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Got this in the mail the other day, Odjursbladet 1 2015 (translates roughly to Monster Newsletter), and we´re talking about the regularly printed membership newsletter of Föreningen Storsjöodjuret (Great Lake Monster Association), still going strong after all these years. It´s a 4 page affair, with the latest sightings of The Great Lake Monster (also called Storsie), and the goings on of the Society. I thought that it could be fun for you guys to see this, and that this really is an ongoing thing.


The image at the front of this newsletter was taken by Kjell Oskarsson last Autumn from the mountain at Frösön (the Island located opposite the town of Östersund), and it´s one of many strange photographs taken in this lake (Storsjön – The Great Lake) over the years. Is it just two waves meeting creating these movements in the water on this image, or did Kjell catch something else? We´ll never know.

It´s quite interesting though, isn´t it?

(Images shown with permission)



I decided to quit my hobby – creating magazines – last week. This means that RETROFUTURE 8 will be the last publication and that I´m now in the process of putting the final details for this issue together. This means taking ideas that existed for later issues and bringing them into this one, and it also means axing the remaining pages of the Montana Blue comic in print. The rest of that will be published later on by other means. Or rather, the complete project will be released elsewhere some day. The cover I had prepared for RETROFUTURE 8 has been dropped as well, but used in an experimental kind of way alongside a shot of my model Nina posing as Montana Blue (as seen above, I really like this image). This issue will be out in 2015, details will be available on January 1 on this blog. All good things eventually comes to an end and this will be it. 102 magazines is not that bad.

I have added a category for this issue on this blog today.

(My western image)


I visited the annual Storsie meeting yesterday in a small town called Brunflo, located by the shore of Storsjön (The Great Lake). It was held by Föreningen Storsjöodjuret (roughly translates to the Great Lake Monster Association) and friends of this blog will know about their work around this lake. Witnesses talked about their sightings and interesting photographs was on display (as usual). These evenings are always quite interesting. I handed out copies of RETROFUTURE 7 and talked about my 1977 experience. I was also given a Honorary Membership Award by the association, which was nice.

There has been a few articles, including film and photographic material, in local media this summer. The mystery lives on.

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Spent six hours in good company in the southern parts of Lake Storsjön (The Great Lake) today, giving out another 225 RETROFUTURE magazines and 500 flyers. This is part of the project that started back in 2010 that highlights the interest that this publication has in the Great Lake Monster mystery. With todays effort, people living around the entire lake has received magazines and flyers, so this has been one hell of a project. Still, more is to be done – the plan is to have handed out 15.000 magazines and 5.000 flyers by 2016. This is part of The Last Hurrah!

As usual, plenty of interesting things to see and I think these snapshots kind of speaks for themselves. The old archive is certainly getting bigger with each trip.

(My images)


Got a call from an artist called Anders Ek (born in 1952) yesterday who wanted me to see his painting of Storsie, so I payed him a visit. He is a painter and last year he created this work, based on what he saw down by the lake in Torvalla as a boy in the mid 60´s. He is no longer sure about the exact year, but the 1964-1967 period should be correct. He lived with his family in a house not far from the lake at the time and used to play down by the shore all the time. One day, he suddenly saw the back of something rather big about 20-25 meters from the shore, swimming from left to right (towards the town of Östersund). It rose two to four dm above the waters surface and the part that he could see was two to three meters long. The skin looked dry, as if it (or the back) had been above the surface for some time. The animal was in no hurry but moved fast enough to create waves that hit the shore where he stood. After the sighting he excitedly told his family about what had happened but they did not believe him. However, a local newspaper did report (the next day) that two witnesses had seen this animal from a location a few km away at a workplace by the shore in the village of Optand, probably some time before the animal reached his location. This report should still exist in archives which will put a date to this.

Anders has had this painting on display and intends to sell it. He wants it documented before he parts with it as it might well end up in private hands. He would prefer it to end up so that the general public can see it though. This painting is not the only one that exists, a handful of artists has seen Storsie over the years and painted what they have seen in the lake.

This will be in print in RETROFUTURE 8 next year.

(Image of said painting by me)


First trips distributing (the 2.000) RETROFUTURE flyers around Lake Storsjön (The Great Lake) took place yesterday and today, and the first 450 is now out. Since this has to do with the Great Lake Monster project – and getting witnesses to talk – most of the flyers are going out to homes that is very near to the lake. This project started in 2010 and it has been successful. Friends of this blog will know the details. 1.550 flyers to go… And some magazines. July will be a busy month but it is an interesting project. Today I had good company and we ended the trip with a beer once back in the city (Östersund). The first trips are made on bicycles, later on a car is going to be necessary. Lovely views, as you can see.

Top Gear awaits…

(Images by me)


Holiday fun with RETROFUTURE – 2,000 flyers to be distributed around Storsjön (The Great Lake) in the next few weeks (possibly beginning this Sunday, depending on the weather), and a box of RETROFUTURE 7 magazines that was posted earlier today to Trace Keane over in Sioux City (for the Tommy Bolin festivities over there on August 2).

Things are coming to an end so I might as well go out in style. This will be over a couple of years from now.