…

Tip of the iceberg, but it might get your attention…


I first heard about the Bible changes in the Michael Vara radio show that I highlighted on this blog the other day (see the “What the hell is going on here? (2)” post), in which many examples was given to ongoing changes of Biblical texts in old copies of the Bible. Now I have looked at this checking some of these claims up with my own personal copy of the Bible and although I am in no way what you can call an expert, I can still spot some changes a mile off. Not only has many modern words slipped in, but you also have sections that are so ingrained in our minds (in art etc, see this example above where the lion have been replaced by the wolf!!) that it is just ridiculous.

This is exploding in Christian circles right now as many are shocked at having to confront the impossible. Check out this clip of a pastor breaking this to his flock.

You may want to check this out…


The Dolly mystery deepens. I have located a page on YouTube called the Mandela Effect Research Channel and they have posted a film about “Moonraker” and the mystery about the missing braces. Why are they remembered by so many? Why are they mentioned in old reviews of the film? Look at this film here.

Also, do you remember the following quotes from certain classic movies?

“Life is like a box of chocolates”

“Luke, I am your father”

“You dirty rat”

“If you build it they will come”

“Mirror mirror on the wall”

Then you are not remembering it correctly… Now, is it just me?

What the hell is going on here?


Watched my DVD of the James Bond classic “Moonraker” today and Jaws girlfriend Dolly does not appear to have braces in it. I can swear that she did when I saw it back in the day, it was the thing that brought them together, the little detail that made them fall in love. Or wasn´t it? But how come so many remember the same thing…

This is claimed to be one of the most blatant examples of what people are refering to as The Mandela Effect (see yesterdays post) in movies, although there are many examples that will blow your mind. The Esoteric Detective Channel on YouTube has put together a clip about “Moonraker” here, so you can take a look. Also, a fan in Germany has checked out an old 1982 VHS copy that you can see here, still no braces in sight. Fans are going nuts over this on forums.

So, what are we to think about all this?