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High energy biscuits

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Prepping


Bought a few boxes of high energy biscuits, nine bars in each package. One box will keep you going for a week. These small boxes actually weighs quite a lot, so you can also use it to bash somebodys head in if the Zombie collapse has occured.

And yes, I am watching The Walking Dead right now…

But seriously, this is good stuff to have around. Good to go for a full decade as well. See if you can find some online in your neck of the woods.

Join the prepared minority

Posted: August 21, 2015 in General, Prepping


Most people in the cities have food for a couple of days at home – that really is a terrible miscalculation if something goes wrong with the system (economic collapse, war, famine etc). Everybody should be ready to take care of themselves and their loved ones for at least 30 days. That kind of thinking is just basic common sense but it is also an important first step towards a mindset that will set you up nicely for the initial period of any kind of emergency. Food, medicine and water should be your first priority, but you need to take a long hard look at your situation.

If you make a habit of buying a few extra cans of food, or a few extra items whatever it might be (candles, batteries etc) every time you go to the store, it will not take very long before you are in a far better place than before. At that point, it will become fun. You will start to look for stuff that is good to have that you normally would not buy (like powdered milk etc) and you will probably take a look at the survival type stores online as well. And blogs etc, including all the information that you will find on YouTube (search for Prepping, Off grid, Homestead etc). You will certainly find good books on the subject.

One thing leads to another. Before you know it you will have a little system in place, and whatever is used will be replaced. But the first thing that has to happen is that you take that initial decision to go ahead, first you double up on everything, then you triple up and then you go from there.

What if the electricity is turned off for some time? Then you need to know that you can still prepare your food and that means looking into that situation and to secure a Plan B. For people living in the cities, this is a little trickier than if you live in the countryside, but it is managable. Perhaps a bigger Plan B could be in the cards? Like, if things turn really bad, is there a place to go to that is more secure? Do you have options? Do you have friends that you can talk to about this and create solutions?

It all begins with that first small step though, the decision to get going. Being prepared can never be a bad thing. If the worst happens, you do not have to act like everybody else in a state of panic  – also, if the financial system is compromised, you just can not count on having total access to your money on the bank. That is not going to happen, just look at Greece. Have cash at hand, things to barter.

Good luck.

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It has to be said that I enjoyed RETROFUTURE 8 quite a lot, and that´s why it´s so nice that the feedback I keep hearing by word of mouth is so strong, very positive indeed. I took a bit of a gamble with this issue, it featured stuff that you could get your head chopped off for these days and I said my piece about things in general. Not the kind of thing that you see every day in this country, screwed up as it is by political correctness and fear. But I had to do it. I was bowing out after all. No time to hold back then – if truth hurts, then so be it.

As you know, I´ve handed out the RETROFUTURE magazines for free in these parts (14.000 copies, in fact) and so this final issue also represents a climax of a phase in my life as a publisher that was a bit special in that sense. I really spent the last five years of this hobby doing it all just for the pure enjoyment of it all. It also cost me an arm and a leg to do it, but at least I had quite a lot of fun and I also left a bit of a legacy behind which I´m proud of. What I created with RETROFUTURE was unique and I doubt that anybody else will ever repeat what I did in these parts. I think I´ve earned the right to be proud.

Great feedback from prominent journalists (not your ordinary leftist crowd, but really good ones including a legendary publisher – it doesn´t get any better than that you know), and that feels really good I´ve to say. The article about A4, I5 and F4 (see earlier post) went down a storm and will in fact be republished in two publications. I think that says a lot, don´t you?

The major piece on prepping was written last year but it´s all coming true now, sad as that is. I was right on the money and it´s interesting to note that quite a lot of people was drawn to that subject. I think that people know, deep down, that we´re in serious trouble now. A fact that mainstream media still ignores, strange as that is.

So here we are then, the final batch of magazines have been given out (last few hundred went to Teknikland, I hear they just blew out the door!) and so RETROFUTURE is now really a thing of the past. I shall miss it.

Had a blast though, it was a good thing.

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Bought this book for the old collection – “Fiske i Sverige och övriga Norden” (Nordstedts 2015) by author Niclas Andersson – about 260 pages packed with good information and lovely images. I was into fishing when I was a kid but other interests took over. Now I´m looking to buy property close to good fishing waters and I don´t think that´s going to be a problem. There are plenty of lakes in these parts.

Got to get out of the city.


Bought this the other day, a complete cooking system from Swedish manufacturer Trangia (based in Trångsviken, Jämtland County – that´s my neck of the woods actually). What you get is a portable system for backpackers (the Swedish and Finnish armies are using them as well), with a focus on light weight, durability and simple design. The company has been in business since 1925.

The system can be fuelled by alcohol, white gasoline fuel or gas cartridges (I´ve opted for the latter, a propane gas from Primus), and you´ll find several reviews by people on YouTube as they test the system. If the power grid fails, this is an important part of what you´ll need to get by.


I actually published my very first article about prepping in my publication SLICE back in the 2005 issue, but the term prepping didn´t exist back then (or if it did, I was certainly unaware of it). The scene you see today certainly didn´t exist. This issue sported several articles about our declining defence capabilities etc, and a story on how to prepare for bad times was one of them. Looking back I have to say that I´m proud of this – nobody cared back then. In fact, nobody cares right now, except for a small but growing and dedicated group of individuals. I´ll write more about the Swedish scene on this blog in due time. SLICE 2005 was a good magazine. It was printed in 400 copies (most of them are gone now). And here I am 10 years later, revisiting the subject in RETROFUTURE 8 soon enough – full details on January 1 on this blog.

(Cover art – Commando´s Ian Kennedy)

Prepping has arrived in Sweden

Posted: October 10, 2014 in General, Prepping


In the last few weeks I have discovered a scene in Sweden that I didn´t think existed here – people prepping, getting ready in case of bad times. If you follow the news, chances are that you are starting to think about such things so as a business idea it looks pretty solid. If you want to check this out, I suggest Överlevnadsbutiken (offering food that lasts 25 years etc) and if you are more inclined to want to run around in the woods and hurl smoke grenades, why not Tactical Store? Between the two of them, you can  find pretty much everything you need.

(Added Prepping as a category to this blog today)